Amazing Hairstyles Tutorials by Professional | New Hair Color Transformations

  • Published on Nov 27, 2018
  • New Viral Hairstyles Tutorials 2018 on DIY Everyday
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Comments • 54

  • mariangeles cacharel
    mariangeles cacharel 6 months ago

    Podría hacer algún video explicando el proceso, que color usa en raíz y con que producto matiza los rubios?
    Son unos maravillosos trabajos, lastima que no todas encontramos profesionales así en cualquier lugar.

  • mayaM3
    mayaM3 8 months ago

    wondering what toners does he use, they don't sell those in d shops.

  • ugo fantozzi
    ugo fantozzi 8 months ago

    Che noia questa ondulazione !!
    Impazza dovunque e non é poi così speciale , tranne in qualche caso ( il 3 di questo video per esempio)
    La.prima ragazza di questo video aveva capelli bellissimi e le sono stati colorati di "finto" come una parrucca di carnevale , tagliati e ondulati come oramai tutte nel video e fuori. Che peccato..
    Torno a preferire il liscio

  • TC Nance
    TC Nance 9 months ago +1

    These are All Good, but Very Similiar....Long, or A Bob, Blonde, And Waves. Just Wondering if Anyone embraces their Natural Hair Color Any More??

    • mayaM3
      mayaM3 8 months ago

      this is a video of blond bobs....that's why ;) .... you may be able to find natural hair videos somewhere .

  • Argyris
    Argyris 9 months ago +2

    2:40 beauty!!!!!

  • Palma Family
    Palma Family 9 months ago +3

    Tutte uguali!!!!

  • Виолетта Алло

    І я так хочу

  • Monique Alves
    Monique Alves 9 months ago

    Quem tá vendo em 2019

  • Katya Тramp
    Katya Тramp 9 months ago

    Где найти такого стилиста 🙄🙄

  • heldin 23
    heldin 23 9 months ago

    Где мне найти такого парикмахера?

  • Angel Juliska Witt
    Angel Juliska Witt 9 months ago +6

    Happy New Year
    For everyone

  • Blissful 1
    Blissful 1 9 months ago

    Proof anyone can go blonde..what a great artist 👨‍🎤

  • Eliane Pereira Costa
    Eliane Pereira Costa 9 months ago

    Good job,

  • Miss Azz
    Miss Azz 9 months ago +1

    What ils thé bleu product

    • Anita Honeycutt
      Anita Honeycutt 9 months ago

      It's either an additive to the dye or purple condtioner to keep the blonde from being brassy/ orange tinted.

  • Jennifer Warner
    Jennifer Warner 9 months ago +9

    Why do hairdressers always get a big kick out of cutting someone's hair shorter

  • Galina Tkachenko
    Galina Tkachenko 9 months ago

    All changes are same.

  • Reese Witherfork
    Reese Witherfork 9 months ago

    So hard to see all the color detail when they flip their hair so much so quickly

  • Private Person
    Private Person 10 months ago +2

    Gosh he is soooo freaking cute the hair stylist i want him so bad lol

  • Madime 92
    Madime 92 10 months ago +1

    Hot hairdresser !

  • MyOwnCreationZ
    MyOwnCreationZ 10 months ago +1

    Plz like share subscribe to my channel

  • MyOwnCreationZ
    MyOwnCreationZ 10 months ago +1

    No hairstylist as good as u

  • 166PolarBear
    166PolarBear 10 months ago +1

    2.20, look at the makeup plastered on that bimbo

  • Anosha
    Anosha 10 months ago +2

    اكو عرب بالطياره

  • Kayoara Souza
    Kayoara Souza 10 months ago

    Meu Deus eu precizava dessa mãos mágica e linda

  • Rin Dong
    Rin Dong 10 months ago

    Wow, Amazing

  • عمر عمر
    عمر عمر 10 months ago


  • Dayana González
    Dayana González 10 months ago +3

    Com lo puedo contactar 🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️

  • lenoobleplusfort 1
    lenoobleplusfort 1 10 months ago +1

    Can you do a video for undercut hairstyle pls?

  • Zoe the Secret Sloth
    Zoe the Secret Sloth 10 months ago

    Can u start doing some barber ones too? I love ur channel but I feel like when girls get haircuts they get an inch or so off and act as if it is the biggest deal ever but then guys get their long hair shaved to bald and act like it was nothing (also girls hair doesn’t really ever change) btw not insulting any girls frankly I do it to sometimes but it’s really not that big of a deal.❤️

  • Mr. CD
    Mr. CD 10 months ago +1

    Wow! ❤😱

  • M Shiroma
    M Shiroma 10 months ago

    Muito bom ,

  • Jessica Luis
    Jessica Luis 10 months ago +2

    I LOVE

  • Nataraj pavithra
    Nataraj pavithra 10 months ago


  • Magda K
    Magda K 10 months ago

    To mi przypomina, że muszę się obciąć.. :-P

  • Syed Muhammad
    Syed Muhammad 10 months ago +2


  • الاميره العبوديه


  • Dangie bros #1 fan BIGGEST FAN!

    We're is he? I want to go

    • Maria Muniz
      Maria Muniz 9 months ago

      Does anyone knows a good hairstylist in Chicago Illinois?

  • Princess Monaloise
    Princess Monaloise 10 months ago +1

    *OOF* *5th* *LOL*

  • sherly Guevara
    sherly Guevara 10 months ago

    Nice new look

  • Jagdeep Kaur
    Jagdeep Kaur 10 months ago +3

    Your are awesome 😍😘 😘

  • Best Makeup Tutorials
    Best Makeup Tutorials 10 months ago +13

    That’s just gorgeous! It makes me want to get my hair done right now 😩💖

    • mayaM3
      mayaM3 8 months ago +1

      but i am never lucky with the hairdressers, so i am scared of them now.....

  • Mohd Arshad
    Mohd Arshad 10 months ago +4

    1st. awsmm video and hairstyle i love your video keep doing ❤👌🏻

    • Mohd Arshad
      Mohd Arshad 10 months ago +1

      DIY Everyday..pleasure is always mine...🙂❤❤

  • Evellyn Luana
    Evellyn Luana 10 months ago +33

    Primeira !! Alguém do Brasil?😘