Wolf Protects Pups From a Bear | BBC Earth

  • Published on Feb 14, 2019
  • When Storm's wolf cubs are in danger because of a nearby bear, the adult wolves don't hesitate to fight the large predator in order to protect their young.
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    Natural World: A Wolf Called Storm
    Storm is an extraordinary wolf - the head of a pack in Canada's frozen north that hunts the giant buffalo herds. This pack came to fame in Frozen Planet, and now cameraman Jeff Turner spends a year with Storm and his wolf family, learning how they survive in this harsh wilderness and whether Storm can pass his hunting skills on to the new generation of wolf cubs.
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Comments • 2 515

  • Hollow Knight
    Hollow Knight 16 hours ago

    I dont care how cute you make wolfs out to be..ive watched the grey..they are ruthless

  • Link Link
    Link Link 21 hour ago

    Aww wolves are soo misunderstood

  • Uh oh spaghetti O’s


  • Zeeshan Niazi
    Zeeshan Niazi 4 days ago

    Plot twist : Wolves kill two beat and feed him to the pups.

  • Chill Mimun
    Chill Mimun 4 days ago +1

    Me and my bros fighting our oldest brother be like...

    JESSEN FERNANDO 4 days ago

    Why the wolf is so dirty

  • Tugay Deniz
    Tugay Deniz 5 days ago

    Wolfs : Hmmm A bear could be a good snack for our family

  • Tiffany Pew
    Tiffany Pew 5 days ago


  • binslick1964
    binslick1964 6 days ago

    Notice that none of the wolves ever confront the bear directly. Great strategy plan from the Wolves to keep the bear away from the den!!

  • FaeryChild11
    FaeryChild11 6 days ago

    Wolves are such beautiful, fierce, and mysterious creatures.

  • Ali Alievich
    Ali Alievich 7 days ago

    Медведев по жопе получил

  • Viddy Go
    Viddy Go 11 days ago

    can people live in harmony with wolfthexvid.com/video/ax5K8DEsznw/video.html

  • El Grande
    El Grande 11 days ago +1

    He just couldn't bear it any longer.

  • Siegfried Wisser
    Siegfried Wisser 11 days ago

    TODEY´S: Afr. origin, bear and black man pri.

  • James Miller
    James Miller 13 days ago


  • Michael James
    Michael James 13 days ago

    Most this is set up there clearly helping and feeding these wolf's lol

  • Twon Hardison
    Twon Hardison 13 days ago

    This is how Stedman Graham keeps Oprah Winfrey away from his food!

  • Jackal head
    Jackal head 15 days ago +1

    Bear: "You may won this time wolves but next time I will have my vengeance"

  • Rick Porcelli
    Rick Porcelli 16 days ago

    Wolves are amazing

  • Ric Powers
    Ric Powers 16 days ago +2

    Wolves are the apex canines. Dogs are their heritage and possibly the smartest of all animals. Chimps throw poop at you. Dolphins cannot detect cancer or fetch your paper. Canines are mans greatest companion for good reason.

    • Bartłomiej Kumor
      Bartłomiej Kumor 15 days ago

      Chimps are definitely smarter than dogs, lmao.

      Sure, they throw poop. But at least they don't fucken eat it like some canines do.

  • D Sherbank
    D Sherbank 16 days ago

    screw off here bear we've got wolf stuff to do

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    Allah, the eternally Besought of all!
    He begetteth not nor was begotten.
    And there is none comparable unto Him.

  • brendan baird
    brendan baird 17 days ago

    that is a big bear.

  • Dante Caldwell
    Dante Caldwell 17 days ago

    That's what I call "taking a bite out of crime".

  • D BX
    D BX 18 days ago

    Look dude , if you can't properly pronounce your "s", then how can anyone believe a word you say?

  • Miriam Maldonado
    Miriam Maldonado 19 days ago

    Team spirit protects the little ones, fighting fearless without being violent is an amazing skill!!

  • Cj Stemple
    Cj Stemple 19 days ago

    Nice to see Ghost back out in the wild 👍

  • Wildlife / supernanny fan 1355848

    Wolf mum " Ah oh a bear, get inside the den now!!!
    Bear " My food is here
    Mother wolf " I'll protect you from the preditor" WOOF HOWL WOOF WOOF HOWL SNAP. Off goes the bear and the pups are safe

  • farnorthhomested
    farnorthhomested 21 day ago

    sorry to ruin your day but that bear was not after any wolves at all.

  • James Morehead
    James Morehead 22 days ago

    Black bears arent carnivorous like that her cubs were def not far behind

  • SeeJay X
    SeeJay X 24 days ago

    I Love Wolves
    But the Pups are So Cute

  • nikolai bahtin
    nikolai bahtin 25 days ago

    That's how you kite a boss

  • john wick
    john wick 26 days ago +1

    In Russia .They lick Bears butt.

  • Mike Koz
    Mike Koz 27 days ago

    2 bears would have killed those 3 wolves

  • BroGamer
    BroGamer 27 days ago


  • tank stelle
    tank stelle 28 days ago

    Pups in German means fart haha

  • tara
    tara Month ago +1

    Wolf: “Guys he’s back again”
    “Seriously.” “BRUHH” “omg this again”
    Wolf: “I know I know, we should seriously tell him that we don’t like playing with him, he’s literally no fun and always gets butthurt and sensitive after”

  • john herring
    john herring Month ago


  • Özkan Göl
    Özkan Göl Month ago

    Wolves 🐺🇹🇷
    Bear 🇷🇺🇷🇺

  • Catherine Jones
    Catherine Jones Month ago

    Gotta love wolves

  • micholas beeker
    micholas beeker Month ago

    Bear was just trying to sell shit door to door to feed his family

  • Rycky Kay
    Rycky Kay Month ago

    Lol whos this narrator

  • John Halchishick
    John Halchishick Month ago

    I'm suprised that bear didn't get eaten by the wolves

  • kenneth diaz
    kenneth diaz Month ago

    Where is Mowgli??

  • NiGHTS
    NiGHTS Month ago

    Storm is such a bad ass wolf.

  • Sam The hiking man
    Sam The hiking man Month ago +2

    That was a brilliant strategic plan on the part of the Wolves who manipulated the bear away from their young with apparent ease... with no verbal communication needed between them (at least percepted by me)
    Bear was like.... I just want to get past! 😃

  • JoeAppLe vyte
    JoeAppLe vyte Month ago

    Tank vs infantry

  • Bruised Banana
    Bruised Banana Month ago

    Stay away or I’ll bite yo ass, literally!

  • M DR
    M DR Month ago +4

    0:17 "they still lick at his mouth to be fed like they did when they were small." I didn't know Tom Brady and his family live in the wild.

  • etug 13
    etug 13 Month ago

    Dammit the white wolf is almost as big as the bear

  • RelentLess Enterprises

    I guess being racist about feeling in danger near those that are black, transcends even species.. but *bearly*

  • Николай Утешев

    Молодец мишка!

  • #push Cesaro
    #push Cesaro Month ago

    Good video... I have never seen wolves Vs black bear... I had only seen GRIZZLY bear dominating 20 wolves

  • LOL_Garrus
    LOL_Garrus Month ago

    Look at these good puppers!

  • hemankikainc
    hemankikainc Month ago

    Wolves are relentlessly efficient. And thats scary

  • Foxtrot Bravo
    Foxtrot Bravo Month ago

    I hope the people who made this video picked up all their crap when they left.

  • jonathan mejia
    jonathan mejia Month ago

    Wolves 🐺 are so smart 💯👍🏼

  • Jabro Jacob
    Jabro Jacob Month ago

    I don't get why a bear would be after the pubs??

  • ninn Jam
    ninn Jam Month ago

    wolves can't kill bear !?

  • Ronald Watson
    Ronald Watson Month ago

    Very Good footage