Atletico Madrid need one of these FIVE players to replace Antoine Griezmann

  • Published on May 22, 2019
  • Antoine Griezmann will be leaving Atletico this summer and with a 120 million Euro move to Barcelona seemingly on the horizon, Atletico will need to go about replacing him. In their regular 442 formation, they will need someone to partner Alvaro Morata and not only replace the crazy amount of goals Griezmann scored, but also be a good link between the midfield and the target man in Morata, helping with some assists aswell. We all know Diego Costa isn’t up to the task, so lets look at 5 guys who potentially could be!
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Comments • 179

  • Onefootball English
    Onefootball English  4 months ago +41

    Who would be ideal to replace Griezmann at Atleti?

  • سلمان تونز Salman toons

    What about buying de ligt and Jao Felix you know godin is leaving and griezmann

  • Ankit bhandari121
    Ankit bhandari121 3 months ago +1

    I think Atleti should buy jao Felix and Frankfurt forward rebic and one of from Mario icardi or Gabriel jejus and Atleti should get rid of morata and costa

  • Riserd Kolaj
    Riserd Kolaj 3 months ago

    Joa Felix is now another option

  • Kemo Kezo
    Kemo Kezo 3 months ago +1

    Dybala, icardi, james no body can stop athletico madrid finished

  • j valeska
    j valeska 3 months ago +1

    Only joao felix can fill griezmann shoes
    Dybala is over rated

  • Jamrockdj HD
    Jamrockdj HD 3 months ago

    1:07 “star of the show in athletico” BARZ 😂💯

  • C E Z O
    C E Z O 3 months ago

    They will not spend to much money for players no one will join Atlatico Madrid in your list but icardi is the best replacement

  • Kamran Yunus
    Kamran Yunus 3 months ago

    Lets just do this in FIFA 20... story ends there.

  • Said Kadouche
    Said Kadouche 3 months ago

    Atlitico need williams

  • Said Kadouche
    Said Kadouche 3 months ago


  • FireProductionz
    FireProductionz 3 months ago

    Atletico our club that dont spend a lot they buy young players with potential and make them grow as a player so gabriel jesus or Dybala are not likely to Join Atletico because they arent club who spend 100 million on one player

  • Roonio Studios
    Roonio Studios 4 months ago

    I think athletics could use a midfielder like Rodriguez or Dybala. If Saul does potentially go then they could replace him as well as add the strike force power that Griezmann gave. If Cost and Morata could work together and have a strong Attaxking midfielder in a 4-2-1-2 I’m sure that to two Spaniards could be a lethal strike partnership as they have a lot of experience playing together

  • Curtis Bittles
    Curtis Bittles 4 months ago

    900 like!! YAY

  • HHH1997
    HHH1997 4 months ago

    "It isn't " LOL

  • є๒гคђเ๓ Gaming
    є๒гคђเ๓ Gaming 4 months ago +2

    I like Dybala and think he's a great replacement, but I wish Griezmann wasn't leaving

  • Manuel Barsoum
    Manuel Barsoum 4 months ago

    Griezmann replacement dybala and mbappe and Godin replacement hummels

  • H Anderson
    H Anderson 4 months ago

    Coutinho and swap plus cash for Griezmann

  • Jaydevsinh Chauhan
    Jaydevsinh Chauhan 4 months ago

    i would say icardi

  • Azhar Hoosain Taliep
    Azhar Hoosain Taliep 4 months ago +1

    Cengz Under

    MARC RODERICK 4 months ago

    For me Dybala and Nicholas Pepe are fit cause they all use Left and can be stars on the pitch

  • Luca monteleone
    Luca monteleone 4 months ago +1

    I think that Jesus is most like to go

  • Floral Shoppé
    Floral Shoppé 4 months ago

    Hey Matt. Have you heard of Viktor Tsygankov? Dybala is still good but he can be real cheap. Please give it a thought

  • Marcus Amour
    Marcus Amour 4 months ago

    Felix from benfica

  • Hari Haran. R
    Hari Haran. R 4 months ago

    Why can't dybala be Messi's future replacement and play with him at Barca? Why can't Barca board think about this.

  • Anam Rajbhandari
    Anam Rajbhandari 4 months ago

    with griezman money..... buy one winger and full backs.....costa is already there as a striker....they already have their midfield set......problem is fullbacks and central defenders..... my first startin xi will be
    and defenders

  • Girish Khemchandani
    Girish Khemchandani 4 months ago +2

    Timo Werner???????

  • Javier Salvatore
    Javier Salvatore 4 months ago

    Bring back kun 555

  • Ozan Kabak
    Ozan Kabak 4 months ago

    Nah james might not leave bayern

  • Javis Neufville
    Javis Neufville 4 months ago

    Hey Matt ... my Internet was down so I missed a few videos

  • yadav sunny
    yadav sunny 4 months ago +1

    Atl mad are at brink of collapse,and since pep has signed with Juve it would be great to see dybala in juve

  • Prithvi
    Prithvi 4 months ago


  • Wade Coward
    Wade Coward 4 months ago +1

    do a vid about bvb they are hotting up in transfer market

  • Soccer Beast10
    Soccer Beast10 4 months ago

    How about Bruno Fernandes

  • iii SCOOP iii
    iii SCOOP iii 4 months ago

    Matt somehow reminds me of a sex ed teacher in this, dunno why.. lol

  • Ray 1510
    Ray 1510 4 months ago

    mauro icardi??? 🤔🤔

  • NO arnaque \/
    NO arnaque \/ 4 months ago +4

    I think hakim ziyech, the 22 ajax s player can make europe cry next season 👀 , i think 😉

    • Apeo Met
      Apeo Met 4 months ago

      He is not even 22 he is 26

  • Oisin O'Byrne
    Oisin O'Byrne 4 months ago

    Jesus is not leaving City.

  • Da Slayr
    Da Slayr 4 months ago

    If James and Dybyla both join that would be incredible

  • Carlos Janes
    Carlos Janes 4 months ago +1

    Iago Aspas is the perfect replacement for griezmann

  • ASAP
    ASAP 4 months ago +1

    Joao Felix is the only perfect replacement

  • humble one
    humble one 4 months ago

    James is a pretty realistic option but Dybala might want to go to an even bigger club.

  • Fingal Anderson Edvardsson

    Honestly i think Atlético need 2 new great strikers like dybala and Icardi like sure they arent big spenders but with all the sales this summer i def belive they could afford them.

  • Coutinho 7
    Coutinho 7 4 months ago


  • ZeroFox75
    ZeroFox75 4 months ago +4

    James or Dybala would be great additions to Atletico. James would probably be easier/cheaper to get but Dybala’s versatility across the front line would be more valuable. James is also probably more inclined to do the defensive work Simeone asks of his players.
    Hopefully Atletico can find a good replacement. Even as a Barca fan I’m tired of seeing the same clubs win.

  • Louis Gillison
    Louis Gillison 4 months ago +1

    Wissam Ben Yedder

  • Sayan Deb
    Sayan Deb 4 months ago

    do it 5 replacements for vinnie kompany

  • Oscar Loves Nature
    Oscar Loves Nature 4 months ago +1

    Who shall replace Greizmann?
    Subscribe to my channel:Dybala
    Like comment:James Rodriguez

  • HA21 Yang
    HA21 Yang 4 months ago +1

    I could definetly see Athletico signing Sarabia which is great. Dybala is a dream signing and Williams is class great winger/striker.

  • LivePlay
    LivePlay 4 months ago +1

    Stop touching my Dybala, he is staying

  • Gameplaytv
    Gameplaytv 4 months ago

    Havertz for120 m. But he wouldnt want to leave to atleti

  • braydon ehnes
    braydon ehnes 4 months ago

    Atleti need a star to replace a star so dybala would be perfect

  • Dhafer El Golli
    Dhafer El Golli 4 months ago

    do a video about the next ribery and robben replacement pls

    • Prithvi
      Prithvi 4 months ago

      Dhafer El Golli
      They did

  • Jeret Kure
    Jeret Kure 4 months ago +1

    I think Jesus maybe should go and show everyone he is the best Brazilian striker and then come back bassicly City would let Jesus to loan

  • MR.M Whazz up
    MR.M Whazz up 4 months ago +1


  • Faris Wak Gan
    Faris Wak Gan 4 months ago

    No unlike this vid wow 😮

  • akshay chourasiya
    akshay chourasiya 4 months ago

    Dortmund sign Hazard and Julian Brandt

  • Laila Asghar
    Laila Asghar 4 months ago

    dybala will not go to atletico madrid

  • Tottenham Fanclub
    Tottenham Fanclub 4 months ago +2

    Dybala should join spurs, I might have not been nice to him in the past but Dybala should join

    • Tottenham Fanclub
      Tottenham Fanclub 4 months ago

      skiller talk, STFU your stupid club is gonna get hacked to pieces by Arsenal.

    • Ozan Kabak
      Ozan Kabak 4 months ago

      @chelseafcislife Anything can happen

    • chelseafcislife
      chelseafcislife 4 months ago +1

      @Ozan Kabak they won't win trust me

    • Ozan Kabak
      Ozan Kabak 4 months ago

      @chelseafcislife they could win a trophy in june.

    • chelseafcislife
      chelseafcislife 4 months ago +1

      Why would he join ur dead trophyless club man

  • Anjishth Pandey
    Anjishth Pandey 4 months ago +1

    Griezmann spelt wrong lol 😂