Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Foamcore House!

  • Published on Apr 21, 2016
  • Find a bonus clip from this week's build here:
    Today's One Day Build is a homecoming for Adam, in a few ways. Using only one type of material and one cutting tool, Adam builds an architectural scale model of the house he grew up in. It's a walk down memory lane, and a return to modelmaking basics!
    Shot and edited by Joey Fameli
    Music by Jinglepunks
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Comments • 4 436

  • Nur
    Nur 19 hours ago +1

    Is he an architect?

  • IB_Stephanie
    IB_Stephanie Day ago

    Did he say childhood home?..........

  • Collection THX1138
    Collection THX1138 5 days ago

    @ 2:35 he doesn't use a straight edge to cut. that's a steady hand.

  • army sugarfree
    army sugarfree 5 days ago

    Adam.... This was amazing! You are amazing!👍🏻

  • rakib hassan
    rakib hassan 6 days ago


  • hugo zamarripa
    hugo zamarripa 7 days ago

    Mr. Rich Kid

  • don dupit
    don dupit 7 days ago

    Beautiful! I did something like this of our home out of LEGOs

  • Montoya Brown
    Montoya Brown 9 days ago

    Hello! Adam, I am trying to make a Auto body shop for me and my son's hot wheels. Could you let me know what the hight of the walls for a 1/64 scale building would be

  • isabel lemus
    isabel lemus 11 days ago

    Im student from architecture and i love it, but when i see the zoom of the camera but the way that its cut and glued i´m getting crazy xD

  • Sheryll Questa
    Sheryll Questa 11 days ago

    This is amazing! I actually did a video making a creepy castle for my son's train table. We are beginners, but it was fun. Your build is awesome!

  • Julian Wogman
    Julian Wogman 11 days ago

    Why didn't you just glue the plan to the foam-board rather than transferring ?

  • AVE
    AVE 11 days ago

    I found that clap at 6:58 deeply satisfying
    Great video

  • Karalyneee
    Karalyneee 12 days ago

    When the basement is bigger than your whole house

  • john miller
    john miller 12 days ago

    Very cool thank you for clarifying that the end because that’s exactly what I was thinking

  • ellieysama
    ellieysama 12 days ago

    Maybe so but still a fucking palace compare to what most went through lol....

  • Don Mega
    Don Mega 12 days ago +2

    that's not a house. that's an apartment building! would provide housing for 10 homeless people!
    13:00 and that's a history lesson for you kids there. back in 70's this was middle-class living. that's how bad the economy of USA is today. massive 40% unemployment too if you don't count things the way they rigged unemployment statistics to show it only as 5%, but by simply counting those adults who are capable of working but no jobs them, which is the way it should be counted. look for job participation rate to get the real numbers.

  • Steven Acton
    Steven Acton 13 days ago

    i have the T shirt which disagrees with the title

  • R136a1
    R136a1 13 days ago

    It's the Mythbusters Man!

  • Church Boy Media
    Church Boy Media 13 days ago

    That was pretty cool! One day I will attempt a home. Always admired them

  • Toon Geukens
    Toon Geukens 13 days ago

    so basic

  • Eric Martinez
    Eric Martinez 14 days ago

    You will be great for building in Minecraft😂👍👌

  • Eric Martinez
    Eric Martinez 14 days ago

    I like the blueprints 👌👍

  • Chris James
    Chris James 15 days ago

    Awesome project :)

  • Guillaumw Lazure
    Guillaumw Lazure 15 days ago

    Get the black foamcore way nicer. The mate paper on top give you a smoother look. Not hard reflection. It hides your mistakes way better

  • Steve Hardie
    Steve Hardie 15 days ago

    I would normally spray mount the blue prints to the foamcore to avoid all of that tracing. I f you then want it pure white, you can use a repositional spraymount and peel of plans after cutting.

  • Genma Saotome
    Genma Saotome 15 days ago

    How did you use hot glue gun without is being such a mess and adds a bit of gap between pieces? I end up just using Elmer's boardmate glue..

  • Genma Saotome
    Genma Saotome 15 days ago

    12:20 Intense reshuffling of music files?

  • SweetSorrow
    SweetSorrow 15 days ago

    Wow that's amazing. I'd love to do something like this. Of course I'd go a step further and paint it and everything.

  • KnowN Productions
    KnowN Productions 15 days ago

    1970s yeah people were throwing out Hammond B3s.

  • David H
    David H 16 days ago

    Yeah.. I lived in a 500 square ft place. A shoe box will work

  • vasily202
    vasily202 16 days ago

    Really? Only one year's worth of salary? I would have a castle then.

  • Justin Rosenberg
    Justin Rosenberg 16 days ago

    My mom knew this guy growing up. Her sister was friends with his sister and she would sometimes go to his house. She tells me he was crazy and was always getting in trouble for the things he did but he was pretty smart and was good at building things.

  • Mark Bennett
    Mark Bennett 16 days ago

    Boring and pointless

  • i_-TriXzzY -
    i_-TriXzzY - 16 days ago

    Wait so why did your parents buy that house but you cant fit in it wtf it's so small

  • Toy Car Case
    Toy Car Case 16 days ago

    Love this material! And #11 is the best! I love to re-live my childhood too - I do it with diecast cars and plastic model kits! ! This is a great idea! Fun Video! I might have to try to build a garage for all my cars! So you going to make furniture for the next video! LOVE THIS ONE, THANKS! Rock On the #11 Foam-core King!

  • Luper ionic
    Luper ionic 17 days ago

    "Foam-core" is a rabies based metal genre

  • The Bandit
    The Bandit 17 days ago

    Fancy a can of coke?

  • Jasmine Purba
    Jasmine Purba 18 days ago

    what type of paint do we use

  • Nazavi Haque
    Nazavi Haque 18 days ago

    this is stiff board 5mm ...

  • Vivvy
    Vivvy 19 days ago

    Bruh you lived in a big house ...

  • matthew saffran
    matthew saffran 19 days ago

    This bored the fuck out of me

  • jørdyn grøve
    jørdyn grøve 19 days ago

    the camera man needs to improve his skills

  • Luis Cortes
    Luis Cortes 20 days ago

    As an architecture student, when I saw his pencil I was like “Hells yeah! Blackwing!”

  • TheLivingApocalypse
    TheLivingApocalypse 20 days ago

    This is giving me ptsd of graphic design foundation classes

  • Summer Lagrou
    Summer Lagrou 21 day ago

    He had a big house Jesus Christ

  • james green
    james green 21 day ago

    You and Jamie are the reason I majored in engineering... thank you so much for my childhood. Can't believe it took me so long to find you on TheXvid thanks to 3am vsauce videos!

  • Donovan Williams
    Donovan Williams 22 days ago

    I like that he addressed what I was thinking about the size of that home haha yo rich kid check out your big home!

  • Francisco Lopez
    Francisco Lopez 22 days ago

    Although this is an amazing work, with Bosa wood it would have been and looked even more awesome. But of course that would have taken you maybe a week or more.

  • Amanda Cartier
    Amanda Cartier 22 days ago

    i'd love to do something like this. no distractions, just some foam board and some blue prints. honestly sounds like fun.

  • Megan Is Awesome
    Megan Is Awesome 22 days ago

    I like how he just has plans of his childhood home 😂

  • James Kelly
    James Kelly 22 days ago +1

    The Bob Ross's building and crafting cousin

  • Pragya Gupta
    Pragya Gupta 22 days ago

    Nice work Mr adam

  • Rz Gomez
    Rz Gomez 22 days ago

    House for ants? It should be at least 3 times that size.

  • abhishek singh
    abhishek singh 22 days ago

    such a great job....fabulous

  • Andrea
    Andrea 23 days ago

    i want my own shop...

  • Andrea
    Andrea 23 days ago

    what a big house...i grew up in an 100 squaremeter apartement with two sisters and my first 15 years i shared a room with my sister i now hate

  • mmtcar
    mmtcar 23 days ago

    Some really creative solutions, but that's a really awful model. My eyes as an architect are bleeding.

  • Fred Jaminson
    Fred Jaminson 23 days ago

    Is this the same jerk off that thinks we went to the moon? and 911 was caused by airplanes hitting a building.. he has no credibility. he is a dink wink.

  • Douglas Herr
    Douglas Herr 24 days ago +1

    I am designing my own house, and this is a great ideal for building a model to see how it all fits together.
    Thank you!

  • Jonathan Grimes
    Jonathan Grimes 25 days ago

    Why does the levels do not line up??? 🤔

  • shangshanger zheng
    shangshanger zheng 25 days ago

    i think you maybe can use the cope paper which we had in china instead of uses the pencil to transfer the print. the cope paper are useful

  • ja b'aaron kowalski
    ja b'aaron kowalski 26 days ago

    i can do that with just a converse shoe box and some paper

  • Quin Forchion
    Quin Forchion 27 days ago

    Adams child hood memory’s

  • JiNeTiK
    JiNeTiK 27 days ago

    7:55 Foamcore is a primary material we work with for mounting posters. I prefer Ultramount, cuts better then Ultraboard or Gatorboard.

  • Shizzie Bizz
    Shizzie Bizz 27 days ago

    I love American style homes

  • EM Flores
    EM Flores 28 days ago

    He's guilty of being born rich. So much explanation

  • Mame Amar
    Mame Amar 29 days ago

    Pretty big house rich guy over here had it mad for a while now

  • Palider
    Palider 29 days ago +5

    Can someone explain me how come houses are less affordable today when technology is way more advanced?

    • WysonLegion
      WysonLegion 11 days ago

      More people alive

    • MSG: Ajinomoto Pain
      MSG: Ajinomoto Pain 16 days ago

      Well, you should not forget about the material used to build the house... It's not infinite. The lesser they are, the higher its price.

    • Crucibelle
      Crucibelle 18 days ago +1


    • Numberjack Fiutro
      Numberjack Fiutro 19 days ago

      +Palider Land prices are a factor, but so are the building and zoning regulations, as well as a few other things. Besides, there's still plenty of areas where housing is affordable.

    • Palider
      Palider 20 days ago

      +Numberjack Fiutro Oh, all of the price increase comes just from land being more expensive?

  • mcneri123
    mcneri123 Month ago

    I really thought he was rich hahaha

  • Hellhound
    Hellhound Month ago


  • Josh Lawson
    Josh Lawson Month ago

    Am I the only one who thinks he drinks pee?

  • Patriks Binders
    Patriks Binders Month ago +1

    What is this ? A house for ants ? I thought he said he lived in a big house .

  • Thrasher Alf
    Thrasher Alf Month ago

    I wish you would have put up a real picture of the house for side by side comparison. Good work though!!

  • LALIT THAKUR ADVOCATE - 7018181616, 9418081616

    Adam's basement is like my while house.

  • ecoRfan
    ecoRfan Month ago

    Wow this is crazy. Right about the same time in April 2016 I built a dollhouse in four days for a class project final.

  • Paul Ristuccia
    Paul Ristuccia Month ago

    We have to teach Adam the correct way to roll up floor plans. Outside in, bro, so they stay flat on yer table! Only newbs roll them inside out!

  • Nick Doe
    Nick Doe Month ago

    I love your paperweights :D


    1/24 scale like revell monogram, you should make the cars you had if theey have the kits. itd fit perfect

  • fudgeTV
    fudgeTV Month ago +3

    This guy used to be on Mythbusters so if you didn’t know that’s why he’s so ‘rich’. Mythbusters was a VERY popular show

    • fudgeTV
      fudgeTV 18 days ago +1

      But some are saying oh like how do you have all this stuff
      So that’s why

    • Crucibelle
      Crucibelle 18 days ago

      Uhhh... the model is of his CHILDHOOD home. People are saying he (and his family) were rich when he was a kid.

  • Jacasimov
    Jacasimov Month ago

    I used foamcore almost every day for 15 years, I still could never help but bevel (angle) the edge. It would take so much effort to make a straight up/down cut like Adam here. You get used to it, and plan accordingly, and it facilitates easy pop-out and replacement of foamcore components (if you were going to, say, paint each piece an individual color) but dammit it's annoying if it's done wrong.
    I like this idea though. I wonder if the people living in my childhood home would mind if I stopped by and took some measurements. It would be so cool to make a miniature model, complete with paint, and plants, grass, pool.

  • Chris Gibbons
    Chris Gibbons Month ago

    Why not use a magnet pad for you blades? That's how it's done in the operating room.

  • vic
    vic Month ago

    if just i grew up in a house like this, i am pretty sure my life was complete differente now, keeping my rich life with my rich hobby shop and my rich gluegun, but now i just have rich health and rich fee

  • Zak Wharton
    Zak Wharton Month ago

    What are those blocks

  • Matthew Naranjo
    Matthew Naranjo Month ago

    You could have used carbon thermofax paper (tattoo stencil paper). Applied a light coat of deodorant to the foamboard to transfer the stencil over to it.

  • Skraith
    Skraith Month ago

    What's the stigma about being rich? I'm sorry but if you're well off because you worked for it or even if you were born into wealth that's nothing to be ashamed of. Use that opportunity to grow and help others as you move upwards.

  • Anis Sofea
    Anis Sofea Month ago

    man... what kind of experience and knowledge will i get if i were to be able to work with you... Would love to be your apprentice
    really love all your videos, and all the knowledge you share, unfortunately, i dont have the tools to make them

  • Reaver70
    Reaver70 Month ago

    Adam. you can use pins+ holes to transfer more accurately. You can use instead of your 1:2:3 blocks >> low grade magnets and metal base plate/ steel rulers/ each other to make brackets. jigs to build foamcore parts/ pieces.

  • Lawliet L
    Lawliet L Month ago

    People complaining about the size of that house n their houses,
    In India this house would cost nearly up-to $ 0.8/1 Billion
    N ur houses will be like Rs50M(that's $0.7M)
    So u can understand our agony

  • OmnieStar
    OmnieStar Month ago

    where you ever a smoker?

  • Sonny Skye
    Sonny Skye Month ago

    WOW your childhood home was massive!

  • Sudhir Gupta
    Sudhir Gupta Month ago


  • Boyd W
    Boyd W Month ago

    I have a pedal powered kart, 4 wheel drive and 4 wheel steer that’s about 2/3rds built. I have not seen another design like it. I’d like to finish it,,, test and tinker then build the 2nd version with aluminum tubing like a bicycle. Then I’d like to get patents on it and see if I could get it into production. The only thing holding it up is my battle with Lyme disease right now.

  • Judith Meyer
    Judith Meyer Month ago

    Won’t your model be reversed?

  • Cardiac Coder
    Cardiac Coder Month ago

    There should be a board game where you build the layout of a small house as the board and you get pieces and move them around the house. There’s like turns with dice and your trying to get away from a murderer. Idk just a idea, something similar has probably already been done and I’m just not aware

  • Art Pro
    Art Pro Month ago

    Hey I’m an artist myself I love your videos very creative! 👍🏻

  • Terri Gelbaum
    Terri Gelbaum Month ago

    You could have used transfer paper.

  • LM
    LM Month ago

    Wow, lots of misdirected anger in the comments.

  • Lomari Senjermen
    Lomari Senjermen Month ago

    Cool house! We used to do similar on modeling classes, but we used flat foam tiles for ceiling. The thickness of tiles were about 3mm but it was a bit cheaper than craft materials.