• Published on Aug 20, 2019
  • ok, so I don't know how I messed this up really :))))
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  • Sofi Cesari
    Sofi Cesari 23 days ago

    The difference is that one makes the dough rise up , and the other one makes it grow to the edges

  • Felisha Starnes
    Felisha Starnes 23 days ago +2

    I seriously love your personality and how you edit your videos! So fun and entertaining! It doesn't even matter what you are doing or talking about. Love them all! Also, it's inspiring how free you are with food and not being insane about HAVING to go to the gym.

  • zeynep abaz
    zeynep abaz 24 days ago

    omg,, i think you added too much cornstarch. cornstarch helps with binding and not spreading. they use cornstarch in sugar cookies for not spreading etc. and in vegan baking for binding purposes well i think you added a tiny bit too much

  • grace the headcase
    grace the headcase 25 days ago

    Dude you have a great personality but try and make a more original editing style. It's a little cringey because sometimes things in your vids seem forced.

  • Josie Anna
    Josie Anna 25 days ago

    I loved this video! So fab to see more vegan baking videos surfacing on TheXvid. The editing was really good as well. Just subbed x

  • Amy McLellan
    Amy McLellan 26 days ago

    Congratulations, you made choc chip scones :) they look lush!

  • Ally M
    Ally M 26 days ago

    Baking powder makes stuff rise idk what baking soda really does but don’t mix them up because what you make will taste like chemicals 😂

  • Redina
    Redina 26 days ago +2

    the cookie comparison segment lmaooo

  • krolis
    krolis 26 days ago

    love the intro

  • Madison Parmiter
    Madison Parmiter 26 days ago

    I LOVE THIS VIDEO SO FREAKING MUCH!! GIRL YOU ARE THE BEST!! This video is my personality and I love it!! :)

  • LuLu Bell
    LuLu Bell 26 days ago

    the way you cook literally makes me cringe SO much i can barely watch this through but I STAN YOU SO LETS GO YEET

  • Beth G
    Beth G 26 days ago

    Swear I saw a thing that said baking powder makes cookies more soft and cakey so maybe it’s just the recipe but idk I can’t bake either so 🤷‍♀️

  • fronschka
    fronschka 27 days ago +2

    I made a beautiful vegan berry and vanilla pudding cake just like the recipe but it didn't hold together 😢

  • Joey Valance
    Joey Valance 27 days ago +7

    "baking soda" - bicarb; alkaline.
    "Baking powder" - bicarb + cream of tartar (acid)
    Baking powder is the dry mixture which is ready to release CO2 and make product rise when added to liquid in recipes.
    Bicarb requires addition of acid to do the same. E.g. yoghurt, buttermilk, lime juice etc. As seen in the likes of soda bread.

  • hey kitty hey
    hey kitty hey 27 days ago

    So there was an ad at the beginning and I wanted to make it full screen but then I remembered: first like, then watch😁 ILY ❤️❤️ 💖

  • Signe
    Signe 27 days ago

    love them intros

  • Chrissy J
    Chrissy J 27 days ago

    You are so gorg 😍

  • Patricia-Maria Romano
    Patricia-Maria Romano 27 days ago

    your wet mixture turned out like mine when I tried making cookies. baking starts well and goes down hill quickly for me every time

  • Koddly
    Koddly 27 days ago

    That cookie at the end though 😂

  • Joey Chang
    Joey Chang 27 days ago

    Your so adorable cookies looks awesome u will get better at baking

  • Laura Rose
    Laura Rose 27 days ago

    The Tupperware LOL ly

  • Skye Collins
    Skye Collins 27 days ago

    Literally love this type of vid from you, please do more baking vids!! Plus i luv ya soooo

  • Pi V
    Pi V 27 days ago +4

    NO. The night of eating 24 cookies was one of the best moments in WORLD history!

    Now I have to try that lmao

  • Jilicious Journey
    Jilicious Journey 27 days ago

    Hahahaha i think this is my fave video of yours ♥️♥️♥️

    • helena rose
      helena rose  27 days ago

      omg thank u yay I will fail to bake more often xxx

  • enna
    enna 27 days ago

    Um these look hella GoOoood gurl wys!!!!

    • helena rose
      helena rose  27 days ago

      enna gosh I love ur support but they sucked

  • Lara Beker
    Lara Beker 27 days ago

    omg ilysm

  • amanda fayee
    amanda fayee 27 days ago

    Baking powder already has a reactant in it, while baking soda needs a reactant. Reactants are like citrus, buttermilk, etc. Love you and your vids!❤

  • morgue brat
    morgue brat 27 days ago +2

    So Sophie’s the baker in this relationship

    • helena rose
      helena rose  27 days ago

      morgue brat SIS I AM USUALLY GOOD I SWEAR

  • Danah D.
    Danah D. 27 days ago +2

    I've never made 'disk' cookies in my life always dome ones

    • helena rose
      helena rose  27 days ago +1

      Danah D. Ahahahaha its a constant battle

  • nocassing
    nocassing 27 days ago

    i freaking love you sm, you make my day actually better, and i’m so amazed by your personality! keep doing you!!!

    • helena rose
      helena rose  27 days ago +1

      nocassing omg😭😭 love you so much wow

  • Lowri Watts-Joyce
    Lowri Watts-Joyce 27 days ago

    Ily so much!
    Thank you for giving me the confidence to start my own TheXvid channel!
    Just posted a video if anyone wants to subscribe and check it out ❤️❤️❤️

  • PauliNessX
    PauliNessX 27 days ago +1

    I LOVE your humour :D Really. It's so cute. You are such a hilarious person...
    Lots of love from a girl laughing 14 minutes straight ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you xd

    • helena rose
      helena rose  27 days ago +2

      PauliNessX omg 😭 LOVE U THANK U

  • TheOrdinaryPrincess
    TheOrdinaryPrincess 27 days ago +5

    Why is this me when baking, like I start out so positive and it goes downhill v quickly

    • TheOrdinaryPrincess
      TheOrdinaryPrincess 26 days ago

      helena rose the other week I baked cookies to take to my friends and then ate them all when I got there because I was worried no one would like them ahahha

    • helena rose
      helena rose  27 days ago +1

      TheOrdinaryPrincess hahahahaha why are we like this

  • Sanne van Dalen
    Sanne van Dalen 27 days ago +18

    If im correct atleast😂 i think its that baking powder rises the product and baking soda spreads it thats why you need both for cookies but only baking powder for cakes ❤️❤️

    • Sanne van Dalen
      Sanne van Dalen 27 days ago +1

      Vanessa Z oh then i had it correct all along 😂 thank youu

    • Vanessa Z
      Vanessa Z 27 days ago +1

      I've watched a cooking video by cooks before, and they're like: baking Powder Puffs, and baking Soda Spreads. So PP and SS 😂

    • Sanne van Dalen
      Sanne van Dalen 27 days ago

      helena rose lyy 2 okay im brobably annoying right now il stop just know that i love and support you and you always have amazing content and you are such a fun and kind person ❤️❤️❤️

    • Sanne van Dalen
      Sanne van Dalen 27 days ago

      helena rose omg ily im freaking out right now 😭❤️❤️❤️

    • helena rose
      helena rose  27 days ago

      Ily boo 😍

  • riot-ness
    riot-ness 27 days ago +8

    this is literally me making any recipe. love your videos and editing style

  • Meghan Exner
    Meghan Exner 27 days ago +2

    Still watching while I’m at work lol!! Love you ❤️ I think the cookies look good! 😊

  • Rose x
    Rose x 27 days ago +9

    My kind of wild Friday night

  • pizzaunicorn 15
    pizzaunicorn 15 27 days ago