The Third Presidential Debate: Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump (Full Debate) | NBC News

  • Published on Oct 20, 2016
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    The Third Presidential Debate: Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump (Full Debate) | NBC News

Comments • 23 612

  • Hunter King
    Hunter King 18 hours ago

    45:20 that basically summed up the entire election 😂

  • Ricardo Guajardo
    Ricardo Guajardo 23 hours ago +1

    Hillary = Cringe

    By The Way, Who Is Watching In 2019?

  • BeZSide
    BeZSide Day ago +1

    I wonder everyday if there is some kind of birth defect in 50% of the americans that screws with their ability to critically think things through.
    Americans, and especially Trumpers, should be ashamed about the state of their country+their fellow americans.
    I do appreciate the daily dose of humor though. Watching trump trying to sound intelligent is hilarious

  • James Gilpatric
    James Gilpatric Day ago

    Well THAT'S not biased

  • Dave S
    Dave S Day ago

    We lost millions of jobs, dug our deficit even deeper, our bridges and streets are crumbling....People killing eachother, massacres, Welfare and immigration was absolutely out of control......Yet....Obama did what???????? STFU you corrupt SNOT You and Nancy P (another $57M corrupt SNOT) can hang out in your vineyards all day and milk tax money....FU!!!!!!!!!

  • Dave S
    Dave S Day ago

    Your Job growth rates were the total Opp hillary.......Sit down, shut up!

  • david carmenate
    david carmenate 2 days ago

    So satisfying to be watching this in 2019

  • doug rabbit
    doug rabbit 2 days ago

    When you watching the Fake news here in 2019,just go back to watching what they said here after this debate.

  • Amani Abdugadar
    Amani Abdugadar 2 days ago

    2019 :(

  • Godblessme Imhawt
    Godblessme Imhawt 2 days ago

    2019???! It never gets old lol

  • Mariana Garcia
    Mariana Garcia 2 days ago

    I can see both sides.And yet I still don’t like either. Yes Donald Trump has done everything he promised but I still don’t see the reason for a wall or deportation.Why would we spend money on sending people back just for them to come back. And a wall will only make more people come.People love a good challenge.And Hilary just keeps talking about fantasy.Trump has done good and bad things.Hilary has done good and bad things.But in this debate all I see are two children fighting.In America I want to see a United Nation with a great life for everyone.But I know it will never happen until we start acting like mature adults.I don’t want America to be a loner I want to be able to help every country rich and poor so we may all live in peace with no fighting and i know I sound like a naive little child but I do believe it’s possible if we stop fighting and see both sides. I praise for 2020.I hope I don’t offend anyone in the comments and if I do I’m very sorry.Thank you.Have a great day.

  • James Mills
    James Mills 3 days ago +1

    Hillary got the questions and still got hammered

  • Angel Messtanoffski
    Angel Messtanoffski 3 days ago

    Hillary Clinton's hypocritical thinking: "When it comes to immigration i don't want to separate child from parents but when it comes to abortion i want to separate baby from mother"

  • FireAngel611
    FireAngel611 4 days ago +2

    America is lucky to have Trump as president and not the dumb Hillary.
    She is stupid

  • Mike Cunningham
    Mike Cunningham 4 days ago

    She keeps looking down at the podium. She is using a teleprompter.

  • alex nuy
    alex nuy 5 days ago +1

    now who is watching 2019

  • Peter Carrillo
    Peter Carrillo 6 days ago

    So how are we with the deficit in 2019?

  • YouTube Guru
    YouTube Guru 6 days ago +1

    TRUMP 2020 ❤️

  • ahmed yusuf
    ahmed yusuf 8 days ago


  • Dennis Rivenburg
    Dennis Rivenburg 10 days ago

    Hey Trump Hillary got more votes than you did and didn't cheat or collude with Russia you creep.

  • Badaboom 88
    Badaboom 88 10 days ago

    The Smile on that Womans face.

  • Eric Lloyd
    Eric Lloyd 11 days ago

    So Far, She is wrong

  • ONLY the TRUTH!
    ONLY the TRUTH! 11 days ago

    Do not vote for any of them, they are all the greatest liars, killers, genociders, mass murders and blood thirsty(Republican, Democrat or whatever the name they use) clear example ZIONISTS.

  • tedGEGI
    tedGEGI 11 days ago +1

    More than 2 years later, still feel I made the correct choice for President after re-viewing this debate: Ted C. Gegi.

  • Joshua Woliver
    Joshua Woliver 12 days ago

    Wow the last two debates including some of this one... Hillary plays dirty politics. I can't believe the amount of dirt she accuses Trump with. She will divide a whole nation and launch us into race riots just so she could win a couple debates.

  • Tim Vickery
    Tim Vickery 14 days ago +1

    I almost can't believe Trump was so brave to say what he said during the first 10 minutes.

  • Patricia Goodman
    Patricia Goodman 14 days ago +1

    Hillary was right about everything. Trump is a joke and an embarrassment to this country...and did I mention traitor? I can't wait to see him impeached.

  • vnmsenior
    vnmsenior 15 days ago

    We now have 25% tariffs on China's good and cars as of Jan 1st. Do we think this would have happened under Hillary?

  • Mazhar Soufi
    Mazhar Soufi 15 days ago +1

    hahahahahah gotta love the DONALD!! hes such an adorable man. very funny haha

  • DH Thomas
    DH Thomas 15 days ago

    45:18 - there's a good clip for a Thug Life video.

  • Liquid bend
    Liquid bend 15 days ago

    Trump knows more about politics then all in the swamp today !!

  • Rajeshree RP
    Rajeshree RP 15 days ago

    2019 Jan

  • Sunny Slick
    Sunny Slick 16 days ago +1

    That’s my president

  • Brian Timmerman
    Brian Timmerman 16 days ago

    Hilliarys women's rights? They can sell body parts off baby organ parts to plan parenthood free abortion
    Hillary Clinton gun control if your sad ban your guns your mental
    You look mental Hillary
    Hillary makes 50 percent I'm sure on drugs
    Hillary wants anyone in here if you pay her
    Wow Bravil pay that much?
    Now evil russia I think Billy got 500 thousand for a speech
    Russia and China has out smarter Hillary and Obama

  • Michael Braun
    Michael Braun 18 days ago

    Clinton where is your tax returns

  • Michael Braun
    Michael Braun 18 days ago

    hillary just I've up you are criminal

  • Michael Braun
    Michael Braun 18 days ago

    where is your 30000 emails

  • Michael Braun
    Michael Braun 18 days ago

    private emails Clinton yeah right ?????????????????????????????

  • Michael Braun
    Michael Braun 18 days ago

    where is your apology Clinton all you do is talk around our lies

  • Michael Braun
    Michael Braun 18 days ago

    Clinton your purely a feminist you are curupt a fraud a liar

  • Michael Braun
    Michael Braun 18 days ago

    hilltay 30 years you are a liar a fraud

  • Michael Braun
    Michael Braun 18 days ago

    then Hillary why do you still have nuclear weapons

  • Michael Braun
    Michael Braun 18 days ago

    really Clinton what about uranium 1liar

  • Michael Braun
    Michael Braun 18 days ago

    all Hillary wants is future votes she is a disaster

  • Jackie Onate
    Jackie Onate 18 days ago +1

    a very nice debate president trump seems very honest, that's why he won. hillary keeps getting caught in lies ...that's why she lost.

  • Maribel Perez
    Maribel Perez 18 days ago

    Sick Hillary.

  • Oggydogg 313
    Oggydogg 313 19 days ago +1

    Donald trump is an American savior!

  • Sam Steffen
    Sam Steffen 20 days ago

    Hilary’s husband attacked an Iraq vet

  • Aaron Thomas
    Aaron Thomas 20 days ago

    I love trump!!

  • Sevas Ruks
    Sevas Ruks 20 days ago +1

    Last 20 minutes are pure Hillary propaganda and Trump bashing.

  • 62borntorun
    62borntorun 21 day ago +1

    I love my President Donald Trump. 2020

  • john tate
    john tate 21 day ago

    how many know, Hillary in the 1970 era help to sterilize teenage black and Latino girls without permission because she didn't think they should be having babies and even now believes in abortion and wants to get rid of IS in other country's by opening the U.S. borders! if we have open borders, that is what will happen!

  • john tate
    john tate 21 day ago

    sorry Hillary..killing babies is not health care for women or babies!

  • A. X.
    A. X. 22 days ago

    If only you were elected Hillary! I'm a Trump supporter, and a Trump university 'graduate' (in quotes b/c they didn't offer me classes or any guidance whatsoever, but they did keep my money & sent a diploma! That's all that matters anyway, right?) Anyway, now I'm afraid POTUS, 45, is going to end up in jail! All of his lies & crimes are exposed and I don't like it!

  • Jasezcool
    Jasezcool 23 days ago

    I hate Trump but he was right about the immigration issue, just this one.

  • Erick cox
    Erick cox 23 days ago

    Hillary needed this job Donald didn't... I'm so glad he won thank you Mr. Trump

  • bitter37
    bitter37 23 days ago

    The 2016 election made me want to vomit, having these two to choose from. I’m glad she lost though.

  • Rhythm
    Rhythm 24 days ago

    1:20:03 clinton teleprompting

  • Back to the Basics 101

    Hot coffee is a good thing, hot coffee poured directly into the ear is a bad thing. Mrs.Hillary Clinton is a bad thing!
    The Russians did not win the presidency for Trump, Hillary Clinton made Trump win..
    Why the Democrats have anything to do with the Clintons I will never know.

  • packingten
    packingten 25 days ago

    They tried every trick in the book to put this evil evil woman in our whitehouse....Thank God they failed

  • James Hedrick
    James Hedrick 26 days ago

    Feminism calls men dogs, pigs, rapists, toxic, and animals and no one freaks out. Donald Trump calls one women disgusting and everyone looses their minds.

    • James Hedrick
      James Hedrick 21 day ago

      +Micah Adamson, what is truly sad is that feminism has descended into a movement of man hating misandrists. It's not just the worst of them anymore it's all of them. The feminist movement of the 60s was truly about equality, but once women gained the vote and were integrated into the workforce that changed. Equality of opportunity was achieved when those things occurred but now women have discovered they no longer receive additional leg ups from men because we were told they did not want them, and having to do all the work for themselves they found they didn't like it. Now feminism is a bitter angry movement wanting both to be treated as equals (like men) and to be pandered to and protected (treated like women) Because they can't have both and never will feminism has been spinning it's wheels in the mud for decades becoming more and more hateful and aggressive. Feminism now is nothing but a push for female supremacy by making men's lives as miserable as possible. It says something that in 2018 only 20% of women in the U.S. and Europe identify as feminist. They see the movement for what it is and if you open your eyes you will as well.

    • Micah Adamson
      Micah Adamson 22 days ago

      Feminism doesn't call men those stuff. Man-hating misandrists who pose as feminists do. It's really sad to me what a bad name feminism has gotten, when the majority of feminists are completely for gender equality.

  • James Hedrick
    James Hedrick 26 days ago

    It is very clear why Donald Trump won. Hillary Clinton represents a radical far leftist mindset that only a small percentage of Americans subscribe to. She also clearly displays radical feminist ideology that most men and many women find dangerous and ostracizing, specifically now when less than twenty percent of women identify as feminist. To complete the inevitability, women are known to be more emotional and less logical and rational than men, and we all are aware of this be it consciously or instinctively, and whether or not we admit it. We all knew a female president would act and make decisions emotionally and would lack the assertiveness and stamina to lead this country. Trump came in with a new kind of message and method of delivery then we had seen before. He did not play the political game and said exactly what he saw and what he would do without concern for offending people or blurring the truth when it became uncomfortable. He was the only choice and as president has continued to do what is necessary even when it makes him unpopular or even despised. Donald Trump 2020. Keep America Great!

  • Buay Buay
    Buay Buay 27 days ago

    Who's watching 2023

  • LacBoy89Reviews
    LacBoy89Reviews Month ago

    I just want to know who watched this and said "he's my guy, he's presidential" 🤣🤣🤣

  • LacBoy89Reviews
    LacBoy89Reviews Month ago

    Watching this again 2 almost 3 years later & I still can't believe ppl voted for Trump 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Long Nguyen
    Long Nguyen Month ago

    Anxiety is the most fruitless thing in the world.

  • fungoorstitch
    fungoorstitch Month ago

    Have I got a bad connection or did that guy say "FOX News"? That's an oxymoron.

  • Leslie Leon
    Leslie Leon Month ago

    god bless trump let him have wisdom and lve

  • Darell Grant
    Darell Grant Month ago


  • fish
    fish Month ago

    Trump is BOSS. Hillary is a crooked stupid liar, with mental health issues.

  • t 9
    t 9 Month ago

    So much woke people in the comment section. Im glad hehe

  • Fred Jaminson
    Fred Jaminson Month ago +1

    Hillary likes abortion, she eats live babies in Satanic Rituals for the high.

  • Heather Hall
    Heather Hall Month ago


  • blane gralheer
    blane gralheer Month ago

    Lol 😂 and Hillary didn’t accept the results of the election! Double standard! She thought she had it in the bank!

  • Abinash Biswal
    Abinash Biswal Month ago

    The way Trump dealt with the Rocket man (North Korea) nobody would have dealt with. Not a single bullet but the issues resolved to a great extent.

  • Real Media
    Real Media Month ago

    God I hate her. Blaming WikiLeaks on Russia, because WikiLeaks exposed her corrupt ways! UGGG

  • Real Media
    Real Media Month ago

    What 17 intel agencies confirm Russia hacked you? Not one that's who! Still nobody knows!

  • The Quick Gardener
    The Quick Gardener Month ago

    Made with chinese steel?

  • 최원우
    최원우 Month ago

    Fact VS Emotion

  • Jackie Brock
    Jackie Brock Month ago

    Did she say abortion is a constitutional right?

  • dooooooood
    dooooooood Month ago +1

    hiliary just sounds so fake its gross. Trump may be a little wild but he sounds like he is passionate

    • Naz Roshan
      Naz Roshan Month ago

      I used to vote based on who seems sincere. In fact, in 2016 and 2018, I voted based on who “seemed” like a good person.
      The truth is, bad people can come across very genuine and sincere.
      A bette approach is to educate yourself and find out what values you support. Then find candidates that support those values.
      You need to have a stand on:
      Economic system (i.e. capitalism/socialism)
      Free speech
      Second amendment
      When you’re an educated person, you can easily find out who to vote for.
      I’m an immigrant and a proud republican. I hope you look into republican values.

  • Logan Palmer
    Logan Palmer Month ago

    1:55:58 lmao

  • Chaitanya Dubey
    Chaitanya Dubey Month ago +3

    Because you'd be in JAIL

  • MrAdy0207
    MrAdy0207 Month ago

    I watched this debate once more and I realized Trump answered to 10% of the questions.

  • JT francis
    JT francis Month ago

    What's happened to the WALL!!!

  • Arthur Ray Gross
    Arthur Ray Gross Month ago

    THIRD Debate, Hillary in White suit, Oct 19 2016. On this VERY DAY twump had SIGNED the Letter of Intent for the THREE $ Billion MOSCOW Twump Tower. Watch him LIE about RUSSIA insisting he had no dealings with Russia. The full debate is ONLINE.
    We now know PUTIN was to receive the $50 Million Penthouse suite and Russian Banksters would finance it and twump would make Hundreds of Millions. PUTIN also would have the SANCTIONS LIFTED.
    It is so sad that the GOP/PUTIN/twump Conspiracy succeeded. TRAITORS. We needed Hillary Clinton.

  • fireroc2
    fireroc2 Month ago +3

    Honestly, 40:00 is the best

  • Lord H4773Rthe2nd
    Lord H4773Rthe2nd Month ago +1

    Hillary is such a sociopath. Trump may be a buffoon sometimes but he truly cares about America. Hillary only cared about being the first female President.

  • DILFboi Daltono
    DILFboi Daltono Month ago

    Crooked Hilliary

  • maw butternut
    maw butternut Month ago +1

    Im so glad that baby killing hillary lost

  • maw butternut
    maw butternut Month ago +2

    I love president trump

  • Exposing the Darkness with the Light of Truth

    *Well Hillary, the majority of abortions are performed simply because of inconveniences, so you murder the baby, how sick is that?!!* *Women today are not threatened by being pregnant!!* *People must not have the right to take the life of a baby for any reason, their life is as sacred as anyone else, period!!* *Women today do not die because they're pregnant!!*

  • Exposing the Darkness with the Light of Truth

    *2nd Amendment:* It is better to address irresponsible people who do not keep their firearms in a safe place!* *By the way, more people are killed every year by hammers and clubs than's not the instruments used, but the people using them!!* *Address the mind-numbing sickness with Hollywood desensitizing people with violent movies and video games people watch before you impose law on hammers and or clubs!!* *90% of what's always on television is about violence, this is what is feeding the crazies and kids that goes's not an accident, it's how they make more laws to control people, usurping our rights and our 2nd Amendment!!*

    MAGAMAN Month ago


  • Colleen Bonamico
    Colleen Bonamico Month ago

    What would Hilary know about "low income" her daughter went to "Sidwell Friends "???? WTF !!!

  • John Wonder
    John Wonder Month ago

    This isn't about what a judge said about you...
    It always goes back to him..what a thin skinned whimp

  • Ziah D.
    Ziah D. Month ago


    • Ziah D.
      Ziah D. Month ago

      +Naz Roshan both r crooked but trump takes the cake

    • Naz Roshan
      Naz Roshan Month ago

      Ziah D.
      Trump is not perfect. But if you can’t see through crooked Hillary. Then I am sorry for you.

  • Mel SeattleGal
    Mel SeattleGal Month ago

    Jesus Christ our Savior saved us from the manifestation of HRC and invoked Cabal. Light has won over the darkness through His servant DJT 4-10-20 Q+ Amen 🙏🏼

  • Thomas Molina
    Thomas Molina Month ago

    Whatever Trump lover