Zack Knight Live o2 Islington, London (Highlights)

  • Published on Mar 1, 2019
    Upcoming Show Dates:
    8th March - Toronto
    9th March - Atlanta
    22nd March - Dublin
    6th April - Manchester
    11th April - Cardiff
    13th April - Birmingham
    15th June - London
    17th August - Portsmouth
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    RUSTEDSOLITAIRE 24 days ago

    Jay Sean & zack knight are two most underrated & most talented guys

  • Reena Kissoon
    Reena Kissoon 25 days ago +2

    Zack please come to Guyana ...
    South America... plez...

  • Fahmi Khan
    Fahmi Khan Month ago

    Hi I saw your songs in Hindi

  • Rajesh Swain
    Rajesh Swain Month ago

    Love u bro

  • C & S
    C & S Month ago

    Plzzzz come to India..... Your don't even know how crazy fans you have here ❤️❤️❤️

  • himanshu sharma
    himanshu sharma Month ago

    India needs your voice ...
    My playlist is eager to hear something from you ...
    Please my request is to drop a track soon☺️

  • Ghulam Sarwar
    Ghulam Sarwar Month ago

    i am your biggestttttttttttt fan plzzzzzzzzzzz reply

  • Antash Kashyap
    Antash Kashyap Month ago


  • Tahira Akhtar
    Tahira Akhtar Month ago

    I love you 💙

  • Sowhardh poojary Sowhardh

    Bro killer... ❣️❣️❣️performance

    TRINARAJ DAS 2 months ago

    Jack you are awesome bro love from India your voice is so good and evertime when i listen to your son it touches my heart

  • Saif Mehmood
    Saif Mehmood 2 months ago


    OFFICIAL AMR 2 months ago

    Wow, throw back to the first time i met Zack Back in 2016 in Southall Mela. My Uncle had backstage pass so me and my cousins were there. You've grown so much, i remember subscribing to you when you had like 200,000 subscribers and i still have the blue ball you signed for me.

  • Jeetendra Gurjar
    Jeetendra Gurjar 2 months ago

    Ur voice is different from others
    Ur voice is Awesome

  • Neshat Anjum
    Neshat Anjum 2 months ago

    Love u Zack
    Ur Biggest Fan

  • Arifa Sk.
    Arifa Sk. 2 months ago

    You have a deferent personality from others 👍👍👍👍, & your voice..... OMG it's awesome👌👌👌👌👌👌

  • Md yasir
    Md yasir 3 months ago

    zackey sir i am your very big big big fan☺

  • md jakariya
    md jakariya 3 months ago +1


  • Md Masum
    Md Masum 3 months ago

    nc all song.boss

  • Rakibul Hasan Linkan
    Rakibul Hasan Linkan 3 months ago

    Zack is Attitude

  • Status Toturial
    Status Toturial 3 months ago


  • Hasan Mhamud
    Hasan Mhamud 3 months ago


  • Events of Daily Life
    Events of Daily Life 3 months ago

    So nice, I always try to be like you.. so awesome style

  • Bablu Sidar
    Bablu Sidar 3 months ago

    Thanks you for

  • usman ali
    usman ali 3 months ago +1


    R.S BLOGS 3 months ago subscribe & support plz

  • Sourav Chandra Debnath
    Sourav Chandra Debnath 3 months ago

    Sir.Your voice is just....... 😍😍😍

  • Twinkle Pradhan
    Twinkle Pradhan 3 months ago

    Love you zackkkkkkkkkk

  • Ahmed shah Khan
    Ahmed shah Khan 3 months ago

    Bhai aap ki moti awaa bhout acchi lagti meko toh zabardast i like it ur music

  • Star Light77
    Star Light77 4 months ago

    Come to bangaladesh pl,,z,,,zzzzz

  • Raviraj RS
    Raviraj RS 4 months ago

    Do you think about a concert in Mumbai?

  • Navas Mansoor
    Navas Mansoor 4 months ago

    Now that's a live concert

  • Faizee khan
    Faizee khan 4 months ago

    wow so Amazing voice love u sir with out tune

  • Lavish Choursiya
    Lavish Choursiya 4 months ago +1

    Love From India Sir and Big Fan of You....Love U Sir ❤️🥰

  • Atish Siddhu
    Atish Siddhu 4 months ago

    Love to listen him.

  • Prerana Bhattacharya
    Prerana Bhattacharya 4 months ago

    Ur voice is sooooooo cuttteee Zack knight

  • RAZ RainbowKids
    RAZ RainbowKids 4 months ago


  • secret Vlogs
    secret Vlogs 4 months ago

    i love you

  • Malavika Atm
    Malavika Atm 4 months ago +1

    Y’a t-il des fans français ? 🇫🇷🇫🇷 likez

  • Anjuma Begum
    Anjuma Begum 5 months ago

    Zack,you should do replying to Instagram DMs

  • Angelin Saji
    Angelin Saji 5 months ago

    Zack knight plz come to Newcastle again 😍

  • David Ruiz
    David Ruiz 5 months ago

    Amazing :/

  • Najma Hassan
    Najma Hassan 5 months ago

    Wow here is the boss of music

  • usman ali
    usman ali 5 months ago +1

    At concert now at Birmingham 13 2019

  • Syahmin Afifah
    Syahmin Afifah 5 months ago


  • Saif Mehmood
    Saif Mehmood 5 months ago

    Zach night are you up love you see you have seen what they’re doing with your name on on this it wbed let the let it go go do you song

  • THS SyL
    THS SyL 5 months ago

    that was really brilliant man you got an angelic voice. #thssyl

  • A K
    A K 5 months ago +1

    Bro is his mic tuned or naw? I hear reverb not that I’m taking away his raw vocals but damn I need that shit lol

    FAIZY DONN 5 months ago

    zack thank for coming to birmingham inshallah i will meet u

  • Chirag Shah
    Chirag Shah 5 months ago

    One of most under rated by bollywood

  • Ashvinder Kaur
    Ashvinder Kaur 5 months ago

    Pls come to Malaysia also

  • Dibyaranjan Swain
    Dibyaranjan Swain 5 months ago

    I love brother Zack

  • Logooner gaming
    Logooner gaming 5 months ago

    R u ind king bill

    CREATOR STUDIO 5 months ago listen ............. ;) love u zackknight. ........... ;)

  • AJ Lifts
    AJ Lifts 5 months ago

    All this love and you still don't get the credit you deserve. Keep doing your thing my bro, it will come!

    PK ISSIE 5 months ago


  • kiran naik
    kiran naik 5 months ago


  • Akhoon Fahd
    Akhoon Fahd 5 months ago

    🔥🔥🤘 keep going

    SUSHIL KUMAR SINGH 5 months ago

    You are my favourite singer Zack Knight 😆😆😆😆😆😎😎😎😎

  • Sajidah Omar Sultan
    Sajidah Omar Sultan 5 months ago

    Zack please come to Chicago, we love you.!!!!