Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Foamcore House!

  • Published on Apr 21, 2016
  • Find a bonus clip from this week's build here:
    Today's One Day Build is a homecoming for Adam, in a few ways. Using only one type of material and one cutting tool, Adam builds an architectural scale model of the house he grew up in. It's a walk down memory lane, and a return to modelmaking basics!
    Shot and edited by Joey Fameli
    Music by Jinglepunks
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Comments • 4 526

  • Jaeven Fong
    Jaeven Fong 3 days ago

    Giant house

  • natalia beatriz
    natalia beatriz 4 days ago

    Im a 3rd year architecture student and the fact that you are not using a ruler while cutting or drawing is giving me SOOOOO much anxiety.

    • natalia beatriz
      natalia beatriz 4 days ago

      Also foam board fucking sucks when making a model.

  • Resist Design
    Resist Design 6 days ago

    Hey Adam, thank you for this and thank you for taking the time to clear the air about the house size. I think it serves to make you more relatable :)

  • Rudeep Nandeibam
    Rudeep Nandeibam 7 days ago

    He said he got his seven stitches from the blade and told us not to throw it away cause it will take hurt the garbage man . So he's the garbage man.🤔

  • Dan Pitts
    Dan Pitts 7 days ago

    >"full size"
    >"1:24 scale"
    So which is it?

  • Abbas J.A.
    Abbas J.A. 9 days ago

    Errr he could have easily pasted the plans onto the foam board and cut over the lines... It would have saved him the time and effort of transferring onto the foamboard.

  • RushTest ForEcho
    RushTest ForEcho 11 days ago

    "Nothing but an xacto, a glue gun, and some plans".... and a band saw, and yes I do mind that you used it. ;)

  • smuphix
    smuphix 11 days ago

    Dude ... where is you roof? :D

  • akali lati
    akali lati 12 days ago

    Guys are foam board , foam sheets and foam core are the same?

  • Mustard On My Shirt
    Mustard On My Shirt 12 days ago

    Am I the only hoping he'd run out of foam core and take us on a side video to art store? Actually that'd be a good video.

  • TheSkilledBossGamer
    TheSkilledBossGamer 14 days ago

    does no one care that he just wipes away the burning hot glue like its nothing?

  • nidia guala
    nidia guala 15 days ago

    Spanish please?

  • Nate Quinn Guitar
    Nate Quinn Guitar 16 days ago

    planning on doing this fairly soon, just need to get layouts of my family’s home

  • Steve Carter
    Steve Carter 18 days ago

    No way that house was cheap. I don’t care what era.

  • Ricky107
    Ricky107 18 days ago

    Damn big house

  • sentx
    sentx 21 day ago

    3:08 Combs hair with his fingers with an exacto knife in his hand...Adam being safe as always.

  • Tony S
    Tony S 23 days ago

    Yo.. i was going to say... But you said it lol

  • Ronnie Loredo
    Ronnie Loredo 27 days ago

    I'm loving the hot glue stick dispenser

  • Bambang Setiawan
    Bambang Setiawan 29 days ago

    Too much talk

  • Bespn _
    Bespn _ Month ago


  • william dowling
    william dowling Month ago

    Idk, the house didn't look that big to me.. it fit right on the table.

  • J.T. Irizarry
    J.T. Irizarry Month ago

    Pretty cool. My dad did this when he was trying to plan the layout of our house before it was built.

  • Kade Brown
    Kade Brown Month ago +3

    6:00 pause the video ,then go here.

  • Kade Brown
    Kade Brown Month ago +1

    I use that on my model railway all the time, (in the place of wood...) seriously!!! the framework is made out of this stuff!!!, probably not the best choice,but it's what I got K!?!?!?!

  • aleph null
    aleph null Month ago

    And One tool... (he says over a shot of him using a craft knife AND SET SQUARE?1!!11)

  • EmeraldTnT
    EmeraldTnT Month ago

    So I get why this is true but your old billiards room was probably twice the size of one of the floors of my current house

  • DJ Does Dumb Stuff
    DJ Does Dumb Stuff Month ago

    Holy cow that is a large house!

  • John Wayne
    John Wayne Month ago

    OMG that is a mansion! That's like what 5k sqt ft? possibly 7k with that full size basement.

    THEPIZZAPI Month ago

    OMG I grew up there

  • Fennec Besixdouze
    Fennec Besixdouze Month ago

    "BE SUPER CAREFUL WITH THIS VERY SHARP BLADE, YOU COULD CUT YOURSELF SO BADLY MAKE SURE TO PUT IT SOMEWHERE SAFE" *places blade in can that people, especially children, drink out of*

  • Devaux Quentin
    Devaux Quentin Month ago

    What scale?

  • Erich B.
    Erich B. Month ago

    Could go crazy with a laser cutter!!

  • Hopper Games
    Hopper Games Month ago

    foam board my best friend when building

  • pkrangehit
    pkrangehit Month ago

    Foam core is so expensive :(

  • ExecTech
    ExecTech Month ago

    Hello from Tarrytown

  • Betsy C.
    Betsy C. Month ago

    What a fun project!

  • Chris Howard
    Chris Howard Month ago

    We used to use a rabbit cutter so you can make flush edges.

  • jenky1044
    jenky1044 Month ago

    -- $100 foam board, --$600 blueprints.
    + 4.8M views = Priceless

    • respt46
      respt46 Month ago

      for everything else there's mastercard

  • Joel
    Joel Month ago

    You were rich, stop being modest.

  • Not Gay Bear
    Not Gay Bear Month ago +1

    than my parents and grand parents must have been poor as shit.

  • Tim outdoors
    Tim outdoors Month ago

    Cheater u should not have cut a 300 doller blue print u could have measured it out as smart as but that was verry surprising I still hope to meet up one day before I die

  • 25thdrummerboy
    25thdrummerboy Month ago

    “Damn, Adam was rich as fu-“
    “Just so you guys know, I wasn’t rich growing up”
    *Never mind*

  • Ghost
    Ghost 2 months ago +2

    your hair looks 100% like super saiyan Vegeta....

  • Avery Kirchner
    Avery Kirchner 2 months ago

    Yeah I learned the hot glue gun temperature thing the hard way, in my tech ed class we were making foam boats, and we hot glued the sails on and the glue melted the foam

  • Unsound Methods
    Unsound Methods 2 months ago

    Ok. Good idea, doing this, though strangely enough its going to be slightly smaller

  • DUGANA prasad
    DUGANA prasad 2 months ago

    It's very nice one

    JULIAN ORTIZ 2 months ago

    That was great!

  • Thomas Hocum
    Thomas Hocum 2 months ago

    Adam's builds have gotten me starting to try to make things, crafting basically. I dont have anywhere near the space or tools he has but doing these little projects helps with my ptsd and other disabilities, so thanks Adam for making it look like anyone can do this stuff. It has really helped me. Keep being entertaining and doing the awesome stuff you do, thanks again for the inspiration.

  • t34 fan
    t34 fan 2 months ago

    Thank you, a great tutorial, and you make it fun ,

  • marc  butts
    marc butts 2 months ago

    Well only use an exacto STRAIGHT TO THE TABLE SAW lol

  • Randy's Rock and Roll Railroad Mccarter

    Hi Adam, did you finish this house out with any more details? So for the late view lol

  • JoeyWalsh
    JoeyWalsh 2 months ago

    The basic hot glue gun is only going to be too hot if you touch the tip to the foam. If you don’t, it won’t burn.

  • Matt Nes'heim
    Matt Nes'heim 2 months ago

    Thats a pretty big house. But Adam, you forgot the gold faucets and toilets...

  • Steve the fire wizard 420

    They put the blades in soda cans what if someone try’s to drink it 🤔

  • Eric Talbert
    Eric Talbert 3 months ago

    Just out od curiosity what ia the hieght of the walls on a 1/24 scale model like that

  • Apollo Roma
    Apollo Roma 3 months ago


  • Nevah Evah
    Nevah Evah 3 months ago

    You are great!!!!

  • Kaelin Blake
    Kaelin Blake 3 months ago

    How much for one of those but with a garage for my model cars???

  • billy jennings
    billy jennings 3 months ago

    I was totally going to comment on your HUGE childhood home, but I'll save it because of your very reasonable explanation. Thank you for the excellent video Adam.

    THE HANDCRAFTER 3 months ago

    really nice .👽 what is the name of the board?

  • jandacarey
    jandacarey 3 months ago

    Wow. The shrinking middle class is just amazing.

  • Michael Tran
    Michael Tran 3 months ago

    Are those windows in ur basement? (Not trying to be mean, just curious)

  • Michael Tran
    Michael Tran 3 months ago

    4:10 so like tracing paper

  • dimmuborgir6nik6
    dimmuborgir6nik6 3 months ago

    I didn't know you're from Tarrytown! Greetings from Nyack

  • Tiindraah
    Tiindraah 3 months ago

    i need the floorplans for personal sims use

  • Nanuq 83
    Nanuq 83 3 months ago

    He knew we were all stupified by the size of his basement!
    If he built my childhood home it would have been a one hour build. And if he were to build where I live today, he could take the scrap from his home and be done in 5 minutes. Hey, at least I have a roof over my head! I'm thankful for that :)
    For those who think I'm joking about my home now - I live in a 300 sqft studio apartment!

  • U N S
    U N S 3 months ago

    Maybe it's because it doesn't have details or even a roof, but I don't understand this house.... like why don't the floors align to eachother? Looks kinda ridiculous to me. Nice work nonetheless!

  • Luis Gonzalez
    Luis Gonzalez 3 months ago

    This is what happens when you give Adam some adderal

  • Cody Armstrong
    Cody Armstrong 3 months ago

    fucking house is massive

  • woof359
    woof359 3 months ago

    I would like to see a photo of the house, Looked like it had a lot of room for us people that like to keep out toys out of display (-:

  • Yanna.J. Oscar
    Yanna.J. Oscar 3 months ago

    I have a question:
    What materials can help me build a model in amorphous, fluid or rounded forms?🤔

  • Adam Miles
    Adam Miles 3 months ago

    That's bad ass

  • Joel Hippolyte
    Joel Hippolyte 3 months ago

    so cool

  • E Gunther
    E Gunther 3 months ago

    I am enjoying this video...why you people whine so happy with the project, he is enthusiastic!

  • Sacha Lee
    Sacha Lee 3 months ago

    4.7 mill ppl watched a ageing richie rich build his childhood replica mansion out of polysterene lol. what next 10 mill views when he gets his action figures out.

  • Dylon Desbiens
    Dylon Desbiens 3 months ago +10

    its weird how its In a way negative to have wealthy parents - Coming from a middle classer

    • gerax16
      gerax16 2 months ago +3

      Dylon Desbiens yeah isn’t that what most people say they want, to be well off/wealthy.

  • Naomi Toljagic
    Naomi Toljagic 3 months ago

    Your craftsmanship is needed in my projects.

  • Sacha Lee
    Sacha Lee 3 months ago

    wow the guy may well stick his finger up to people who lived in smaller house. nice workshop too, got enough toys and gadgets in your shop? this dude should be dropped in wilderness, see how long he lasts in a real survival situation, not long due to his molly coddled existence.

  • newlogic
    newlogic 4 months ago

    it's hilarious how he addresses the huge house thing. like 1 minute before said it i was like "wtf, this guy's childhood home was a mansion."

  • Nethvan Doevar
    Nethvan Doevar 4 months ago


  • Nur
    Nur 4 months ago +2

    Is he an architect?

  • IB_Stephanie
    IB_Stephanie 4 months ago

    Did he say childhood home?..........

  • Collection THX1138
    Collection THX1138 4 months ago

    @ 2:35 he doesn't use a straight edge to cut. that's a steady hand.

  • army_ perkule
    army_ perkule 4 months ago

    Adam.... This was amazing! You are amazing!👍🏻

  • rakib hassan
    rakib hassan 4 months ago


  • hugo zamarripa
    hugo zamarripa 4 months ago

    Mr. Rich Kid

  • don dupit
    don dupit 4 months ago

    Beautiful! I did something like this of our home out of LEGOs

  • Montoya Brown
    Montoya Brown 4 months ago

    Hello! Adam, I am trying to make a Auto body shop for me and my son's hot wheels. Could you let me know what the hight of the walls for a 1/64 scale building would be

  • isabel lemus
    isabel lemus 4 months ago

    Im student from architecture and i love it, but when i see the zoom of the camera but the way that its cut and glued i´m getting crazy xD

  • Sheryll Questa
    Sheryll Questa 4 months ago

    This is amazing! I actually did a video making a creepy castle for my son's train table. We are beginners, but it was fun. Your build is awesome!

  • Julian Wogman
    Julian Wogman 4 months ago

    Why didn't you just glue the plan to the foam-board rather than transferring ?

  • AVE
    AVE 4 months ago

    I found that clap at 6:58 deeply satisfying
    Great video

  • Karalyneee
    Karalyneee 4 months ago

    When the basement is bigger than your whole house

  • 3%
    3% 4 months ago

    Very cool thank you for clarifying that the end because that’s exactly what I was thinking

  • ellieysama
    ellieysama 4 months ago

    Maybe so but still a fucking palace compare to what most went through lol....

  • Don Mega
    Don Mega 4 months ago +3

    that's not a house. that's an apartment building! would provide housing for 10 homeless people!
    13:00 and that's a history lesson for you kids there. back in 70's this was middle-class living. that's how bad the economy of USA is today. massive 40% unemployment too if you don't count things the way they rigged unemployment statistics to show it only as 5%, but by simply counting those adults who are capable of working but no jobs them, which is the way it should be counted. look for job participation rate to get the real numbers.

  • Steven Acton
    Steven Acton 4 months ago

    i have the T shirt which disagrees with the title

  • U-20
    U-20 4 months ago

    It's the Mythbusters Man!

  • Church Boy Media
    Church Boy Media 4 months ago

    That was pretty cool! One day I will attempt a home. Always admired them

  • Toon Geukens
    Toon Geukens 4 months ago

    so basic