The Smallest Word Written With Electrons

  • Published on Dec 29, 2021
  • The smallest word written on Candy with an SEM
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  • Action Lab Shorts
    Action Lab Shorts  4 months ago +712

    Here is his channel that has some other videos with SEM!

    • Arman Galoyan
      Arman Galoyan 8 days ago

      last vid was 3 years ago...

    • Curious Merlin
      Curious Merlin 18 days ago

      He didn't say action lab? And you still showed it off? You're amazing

    • Spl1ntMan
      Spl1ntMan 24 days ago

      more importantly, can he write another word in a smaller font... it feels like were sealing humanities fate by allowing this to be the smallest word

    • Pdid
      Pdid 3 months ago

      PewDiePie, as in like a gun pew pew. Not poodiepie lol.

  • Tree Lord
    Tree Lord 4 months ago +9774

    Now he's the biggest and smallest TheXvidr.

    • Tree Lord
      Tree Lord 9 days ago

      @Anony Moose
      That's not a person though if I remember correctly, it's a company/brand.

    • Anony Moose
      Anony Moose 9 days ago

      He's not though. T series has 215M and he has 110M

    • DemonizedBonBon
      DemonizedBonBon 13 days ago

      @TooLazyToThinkOfAName based

    • Kai A
      Kai A 14 days ago

      I'm 14 and this is deep

    • Bespoke Penguin
      Bespoke Penguin 14 days ago

      @    ​ ‎ except the first one that was both simultaneously.

  • Holy Duck
    Holy Duck 4 months ago +8739

    I like how he literally says "Poodipie"

      SILƎNT ANGEL 19 days ago

      Bcs he hated him after his name was written not his (Action Lab

    • green pro dragon
      green pro dragon 20 days ago

      he prob did not want to say die

    • JesusLovesYou
      JesusLovesYou 22 days ago

      I hate it

    • 👺samurai boi
      👺samurai boi Month ago

      @K. R. tbh the yt experience wants me to rate it by how much and i just cant decide whether i should or not.

  • Nemisis 007
    Nemisis 007 4 months ago +2061

    He's got some really neat microscope writing.

  • Kaptain Kozmos
    Kaptain Kozmos 4 months ago +3673

    - We have the technology to shoot a beam of electrons and it heats stuff if you leave the beam in the same spot it for too long.
    - Great! Now I can use this technology to its fullest by writing Pewdiepie on a scale thinner than a human hair.

    • Soy Milk17
      Soy Milk17 23 days ago

      @Ahmet Emin Senyurt thats what he said “thinner than a human hair”

    • Knight Templar
      Knight Templar 2 months ago

      @Dora Ponce Your opinion was unasked for and was in no need of interjection

    • Dora Ponce
      Dora Ponce 2 months ago

      @Knight Templar No one asked + L + ratio

    • Zeta
      Zeta 2 months ago +2

      @Joe Cool
      hoes mad (x23)

  • Abdullah Alshahrani
    Abdullah Alshahrani 4 months ago +497

    Bacteria will think it was written by aliens

  • Sabnij Singh
    Sabnij Singh 4 months ago +609

    Action Lab is the best, he makes interesting and educational videos for the world to see. I am happy to be subscribed to him!

    • Cameron
      Cameron Month ago +1

      bot-type comment

    • ChowmeinWrapper69
      ChowmeinWrapper69 2 months ago +1

      bro i fucking hate ytbers who fucking steal shit and js react to it and are like "ooo that is a car :O"

    • Rando Karatajev
      Rando Karatajev 2 months ago

      Obvious NPC behaviour

    • Genkioo
      Genkioo 2 months ago

      @Anton Pogonin What are you so pressed for?

  • Silently correcting your grammar

    Just the perfection of the internet deciding “ooh high tech thing? I’m going to write Pewdiepie with it. Why? BECAUSE IT IS THE INTERNET!!!”

  • Simen Martinussen
    Simen Martinussen 4 months ago +24

    Cool, but no way is this the smallest. The field of view is several mm. When I was new to electron beam lithography I had descriptive text on my mask files so I could see what I had done, and I sometimes made the text sub-micron. It wasn't a great design choice and I made the text larger later on, but it's not even close to the limit.
    Feynman, 1959: In the future we can write the entire Encyclopedia Britannica on the head of a pin.
    Electron Microscopy Channel, 2018: I wrote Pewdiepie on a jolly rancher.

    • AlwaysOn Forever
      AlwaysOn Forever 21 day ago

      Yes, atom wasn't the smallest back hundred years ago. And it keeo improving with more smaller things, and it will so on

  • Roger Chern
    Roger Chern 4 months ago +217

    "My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined. Yet, that's so cool!"

  • snek
    snek 4 months ago +46

    This is why we put a thin metal sheet onto samples before electron scanning. It crosslinks everything and protects the sample from the electron beam

  • Braxton
    Braxton 4 months ago +23

    When you had to write a paper in school and tried to fit the rest of the sentence at the bottom of the page

  • Aryaman Singh Bais
    Aryaman Singh Bais 4 months ago +52

    Man he just missed the chance for the most tedious Rick roll

  • Jaden Pelster
    Jaden Pelster 4 months ago +705

    He should’ve written. never gonna give you Up

  • Mark Rowland
    Mark Rowland 4 months ago

    36 years back, my friend was impressed that I knew of Tunneling electron and Atomic force microscopes. He opperated the first in my country and introduced me to the special universe of the quantum. Medle in Physics .

  • MicahKindaClueless
    MicahKindaClueless 4 months ago +313

    mans did not just say poo-doo-pie🤣🤣 (unless that’s a nickname for him i didn’t know about)

    • IExist
      IExist 3 months ago

      @Rohan Jarande poodiepie isn't the same as poodoopie

    • Rohan Jarande
      Rohan Jarande 4 months ago +8

      @Holy Duck That's how pewds used to say it wayy back, at the start of his videos. Everyone who watches him and his friends also call him that time to time. It's just quirky that's all.

    • Prateek Karn
      Prateek Karn 4 months ago +6

      @Holy Duck i don't think he said it wrong, poodiepie was a name I used to hear a long while ago

    • Holy Duck
      Holy Duck 4 months ago +4

      @Larik or he just said it wrong

    • MicahKindaClueless
      MicahKindaClueless 4 months ago

      @Larik ohhh okay

  • M B
    M B 4 months ago +2

    I love learning about this stuff, thank you!

  • Chris Stephens
    Chris Stephens 3 months ago

    I will like your videos until the end of time. So informative and just wonderful.

  • Capral Marines
    Capral Marines 15 days ago

    Actually, the smallest word even written is "IBM" spelled out using 35 xenon atoms. They used STM to arrange literal atoms. Now that's crazy.

  • [ ʀ ᴇ ᴅ ᴀ ᴄ ᴛ ᴇ ᴅ ]

    Soooo... I use a scanning *transmission* electron microscope as part of my research. With it I can image individual rows of atoms in a material, and if you leave the beam focused on one area for a while you can "burn" it in a way that changes the contrast. I'm fairly sure I could write a much smaller word with it. I'm also fairly sure I could never get funding for that much microscope time though lol, they cost almost $100/hr to use

  • Ethan Anderson
    Ethan Anderson 4 months ago

    Now we can basically write things at a microscopic scale, awesome

  • Local drug seller
    Local drug seller 2 months ago +1

    Is this the same equipment as "Electron tunelling scanner"? it feels really similar

  • Haroon Barakzai
    Haroon Barakzai 4 months ago

    I have a question, can you replace light photons with electron in microscope if yes wil it magnify more and be more efficient or not?

  • Ghost writer with Black hat

    Now my pet ant can understand what im writing
    "Instense writing of a Smut Novel"

  • Love is a Verb
    Love is a Verb 2 months ago

    Sentient beings living at that level will study such archeology for 100s of years

  • Sarah Ng
    Sarah Ng 2 months ago

    Teachers: “Look at your handwriting. I am not going to use a magnifying glass.”
    We: “no. Use SEM. It will work.”

  • Ahmed Foad
    Ahmed Foad 8 days ago

    Imagine a person writes on a sample and asks action lab to see what they have written and when he does it's actually "Never Gonna Give You Up"

  • mrhumanz mrhumanz
    mrhumanz mrhumanz 4 months ago +16

    now thats dedication

  • Robin Westrick
    Robin Westrick 14 days ago

    There’s words that have been written with single individual metal atoms in perfect hexagonal letters

  • Anton A
    Anton A 21 day ago

    Thats pretty cool.
    But i think what IBM did some decades ago was already on atom size

  • César Pérez
    César Pérez 4 months ago +5

    I like to think that somewhere is the universe there could be an asteroid with the bee movie script written on it

  • First aid? I heard grenade

    imagine looking into a microscope at a piece of chips and seeing the phrase "made in china"

  • randall77
    randall77 Month ago

    Wow what a cool way to mess up the vacuum chamber of your SEM! Very cool!

  • Ray of light
    Ray of light 4 months ago +2

    Action lab's is the most interesting of all my subscriptions.

  • 유리큐브 제왕Lord of the Glass Cube

    This is some next gen cryptography stuff

  • Unearthed
    Unearthed 4 months ago

    It will never compare to a kid in first grade's small writing.

  • Castle Anthrax ; - P

    Richard Hammond (Top Gear) had a show about engineering, and he had his name written by this technique on a human hair.

  • The Darkness, It Consumes Me

    "He's a man of focus, commitment and sheer fkn will"

  • XozyVen
    XozyVen 2 months ago

    When u want to increase the word limit in your essay

  • Denks -w-
    Denks -w- 4 months ago

    Action lab should be my new since teacher when he says stuff im interested

  • The DBZ_KING7
    The DBZ_KING7 3 months ago

    PewDiePie: "That's my candy!
    Baby: "I don't see your name on it"
    PewDiePie: *Pulls SEM out of his pocket

  • BackYard Science 2000
    BackYard Science 2000 4 months ago

    Nice try, but periodic videos had an entire periodic table made, with words included, on one of Sir Martyn Poliakoffs hairs using the same method years ago. Theirs was at roughly 1/10 the size of a human hair for the entire periodic table. Now imagine how small the words and letter were.

  • Fence 03
    Fence 03 Month ago

    Give this man’s fan a Guinness world record

  • Astro
    Astro 28 days ago

    Me: Here’s my homework I finished.
    Teacher: you didn’t even write anything…
    Me: look closely.

  • Preston Garvey
    Preston Garvey Month ago

    sadly however it actually isn’t the smallest, that goes to IBM for writing its name with atoms

  • GhostJetRetro
    GhostJetRetro 4 months ago +1

    Respect to my fellow 19 year old man

  • A L
    A L 4 months ago

    Lol just 10 years ago when I was in school, our department would have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars just for access to an SEM for the year. Now people are carving TheXvidrs names them lol

  • Damon Henderson
    Damon Henderson 18 days ago

    All those student loans and endless hours of studying so you can be in the Guinness book of world records.
    WoW what a lifetime achievement.

  • SadCatTomato
    SadCatTomato 4 months ago

    I’d like to see one of those things that’s expand in water in the vacuum chamber

  • inS41NT
    inS41NT 4 months ago +1

    HE had the Chance of his life to write "Jebaited"

  • Joe Franklin
    Joe Franklin 4 months ago +2

    Pretty damn cool though

  • Ethan Lohgren
    Ethan Lohgren 12 days ago

    *this is approximately the same handwriting size of the smart kid in the class*

  • Jorsh525
    Jorsh525 13 days ago

    Him: This is a picture of pollen
    Me: my old enemy 😡

  • Simeon -
    Simeon - Month ago

    This would be a great way of passing secret messages

  • Orange Is My Favorite Color

    Ima be honest, I would’ve written or drawn something inappropriate if that were me hahah

  • Sonia S
    Sonia S 4 months ago

    So electrons are real?!

  • marmick Mathur
    marmick Mathur 4 months ago

    I kinda wanted it to be the action lab that was written.

  • AaaaaaAAAaaaAAA meney
    AaaaaaAAAaaaAAA meney 4 months ago

    Can you explain why when something
    Spinning fast starts to look like it slows down and starts spinning the opposite way

    • Thairate
      Thairate 4 months ago

      Frame rate of cameras. I won't be able to explain well, but definitely look for footage of bird, or helicopter moving at the same frame rate, where it looks like it's still

  • Channel7331
    Channel7331 4 months ago

    Surely smaller words have been written with SEMs

  • Muhsin Sadiq
    Muhsin Sadiq 15 days ago +1

    I wouldve totally rickrolled the microverse.

  • Alex McNonyabizz
    Alex McNonyabizz 2 months ago

    He would have gone hard had he wrote Action Labs!

  • The Angledsaxon
    The Angledsaxon 10 days ago

    The cost of ESEM for all those hours… cannot have been worth

  • PenguinGamer98
    PenguinGamer98 4 months ago

    Almost as small as the fine print on medicine

  • Washi World DIY!
    Washi World DIY! 3 months ago

    Chemistry is fun. But when you don't have to give exam 🥴😬

  • Vfenom
    Vfenom 4 months ago

    Actually a company wrote their acronym out of individual atoms

  • Ashok
    Ashok 4 months ago

    Excuse me world record ??? Smallest word ever written?

  • ZchryPlys
    ZchryPlys 4 months ago

    This is what it looks like digitally!

  • Robert Sdar
    Robert Sdar 18 days ago

    I laughed for ten minutes

  • Kiel The False Angel ⚠️

    What a legend

  • Gray Scale
    Gray Scale 4 months ago +2

    The letters so small that it altered the pronunciation of "Pewdiepie"

  • Dheepha Mogan sundar
    Dheepha Mogan sundar 16 days ago

    "He wrote poodiepie" Best joke ever.

  • Marija Siketic
    Marija Siketic 4 months ago +30

    "its pewdiepie?"
    "its always been."

  • J
    J 4 months ago

    What a legend

  • PRL Reviews
    PRL Reviews 2 months ago

    The smallest word would actually be A or I

  • Heydar Alfarraz
    Heydar Alfarraz 15 days ago

    shooting electrons? how the hell would you shoot an electron?

  • Queeny
    Queeny 4 months ago


  • George Hilario
    George Hilario 2 months ago

    You didn't have to explain what an electron microscope is with a silly doodle.
    Your viewers will most definitely know what an electron microscope is , and if not , there are other high quality videos that show the works of an electron microscope that you could've put as reference or link below.

  • HenzoU13
    HenzoU13 2 months ago

    one day, the entire bee movie script will be written with this

  • Hey Girl I Like Your Kitchen Romania

    If the sample is burned, it means it's not conductive. He picked a grapefruit which's not that conductive so electrons will fry it

  • Azam Zahid
    Azam Zahid 10 days ago

    Me when I'm mad at the teacher:

  • Hanzo
    Hanzo 4 months ago

    How does that even work? 😭

  • Dave Lewis
    Dave Lewis Month ago

    Great video, my sinuses still very much hate pollen though

  • Flavio Herrera
    Flavio Herrera Month ago

    thats amazing lmao

  • The_Linguist_LL
    The_Linguist_LL 4 months ago

    For those wondering why he said 'Poodiepie', palatal approximant clusters are not universal in English varieties. Pewdiepie without the inserted palatal approximant is Poodiepie.

  • Boyify™
    Boyify™ Month ago +1

    Bacteria:- Its All PewDiePie?
    His Subscriber :- Always Has Been.

  • Cameron Dale
    Cameron Dale Month ago

    There's smaller. They even did an animation with it.

  • Man in White
    Man in White 4 months ago

    Your friend must've a serious vocabulary issue to end up writing PDPie using electrons

  • jaggon jaggon
    jaggon jaggon 2 months ago

    Fine print on contracts be like:

  • quantum leap
    quantum leap 4 months ago

    He should've written "new orc order"

  • MechRobotGun
    MechRobotGun 4 months ago +1

    Imagine tattooing on your every hair with Pewdiepie.

  • Aarushi
    Aarushi 4 months ago

    Words on the pocket dictionaries be like:

  • Apath
    Apath 4 months ago

    The one person in class in who has tiny handwriting

  • Marzuq Ahmed
    Marzuq Ahmed 4 months ago +3

    should have been a rick roll

  • Henry Stickmin ∙ 2.3M views ∙ 10 hours   ago

    they are composed of subatomic bits of size 0.3 nanometers

  • Neon Glow
    Neon Glow 27 days ago +1

    He wrote Poodiepie
    Got me in tears!

  • Miip
    Miip 4 months ago +1

    Worth it 😎

  • o7
    o7 2 months ago +1

    I was expecting something like "Rick Astley" or "Rickroll"

  • why are u reading this?
    why are u reading this? 4 months ago +1

    Good on Action lab to shout out small creators like pewdiepie

  • Abel
    Abel 3 months ago +1

    Could have been something epic. 🤔
    But nope.

  • Diana Ram.C.
    Diana Ram.C. 4 months ago

    Science is cool!!!