Jay's Encyclopedic Sex Tips | The Inbetweeners

  • Published on Nov 20, 2019
  • Simon is due to lose his virginity on the weekend so Jay weighs in with some serious and totally real sex advice
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    If you're a fan of The Inbetweeners then you're in the right place. Bus wankers and members of the caravan club all welcome.
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    The Inbetweeners is a British coming-of-age sitcom television series, which originally aired on E4 from 2008-2010, that was created and written by Damon Beesley and Iain Morris. The series follows the misadventures of suburban teenager Will MacKenzie (Simon Bird) and his friends Simon Cooper (Joe Thomas), Neil Sutherland (Blake Harrison) and Jay Cartwright (James Buckley).
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Comments • 277

  • Caeden Jennings
    Caeden Jennings 16 minutes ago

    broke his knob in half

  • Splotched
    Splotched 13 hours ago

    Bloke I know went in too quick, broke his nob in half

  • Humpty Numpty
    Humpty Numpty 22 hours ago +2

    "Eurgh that's grim"

    He actually believes it 🤣🤣

  • Sam Crane
    Sam Crane Day ago

    I just love it when Neil goes along with whatever Jay says

  • Matty
    Matty Day ago +3

    "I don't need a plan"
    "Uh ohhhh" - the way Neil says this gets me every time.

  • Tommy took a motor
    Tommy took a motor 5 days ago

    The minge is to mian parts the flaps and the clity

  • Jack Fahy
    Jack Fahy 5 days ago

    Anyone know what TV show this is from

  • Rigsby 1
    Rigsby 1 7 days ago

    Broke his knob in half haha

  • Luke Power
    Luke Power 7 days ago +3

    The fact that despite Jay bullshitting all the time simon still listens and believes what Jay is saying

  • Some Fella
    Some Fella 9 days ago

    Hahahaha the fact they make such a big deal about it is fucking hilarious

  • 1975supermike
    1975supermike 9 days ago

    Miss this show so much

  • kiray99
    kiray99 11 days ago

    “Probably a bit specialist”

  • Tipolar
    Tipolar 12 days ago


  • Kakarot
    Kakarot 12 days ago

    A johnny is a hard-on killer 😂

  • ODSTxGundam
    ODSTxGundam 13 days ago +1

    Its mainly about the clitty is the first true thing jay has ever said

  • Jodie Gills
    Jodie Gills 13 days ago

    I have taken some offence

  • Ben Hopley
    Ben Hopley 13 days ago +2

    “I pogoed on her stomach for 5 seconds, she asked me to leave and I’m still a Virgin but that’s not the point” 😂😂😂

  • Rybo G
    Rybo G 14 days ago

    Can someone please make the inbetweeners intro but with Donovan’s face edited on to Wills it’s for a ytp

  • V-dubb videos
    V-dubb videos 14 days ago

    I'm here just because the resistance album cover photo in the thumbnail.

  • Luke White
    Luke White 15 days ago


  • James The Red Engine
    James The Red Engine 15 days ago

    O P P O R T U N I S T I C H O M O S E X U A L R A P I S T S

  • Death Flare
    Death Flare 15 days ago

    Its not an english essay here lads, no need to quote every fucking line that we literally just heard ourselves

    WBAFC_THE_1ST 15 days ago

    He is right about condoms 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Entoro HD
    Entoro HD 15 days ago

    Jay: Bloke I knew didn't have a plan on his first time went in too quick broke his knob in half
    Will: bollocks
    Me: no will he said knob

  • Adam
    Adam 15 days ago

    *Yeah it's probably a bit specialist. These are the basics mate!*

  • Erick R.p
    Erick R.p 15 days ago

    but I think tara and the other blonde girl who simon almost got are the hottest in the show.

  • Nick Wood
    Nick Wood 15 days ago

    Terrible how they never teach any of this in schools. Thank God Jay is there to help the kids...

  • Adam Jones
    Adam Jones 16 days ago

    Put the bag on with her bum hole 🤣😂 back onto it 🤣😂. Twang there goes a rib 🤣😂. Killing me.


    18 rapists before a normal person finds him 😂😂

  • James McCulloch
    James McCulloch 16 days ago

    Jay is hysterical! His bullshit is top stuff!

  • TTH Kyle
    TTH Kyle 16 days ago

    Neil were was your dad last night a babminton of course 😂😂

  • Sul2004
    Sul2004 16 days ago

    Trip To Warwick is the worst episode of the series in my opinion, Sophie (taras sister) ruined it for me.

  • OhhBessell
    OhhBessell 16 days ago +3

    "he was mucking about up the rec" gets me every time

  • DonzEeBoi 2019
    DonzEeBoi 2019 16 days ago

    Jay said u need a plan 😂

  • Dean Hindley
    Dean Hindley 16 days ago

    I didn’t have a plan on my first time

  • aidan Jon Sullivan
    aidan Jon Sullivan 16 days ago

    Or arsehole hahahahah

  • Ben Stephen
    Ben Stephen 16 days ago

    I legit feel bad for Americans watching this who probably get stumped by a slang word every three seconds xD

  • Jon Suts
    Jon Suts 16 days ago +1

    ‘Oh no we haven’t even started on the minge’

  • Singing Channel
    Singing Channel 16 days ago

    When she’s not even really that fit.
    Whos not fit?
    Your mum.

  • G1ngernut5
    G1ngernut5 16 days ago

    Love this scene. One of my favourites.

  • CC 11
    CC 11 16 days ago

    0:28 😂😂😂

  • Abi Willock
    Abi Willock 16 days ago

    At least he got the ‘clity’ bit right

  • QueWhyEs
    QueWhyEs 17 days ago +130

    “What you’re saying is the first 18 people to have discovered him in this state just happened to be opportunistic homosexual rapists”
    that line gets me every time 😂

    • DreadedGhoul575
      DreadedGhoul575 10 days ago

      Same, and this one 0:31. xD

    • aurora
      aurora 10 days ago +1

      QueWhyEs I was gonna comment on that, it fucks me up every time

  • Katy Care
    Katy Care 17 days ago

    Ngl they are probably all still virgins

  • afunny username
    afunny username 17 days ago

    "Pretend i typed your favourite quote here"

  • Billy Norman
    Billy Norman 17 days ago +1

    Yeah, it's probably a bit specialist

  • Max Maximas
    Max Maximas 17 days ago

    oh fucken hell, good luck

  • Gareth Strain
    Gareth Strain 17 days ago +6

    "Course he was" 😂

  • MrStreamyTV
    MrStreamyTV 17 days ago +3

    Simon: guess who’s gonna get laid this weekend
    Neil: dunno is it someone famous?
    Simon: it’s me, Neil
    Neil: well don’t tell me before I’ve guessed 😂😂

  • Zarak Core
    Zarak Core 17 days ago +1

    This is one of my favourite scenes

  • JLC
    JLC 17 days ago +6

    "Yeah it's probably a bit specialist"

  • Sam Gardiner
    Sam Gardiner 17 days ago +1

    “What you’re saying is the first *eighteen people* to have discovered him in this state just happened to be opportunistic homosexual rapists?”
    “Looks like it.”

  • Mxssive
    Mxssive 17 days ago +1

    simon. who?

  • Nathan M
    Nathan M 17 days ago +2

    It’s a bit specialist😂😂

  • rqry
    rqry 17 days ago +3

    “Just get deep really deep right up to the balls”

  • Fusion
    Fusion 17 days ago +3

    This comment section is literally just people repeating lines from the clip that we all just watched and clearly seen so why are they getting so many likes

    • Fusion
      Fusion 17 days ago

      Adam which everyone already heard when they watched it and don’t need everyone to comment almost every line in the clip

    • Adam
      Adam 17 days ago

      Fusion Because they are brilliant and hilarious quotes

  • Snowy
    Snowy 17 days ago +1

    Who’s not that fit?

  • Cold Winterツ
    Cold Winterツ 17 days ago

    Oi Neil

  • THedjOFCjz
    THedjOFCjz 17 days ago +10

    Will putting his book mark in straight away and closing the book as soon as he heard that bullshit is hilarious "I have a few questions"

  • Slowjoe04
    Slowjoe04 17 days ago +1

    I have a few questions