Let's play with Tzarina Katarin of The Ice Court | Total War: WARHAMMER III

  • Published on Jan 24, 2022
  • The Legendary Lord Tzarina Katarin needs to unite these lands and drive Chaos back, or else Kislev will be lost, and The Old World will surely follow.
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Comments • 1 028

  • Agneza Barutanski
    Agneza Barutanski 3 months ago +1390

    Even in a fantasy world, being Slavic means your life will be harder. :D

    • SirVakari
      SirVakari 3 months ago

      Pravda! XD

    • RSProduxx
      RSProduxx 3 months ago

      @Crim Play no, it wasn´t ... In German that would be "Rassist"... So either way, it was wrong :)

    • Elessar 9
      Elessar 9 3 months ago

      Hahahaha eltrue

    • Руслан
      Руслан 3 months ago

      Не столько сложно жить, сколько очень холодно...

  • bob joe
    bob joe 3 months ago +952

    In a game with demons and ogres, the fact that I’m still hyped for the human faction is a testament as to how cool they are

    • Eddie Meyer
      Eddie Meyer 2 months ago

      @trixon21 For Sigmar!!!

    • Robosoldier11
      Robosoldier11 3 months ago

      Still wished they kept the original look of the streltsy or have a variant revolving around the original look where the axe and gun are separate. Having to lay the rifles on there axes before firing is such a legendary look.

    • Jefrejtor
      Jefrejtor 3 months ago

      Move aside, "Faith, Steel and Gunpowder".
      It's time for "Frost, Bears and GUN-AXES"

    • Frank Pham
      Frank Pham 3 months ago

      Well they are the KGB of humans in Warhammer

    • antitroller101
      antitroller101 3 months ago +1

      The true underdogs

  • Vapa
    Vapa 3 months ago +375

    Nooooooooooooooooo, how could you force us to kill Dmitry Tzaryov? He has warmed our ears with the sounds of "Kislev" for so many years... Always in our hearts.

    • sad pee
      sad pee 3 months ago

      could you not confederate

    • TheMrYadrian
      TheMrYadrian 3 months ago +7

      Tarriff made video about this matter.

    • Twiztid Noodle
      Twiztid Noodle 3 months ago +21

      You will drink with us...

  • T B
    T B 3 months ago +1050

    Looks like fun. This wait is sheer torture though 😫

  • Matthew Charles
    Matthew Charles 3 months ago +513

    Imagine how strong these races/factions would be without all the civil wars.

    • Byakuren Houjuu
      Byakuren Houjuu 3 months ago

      @trixon21 The infighting mostly refines their cunning imho

    • trixon21
      trixon21 3 months ago

      @Byakuren Houjuu ah I thought you meant that their inventions are fueled by war with each other hah my bad

    • Byakuren Houjuu
      Byakuren Houjuu 3 months ago

      @trixon21 That comment doesn't really disagree with what I've said. lol

    • trixon21
      trixon21 3 months ago

      @Byakuren Houjuu nope. It's just how they are. Same with how they fight with each other. It's the core of what they are and their psychology + they need to fight constantly against Dwarfs, Orks, Empire and other races but to lesser extent. With these big players they can't do much when their army prefers to run away and save themselves instead of fighting.
      They need their inventions to have a slight chance of fighting and surviving.

  • Andrea Nicastro
    Andrea Nicastro 3 months ago +545

    "For the Motherland"
    That's it, Kislev first run

  • Han Gebza
    Han Gebza 3 months ago +527

    Uses magic holy to Kislev. Is the daughter of the founder of the Great Orthodoxy. Combats chaos at every chance.
    Kostaltyn: clearly a heretic and potential chaos pawn.

    • PoorManatee 6197
      PoorManatee 6197 3 months ago +1

      @giacomo romano Yes there is a risk and no one wants to be next to a mage, its more of a praise from the distance thing.
      And everyone spilling blood is indirectly powering khorne, even if they do it in the name of sigmar or ursun.

    • MightyManlett
      MightyManlett 3 months ago

      Sooo kind of like Rasputin then?

    • Han Gebza
      Han Gebza 3 months ago

      @Jan Jungwirth well from a gameplay point of view its done so that priests are not just another flavour of wizards but have their own battlefield niche.
      And from the lore point most factions that do employ battle prayers, mostly the empire, they treat it as distinct from magic as magic was bad, but priests are not bad. Hence battle prayers are not magic. Its a bit of double-think from the empires perspective, mixed with hypocrisy as many educated religious people knew battle prayers are essentially magic.
      Also whilst magic primarly comes in the eight winds, it can take very broad and complex subcategories very quickly. Even within a single lore. E.g. jade magic is primarly life magic, but also the closest thing to water magic. Many non-tw spells are about controlling water. Letting it rain, letting it freeze or boil or many manyy other things. Makes some sense as water is the element of life. But though this it could also be argued that Kislevs ice magic is a unique school of life magic.
      Tl;DR magic in warhammer can get complicated very quickly.

    • Jan Jungwirth
      Jan Jungwirth 3 months ago +1

      @Han Gebza Thank you. Didn't know so. It's still not surprising, that eight winds magic and prayers are treated much differently.

    • Han Gebza
      Han Gebza 3 months ago

      @Jan Jungwirthin warhammer all magic, even divine magic like battle prayers, comes from the same source as stated by Teclis and other magicians. The difference is, that in case of miracles/prayers the magic is not channelled though one of the eight winds, but through the faith and will of the caster. In this priests are also a kind of magician, even if many relogious people refuse to think so.

  • Cameron
    Cameron 3 months ago +169

    The skulls moving Khorne's siege towers... so awesome.

    • Theodore Roosevelt
      Theodore Roosevelt 3 months ago +1

      Dude, I didn't even see that! So metal!! I love all the details they are putting into it. Truly a game us Warhammer fans have waited for for DECADES :D

  • Laurence F
    Laurence F 3 months ago +305

    Plot twist: tzeentch decides to give kislev to a random orc warband and laughs as Katarin watches the some gobbos take up residence in the royal quarters of the captial city

    • Nolan ZW
      Nolan ZW 3 months ago +1

      I know it was a joke, but from some other videos made by streamers/youtubers, turns out Tzeentch can't take control of capital cities with that mechanic. I'm not 100% if he can give it to someone else, but I don't think so.

    • Клим Горшнев
      Клим Горшнев 3 months ago

      Remindes 1917 tbh.

    • Tyler Douglas
      Tyler Douglas 3 months ago

      @崔莱 That is 1 of his faction mechanics i think, so depending on the requirements and conditions you might be able to. I doubt they can but it would be fun if they let the AI do it too.

    • Darthplagueis13
      Darthplagueis13 3 months ago

      @Lenard Bordo I mean, one of the next things he did was casually venturing into the chaos wastes and beat the crap out of chaos barbarian tribes, so ye.

    • Lenard Bordo
      Lenard Bordo 3 months ago

      @Darthplagueis13 If Grimgor really wanted more battle, he should go north, and crush the barbarians and the beastfolk there, maybe even take the whaagh to the realm of chaos to join Gork and Mork, the true bane of the chaos gods.

  • The one Sith to rule them all

    Playing kislev:
    Step 1: select Kathrin
    Step 2: attack Prag?!?!?!
    Step 3: profi-... chaos!!!

    • Marcus Weathers
      Marcus Weathers 3 months ago +6

      It's Katarin....it's literally in the title. It's also Praag.

  • StevenSvN
    StevenSvN 3 months ago +176

    These settlement battles look very interesting.
    I just hope that someday they'll add a 3-way battle feature to this game. For example, when you attack a city that's already under siege, you join the battle and fight the defenders and the attackers at the same time.

    • Xiper113
      Xiper113 3 months ago

      @LordVader1094 hopefully. That would be awesome. Single player campaigns are confirmed to not have free for all's.

    • LordVader1094
      LordVader1094 3 months ago

      @Xiper113 It's likely free for all is in multiplayer campaign, since it goes up to 8 players now

    • Xiper113
      Xiper113 3 months ago

      @Mason Johnson correction to your correction. Not in game three. As long as both parties are at war with the enemy in question you will now fight alongside the other force regardless of alliance status.

    • Xiper113
      Xiper113 3 months ago

      @Mason Johnson in game three you don't have to be allies

    • Mason Johnson
      Mason Johnson 3 months ago

      this is already a thing you must simply ally with someone if your looking for a 3 way fight that be a bit cool but as far as campaign goes that only ever work on siege maps / pvp modes since its a turn based strategy map theres no need for 1 person t fight hold there turn while fighting a battle then you push in and fight both people on your turn DOESNT MAKE SINCE ..... could work with ambush but at that point charge your army at the weak boy after they fight like you do already

  • Legendary Fro
    Legendary Fro 3 months ago +74

    "A strong faction can not rely on militaristic might alone"
    laughs in Khorne

    • Celes
      Celes 3 months ago

      so where there was anything about anything more that military might?

  • Incognito Anonimus
    Incognito Anonimus 3 months ago +68

    Me: I will never be a SIMP 🤬
    * Tzarina Katarin steps in.
    Me: Jestem na Pani rozkazy, Wasza Imperatorska Mość! 🐻

    • Celes
      Celes 3 months ago

      this is called a plot twist

  • Lena Milizé
    Lena Milizé 3 months ago +290

    Looks awesome, can't wait to play with the winged lancers!

    • One ring to rule the magicarp
      One ring to rule the magicarp 3 months ago +1

      @Dermenore they really don't, they have a whopping 18 more speed which is MASSIVE, for heavy cav, winged lancers move only 11 speed slower than the lightest cav in the game which is insane, add to this their 12 extra charge bonus, their silver shields and most importantly the fact they cause FEAR and they are one of the best hammer and anvil cavalry's in the entire game... and we haven't even seen the elite version yet.

    • Maciejon Maciejon
      Maciejon Maciejon 3 months ago +3

      @Dermenore most probably but you can keep like 2 units of them or more elite slower more durable version gryphon legion to just wreck backline wih cyclecharging and they may be a staple in multiplayer

    • Dermenore
      Dermenore 3 months ago +3

      @Maciejon Maciejon Ah great then. If they are available soon enough they could be good flankers or archer destroyers. But no pierce armor or anti-large means we will have to abandon them during the late game.

    • mikapuk
      mikapuk 3 months ago +3

      and bear cavalry!

    • Maciejon Maciejon
      Maciejon Maciejon 3 months ago +4

      @Dermenore they have much more speed, charge bonus and cause fear. They are more usefull

  • Dirt McGert
    Dirt McGert 3 months ago +74

    You know Skarbrand is scared when he would rather flee and disintegrate than die fighting. Khorne ought to punish such a cowardly display.

    • grandpa nurgle
      grandpa nurgle 3 months ago +2

      A shamefur dispray

    • sevenshadesofsmooth
      sevenshadesofsmooth 3 months ago +5


    • Daniel
      Daniel 3 months ago +4

      Yeah he must've been controlled by another developer. He should've just disintegrated and fought till the end if commanded by the AI. You can see he is disintegrating while running away.

    • Joa Percan
      Joa Percan 3 months ago +5

      Also, the demons can't die in the mortal world. It's not really that they are fleeing to save their lives, is that that is how they die in the mortal planes.

    • DrClassic
      DrClassic 3 months ago +7

      Game mechanics doesnt mean he is scared

  • joedatius
    joedatius 3 months ago +24

    I would love to see a 4 v 4 of Kislev, Cathay, Brettonia, and The Empire against the 4 monogod factions.

    • Shade
      Shade 3 months ago

      There are just too many combinations. All of them make me giddy. AAAAAAAH This will be awesome!

    • Adam Huczek
      Adam Huczek 3 months ago

      replace cathay with dwarfs

    • joedatius
      joedatius 3 months ago +1

      @Milorad Lukic sure that too, except norsca since they're just chaos-lite

    • Jack Strayfeald
      Jack Strayfeald 3 months ago +4

      The idea of the race of man (except Norsca) standing United against the Chaos hordes is a glorious thought.

    • Milorad Lukic
      Milorad Lukic 3 months ago +2

      why not against norsca, warriors of chaos, beastmen and chaos undivided?

  • jasper bakker
    jasper bakker 3 months ago +325

    I really hope this music isn't placeholder. MandeloreGaming talked about this in his TWWH2 review and I hope the more bombastic style of music for the promotional material is used for the actual game this time. Although I personally think the High Elf and Skaven music was already much better than any of the music in game 1, I feel like there is a lot of improvement to be made and it wouldn't have been so jarring had it not been for the really cool promotional music.

    • Lee Parnell
      Lee Parnell 3 months ago +2

      from what i've seen of the game in early access, there's a shitload of reused music and not much that sounds like the trailers

    • LordVader1094
      LordVader1094 3 months ago +1

      Yes! There's so much good music in the trailers that would be a waste, like the metal music in the initial trailer and the Daemon Prince trailer

    • sunttu333
      sunttu333 3 months ago +1

      I genuinely haven't noticed any different music tracks no matter what faction I play. Vamps, Lizardmen, Dark Elves all have the same songs for me

    • Ezcu
      Ezcu 3 months ago

      I totally agree! This music pumped me so hardcore

    • OctagonCookies
      OctagonCookies 3 months ago +3

      There's so many good ones in these new trailers; "Enter the world of Nurgle" and "Entier the world of Slaanesh" have amazing tracks, the new Demon Prince's trailer music is such a banger and it will be a massive shame if they're only relegated to trailer music. Not to even mention the freaking Ogre song.
      And yeah no one can compare to Skaven's tracks in the first two game, the tracks during and before battle are on my playlist.

  • irshale
    irshale 3 months ago +71

    can we take a moment to apricate the soundtrack here 10/10

    • 84sairen
      84sairen 3 months ago

      It wont be in the game.... As always i dont know why they dont get rid of thier composer and hire these guys

    • MightyManlett
      MightyManlett 3 months ago

      Much better than WH2 from what I have heard.

    • CraniumBeaver
      CraniumBeaver 3 months ago +3

      Yeah, I reaallyy hope this is all from the game OST. This sounds sick! There was already a leap in quality between the OSTs of game 1 and 2 and this sounds like that they've upped their game AGAIN. Can't wait to play this!

  • Grzesiek Jakubowski
    Grzesiek Jakubowski 3 months ago +76

    In the final battle, Kislev has to fight with one and only, created in last episode of Total War Gameplay - Daniel the Demon. Stay Tuned, gamers.

  • Layn
    Layn 3 months ago +144

    Who knew a month could feel so long!

    • Shade
      Shade 3 months ago +1

      It is a rare and terrible pain when you discover something you really want, and its stuck behind a time window.

    • Kevin König
      Kevin König 3 months ago +2

      Have you ever had a new GF just as No-Nut-november started?

  • Okoii
    Okoii 3 months ago +130

    Katarin is an Ice Cold Killer

  • Minh Nguyen
    Minh Nguyen 3 months ago +66

    I can see they improved the unit portrait a lot comparing to the old unimpressive ones.

    • Minh Nguyen
      Minh Nguyen 3 months ago +2

      @FromDkWithLove true indeed.

    • FromDkWithLove
      FromDkWithLove 3 months ago +8

      6:04 Not the only thing they've improved. Just look at them cheeks go!

  • Baron Von Mott
    Baron Von Mott 3 months ago +10

    By the time this game finally launches, I'll probably be reduced to making the decision about which faction to play first through a series of coin tosses, because they all look really, really fun!

  • Pachacutti 101
    Pachacutti 101 3 months ago +1

    "If we have a common enemy then we are sure to unite!" The Empire.
    "Not in Kislev, even though we're chaos' doormat we still fight each other." Katarin

  • TheJesper
    TheJesper 3 months ago +17

    I know it's subject to change, and mods, and all that, but the legendary city of Praag being a backwater village with a couple of churches is extremely disappointing.

    • Zeta Reticulans Stole My Bike
      Zeta Reticulans Stole My Bike 3 months ago

      GCCM will redo them all

    • warpig
      warpig 3 months ago +1

      @Rob Najjar it might be ai related

    • Rob Najjar
      Rob Najjar 3 months ago +1

      To be fair they can't have major cities look like their book counter parts. Looked cool in older TT games but man did it drain CPU and was time consuming. In saying that, I agree tgat it should look better, especially for a Fortress with the lore it has.
      It's like how cities are in wow. Lorewise stormwind is enormous and houses millions, and the keep is its own castle, buy in game everything is smaller.

    • TheJesper
      TheJesper 3 months ago +1

      @Filip eh, just giving the universe the benefit of doubt. In my heart of hearts I know it'll never change

    • Filip
      Filip 3 months ago +4

      You are naive if you think its gonna change. Same with altdorf or Karak kadrin. Terrible maps

  • T.T
    T.T 3 months ago +59

    Kislev will be my first faction for sure to try out! And then probably Nurgle.

  • Shoal Shepherd
    Shoal Shepherd 3 months ago +40

    "or else Kislev is lost and the old world will follow"
    and that folks is foreshadowing
    *cries in Sigmar*

  • GarretShadow
    GarretShadow 3 months ago +15

    As an average russian total war enjoyer i must say this looks amazing

  • g6009
    g6009 3 months ago +123


  • Shadow
    Shadow 3 months ago +3

    5:38 i love how skarbrand just punt kicks the soldiers like a football 😂

  • Ty1er 722
    Ty1er 722 3 months ago +46

    CA really just charged their horse archers into melee while they still had like 60% ammo

    • Darko Mihajlovski
      Darko Mihajlovski 3 months ago +1

      @Vitalii Tomas there definitely situations where charging them is the best thing to do but as general rule you should use all their ammo before anything else cause evem if there good in malee their still worse then dedicated malee units

    • Leo Salonen
      Leo Salonen 3 months ago

      When you go below certain thresholds of ammo you lose comparatively more balance of power so maybe they're just playing it mathematically perfect ahha

    • Vitalii Tomas
      Vitalii Tomas 3 months ago +1

      @Darko Mihajlovski but it's better to charge to hold it, as the enemy will clump as opposed to shooting and letting them eventually overrun you. Helm's Deep situation basically

    • Darko Mihajlovski
      Darko Mihajlovski 3 months ago +1

      @Alfons Klapa its still a waste since they can do a lot more damage just shooting and not risk loosing models

    • Alfons Klapa
      Alfons Klapa 3 months ago

      Kislev units are hybrits they can do more then just 1 job.

  • Akadius
    Akadius 3 months ago +48

    Whenever Daniel the Daemon isn't on screen, everyone should be asking "Where's Daniel?"

    • Pavle Lazarević
      Pavle Lazarević 3 months ago +2

      @komessandtomik coll I have better one: Why is Daniel?

    • komessandtomik coll
      komessandtomik coll 3 months ago +3

      Everyone is asking "Where's Daniel?"
      But not "How is Daniel ?"

  • überguy
    überguy 3 months ago +70

    I'm honestly more curious about what lord characters they will use as an installment of the older races into the third game.

    • Eclipsed Embers
      Eclipsed Embers 3 months ago

      @LivingTarget while she is a Norscan she'd fit much better in the Khorne roster than the Norsca roster.
      Egil Strybjorn would be a good Norscan LL though and he's a Khorne worshipper.

    • Eclipsed Embers
      Eclipsed Embers 3 months ago

      @jack sheldon yeah, Chaos Dwarves are a certainty, first DLC for sure, likely 4-6 months after release.
      I'd expect Dogs of War to be added as a full race of their own starting off scattered accross the game 3 map but moved to mostly be focused in the South Realms in the combined map.

    • Eclipsed Embers
      Eclipsed Embers 3 months ago +1

      @John Nolan Kemmler just might not be on the map, even if he is he'll be tucked right down into the bottom left corner and will likely be run over in the early game by Skragg.
      as for Norsca, Wulfric is a Wanderer and could end up being moved to pretty much anywhere while Throgg might hopefully get moved to Troll Country so that he can access his unique landmark there.
      I doubt we'll be getting a rework for Kemmler any time soon (what he has for chaos can't even really be called mechanics, they're just faction effects for dipomatic relations with chaos and ignoring chaos corruption) but CA have stated an interest in reworking Norsca multiple times now.

    • Eclipsed Embers
      Eclipsed Embers 3 months ago +1

      @mk gaming having the Strigoi doesn't really fit for any bloodline except the Strigoi themselves and maybe the Necrach (though they'd keep any such allegance hidden for their own safety). really I doubt that it'd be too much worse for Neferata to have them, her attempts to wipe out the Strigoi seem purely aimed at her brother rather than the bloodline itself. if anything she'd probably use the bloodline as pawns just like any other, even if only to spite Ushoran.
      the only bloodline where the bloodlines mechanic would really make no sense would be the Strigoi themselves since no Lahmian, Von Carstein or Blood Dragon would ever serve under them.

    • Jelly Rolls
      Jelly Rolls 3 months ago

      @John Nolan I'm guessing CA wants to encourage people to play with their new races, thus getting excited for future W3 content, instead of just summoning the elector counts again and ignoring new stuff.

  • Anthony Porche
    Anthony Porche 3 months ago +6

    This makes me want a whole Warhammer Fantasy show! Just hope that the End Times would at least be handled better than before.

  • Ryan Jones
    Ryan Jones 3 months ago +36

    The map detail is just gorgeous and very grim which is pretty accurate for how I’d imagine kislev

    • Diarf Isskjold
      Diarf Isskjold 3 months ago

      @komessandtomik coll In the grim darkness of the far post soviet future...

    • komessandtomik coll
      komessandtomik coll 3 months ago +2

      Me(living in eastern europe):*Looks outside of window*

  • Tobias Hagström
    Tobias Hagström 3 months ago +48

    Being able to assign public order booster character? That's pretty neat, since you can't always conquer as much as you want, and you may end up with settlements where you don't have enough population to even build an order build, nor do you wanna stomp there with your characters

    • Jelly Rolls
      Jelly Rolls 3 months ago +1

      That's one of Kislev's campaign mechanics, they can assign governors who, IIRC, they can later conscript as lords

  • Maza Azi
    Maza Azi 3 months ago +5


  • Shade
    Shade 3 months ago +4

    You know, its pretty telling about how strong these human factions are, in that they can have civil wars as often as Orks fight one another, and still have a sufficient fighting force to tangle with the forces of chaos.

    • Shade
      Shade 3 months ago

      @LordVader1094 Yeah I know they aren't *suppose* to civil war, but still. GAH I can't wait to play this game! When the other races unlock a certain Slayer King will offer to fight alongside the warriors of Kislev....

    • Rob Najjar
      Rob Najjar 3 months ago +1

      Kislev doesn't have civil fights as mich as the empire, it's more that they don't like each other but can put aside their differences to not meet chaos screw them over

    • LordVader1094
      LordVader1094 3 months ago +4

      In reality Kislev doesn't have civil wars lorewise. They just give every faction civil wars in this game lol

  • Scarlet Croc
    Scarlet Croc 3 months ago +29

    Kislev is definitely my favorite non daemon faction

    • Markus Ala-Turkia
      Markus Ala-Turkia 3 months ago +2

      @mikapuk Kislev is a missile-focused faction where basically every unit is a hybrid melee-ranged infantry unit, of course they can defeat Khorne.

    • Scarlet Croc
      Scarlet Croc 3 months ago

      @mikapuk they did in this video, so probably yes

    • mikapuk
      mikapuk 3 months ago

      Will Kislev be able to defeat Khorne?

  • RossDog
    RossDog 3 months ago +2

    If you're here watching This and feeling inspired then keep going grinding away! keep up the good work and Never Give Up!

  • randomeuropeanguy
    randomeuropeanguy 3 months ago

    Kislevs units are incredible in appearance as well as performance. god I love those ice swords that glow with a magical light, the dev team has really outdone themselves with the environments, battlefields, unit models and animations

  • biofan45
    biofan45 3 months ago +3

    These battle maps look AWESOME!

  • Jordi Nagel
    Jordi Nagel 3 months ago +6

    Those Khorne siege towers are so extra… I love it!

  • Jamaly
    Jamaly 3 months ago +9

    After the recent disappointments in the industry I am looking forward to play something good again. Thank you, CA!

  • Alith Anar
    Alith Anar 3 months ago

    This looks great and Katarin's magic looks cute, though in comparison to the Asur (the true lords of magic), I hope there is more to it then what was shown. Hope she can survive long enough for the Elves to send their support. :D

  • sad pee
    sad pee 3 months ago

    3:32 i really really like how tiny the human lord looks compared to the demon in the preview. i hope they keep that

  • Arhatu
    Arhatu 3 months ago

    I loved the first game as every race was unique, you needed allies to hold the mountains as the empire. Alliances between good factions were more likely to be formed. Kislev would be a defensive faction in that regard I would be happier if they would be unable to conquer new lands but increase defensive abilities of their cities with defeating chaos forces.This would remove in 30 seconds self building towers and would add parmanent defenses. Also I would give them less economical options as they are constantly under attack and and their lands are covered by snow. I would make them more dependent on their allies like from elves and the empire. This must have been the Kislev experience we were meant to see.

  • Stivian Valchev
    Stivian Valchev 3 months ago

    Probably the best set of feature videos I've seen for a game. Well done guys!

  • Death Waffle
    Death Waffle 3 months ago

    I like that rivers and bridges are more visible on the campaign map. Sometimes it was a pain trying to get around something you can barely see.

  • The World Critic and gamer
    The World Critic and gamer 3 months ago +16

    This will be my first playthrough, and can't wait for when the winged hussars arrive lol

  • ragnarok ivae
    ragnarok ivae 3 months ago +8

    And the winged lances arrive!
    Great to see kislev again

  • Storeslem
    Storeslem 3 months ago +20

    The kislev settlements should have more houses, they look so empty

    • Blizbor18
      Blizbor18 3 months ago +3

      @ThePastyPrince Cathay and Empire settlement maps dont seem to have a limit on how big the architectural density of the citiy is (except Altdorf, which does look like a small town instead the capital of the Empire for some reason...), so your argument is not valid. I want - as a longtime Warhammer franchise fan - this game to be as best as possible, but that does not mean I will overhype myself to the point, where I will accept mediocre product.

    • ThePastyPrince
      ThePastyPrince 3 months ago

      @Blizbor18 Lmfao, they do not look like a FLC faction. Just cause the maps have a limit on how big they can make them doesn't mean Kislev received "worse treatment". Yeah the maps could be a lil better but it's like 3 maps out of the 60+ new ones. You need to chill bruh

    • Blizbor18
      Blizbor18 3 months ago +8

      Yup, Erengrad looks like a provincional small town instead of the biggest and richest port town of Kislev, Praag also needs to be presented as a big city, instead - it looks like a bigger fortified village... Same thing with Altdorf in WH III - it looks like a small town compared to Middenheim or Nuln. I'm very disappointed by this. You can clearly see, that Cathay recieved the most funding and development time - which is sad, as Kislev is also among the MAIN factions in this installment (but it looks like a FLC faction at the moment).

  • Charlie Buster
    Charlie Buster 3 months ago

    it's looking pretty good.
    Congrats to the team!
    Cannot wait

  • Marcus C
    Marcus C 3 months ago

    I remember that RPG campaign where Bolgsgrad rebelled, because it felt unprotected by Kislev and turned to...
    a combination of necromancy and a cult of Zuvassin, a minor chaos god of failure, to thwart any invasion against it.

  • Bandit
    Bandit 3 months ago +27

    The weight of destroying an army in these games doesn’t mean much considering the AI replenishes it in 5 turns

    • Leo Salonen
      Leo Salonen 3 months ago

      If the army is destroyed then they won't replenish because it has gone.

  • Damian Lockheart
    Damian Lockheart 3 months ago +5

    Wow Praags map looks so empty specially compared to the campaign visual, also Dmitry will be the Daemon Prince for me.

  • Lord of Aveyond
    Lord of Aveyond 3 months ago +1

    Gameplay looks amazing, though I am slightly concerned with how the first major siege looked kinda like the sieges from TWW2…

    • Shade
      Shade 3 months ago

      Well, at the very least the computer seemed to have built defensive towers within the settlement to add fire power to their forces. But... ya know, it IS the AI so...

  • Garrett Benton
    Garrett Benton 3 months ago +1

    Love all the new mechanics they created for Kislev.

  • nik faizal
    nik faizal 3 months ago +34

    Last time I was this early, Kislev was still an Empire placeholder faction

  • T B
    T B 3 months ago +1

    Dear CA - when it comes to creating some RoR for Kislev, please consider a black/white-colored Winged Lancer/Gryphon Legion unit called Ravenwing which use hooked hammers. That would be cool ; )

  • annag cocl
    annag cocl 3 months ago

    Kislev will be my first faction for sure to try out! And then probably Nurgle.

  • toijg avnnr
    toijg avnnr 3 months ago

    5:38 i love how skarbrand just punt kicks the soldiers like a football

  • Wookie1a2b3c
    Wookie1a2b3c 3 months ago

    I mean let's be honest, all the playable factions look tremendous fun and have their own mechanics to boot. TW3 looks like the hype it promised, in many ways.

  • RubixRaptor
    RubixRaptor 3 months ago +92

    Really good time to be reading the Gotrek & Felix book Beastslayer lol

    • Trauma Team International
      Trauma Team International 3 months ago +2

      @Innocent Jogger I won't argue with you, but I will point out the obvious: there are already some very good books in the AOS setting. Dark Harvest comes to mind.

    • Innocent Jogger
      Innocent Jogger 3 months ago +3

      @Trauma Team International Yeah I for one would love to read a book about nine different infinite worlds where 90% of all battles are fought between demons who can't die, undead who can't die, and golden space marines who can't die, sounds like a super interesting and rewarding setting.

    • Daniel
      Daniel 3 months ago +3

      I read all of them and all the end times while waiting this past year haha some other warhammer books which were my fav are Wulfrik, Skarsnik, and Headtaker.

    • Trauma Team International
      Trauma Team International 3 months ago +3

      Great series! I hope we get more in the same style in the AOS setting.

  • Ty Donohue
    Ty Donohue 3 months ago

    Kislev and Ogre Kingdoms all the way. My two favourites in WHF, besides Orks.

  • Lukáš Kováč
    Lukáš Kováč 3 months ago

    looks great, looking forward to play it

  • josef Marslof
    josef Marslof 3 months ago

    6:04 This is the most unrealistic part. Skarbrand leaving the battlefield and his troops fleeing? No, I cant see this happening.

  • e21big
    e21big 3 months ago +2

    Skarbrand hate this game slightly less - he also hate the fact that he had unknowingly runaway was turn into a Bloodletter as further punishment

  • Mentality
    Mentality 3 months ago +2

    *Literally demonic invasion*
    Kislev: " Hm. I think I'll start a civil war right now"

  • edictzero
    edictzero 3 months ago

    as of now I'm planning on playing Khorne, then Kislev, then Ogres, then Chaos Undivided, then Cathay. After that hopefully Chaos Dwarfs are in the game

  • Devon Stacy
    Devon Stacy 3 months ago

    What a great time to first be learning about the Warhammer40k franchise

  • Daniel Jacob
    Daniel Jacob 3 months ago

    Really looking forward to playing this faction because I can’t really think of any other fantasy game that explores this part of Russian culture.

    • annag cocl
      annag cocl 3 months ago

      could.... ;) My sweet sommer child.

  • Johannes Weber
    Johannes Weber 3 months ago +2

    I'm soooo hyped! Can't wait any longer... 😣

  • Alex
    Alex 3 months ago

    The original mechanics reveal for kislev had it listed that both Katarin and Kostaltyn get the ice court, glad to see that this implies this one is unique to her and that the lad gets his own

  • Ricardo Correa
    Ricardo Correa 3 months ago +9

    What are those siege towers?! Unadorned? Efficient? Functional?!! What kind of monsters reside in Kislev?!!!

  • Jack Tiyce
    Jack Tiyce 3 months ago

    You guys have done such a good job

  • Arthur Kocharyan
    Arthur Kocharyan 3 months ago

    I cannot wait! Looks amazing:)

  • Ugo Lc
    Ugo Lc 3 months ago +2

    Very cool vidéo, can't wait to play but as other peoples commented I will suggest to add some houses and buildings into the Kislev settlements, they look a bit empty

    • The Candlemaker
      The Candlemaker 3 months ago +1

      They have no houses but dozens of churches...

  • Anubhav Bhattacharyya
    Anubhav Bhattacharyya 3 months ago

    Wonderful voiceover and in game footage. Hooked!!!

  • Marcus
    Marcus 3 months ago

    Now just waiting for @HeirofCarthage to do a walkthrough campaign for Kislev. Should be awesome. 😁

  • Cvrm
    Cvrm 3 months ago

    I love this game,but please make the lords/heroes equal size with troops 😌

  • Mark Dragunov
    Mark Dragunov 3 months ago +1

    FOR THE MOTHERLAND !!!!! Good God the creators sure pleased all the slavic gamers , THANK YOU!!!

  • Harrison Culp
    Harrison Culp 3 months ago

    Sick!! This will definitely be my first Campaign.

  • halalsnackpack
    halalsnackpack 3 months ago

    settlement battles are looking unique and interesting

  • V
    V 3 months ago +2

    Into the Motherland the Deamons army march!
    Comrades, stand side by side, to stop chaos charge!

  • mj91212
    mj91212 3 months ago +7

    Goodness, I hope CA added a Hotseat mode as well, that’s all the game is missing in terms of general features.

    • mj91212
      mj91212 3 months ago +1

      @AgnonMan That’s nice and all, but I don’t really have anyone to play it with. What I want is to play AGAINST myself.

    • mj91212
      mj91212 3 months ago

      @Lisu The same way it worked in Medieval 2, the initiating faction is controlled by player, the faction being attacked gets an ai commander.

    • AgnonMan
      AgnonMan 3 months ago

      No they didn't but they've upgraded multiplayer. Now player turn us simultanous

    • Lisu
      Lisu 3 months ago +1

      How do you imagine playing battles against each other?

  • Sqysh
    Sqysh 3 months ago +3

    *_Kislev, the first bastion against the chaos wastes...and now...CIVIL WAR_*

  • Jamie mag
    Jamie mag 3 months ago

    I cant wait to get my hands on this game.

  • Torque von Thorne
    Torque von Thorne 3 months ago

    I wonder if her starting enemy in mortal empires will be Azhag as in the current one with Kislev Reborn

  • Alric Malicorne
    Alric Malicorne 3 months ago

    The kislev OST sounds dope. All these new trailers make it really hard to choose a first playthrough.

  • Klavicus
    Klavicus 3 months ago +13

    As a newbie to the franchise i still can’t get over hearing Prag in a fantasy game when it’s a main town in real life lol. Is it at least written differently like they made Thor to Tor?

    • Klavicus
      Klavicus 3 months ago +1

      @Orius Nex ah ok cool thank you guys and sorry for overthink stuff like this so much. should get embraced by fantasy more. its just new to mew that you use obvious real life counterparts. but hey its written differently thats cool

    • One ring to rule the magicarp
      One ring to rule the magicarp 3 months ago

      @The Candlemaker kislev I'd argue is the least direct comparison to any one empire cause it's more a slavic medly of smashing various cultures together that leads to them being a list of slavic stereotypes. but at least they're fun ones with plenty of PLC in there to get good cav :p

    • The Candlemaker
      The Candlemaker 3 months ago

      @Bezyn I have no idea how 17th century Kiev looked like, but I can assure you that in 17th century Russia people didn't dress like the vikings and built their houses from stone.

    • Bezyn
      Bezyn 3 months ago +1

      @The Candlemaker Not that much older as Kislev the city is basically Kiev, they are pretty spot on.

    • The Candlemaker
      The Candlemaker 3 months ago +2

      @MEAnFan696 Kislev definitely looks older than 17th century Russia in this video, looks pre-Mongolian.

  • Tai Penn
    Tai Penn 3 months ago

    The music in this game is already shaping up to be amazing.

  • Косенко СМ8-42

    Absolutely stunning maps...

  • Egor Ragnaroff
    Egor Ragnaroff 3 months ago

    God, our Russian faction, Slavic faction, I so love it! I already buy this game, awaiting 17 feb.

  • Not Visible
    Not Visible 3 months ago +5

    Please add stone flooring or some kind of gravel pavement
    It just looks like a minor settlement or a camp if a capital city looks like that

  • memberberrie
    memberberrie 3 months ago

    Hope that next totalwar will have more teamwork between ai and player but also ai with ai so you get more teamwork battles since that rarely happens

  • Zdarkete
    Zdarkete 3 months ago

    I like playing as the good guys. It pains me to see you have to start this campaign murdering Kislevites.

  • Nagash The Undying King
    Nagash The Undying King 3 months ago +19

    keep forgetting they are in the game mostly cuz they are not in most of the showcases really excited to turn the focus back on them

  • Jay Schmucker
    Jay Schmucker 3 months ago

    Nobody's mentioned it yet, but the music in this game is looking great! Especially the epic music at 2:20 while Katarin takes Praag. Looking forward to stamping out the hordes of Chaos to that song.

  • Denzel Panther
    Denzel Panther 3 months ago

    Someone forgot to place houses in the City of praag. Looks like a trapper village with a lone cathedral/palace