Youtube Keeps Recommending This Old Video To People

  • Published on Aug 26, 2019
  • All people want are Minecraft memes!
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Comments • 10 558

  • GamingGeekFreak TM
    GamingGeekFreak TM Day ago +1

    Jack: Gather all your friends it’s meme time!
    Me: ( looks at fingers ) The gang’s all here

  • streamoflillies
    streamoflillies 7 days ago

    Fun fact about that video where pweds gave jack a shoutout. Ethan (Crankgameplays) was also a bonus shoutout in the description

  • KitsWorld
    KitsWorld 13 days ago +1

    “People don’t collab much anymore.”
    Me: Isn’t Hermitcraft just a giant collab?

  • Ladder
    Ladder 17 days ago

    0:14 *yall see that? Jack is sans*

  • obl1v1ous
    obl1v1ous 21 day ago

    jack, i have an idea for the ending of your series!
    gather all of your animals, put them in the dog frick chamber and then make a hole with lava inside of it. throw all of your loot into the lava, and then jump into it yourself. (best preffered on hardcore when you have just one life)

  • dragonball slayer326
    dragonball slayer326 22 days ago

    Great video Jack

  • GaMeZ
    GaMeZ 28 days ago

    Hey Jack I have that hair now

  • Casey Danson
    Casey Danson 29 days ago

    Dont mind me imma go bleach my eyes while crying because just why.

  • The Spida Gaming
    The Spida Gaming 29 days ago

    I miss the hat I also miss turbo dismount

  • jjkookllbtw
    jjkookllbtw Month ago

    "brads gonna flip when he sees this!"
    jack: "brad can do flips?!?"

  • Kavan Jonte
    Kavan Jonte Month ago

    Just like with guns,guns dont kill people, people kill people with guns

  • Chance Fish
    Chance Fish Month ago

    I started watching your channel when you did the happy wheels vidieos. I miss the old intro. "Top of the morning to you ladies"

  • Sherrie Cain
    Sherrie Cain Month ago

    at 12:43 there was that saying and like my dad says the person who said who said "out of sight out of mind" never had a spider disappear in their room

  • Alex Easton
    Alex Easton Month ago +1


    I keep finding out that so many people who create the things I enjoy are fans of each other and it’s freaking me out.

  • AFriendlyBloke
    AFriendlyBloke Month ago

    My brain did a fart and I read the title as "TheXvid Keeps Recommending This Video To Old People."

  • M6X3
    M6X3 Month ago

    Remember old Sean btw I’m here since 1 millions

  • Chris Gusky
    Chris Gusky Month ago

    I can't unseen it that's freaky.

  • Chris Gusky
    Chris Gusky Month ago

    You know what I say to people who say it's better to have loved and lost than it is to have never loved at all try it you will feel differently I can promise you that.

  • Chris Gusky
    Chris Gusky Month ago

    Mmmm potatoes.

  • Chris Gusky
    Chris Gusky Month ago

    Silly jack there's multiple types of most of the items in Minecraft but you'll learn.

  • Chris Gusky
    Chris Gusky Month ago

    Careful jack you're very close to tempting fate karma strikes at the worst time.

  • Chris Gusky
    Chris Gusky Month ago

    Other memes besides Minecraft ha that's funny jack.

  • Minecraft Egg
    Minecraft Egg Month ago

    I turned on captions when he was talking about subtitles to see if it was something different

    It's not

  • sara felton
    sara felton Month ago

    Guys, why is no one talking about the fact that he just confirmed that he listens to the McElroys???

  • Bailey Wychulis
    Bailey Wychulis Month ago

    9:11 I love Robin 😄

  • Ricky Reinneck
    Ricky Reinneck Month ago

    Wtf I look on his place where it shows his subs it says he has none. TheXvid is drunk

  • Mattea Arroyo
    Mattea Arroyo Month ago +2

    How are video games violent when the most violence created was before technology was created????

  • Person Who Does Things

    Yeah, I’m cancelling all of My therapist sessions, it wont work anyway this is the *ONLY* cure for sadness.

  • letterio irrera
    letterio irrera Month ago

    lastnames of satans parent and satan is dark

  • Umar Akhtar
    Umar Akhtar Month ago

    Meme time is a jacksepticeye version of Lway

  • Jamela Decampong
    Jamela Decampong Month ago

    Jack: Don't forget to kiss your dad
    Me: *I don't even have a dad...*

  • StormXgacha Bolt
    StormXgacha Bolt Month ago +1

    *Irish noises*

  • BluAravena
    BluAravena Month ago

    Came to laugh at memes. Just more Minecraft...

  • Shannon Walls
    Shannon Walls Month ago

    I'm a big fan of the bun.

  • Alphaq
    Alphaq Month ago

    minecraft is big yes

  • Dallas Eitzmann
    Dallas Eitzmann Month ago

    It is just messed up how people would mess up sub titles just imagine you having bad hearing or being deaf and this happened to you how would you feel

  • Ema Skinner
    Ema Skinner Month ago

    im so glad jack watches mbmbam

  • FK
    FK Month ago

    By seeing thumbnail i was like no TheXvid I've watched it 6 times not again and then sees title ooohh.

  • Airi
    Airi 2 months ago

    Its meme time
    Its meme time!~

  • infirmux
    infirmux 2 months ago

    stoopidity causes violence, ban soopid, moar qualitey educaton

  • infirmux
    infirmux 2 months ago

    ah, the times of Oculus early days... The reason I've found your channel (and some others, like that Pewds guy :P)

  • Incoming Badass
    Incoming Badass 2 months ago

    “You guys are amazing! Two of my favorite people in the world.” -Jacksepticeye
    “Am I a joke to you?” -Sam.
    P.S. Congrats from me as well. :)

  • Zak
    Zak 2 months ago

    Don't get me wrong but his camera quality is better than felix

  • RubyRed Flame
    RubyRed Flame 2 months ago

    If Anti comes back he will look like Jack at the end of that video 😂

  • Peekofwar
    Peekofwar 2 months ago

    10:22 - I don't complain. If it's something I'm not interested in, well, TheXvid is a huge place, and I just go watch other channels I'm also subscribed to.

  • Shannon Gal
    Shannon Gal 2 months ago

    What video is the sticky pistons thing in?

  • DionGames
    DionGames 2 months ago


  • Alex {human} {half wolf} {half vampire} {female}

    15:45 holly shit! Omg, that reminds me of the time when I found an old picture of my friends grandfather and when I looked at him.. I honestly thought it was my grandfather! XD they look so much alike it's creepy! Lmao

  • Skad McCarthy
    Skad McCarthy 2 months ago

    -Mentions video about Felix shouting Shaun out.
    -Talks about Felix’s and Mariza’s wedding more than the video itself
    Not bad Jack.

  • Mateo Swanger
    Mateo Swanger 2 months ago


  • Stamos John
    Stamos John 2 months ago


    *this video is also recommended*

  • Wolf King
    Wolf King 2 months ago

    16:37 when you’re is actually Brandon and you actually sell skateboards 🛹
    My name is actually Brandon

    ZERO KING 2 months ago

    Hey get married Sean

  • Bean Pole
    Bean Pole 2 months ago

    burn on arm? :(

  • Bean Pole
    Bean Pole 2 months ago

    bruise on arm :(

  • Rachel Berry
    Rachel Berry 2 months ago +1

    I can rember when you said you hated Minecraft and you will never play it like if you ramber 🤜🤛 ceep it going Jack I love your videos when I get a chanel I hop we can clab

  • electro dragon
    electro dragon 2 months ago

    "i could be any happier"
    gets minecraft for free
    "omg look its so much beather than wedding"

  • Brandon Quian
    Brandon Quian 2 months ago

    You said my name! :O

  • tylern32
    tylern32 2 months ago

    I wish he didn't say that at the end

  • Gaming Headquarters
    Gaming Headquarters 2 months ago +1

    Who here likes his old vids when he used to cuss and play scary games and play evil or man those were the good old days