Try to Watch This Without Laughing or Grinning Battle: GAME SHOW FAILS | FBE Staff Reacts

  • Published on Jan 12, 2019
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    Try to Watch This Without Laughing or Grinning Battle: GAME SHOW FAILS | FBE Staff Reacts
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Comments • 1 936

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr 22 hours ago +1

    LOL FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ericules555
    Ericules555 3 days ago

    Should have shown the pickles

  • Steven Friedman
    Steven Friedman 4 days ago +1

    4:15 does anyone else think the girl on the show looks like Erin from The Office? (Or Kimmy Schmidt)

  • Cliff Gurley
    Cliff Gurley 10 days ago

    Im usually pretty good at these laugh challenges. This i failed hard

  • Sasquatch8600
    Sasquatch8600 11 days ago +4

    1:17 not English it's Greek.

  • Joe Cole
    Joe Cole 15 days ago +1

    They need to include some of these for the reactors try not to laugh videos.

  • Maurice Kuria
    Maurice Kuria 17 days ago +1

    If am unhappy i always watch this episode because of Rachel. She always laughing.

  • Belfred Chavez
    Belfred Chavez 20 days ago +2

    Kyllis is a cutie 😏

  • G hJr
    G hJr 24 days ago +4

    how about a react to britains' holly and phillip this morning show. all the laughs, and cooking fun they have. or reactions to michael mcintyre's send to all show.

  • Ralph Zambrano
    Ralph Zambrano 26 days ago +3

    rachel 🥰

  • Michael Ball
    Michael Ball 27 days ago +3

    Glad to see Rachel on here.

  • deansusandylan
    deansusandylan 27 days ago

    They missed Rebecca smiling once

  • Norm Lee
    Norm Lee Month ago +3

    I appreciate people like Rachel who can be made to laugh so easily....they make others around them feel better.

  • Necessary _Bee
    Necessary _Bee Month ago +5

    Aaaah Turkey 🦃🍗

  • Victoria E
    Victoria E Month ago +1

    Just glad Gramma got jiggy with it, the smart way.

  • Thái Biến
    Thái Biến Month ago +1

    5:32 i laugh so much about it

  • Bailey Eilers
    Bailey Eilers Month ago +9

    Steve Harvey makes terrible answers ten times funnier

  • Bailey Eilers
    Bailey Eilers Month ago +1

    Game show fails are my laughing weakness

  • Alexis Creek
    Alexis Creek Month ago +8

    The one who said I hope we get “Naked grandma” I know exactly where he got that from

  • Reeve Thomas
    Reeve Thomas Month ago +2

    Can I laugh now?
    Damn. She cold

  • Curious_ Lobster
    Curious_ Lobster Month ago +2

    "Naked huh??"

  • dani williams
    dani williams Month ago +2

    the girl in the blonde hair at the right was very good when she say it right

  • hannah hudson
    hannah hudson Month ago +2

    fun fact the " naked grandma" guy aka pastor rob, he is my youth pastor

  • John Willis
    John Willis Month ago +4

    8:52 I think we found "naked grandma"!!!

  • EmmaLantern
    EmmaLantern Month ago +6

    1:34 I just realized they used the video I originally uploaded.. rip

  • Pit Rat T.V
    Pit Rat T.V Month ago +1

    CARA is a Strong and Powerful Woman
    when it comes to laugh challenges

  • 丹rchngel Otaku
    丹rchngel Otaku Month ago +3

    I guess i was the only one who didn’t undrstnd any of those videos .. they played

    • andrewthezeppo
      andrewthezeppo 10 days ago

      Is English not your first language? That could be this was filled with puns and pop culture references.

  • Lenin4ever
    Lenin4ever Month ago +4

    3:33 savage

  • dani williams
    dani williams Month ago +3

    good on you Cara :-)

  • dani williams
    dani williams Month ago +1

    Cara is doing very good :-)

  • dani williams
    dani williams Month ago +4

    you go girl Cara :-)

  • Sayan datta
    Sayan datta Month ago +6

    Rachel is so cute. She laughed at nearly all of them though

  • Michael L
    Michael L Month ago +6

    Lindsey with the "Alex Trebek" with a scandalous look is pure gold 😂😂😂😂

  • Vanessa du Toit
    Vanessa du Toit Month ago +7

    Why is noone talking about how HOT Kyllis is?!

  • Rory N
    Rory N Month ago +6

    Who takes turkey to the beach?

  • MDTrbl
    MDTrbl Month ago +1


    • MDTrbl
      MDTrbl Month ago

      @Z-Night Yeah, obvioulsy is totally fine confuse a city with a ENTIRE COUNTRY, really? You are ignoring a contry, like almost 50 million of people.
      You know nothing....

    • Z-Night
      Z-Night Month ago +1

      Either or works tbh

  • Lightning
    Lightning Month ago +3

    Rachel F is toooooo much.
    please bring people whom up to the challenge not giggly people.

    • Lightning
      Lightning Month ago


    • Jarl Lillebø
      Jarl Lillebø Month ago

      Considering she's been a reactor for... I dunno, a decade? before apparently starting to work there, I think it's safe to say she'll be regular inventory :p

    • P.Ø.Ì.Œ
      P.Ø.Ì.Œ Month ago +5

      I tend to enjoy laughter

  • Lexus Carter
    Lexus Carter Month ago +2

    What is that game with three name, how can you find the good one at first try ??

    • Mjjrux
      Mjjrux Month ago

      The game was Jeopardy. In that round, they had to pick the largest in size out of the three countries listed 😊

    • Lexus Carter
      Lexus Carter Month ago +1

      Me too lol 😂

    • paan azmi
      paan azmi Month ago

      what game is that? i don't understand how it works

  • Hillary Trump
    Hillary Trump Month ago +4

    if they do this one again there's a British show called Catchphrase.....

  • lauryn clay
    lauryn clay Month ago +3

    miah got me so hard on naked grandma one . He is a clown

  • BJ Wanlund
    BJ Wanlund Month ago

    I lose so much with those game show fails... I love them so much... please hopefully there’s more of these reaction videos

  • Emilywantstobattle Scianno

    Jepardy was the one that got me the most

  • minnman37
    minnman37 2 months ago +2

    Just here because Cara looks like Anna Kendrick

  • sweet mochaa
    sweet mochaa 2 months ago +8

    I absolutely LOVE “NAKED GRANDMA” bruhhh I swear Everytime I hear it I cry😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Paul Weinman
    Paul Weinman 2 months ago +2

    Good one! Game show reacts! Did miss best newlywed ? & answer!

  • mira
    mira 2 months ago +5


  • Danilo Papais
    Danilo Papais 2 months ago +11

    Just wanted to skip the video then i saw Rachel, clearly had to continue watching.

  • Blue Plague
    Blue Plague 2 months ago +5

    Who TF asks someone if their partner is urban or rural. What is this, 50s slang or? "Oh who's the pitcher?"
    "IDK do you normally ask for the name of kitchen ware?"

    • Swapnil Samanta
      Swapnil Samanta 2 months ago

      I had no idea what these meant either. I only heard of other terms

    • Kaosine
      Kaosine 2 months ago

      I mean....she's obviously not the sharpest tool in the shed

  • GBCuddLe
    GBCuddLe 2 months ago +4

    0:26 "Coodinator" That's coo.

  • Shaina Gleiberman
    Shaina Gleiberman 2 months ago +4

    Please do a try not to laugh family feud challenge

  • Juan Luna
    Juan Luna 2 months ago +4

    Turkeyy!! Lol. Hahaha

  • Krista Hornsby
    Krista Hornsby 2 months ago

    Maybe it's just me but I swear cara and alona tal look so much alike

  • lil richy
    lil richy 2 months ago +1

    Rachel can step on me

  • Madi Decker
    Madi Decker 2 months ago +10

    Kyllis is so cute and luckily no other comments think so🤷🏼‍♀️👀

  • Ay ye
    Ay ye 2 months ago +8

    Rachel is so adorable

  • Alexis HI
    Alexis HI 2 months ago +3

    NAKED GRANDMA I remember when that was a new episode

  • Loly The Troll
    Loly The Troll 2 months ago +9

    Who else gets the naked grandma reference

  • Daniel Karlsson
    Daniel Karlsson 2 months ago +2

    Rachel and JC were the best.

    MCU FAN 2 months ago

    I love Rachel but she totally bombed.

    • Gengrel
      Gengrel 2 months ago +1

      Not to me. I thought she had the nicest smile when she was a regular on the show so it's nice to see it back again.

  • Duy Lê
    Duy Lê 2 months ago +1

    After knowing what "Family Feud" is (I'm Asian, I didn't get to watch that), I came back to this video