The Third Presidential Debate: Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump (Full Debate) | NBC News

  • Published on Oct 20, 2016
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    The Third Presidential Debate: Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump (Full Debate) | NBC News

Comments • 23 798

  • satern1234
    satern1234 Hour ago

    1:19:50 lol true

  • Alternative Universe Cuts

    I hope Hillery has the runs in 2020!

  • Micky Deloach
    Micky Deloach Day ago

    Killery for treason! She can’t open her mouth without lying!

  • Long Nguyen
    Long Nguyen Day ago

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  • Aaron Logan
    Aaron Logan Day ago

    It’s so annoying how Chris OBVIOUSLY was biased towards Clinton, letting her talk way more and interrupting Trump over and over asking him loaded questions.

  • TheHivemind1000
    TheHivemind1000 2 days ago

    I can't believe people ever doubted her.

  • MRios1128
    MRios1128 2 days ago


  • LukE
    LukE 3 days ago

    Can you imagine where we'd be right now if 'Bleached Server' Hillary was in the Oval Office? That's a scary thought.

  • Long Nguyen
    Long Nguyen 3 days ago

    Ethics and Economics

  • Long Nguyen
    Long Nguyen 3 days ago

    General tasks of the political system ....?

  • Long Nguyen
    Long Nguyen 3 days ago

    always keep balance, towards meaningful things and protect the right things in family life and social life

  • Aidan Green
    Aidan Green 3 days ago

    She's so evil.

  • Mai Hue
    Mai Hue 3 days ago +1

    Very interesting. Hope President Trump will visit Vietnam again in 2019

  • 20 19
    20 19 3 days ago

    Is Hillary Clinton reading everything she's saying? She's always glancing down.

  • Yodgorov Mansur
    Yodgorov Mansur 6 days ago

    Love from Tajikistan. Well done Donald!

    MARTIN HERRERA 7 days ago +1

    I hope with all my heart Hillary runs againfor president...she is incompetent enough to lose again...

    MUZAMIL AHMAD RATHER 7 days ago +1

    Anyone watching in 2019, with me?

  • Hieu Nguyen
    Hieu Nguyen 7 days ago +1

    Who is watching in 2019 😂😂

  • Dennis Bouma
    Dennis Bouma 8 days ago

    When i feel sad i watch this

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan 8 days ago

    It’s creepy how Hillary looks at the camera like she’s crazy like this one for example 1:15:35

  • Mael Fer
    Mael Fer 8 days ago +1

    What nbc is saying at the end is very very sad. donald trump did a fantastic job, he completly destroyed her in my opinion. but overall funny to watch it all again.

  • Billy C
    Billy C 10 days ago

    If everyone had known then there would be 9,013 public lies by March 3. 2019 ....

  • Jesse Campain
    Jesse Campain 10 days ago

    TheXvid comments are the dregs of the earth

  • rifka raider
    rifka raider 10 days ago

    Ha! John better stay on the :right" side of the Clintons, or you'll end up on the wrong side of the turf. And you know it

  • rifka raider
    rifka raider 10 days ago

    Tom are no longer relevant. The public voted for THEOR CANDIDATE......DONALD J. TRUMP!

  • Christopher Johnson
    Christopher Johnson 13 days ago

    She won't say "taxes", they are "investments"

    SH SHIN 13 days ago

    I like the way Trump insulting the secretary.

  • ItStHeEnD TV
    ItStHeEnD TV 13 days ago

    Nipsy hussle **** ****** *****

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  • keelsmac01
    keelsmac01 14 days ago

    Know that we know what we sure hear Putin and Russia a lot...the beginning of the biggest scandal in American history. Also she said in the first debate there was no evidence she got she is saying Russia hacked and fed her emails to Wikileaks? Which is it you witch? BYE HILLARY

  • Daniel Sirbu 237
    Daniel Sirbu 237 16 days ago

    Chris is such an annoying host

  • kona1967
    kona1967 16 days ago

    "She's been doing this for over 30 years, why the (blank) you didn't do it over the last 15, 20 years. You were very much involved in every aspect of this country....and you do have experience...but it's bad experience."

  • Walter Ruano
    Walter Ruano 18 days ago

    Thank god trump won! It makes watching this so much easier!!! Trump 2020!!!

  • Harry T Bkackmann
    Harry T Bkackmann 18 days ago

    Relistening... this will not age well for hrc

  • Michael Tapper
    Michael Tapper 18 days ago

    Hillary had no substance

  • umesh Dewangan dewangan

    Manoj Devangan

  • dljohn9515
    dljohn9515 21 day ago

    Shame, you get 25 choices for Frozen Pizza and these two for US President lol

  • Modesto Nieves
    Modesto Nieves 22 days ago

    too bad she wasnt elected president its time for a real change a womans touch

  • Benjamin Petre
    Benjamin Petre 23 days ago

    Chris Wallace is anti Trump in my opinion, I don't really like his reporting he's always trying to put a negative spin on Trump and staff

  • Long Nguyen
    Long Nguyen 23 days ago

    Unite to have thoughts, thoughts, actions to help, support each other. Generate fair competition. Toward meaningful things and "protect" the right things. To work towards the "common goals" of all humanity and everyone.

  • Lovely Rita Meter Maid

    i love the way she calls him DONALD

  • Long Nguyen
    Long Nguyen 24 days ago

    Solidarity is the goal that needs to be addressed in all matters to produce fair thoughts, thoughts, support, mutual assistance and development.

  • Odin_NtR
    Odin_NtR 24 days ago +2

    Just stopped by to say that Trump won. Stay mad.

  • Long Nguyen
    Long Nguyen 25 days ago

    In the rule of law state not only protects the rights of the people in general but also comes from the physical, psychological, rights of children, women, elderly citizens as well as those with disabilities ... must be considered a priority in protection, the requirement for completing the law to protect the rights of this target group is: There should not be any discrimination in the provisions of law; Their rights must be guaranteed in practice.

  • Yo Boi Ike
    Yo Boi Ike 26 days ago

    Either out of retrospect or brain development for some reason it’s very easy to see Clinton’s stupidity, lies, and utter inability to process political ideas and information

  • Pacific Oceania
    Pacific Oceania 26 days ago

    The interesting things here that after debate of two candidates all commentators gave favouritism comments to Hillary Clinton by saying he ( trump) didn't get to the questions well . He just answered 10 % but Hillary Clinton did better . They all gave their support for Hillary to win the election but eventually American people had different judgement . For me Mr trump has done remarkable answer rather than hillary just Telling lied . I hope when the commentators watching again this video they will be very proud of what they said ..

  • Long Nguyen
    Long Nguyen 26 days ago

    Anxiety does not stop the bad thing from happening but it only makes good things stop.

  • Long Nguyen
    Long Nguyen 26 days ago

    Always criticize and criticize yourself to train yourself. And always discipline with yourself, towards the right and fair things. Fear always comes from things that haven't happened in imagination and have unexpected results. Psychological fear will dominate life with negative thoughts and limit us to our own abilities

  • twinktoiletsbestfriendsmomscancer 69

    They know how weak minded women are so they try to focus on really hammering home the women's "issues" women are so blind to the truth and so easy to divert that's why they aren't as successful and don't achieve the same things.

  • twinktoiletsbestfriendsmomscancer 69

    I hope Hillary runs again

  • Frank Heard
    Frank Heard 27 days ago +1

    She said she would stand up for families for children and here she is sacrificing children to Satan drinking adrenochrome torturing and murdering babies but she going to stand up for families and children and she's been doing this all her life , my goodness what a super hypocrite.

  • Frank Heard
    Frank Heard 27 days ago +1

    Clinton's whole debate is about belittling Donald Trump or criticizing Donald Trump attacking Donald Trump she says very little about what she's really going to be able to do. She does not answer for the obvious laws she has broken with her personal email service. She does not take responsibility for the fact that a lot of classified information has fallen into the hands of foreign governments because of her negligence , it is a shame that she was allowed to run for president , you would have to assume that powerful interests are protecting her because there are those who have done far less than she has , have been hung out to dry.

  • George Alegre
    George Alegre 27 days ago

    Hilary asemos una niña👌👌👌

  • Brigante
    Brigante 28 days ago

    Don the don

  • Roland
    Roland 28 days ago +1

    I just heard Mrs Hillary Clinton saying: Hopefully "SENATORS" would do their job!
    From Canada•

  • alNange
    alNange 28 days ago +2

    USA is so fortunate she didn’t get in..
    Looking back at this now, USA would be going down a “slippery Hillary” ride!
    Deadset serious

  • L P
    L P 28 days ago +2

    “We have some bad hombres here and we need to get them out!” the best line ever spoken by a presidential candidate. 😂😂😂😂

  • vitalismary unachukwu
    vitalismary unachukwu 29 days ago +1

    Who is watching this in 2019?

  • all ahli
    all ahli 29 days ago +1

    Americans did not take her lies and hypocrisy.

  • all ahli
    all ahli Month ago +1

    Thank you Lord she is NOT your president.

  • all ahli
    all ahli Month ago +1

    Donald Trump the best thing that has happened to America.

  • Dwight Schrute
    Dwight Schrute Month ago +1

    Thank you Hillary for focusing your entire campaign on left wing dribble. Vast majority of Americans don't care which bathroom LGBT people should use and rather how you will improve the economy and provide jobs.

  • Justin Christensen
    Justin Christensen Month ago

    Abortion is a difficult subject. You cannot say what should be done when you haven't and are not currently in the woman's situation. What is an undeniable FACT* is that regardless of how the child was conceived? It is NOT THE BABY'S FAULT! IT IS **NOT** THE BABY'S FAULT! That is the only thing that is for sure surrounding this touchy issue. It's has to be the worst subject since the option was put on the table.

  • Daniel's Movie's
    Daniel's Movie's Month ago +1

    there is no family if there is abortion, 19:34

  • Clyde Allen
    Clyde Allen Month ago

    I loved Hillary’s book, she’s probably still blaming everyone around her.

  • Kieyanna Kardashian

    Middle East: my home is at 255 North Broadway Avenue, bartow FL 33830. Please arrive on 02/27/2019 at 08:30am.

  • Kieyanna Kardashian

    Sorry Middle East. Please review my recorded history in full detail prior to responding. Thank you.

  • Kieyanna Kardashian

    I, kieyanna camielle Carter admit to threatening the coalition in the form of leaking known illegal information to the "world bank".

  • Kieyanna Kardashian

    Africa please leave the room. I believe that my history teachers are very well versed and I refuse to intercept your drama. "I ain't rock my jewelry; that's on purpose."

  • Kieyanna Kardashian
    Kieyanna Kardashian Month ago +1

    I just don't like you but thanks

    CAYDEN CALAMYER Month ago +2


  • Peter Piper
    Peter Piper Month ago

    The way she talks....It’s like she has a microphone in her ear 👂

  • M Mac
    M Mac Month ago

    Crooked H REKT

  • alschbachb
    alschbachb Month ago

    Her smile shows how evil she really is

  • Jaiden Ramnath
    Jaiden Ramnath Month ago

    Go Hillary!!!

  • Brad Uphill
    Brad Uphill Month ago

    When Hillary listens to Donald Trump speak she looks amazed, It’s looks as though she is thinking,Oh my god this man really cares about people. As to where Hillary has been quoted saying she hates the average American.

  • Brad Uphill
    Brad Uphill Month ago +2

    After you complete your eight years as president of United States please come to Canada and run for Prime Minister it will be Absolutely great for our country.

  • Brad Uphill
    Brad Uphill Month ago +1

    I love how when Donald Trump answers a question he fully stands on his morals and is not afraid to answer how he truly feels about abortion I thought this was absolutely amazing and I’ve never seen any candidate ever do this.

  • 每天五分钟书评

    中文版的Trump vs Hillary.

  • Johnny Cajon
    Johnny Cajon Month ago


  • lordvishnu
    lordvishnu Month ago

    "America is great, because America is good" -- well, thank you, Hillary! That clears everything up!

  • Tim Vickery
    Tim Vickery Month ago

    "We have never had a foreign government try to interfere in our elections."
    Really Secretary Clinton?

  • Brayant Mtz.
    Brayant Mtz. Month ago

    The nra got guns so regulated to then sell them for more!

  • Reverend Guitar Man

    Wow...its really weird watching this two years later. Hillary is just so stiff, angry, impatient, and unlikeable here. Trump is..well...Trump...raw, takes everything personally, won't back down an inch in a fight... Neither one comes off as particularly "winning" this one, but we all know what happened so its no difference now...

  • Kevin Rocky
    Kevin Rocky Month ago +2

    When Clinton can’t answer a question she says Everything he just said is absolutely false you can go on My website and fact check trump

  • cheong cheong
    cheong cheong Month ago

    May be I m not the type of Mr President expected so I don't feel uncomfortable when I say anything here I feel good

  • cheong cheong
    cheong cheong Month ago


  • cheong cheong
    cheong cheong Month ago

    The results is everything is not from mouth, see what happened for the pass years

  • cheong cheong
    cheong cheong Month ago

    Things I believe is basic according to the one who doing things usually the way was that is the trust I will vote for

  • Charles B.
    Charles B. Month ago

    Read ROMAIN D'ASPREMONT : best rightwing book.

  • Charles B.
    Charles B. Month ago +2

    Bravo Trump. We need you in France

  • erick ardiansyah j6

    Inpacksione over turned unity the bords to the plene thie sesione true plane capsione save sent atake rows for worker jobs as,bath also then that countruksione the fandown worker file files foume pord folder than.

  • Rohit bagade
    Rohit bagade Month ago +1

    Donald is great..

  • Sal Scherzer
    Sal Scherzer Month ago +4

    This debate is legendary. Trump destroyed her

  • 大豪院邪鬼
    大豪院邪鬼 Month ago +1

    Hillary = China Money

  • 大豪院邪鬼
    大豪院邪鬼 Month ago +1

    Obama = The man who contributed to the construction of illegal military bases in the Spratly Islands by China.

  • 大豪院邪鬼
    大豪院邪鬼 Month ago

    Free Tibet! Free Uighur! Free America!

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach Month ago

    I liked this bc of trump

  • janet frye
    janet frye Month ago

    Hillary YOU’RE A LAIR

  • janet frye
    janet frye Month ago

    President Trump for 2020, Hillary go and hide your face