• Published on Sep 19, 2019
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  • niklas johansson
    niklas johansson 7 days ago

    please why is every youtuber say piemonte calcio every goddam second just say juventus

  • paul
    paul 7 days ago


  • Adrian Lopez
    Adrian Lopez 11 days ago

    77 acceleration not 76 get your mathsssss straight

  • Milzu
    Milzu 19 days ago

    Suomi Finland

  • Dado PJ
    Dado PJ 21 day ago +1

    Got pukki yesterday. Homie has 24 goals and 7 assists in 14 games

  • Gurvir Gill
    Gurvir Gill 23 days ago

    Got him. Close range finishing he's one of the best, outside the box he's rubbish.

  • QZ
    QZ 23 days ago +1

    I have a Nice striker duo for You they are both in the Bundesliga they are lukebakio And mateta they are op so try Them out in a video. :) love your viss btw

  • Adam K
    Adam K 26 days ago

    How does he not realize he was playing at Stamford bridge in the last game 🙃

  • Hugo Tuovinen
    Hugo Tuovinen 26 days ago +2

    Cant ea even make the player model look like him. Smh

  • OmniFilmDK
    OmniFilmDK 27 days ago

    His volleys can be deadly, but he's terrible at headers for some reason.

  • Jugi
    Jugi 28 days ago +1

    it's barely october and i'm already done with the finishing jokes.

  • Jugi
    Jugi 28 days ago

    this is the best card

  • Eddie Clover
    Eddie Clover 29 days ago +1

    I’m conceding lots of goals as well with a decent defence just shows pace is very prominent this year

    • Russell Morton
      Russell Morton 23 days ago

      Nah drop back and dont headless chicken run after the player basically simeone tactics then break fast

  • Noob Plays League
    Noob Plays League 29 days ago

    How the hell did Rashford get an upgrade?

    • Noob Plays League
      Noob Plays League 26 days ago

      @Ricky Rivera Well he was already over rated anyway, so an upgrade is stunning really. And considering some players like Willian getting -2 downgrades for no reason at all, players like Rashford should not be getting +2.

    • Ricky Rivera
      Ricky Rivera 27 days ago

      Noob Plays League because he played better than the season before. Simple really

  • Dat Boi
    Dat Boi Month ago

    that doesnt look like Pukki at all lmao

  • Just The Dave
    Just The Dave Month ago

    Should of put a sniper on him not an engine because he could use the extra points in composure to make it 82 and have 99 finishing

  • Jrjo_4 z
    Jrjo_4 z Month ago

    Love the title

  • Kian Elliott
    Kian Elliott Month ago

    How are u playing it it isn’t out yet tho

  • Locola
    Locola Month ago

    11:40 😂😂

  • 10,000 subs With some videos

    I’m so happy he got potm because nearly everyone can have him

  • Will Frost
    Will Frost Month ago

    I'm gonna use that kit zwe its stunning

  • Deleted User
    Deleted User Month ago

    Zwe my pukki has 21 goals in 18 matches all div rivals matches.

  • Ben Quartermaine
    Ben Quartermaine Month ago

    Why are Americans so cringey?

  • Mauricio Quezada
    Mauricio Quezada Month ago

    Pukki regular card is op to

  • Alex Texeira
    Alex Texeira Month ago

    Cant wait to watch inter miami here in broward!!!

  • SellishMusic
    SellishMusic Month ago

    You did show your gamertag at start when it says "Pause qeued by Rylenolflu" ?

  • jack watkins
    jack watkins Month ago

    5+2=6 thanks zwe

  • little boy Dedoid
    little boy Dedoid Month ago

    Just watching the gameplay i’m noticing it’s smoother and more realistic this year

  • Justus E
    Justus E Month ago

    Why does Pukki look like Anders Breivik?

  • Tuulettaja
    Tuulettaja Month ago

    Suomi perkele

  • Stefan _17
    Stefan _17 Month ago

    Is it worth?

  • René Jensen
    René Jensen Month ago +2

    Im from Denmark i nerves in Denmark we first 27 sep

  • Theo MAN
    Theo MAN Month ago

    Try Haland totw!

  • Nathan Evans
    Nathan Evans Month ago +2

    Wierd intro wierd TheXvid channel

  • Archie Garstang
    Archie Garstang Month ago


  • George Edwards
    George Edwards Month ago

    Your shit at fifa

  • Ilari Kumanto
    Ilari Kumanto Month ago

    Pukki suomi perkele

  • FiL Prime
    FiL Prime Month ago

    Идеальный видос...спасибо!!!

  • Bb Baller954
    Bb Baller954 Month ago

    Opponents not wearing their own kits will get boring fast

  • alex ojideagu
    alex ojideagu Month ago

    What's the music at the start? Not Darude Sandstorm

  • Pyry Terä
    Pyry Terä Month ago

    Pukki literally means goat in finish, check google translater if you don’t believe me

  • ed h
    ed h Month ago

    The card design is class

  • moneyboy
    moneyboy Month ago +3

    In finnish the word pukki means goat. Coincidence?

  • Sirius
    Sirius Month ago

    The inFinnity gauntlet

  • James Rallison
    James Rallison Month ago

    I really want to get him but I can’t because I don’t have enough players

  • Si Senõr
    Si Senõr Month ago

    How do you do that feint

  • Adjacked
    Adjacked Month ago

    Are you playing drop back?

  • temeteus ss
    temeteus ss Month ago +1


  • Bright Okechukwu
    Bright Okechukwu Month ago

    Pukki the bald Finnish beauty

  • Aymane Souini
    Aymane Souini Month ago

    5:31 so realistic that even in fifa David Luiz is awful

  • ToneZZu
    ToneZZu Month ago

    Finnish love from Finland!! He and Hradecky are our shining lights.

  • Valaar Morghulis
    Valaar Morghulis Month ago

    0:05 ooooh raaagnar 💔❤❤❤❤

  • Mika Testi
    Mika Testi Month ago

    76 volleys btw

  • atra7xroxs
    atra7xroxs Month ago

    zwe, wear the hat backwards. it will fit better.

  • Emanuel Molinares
    Emanuel Molinares Month ago

    Did nobody notice the Intermiami hat

  • Badra Coulibaly
    Badra Coulibaly Month ago

    Bruh we have the exact same squad lmao

  • Badra Coulibaly
    Badra Coulibaly Month ago

    I picked him up as soon as I could lol. I packed depay, Eder militao and wijnaldum so I was able to fund him.

  • Aa3Dr Gam3r
    Aa3Dr Gam3r Month ago +1

    i think this is rashford review :D

  • ashley Williams
    ashley Williams Month ago

    Cheekily boly got 4 star skill moves what the fuck are u talking about bro. U just proved u know nothing

  • Caleb James
    Caleb James Month ago

    He's got one less than Tammy and Aguero