HEATED! 😡Amir Khan vs Kell Brook | Press Conference Highlights

  • Published on Nov 28, 2021
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    Highlights from Amir Khan and Kell Brook's first press conference ahead of their fight on Feb 19, live on Sky Sports Box Office.

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Comments • 2 660

  • Lee Tucker
    Lee Tucker Month ago +340

    Regardless of the fact this should have been made years ago, the animosity between the two will guarantee a tear up. I’m looking forward to this and I hope both stay injury free throughout their camps

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name Month ago +168

    Khan absolutely trolled him. I laughed so hard when he said ‘ you got knocked out by a jab ‘ and when Khan talked about schooling Brook with one hans in sparring 😂.

  • Rangda Rangda
    Rangda Rangda Month ago +59

    I'm almost sad to see Amir's decade long performance art of trolling Kell Brook come to an end to be honest

  • Ryan Graham
    Ryan Graham Month ago +21

    Amir was on point for this press conference, he's never made me laugh like that before. Long time coming this one.

  • allovdem
    allovdem Month ago +536

    I'm pleaseantly surprised by how well Amir Khan handeled himself. He had Kell Brook here.

    • endryk Perez
      endryk Perez 7 days ago

      I got kell winning this 💯

    • Southpaw 89
      Southpaw 89 10 days ago

      Winning the battle of the words means nothing.

      Kabib couldn't live with Conor's fuckery and being a gobshite didn't do anything for Conor... just saying 🤷🏿

    • Robert Zak
      Robert Zak 17 days ago

      Not that much of an achievement to out-talk Kell Brook though, is it? The guy's just above the DeGale tier of verbally stunted.

    • Dyl O'Rourke
      Dyl O'Rourke 19 days ago +2

      @Steve Martin thats not necessarily true. The mind games and words are part of the fight just as much as the in ring action. They say that the likes of Ali and Fury had sometimes beaten their opponent before even getting in the ring

    • Oliver Maitland
      Oliver Maitland Month ago

      @Willie Desmond Stop talking absolute shite!! Kell doesn't need toilet roll when your around!

  • Miguel Sparx
    Miguel Sparx Month ago +27

    “What wins you the fight Kell?”
    “Accuracy, power, resentless” 😂 bless him 😂

  • Idai Makaya Publications

    I fear injuries will get in the way during training camp. Both have been inactive for a long time and Feb is not so far away. Pushing very hard over 2 months isn't easy when you're fragile and not in shape.

    If they both get through training camp it's a hard fight to call because we don't know how much each fighter has lost physically and mentally. Both have lost badly in their big fights recently. That'll make it interesting.

    Amir is usually quite slick, but in the last fight of his that I watched he looked like he'd lost a lot of movement and timing. Amir is also very vulnerable and gets caught unnecessarily from the midway point of his fights, even at his peak. I think Kell holds a slight edge, if they both come in reallywell prepared. I've always thought Kell looked like he has Amir's number. His style isn't great for Amir because he tries to knock people out. But having said that, Kell doesn't look very confident in this press conference.

    In a nutshell, I can't guess 😆

  • GI Zoe Sports Radio
    GI Zoe Sports Radio Month ago +13

    “Coach told me to use just the jab on him” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Rozza
    Rozza Month ago +29

    Funniest khan has ever been 🤣 "you got knocked out by a jab font give it the biggun" 🤣

  • N M
    N M Month ago +341

    Khan & Brook, 2 guys who respectively went for the hardest fights in their hay day, can’t say the same for most of the current generation - let the boys get their payday, grab all the cash they can, well deserved 👍

    • JB1
      JB1 Month ago

      I agree Khan went up a division to fight prime Canelo and fought prime Crawford among others, where Brook fought a prime Golovkin and prime Crawford among others

    • Hemana
      Hemana Month ago

      Top comment that.

    • Kammy A
      Kammy A Month ago +1

      @leesmusic bro i been waiting on this for years but i wanted khan to atleast get ij the same ring as mayweeather or paquio

    • N M
      N M Month ago

      @olaide ibrahim was just simply giving them credit for taking tough fights & getting in the ring with - nice one

    • olaide ibrahim
      olaide ibrahim Month ago

      @N M I wouldn’t complement them for going that far. I blame their managers and promoters for taking the fights. Brooks has no business going after ggg at middleweight. I think it’d have been better if he had challenged anyone at 154. I think khan already has a good resume before the canelo fight but brooks just became a champion at 147 and went straight to ggg then comes back to defend his belt against Spence.

  • Rob H
    Rob H Month ago +19

    I’ve been waiting a long time for this fight ,at last it’s happening,Go for it Amir, I’m backing you 100% give him a boxing lesson he’ll never forget, you have been in with the best, and you gave them all a shock with your speed and accuracy, don’t mix it with Brooke, he’s tailor made for your speed And accuracy, 👍✌️🥊

  • minij hooi
    minij hooi Month ago +21

    Amir is on fire 🔥. And I am seeing his wisdom / age / humility coming through.

  • A Q
    A Q Month ago +28

    “You got knocked out by a jab” 😂😂😂

  • Kinny
    Kinny Month ago +2

    Amir didn't come levels down, he was brought levels done by his own performance

  • Johny Bayne
    Johny Bayne Month ago +487

    Khan has actually got a bit about him. Only taken about 15 years to see it.

    “Just use the jab” 😂

    • boxing monthly
      boxing monthly Month ago

      @HeisenbergTRUTH BOMBS

    • in4mus85
      in4mus85 Month ago

      @Heisenberg AJ???? Surely you understand that HW boxing is a different animal...

    • Heisenberg
      Heisenberg Month ago +2

      @Ben Partrick no he didn’t stop Crawford , Spence or ggg because he either got knocked out , quit or gotten his eye socket broken because he has hardly any power or speed especially now lol his best days are behind him 🤪🤪🤪 Khan may not have power or a chin but he has one better than AJ or Brook and he’s got skill and speed to make up for the no chin 😅😅😅what has brook got ? Lol the only thing he has now is that chopping right hand he keeps talking about 😂😂😂

    • J z.
      J z. Month ago +1

      @Ben Partrick who was the last person that got knocked spark out by Brook 😹

    • boxing monthly
      boxing monthly Month ago

      @gpp gpz5601 well said laddy

  • Moses Rocco
    Moses Rocco Month ago +26

    "You know, relen... Resentless, just coming forward..."
    Kell's most amazing achievement is making Khan seem smart and witty, in comparison.
    Regardless wish them both the best...

  • Ryan Mcguinness
    Ryan Mcguinness Month ago +15

    Credit to Khan for giving Kell respect I have seen in interviews in the past Khan as said he respects Kell as a fighter shame kel couldn't give any respect back made me loose a bit off respect for him

    • Kammy A
      Kammy A Month ago +1

      Ikr great fighters always respect eachother

  • GetSchanked
    GetSchanked Month ago +10

    "You got knocked out by a jab" -Khan won the war of words in this one lol

    • I Speak The Truth
      I Speak The Truth 23 days ago

      Khan should be the last guy talking about being knocked out lol

  • kjragg
    kjragg Month ago +5

    5:20 I don’t think Dominic Ingle agreed with Kell on that take 😂😂

  • The Football Terrace
    The Football Terrace Month ago +231

    No jaw vs No eye sockets 🤣🤣

    • GHOST 000
      GHOST 000 11 days ago

      Guys , Imagine If Kell landed on khans chin and khan connected on Kell's eye socket at the same time and they both knocked themselves out lol!!!

    • Mr Naz
      Mr Naz 23 days ago

      Getting up and still fighting is a Iron chin 👍

    • Gurdeep Chumber
      Gurdeep Chumber Month ago


    • qrivate
      qrivate Month ago


    • Jonah Baha
      Jonah Baha Month ago

      @James Hussain ahahahaha man got parred

  • Eleventh Monkey Gaming

    What wins you the fight?
    Accuracy, power, "resentlessness"😂🤦‍♂️

  • James Gemmell
    James Gemmell Month ago +5

    Khan can quickly flip it into absolute beast mode.

  • Hells Gift MB
    Hells Gift MB Month ago +3

    Ever since the Ringside episode with these two I was always hoping this fight would happen. I don't care if they're past their best or not, the build up and fight will be great entertainment 💪🏼

  • V A
    V A Month ago +11

    Amir definitely did a line before this😂

  • A M
    A M Month ago +451

    Khan is absolutely hilarious 😂

    • A to the Z
      A to the Z Month ago +1

      @Iliyas Griffith you gon learn today

    • Zee
      Zee Month ago +17

      @Iliyas Griffith
      Squared Circle is a common term to a Boxing Ring you casual

    • Colin Hickman
      Colin Hickman Month ago

      yeah..he's been a f%ckin comedian for years

    • Iliyas Griffith
      Iliyas Griffith Month ago +3

      Man goes that “square circle”

    • Karl Milham
      Karl Milham Month ago +3

      Yep he’s an absolute joke

  • Tharun Chelley
    Tharun Chelley Month ago +6

    If I’m gonna be honest, if this fight happened 5-10 years ago I’d say Khan would win because out the two I always believed he was the better boxer. But now I think Khan has taken the more devastating defeats out the two so I think it might be brook for the KO. Both are waaaaayy past their best but I think brook might have this one.

    • Tharun Chelley
      Tharun Chelley Month ago

      @Oliver Maitland Danny Garcia, Terrance Crawford, Canelo and Prescott were all people who got big KO’s against Khan. Also Khan has had some big scraps. Before you reply to a comment do some research first.

    • Oliver Maitland
      Oliver Maitland Month ago

      Devastating defeats??? I presume you are talking about Canelo? there is nothing devastating about it!! Khan went up 2 weight divisions to fight him and was winning the fight (the fight no one else would take) until he got smoked

  • Jason Walker
    Jason Walker Month ago +6

    They did a great job of hyping this up!!
    Never seen Amir so confident ever!
    Kells brimming with hatred!
    Its got all the ingredients even if it is a little late to the plate!

  • Goggins Goggins
    Goggins Goggins Month ago +5

    I hope Kahn wins he’s been in there with some great fighters. Kell does look overweight hope he makes 147

  • Resner Six
    Resner Six Month ago +9

    After all these years and years this fight is finally happening. Even though both fighters are past their prime I don't mind watching it....

  • Nathan Mitchell
    Nathan Mitchell Month ago +607

    Brook is so rattled by everything Khan does it’s hilarious. Khan has been trolling Brook for years & it still works to this day 😂.

    • Rik
      Rik Month ago

      Khan will win he willing to die in ting brook isnt

    • Willie Desmond
      Willie Desmond Month ago

      Wrong kell called him out for years you haven't a clue

    • Willie Desmond
      Willie Desmond Month ago

      @Rik learn to spell, we will see how would you know he does not have power left it's the last thing you lose

    • Rik
      Rik Month ago

      @Willie Desmond brook has no more ko power khan will win I'm any way trust me git too much heart fir brook

    • Willie Desmond
      Willie Desmond Month ago

      @Rik Khan's chin wont hold up he will get ko again

  • Saqlain Haider
    Saqlain Haider Month ago +2

    Before this press conference many were saying that we aren't interested 😂

  • monkeyninja20007
    monkeyninja20007 Month ago +2

    Knocked about by a jab? He is right though … I love this version of khan … he actually really funny and making kell look quite rudimentary

  • Ak47
    Ak47 Month ago +1

    I am Shawn Potter fan..but I believe Shawn must follow Aamir Khan and kell brook attitude...they both loss against bud Crawford but they didn't give up..they still fight..that's boxing spirit 🔥🔥🔥

  • Luke Manhattan
    Luke Manhattan 29 days ago

    Always fought this was a forgone conclusion with Brook timing the speed of Amir and taking him out clean, but he was living in Kell's head rent free here. If Kell Brook keeps being frustrated I see him losing this fight.

  • The Boxing Icons
    The Boxing Icons Month ago +634

    khans not wrong, i wouldnt turn down 10 million for a fight with billy dib

    • mike reed
      mike reed 20 days ago

      @Lee fitz26 what a waste of money

    • Lee fitz26
      Lee fitz26 20 days ago

      @mike reed billionaire Saudis

    • mike reed
      mike reed 20 days ago

      Who would give khan 10 mill to fight a nobody only a blind man I wouldn't give khan 10 washers to fight

    • Lee fitz26
      Lee fitz26 24 days ago

      I'd fight King Kong for 10 mill

    • Kammy A
      Kammy A Month ago

      Ikr easy kill lmfao

  • G Chain
    G Chain Month ago +4

    10-8 round to Khan that was 🗣🔥🤣

  • Leroy Hyde
    Leroy Hyde Month ago +2

    Can't believe this fight is actually happening.

  • Rahul Singh
    Rahul Singh Month ago +1

    Both fighters were exceptional in their day and it really would have been a good fight back in the day. If we're being honest I think Kell tags, Amir, maybe in rounds 5- 6 and puts him down. Amir's speed and accuracy is no longer there and he really struggles with bigger fighters as history has shown, he lunges without properly placing his jab and rushes his 3-4 punch combinations to overwhelm his opponents but then drops his left hand exposing his jaw as he pivots out whilst still being in range. Every time he does it, opponents usually time him and catch him a big right hand and Amir usually buckles. Any decent fighter who can hold their nerve longer than 4 rounds usually has Amir beat. If Kell's eye socket holds up I don't see Amir winning anymore. 6-8 years ago, I can see Amir giving Kell a good beat down for 12 rounds maybe even stopping Kell in the later rounds but not anymore. If Kell keeps composed and survives the early flurry of punches he should get the job done in the middle rounds. Apologies for the lack of enthusiasm and I hope I am wrong but It won't give us fans an accurate measure of what would have happened if this fight took place when we were calling for it. Happy retirement payout to both guys.

    • Rahul Singh
      Rahul Singh Month ago

      @Boxing is life 🥊 mhmm, let's try 2 sentences next time and you can get a lollipop.

    • Boxing is life 🥊
      Boxing is life 🥊 Month ago +1

      You know nothing …… the end

  • The Impossible Something

    6:27 Look how chuffed he is that he got a laugh from the audience 😂

  • Kendrick
    Kendrick Month ago +762

    Boxing fans: Please can we have Brook vs Khan?

    2010: No
    2011: No
    2012: No
    2013: No
    2014: No
    2015: No
    2016: No
    2017: No
    2018: No
    2019: No
    2020: No
    2021: No
    2022: Aye go on then

    • Sean MMA II
      Sean MMA II Day ago +1

      @Lea Lamont yea he has a bad jaw but don’t take away all the good things about him. U probably havnt done 1 class of boxing bro. Keep eating burgers

    • Lea Lamont
      Lea Lamont Day ago

      @Sean MMA II I agree.. he was the fastest champion ever to be knocked out 😂 51 seconds by Breidis Prescott

    • Sean MMA II
      Sean MMA II Day ago

      @Lea Lamont what about being one of the fastest fighters in the history

    • Marium Rajah
      Marium Rajah 16 days ago +1


    • meltone 27
      meltone 27 Month ago +1

      Smh facts tho

  • David Ashworth
    David Ashworth Month ago +18

    KHAN 1: 0 BROOK
    I've always preferred Brook, but this press conference made Brook look rather unintelligent and Khan look much sharper. The battle of wits is certainly going Khan's way.
    Khan's speed will cause problems and Brook has more power. I think it will come down simply to chin vs eye socket.
    Be a good watch though.

    • Phill Thorpe
      Phill Thorpe 25 days ago

      Khan definitely won’t win the important match ! Brook will hurt him

    • Propaganda Panda
      Propaganda Panda Month ago

      Are you suggesting the fight should be dubbed The Chin vs. Eye Socket

  • Hoosier MVP
    Hoosier MVP Month ago +2

    Gotta love a good grudge match. The atmosphere for this one is going to be electric

  • Dobby From Harry Potter

    This is a long long time in the making. Kell wanted this fight when I was a teenager, I’m 31. 😝

  • stephen copping
    stephen copping Month ago +6

    I thought I wasn’t bothered about this fight before I watched this, now I can’t wait.

  • Sonny Dortmund
    Sonny Dortmund Month ago +2

    7 years too late. Will still be a banger though. 🥊

    PROUD_BRIT Month ago +2

    It makes me laugh when fighters say there doing it for the fans , there’s a 1000 fights the fans want they they don’t get , there doing it for the money & I don’t blame them but please just be honest

  • Dazziano Colucci
    Dazziano Colucci Month ago

    Can't wait for this one! It's gonna be a Dust Up! Good luck to both fighters and May the best man win!

  • AjGameZ
    AjGameZ Month ago +1

    Amir Khan taking the W 💯

  • Crayzee. Ingrayzee
    Crayzee. Ingrayzee Month ago +721

    It's actually the most Khan has spoke against an opponent in any fight, he seems greatly confident, can't wait to see what happens.

    • Imy Hussein
      Imy Hussein Month ago +3

      @toffeetone77 why when he fighted the best around the world it’s funny how people say he scared how is he when he had better

    • 93boxing
      93boxing Month ago

      @Rewind Guitar brook never got bet by a puncher and he got stopped by a jab. Lol brook the granite chin isnt it mate?

    • N J
      N J Month ago +2

      Khan's going to be too fast, Kell's eye won't withstand the shots. Khan lands on everyone

    • JohnnyFounder
      JohnnyFounder Month ago +4

      Khan is confident because he genuinely remembers being far better in the amateurs. Brooks not in shape, Ingles full of it and Khan promoted this like a pro and Brook seems to have a forgot he’s co-promoting his own fight.

    • J z.
      J z. Month ago +4

      @Rik Ver Mar Kell got knocked out by a jab brother 🤣

  • Really ?
    Really ? Month ago

    Fact : Amir and kell have a clean heart I almost thought they will forget their differences when Amir said I am not a bad boxer and kell goes I never said that and also when Amir appreciated that kell is strong 💪🏽 and it will be a good fight if he’s trained well

    SMILER D Month ago +2

    😂 I like this khan very outspoken confident let’s hope he lives up to the hype

  • Green Grugach
    Green Grugach Month ago +1

    "Apart from 65 other fights this is the biggest fight in Britain" - Amir 'glass jaw' Khan, to his credit he's only recently woken up from the Canelo shot a few weeks ago.

  • Realist- Enemy
    Realist- Enemy Month ago +1

    Kell makes Amir Khan sounds smart 😂

  • Sam Norland
    Sam Norland Month ago +357

    even kel brooks team were laughing at khan’s jokes

    • Terry Haircastle
      Terry Haircastle Month ago

      @Dave Carrington get him, Dave!!

    • kingsrd1
      kingsrd1 Month ago

      @Dave Carrington you'd...?

    • Gamer Boy
      Gamer Boy Month ago

      @Rezwan it aint

    • Gamer Boy
      Gamer Boy Month ago +1

      @E P Sheeeeeeeesh! You bodied that boi XD

    • Rezwan
      Rezwan Month ago

      @E P nah you failed. The start of the sentence is @Gamer Boy.

  • Scott
    Scott Month ago +49

    It's actually the most Khan has spoke against an opponent in any fight, he seems greatly confident, can't wait to see what happens.

    • A to the Z
      A to the Z Month ago

      @Scott shut up bot

    • Scott
      Scott Month ago

      @A to the Z im make good coment... you jelos ^^

    • Scott
      Scott Month ago

      @Nafis Rahman they copy me?

    • A to the Z
      A to the Z Month ago

      @Scott you are the original Bot

    • Nafis Rahman
      Nafis Rahman Month ago

      @Scott you're not the original... original posted 7 days ago...someone called crayzee ingrayzee

  • Amir Hassan
    Amir Hassan Month ago +2

    Go Amir 💪🏽🥇

  • Logan Jukes
    Logan Jukes Month ago +1

    This is hilarious lmao .. "Don't start giving it big ens" hahaha

    BIIIIIGMAN Month ago +3

    6:25 “shot op 🤨” 😂😂😂 too funny.

  • Sohail Gulamali
    Sohail Gulamali Month ago +1

    Man looked over and called him a 'blob' 😂😂

  • Polish Punisher
    Polish Punisher Month ago

    I’m so glad they let these guys actually talk
    If this was showtime Jim Grey would have been cutting them off

  • C ROD03
    C ROD03 Month ago +1

    Great Grudge fight, yes its some yrs late but the bitterness they have for each other will make it a good action fight... Got Khan by TKO

  • Mark C.
    Mark C. Month ago +3

    He was trolling well, but I’d love to see Khan take a jab from Crawford too and see where he ends up 😂

  • Sexy BabaTunde
    Sexy BabaTunde Month ago +892

    Khan to target brookes eye sockets and brook to target khan's glass chin, what's not to like.

    • John Nolan
      John Nolan 3 days ago

      Khan on points

    • john mullen
      john mullen 9 days ago

      @Jay Kay Brook clearly just said he's the best welterweight in the UK and welterweight is 147 yet the fight is at 149 if Brook is drained that's his fault

    • Akshay Raj
      Akshay Raj 10 days ago

      Khan to skool brook

    • Southpaw 89
      Southpaw 89 12 days ago

      Gotta hope he doesn't get caught coming in or it's Brook.

    • A H
      A H Month ago

      Both to target each others nuts

  • Rob Wellings
    Rob Wellings Month ago

    I just hope they train hard, are fit and bring it!
    Imo, Khan has been in rapid decline for 7yrs or more, still has speed but makes too many mistakes and gets clipped.
    Kell is slowing, has put in at least 2 poor performances of his last 4 and looks like it's the end of the road.
    I think it's "who wants it the most" that wins, a proper Rocky fight, bite down on the gu shield and come back strong cos you want it more than your opponent.
    I'm surprised Ingle is back training Kell after what he said, but I'm pleased too, he knows Kell and Kell knows that he has to meet the Ingle Gym standards.
    Khan will cut corners in camp imo, and get stopped on the night.
    The ref should be told to let it go as much as possible, it can't be stopped for a technical issue and mustn't go to points.
    Both in their prime, 7-10 yrs ago, Brook knocks Khan out inside 6.

  • Diamond Details
    Diamond Details Month ago

    If they had fought in their prime (5-10 years ago), I'm confident brook knocks Khan out. Now I'm not so sure....

  • K20rotrex
    K20rotrex Month ago +2

    Come on Amir 💪

  • sorankurdi
    sorankurdi Month ago +1

    Finally!!! thought it would never happen

  • H R
    H R Month ago +430

    Got to be honest I’m quite looking forward for this fight. Nice job sky sports!!

  • Anthony Kilgannon
    Anthony Kilgannon Month ago +1

    Amir Kahn has lost to some great world champs and also beat some very good fighters. I fancy amir.

  • James Palmer
    James Palmer Month ago +1

    When I look at Khans face around Brook it reminds me of the fear Haye had around Fury.

  • Sven Squires
    Sven Squires Month ago +1

    This is a fight you don't bet on and just enjoy watching.
    You have Amir Khan with a glass chin
    you have Kell Brook with Eye socket problems
    If this fight goes to 12 rounds, I'd be surprised.

  • Luke De Col
    Luke De Col Month ago

    Khan can talk. We all know he can be on top form in the ring. It literally takes one ans he's unconscious. I think Brook gets it done

  • JoshB21_
    JoshB21_ Month ago +240

    Khan seems very confident and actually spoke and replied very well to everything said

    • Kazi FlowS
      Kazi FlowS Month ago +2

      @Fast Binns when was he resilient. Prescott fight was very early on..pretty resilient vs maidana tbf. Is he a bit chinnier probs but has every attribute of both fighters significantly declined since their prime, yes.

    • Fast Binns
      Fast Binns Month ago

      except when dom said khan isn't as resiliant any more! he had nothing to defend against that

    • Kazi FlowS
      Kazi FlowS Month ago +3

      Hes had a nice bit it time off but never gets out of shape. Trained by bomac now in crawfords camp. Like he says financially comfortable. Hes took plenty one punch kos but kell has had a less successful career, face broken, looks a bit fat as khan said and is known to be tight at the weight as was discussed. Kell sounds punch drunk.

    • Jorge Camoriano
      Jorge Camoriano Month ago +10

      He always does

  • T1psy_Gamer_
    T1psy_Gamer_ Month ago

    “When we get in that square circle” 🤣🤣🤣

  • Robert Pell
    Robert Pell Month ago +1

    Khan will be miles ahead on the cards and then take a shot and it will be all over by TKO with referee stepping in. If Khan can manage his ego through the middle rounds and keep his quick jab going and move he wins by a mile but he always throws the plan out the window when the ego takes over…. Wisdom wins this one but that chin of his!!!

  • Roman Hoax
    Roman Hoax Month ago +3

    *Khan's strengths: Speed, agility, Ring general, boxing IQ*
    *Khan's weakness: Glass chin*
    *Brook's strengths: Strength, power, tenacity, good boxer puncher*
    *Brooks weakness: Broken Eye socket*

    *Should be a great FIGHT*

  • Martin Gibbons
    Martin Gibbons Month ago +1

    This is Khans best chance to beat Brook as he has ducked Brook for 10 years and as Kell has given in to every demand from Khan just to get him in the ring, Saying that I still think a past his best Brook will KO Khan.

  • Z G
    Z G Month ago +1

    Khan's been about for time who's this new youth. Plus khan was speaking facts 😂😂

  • Ding Dong
    Ding Dong Month ago +2

    Anyone who gets into a 'square circle' has my respect!

  • Yastafarii
    Yastafarii Month ago +1

    Will be a fun fight. Good luck to both haha 👍🏾

  • narcissist marx
    narcissist marx Month ago +1

    Khan is a legend. Fought everyone and a genuinely nice guy. Even giving brook the beg a shot

  • james anthony
    james anthony Month ago +165

    I actually think Khan probably beats him, I think there was a time when Kell would have took it, however, Khan is Khan, chinny!! yet still fast and I think slightly ahead in most other factors also. If he can move around and pummel Kell's eye, he likely stops him inside 6/7.

    • Robert Wilson
      Robert Wilson Month ago

      Khan won the press conference but I just think Brook is in better shape as a boxer and he has a chin. Khan has probably lost some of his greatest asset - speed. I think Khan is under Brook's skin so if Brook goes it all guns blazing, that could be to Khan's advantage. Def a 50/50 fight

    • Ryan D
      Ryan D Month ago +1

      Doubt Khan ain't gonna get hit, so gotta go with Kell. It only takes 1 for Chinny chin chin Khan.

    • Kazi FlowS
      Kazi FlowS Month ago

      @abraxis20 styles make fights. Khan punching in flurrys and that vaguely european amateur style suits Crawford nicely. Plenty to counter. He knocked porter out countering his daft lunges, unintelligent approach like khan..whereas brook is cuter and likes to counter also and is just less conventional* all round. That's my thought process anyway

    • Nick hyde
      Nick hyde Month ago +1

      Amir 'Chin' Khan.

    • abraxis20
      abraxis20 Month ago +3

      Khan has slowed down and I thought Kell fought on pretty even terms with Crawford until he got caught. Khan was never in the fight against Crawford, which surprised me. I expected him to do well early, but he was actually outboxed at range for the first time.

  • Splendid D102
    Splendid D102 Month ago

    I really don’t see this happening, I can see one of them pulling out, especially with the pandemic

  • Kitbag
    Kitbag 9 days ago +1

    "He looks like a blob to me" hahahah that one got me...

  • Stephen
    Stephen Month ago

    God bless you kel your the man period!✌️

  • Usman Bashir
    Usman Bashir Month ago

    “Im not going to give a prediction “ then proceeds to give a prediction

  • Ebbsy 007
    Ebbsy 007 Month ago

    Definitely go either way, as many have said shame its taken so long, few years ago kel would have walked this and i suspect khan knows that.

  • Yuliya G
    Yuliya G Month ago

    Khan seems a little too confident. I think in their primes, Khan would’ve wiped the floor with Brook. He’s had a long long layoff though.

  • Martyn Clarke
    Martyn Clarke 21 day ago

    Be great to see a revisit of khans mobility from back in the day...

  • Davinci
    Davinci Month ago

    I actually think this will be a good fight, but I also think khan will be a bit to much for Kell, but it will go to points.

  • Jesse writes
    Jesse writes Month ago +142

    Amir is on fire 🔥.
    And I am seeing his wisdom / age / humility coming through.

    • borisoglebskaia
      borisoglebskaia Month ago +1

      @Come 2 Success I don't dislike Khan at all. Just enjoyed the comment that this exchange showed his humility. You're the only one with a problem here.

    • Kaleem Akbar
      Kaleem Akbar Month ago +2

      Team Khan

    • Come 2 Success
      Come 2 Success Month ago +4

      @borisoglebskaia you bitter lol ??

    • borisoglebskaia
      borisoglebskaia Month ago +7

      Humility lol

  • Michael Singh
    Michael Singh Month ago

    Khan has to avoid the power from kel in the first 5 or 6 rounds !! Longer it goes, the boxer will prevail !

    I fancy kel will nail khan in 4 though, he hasnt this his whole career

  • Gareth Lane
    Gareth Lane Month ago

    Good match this. Both these fighters have had great careers and have fought at the top level. Great to see boxing on sky know the Hearns have left. Eddie's becoming yesterday's man.

  • Mohammad Zamin
    Mohammad Zamin Month ago

    This is their last fight. Khan is a smart businessman, he knew Kell would always be around no matter what so he delayed this as much as he could and kept building it up. Now he will retire after this one last bout.
    I think Kel has a better chance here as Khan's speed has left him.

  • Muhammed Sirajuddin
    Muhammed Sirajuddin Month ago +1

    Khan: i respect anyone who steps in to the square circle lmaooo!!

  • Tony Michaels
    Tony Michaels Month ago +356

    Khan. Class act. Suit by Armani, shoes by Gucci, chin by Waterford Crystal.

    ELYAS MALAK Day ago +1

    Khan you’re fire 🔥
    You can ⭐️
    You will 🤟
    can’t wait 19 feb please come fast🙄

  • Steven-lee Reperecki

    Am sure Khan said stepping into round square 😂😂😂

  • Neil
    Neil Month ago +1

    Brooks has said in public he wants to fight khan for years but khan has always ducted out saying he had mandatory fight so Brooks has had to go up weights to get fights !!!

  • Michael Marchal
    Michael Marchal 29 days ago

    I love that Brook trainer always have excuses. Come on Crawford was just too good. He could fight the two men at the same time.