The Third Presidential Debate: Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump (Full Debate) | NBC News

  • Published on Oct 20, 2016
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    The Third Presidential Debate: Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump (Full Debate) | NBC News

Comments • 23 384

  • abraham a
    abraham a Hour ago

    wtf he made the rules thats why trump won

  • Hendrix Harris
    Hendrix Harris 5 hours ago

    I just love Trump. It’s gonna be a great 8 years

  • Ng Pao
    Ng Pao 18 hours ago

    Russia is to USA as Pakistan is to India.... That's the Oldest Democracy and the Largest Democracy.... 🤣🤣🤣

  • Evan Retzer
    Evan Retzer 19 hours ago

    Moderator: Okay, Mr Trump, your two minutes are up. Ms. Clinton, remember this is an open discussion ...

  • Simon Norell
    Simon Norell Day ago

    Just wait until the supreme court decides that the first amendment doesn't necessarily apply to semi-automatic speech

  • Elliot J
    Elliot J Day ago

    Deportation for a deep pored Haitian.

  • Ryan Kara Mikey Kids LIVE

    Rewatching to get motivation why we should vote for Donald Trump again. Democrats never want to build the wall. They do not want a safe country and created all the noises to bring down Trump. Trump has pushed and done what he said on the debate. The politicians would never done them.

  • EfffLibtards
    EfffLibtards 2 days ago +1

    Boy, she is NASTY!!! yayck!!

  • EfffLibtards
    EfffLibtards 2 days ago +1

    Hillary!! You are nobody but a CHARLATAN!! PERIOD

  • EfffLibtards
    EfffLibtards 2 days ago +1

    I can't stand this hag's fake smile!!!

  • EfffLibtards
    EfffLibtards 2 days ago +1

    Thank GOD for Trump!!! Best president EVER!!!!

  • neide farias
    neide farias 2 days ago

    you like lies and deceit? chek this out:

  • Andres Canseco
    Andres Canseco 2 days ago

    Well. To me almost everyone were against him. Como lrs quedo el ojo.

  • 12from121
    12from121 3 days ago

    Trump's answers make zero sense. It seems campaigns have nothing to do with substance anymore.

  • Denis Murray
    Denis Murray 3 days ago

    hes presidential shes the tea lady

  • Joe A
    Joe A 3 days ago

    Is she writing down which man suit she's going to wear at her inauguration?

  • Joe A
    Joe A 3 days ago

    While Trump is Talking Hillary is writing down the spells she wishes to cast on him

  • StevO B
    StevO B 3 days ago

    Hillary's unkempt …. wore out pussaye is unwanted … ask Billy

  • Issa
    Issa 4 days ago

    no wonder Hilary lost! she's very politician, more words than action,
    while Trump I think is an action man as how I describe a typical businessman!!
    I think Americans should be glad she didn't win. Just my opinion!

  • aricola84
    aricola84 4 days ago

    Literally a 15/10 moderator

  • aricola84
    aricola84 4 days ago

    "ten minutes of fame" its 15 buddy

  • Rachael Simon
    Rachael Simon 4 days ago

    Looking back...what you actually see is a divide of consumerism. Television vs. Internet.

  • Brady Hubbard
    Brady Hubbard 4 days ago

    Trump is infantile. Sheesh, show some decorum.

  • Linda Lee
    Linda Lee 4 days ago

    Trump is great !!! Hillary is a liar, she doesn't love Our country only herself. Ł

  • Shailesh Rana
    Shailesh Rana 4 days ago

    Godammit Trump "can't talk good".

    EXTOL ZEBULON 4 days ago

    Ripping a baby at 9 months out of the womb is okay killery ? With today's medical science ? What a load.
    Would that be during a satanic sacrifice you speak of this murder ?

    EXTOL ZEBULON 4 days ago

    I am so glad that demon did not win.
    The fetus has no constitutional rights but baby bush made it law that corporations are now a living entity ????
    Go Trump

  • Blindsyde
    Blindsyde 4 days ago

    I want to see Ben Shapiro in a presidential debate one day. He'd smoke these clowns.

  • Blindsyde
    Blindsyde 4 days ago

    Mouth sounds. 🤢

  • Kween Hottie
    Kween Hottie 6 days ago +1

    Dear Europe,
    This is America. We need help. Our “president” is corrupt and hateful. We helped you during both world wars so please help us now. Xoxo 💋

    • Francisco Villa
      Francisco Villa 6 days ago

      Kween Hottie speak for yourself treacherous coward

  • Angel White
    Angel White 6 days ago

    God bless President D J Trump .and god bless America...

    LION BISH 7 days ago

    I hate to admit it, but Hillary did have a zinger when she called him a puppet. That comment affected him too, if you looked at his face right after.

  • TJ Scott
    TJ Scott 7 days ago

    Ah, Autumn of 2016: The Calm Before the Storm.
    The good ol' days before everyone lost their minds. This was the campaign that killed the vibe. I just don't get it. After Trump got elected everyone lost their minds and new letters started popping up the LGBT acronym. A lot changes in 2 years. I wonder how things are going to look when I'm 18.

  • ava stubblefield
    ava stubblefield 8 days ago

    so he’s actually a good president? someone just tell me their opinion

  • David Brown
    David Brown 8 days ago

    The office

  • louis
    louis 8 days ago

    3 debates and all of them 2 vs 1

  • T R
    T R 8 days ago +1

    I’m so happy that he’s not afraid of her. He’s a strong man and leader. He has his own money so he can’t be bought.

  • JA G
    JA G 9 days ago

    I wonder if she goes back to this and see’s that whomever is criticizing Trumps plan was wrong and should be fired as an advisor. Jobs booming

  • John Hud007
    John Hud007 9 days ago

    Democrats took over the House +35,
    +7 Democratic Governors
    +374 Democratic State Legislators

  • RICK Smith
    RICK Smith 10 days ago

    She should be in jail with her dirtbag husband!!

  • Lucky Boy
    Lucky Boy 10 days ago

    1:28:44 "Such a nasty woman" -- President Trump

  • Antonio Beattie
    Antonio Beattie 11 days ago

    who is watching this like if they only knew 2018

  • Vanessadora Hill
    Vanessadora Hill 11 days ago

    By,the way,I am a proud melanated women.

  • TheFiloX 300
    TheFiloX 300 11 days ago

    during this man's presidency, killings, schools shootings and disasters have been happening and there is more ! there's absolutely no security. Bad and dangerous people can buy guns and do wahtever they want because of this man

  • liam b
    liam b 12 days ago +2


  • Seetha Sreenath
    Seetha Sreenath 13 days ago

    Constitution construct people recognition for parties responsibility of Nation's doing their activities controling itself.

  • Music Cover
    Music Cover 13 days ago

    im watching video then learn english, but i really feel intresting when they debate, i like them like us president, i wish i can speak english fluently then undertood what are they talking?

  • David Butler
    David Butler 13 days ago

    Love this debate, awesome for sure:)

  • Ly Chanthina
    Ly Chanthina 14 days ago

    Thanks god trump won👍👍👍 🙏🙏🙏

  • 毅小笠原
    毅小笠原 15 days ago


  • billygowhoop
    billygowhoop 15 days ago

    I love the way that Don says the word "millions".

  • Marina Isms
    Marina Isms 16 days ago

    I'm listening to this and it is just astonishing how well Alec Baldwin does Trump on SNL.

  • Marina Isms
    Marina Isms 16 days ago

    Bad hombres 😂😛

  • RealBloppy
    RealBloppy 17 days ago

    Thankful to God that Grandma Pantsuit is not our President.

  • Demonic S1aughtr
    Demonic S1aughtr 17 days ago

    Hillarys answers sound so rehearsed

  • Edelam Teklearegay
    Edelam Teklearegay 17 days ago

    # trump 2020

  • Kris Waters
    Kris Waters 18 days ago

    Djt will go down as the best president we have ever seen! Wwg1wga

  • Kris Waters
    Kris Waters 18 days ago

    We should just let kushner and killery have a baby and call it good night !

  • Nicola Cunningham
    Nicola Cunningham 18 days ago

    god bless donald trump , a real scottish american legend maga

  • Andy Wong
    Andy Wong 18 days ago

    Looking at this debate from couple years ago, I really want to thank you Trump working hard to save the US. Even Hillary said she won't raise a penny on our debt and tax, she would just hide it without anyone knows just like her emails and her "missing" $6 billions.

  • Steven Powers
    Steven Powers 18 days ago

    The Russians helped Hillary get the popular vote!

  • Nguyen Dung
    Nguyen Dung 19 days ago


  • Paul St. Germain
    Paul St. Germain 20 days ago

    2 years later, and the Democrats still haven't accepted that Trump won.

  • A VW
    A VW 20 days ago

    On the Supreme Court, Clinton said that the President nominates and the Senate advises and evaluates, but the decision should go through nonetheless. Why was the backlash so big against Trump's election of Kavanaugh? Democrats, your Clinton supported this protocol.

  • Jed Lawson
    Jed Lawson 20 days ago

    It honestly is the absolute greatest time to be alive, right now. So many liberal tears. Whose do I

    drink, first? I can't DECIDE!

  • Yash Khandelwal
    Yash Khandelwal 20 days ago

    "Such a nasty woman" 1:28:20 onwards 😂😂😂

  • laura liles
    laura liles 21 day ago

    Abortion=murder! Partial Birth Abortion???? Lord have mercy on your soul, lady!!!

  • Kelly Huynh
    Kelly Huynh 21 day ago

    I love Trumps face while he’s listening to Hilary’s spiel like he’s about to wreck her

  • vigilhammer
    vigilhammer 21 day ago

    Hillary has a screen hidden on her desk, where she`s reading the answers from.
    A photo was taken of it and spread on the internet.
    Even with all this help and literally carrying her to the election, she still lost miserably.
    Blame the Russians for the Elections loss? No Hillary. Blame your intelligence!!

  • Raiha Marsden
    Raiha Marsden 22 days ago


  • Brian Gerke
    Brian Gerke 23 days ago

    Hiliary is evil, she doesn't answer any questions and she has no plan!

  • Victor Ledezma
    Victor Ledezma 23 days ago

    40:05 most shameless moment of this talk lol

  • Emanuel94
    Emanuel94 23 days ago

    Nasty women

  • Emanuel94
    Emanuel94 23 days ago

    Hillary have nothing to do with economics lol 🤪

  • Emanuel94
    Emanuel94 23 days ago

    🗣Good job Trump 😏

    LUMA NATE 24 days ago

    41:48 gotta hand it to trump on this one

    LUMA NATE 24 days ago +1

    When conservatives are moderators they’re fair when liberals are moderators they are activists... im not even conservative but its irritating when you have a moderator who is debating rather than letting the candidates talk

  • keenan walker
    keenan walker 25 days ago

    God Hillary is so corrupt. I want to hit her every time I watch her speak

  • deep's yum
    deep's yum 26 days ago

    Still fun to watch......2018 October..😁

  • Pruthvi Devi
    Pruthvi Devi 26 days ago

    I found international media is very delicate delicious made Clinton very near by unsupreme

  • Mario Pan
    Mario Pan 27 days ago

    Am I srsly the only one who supports Hillary here, are Americans really this helplessly stupid?

  • Eddie Rease
    Eddie Rease 27 days ago

    Shut up Hillary , if your lips are moving your lies

  • Fernandezz Klock
    Fernandezz Klock 27 days ago

    Idiocracy incoming

  • Tom Martin
    Tom Martin 29 days ago +1


  • Zhenya Nikitin
    Zhenya Nikitin 29 days ago


  • Cloud Pup
    Cloud Pup 29 days ago

    1:20:05 am i the only one hearing “dozens” right before she says it? Did she cheat?

  • Nena A
    Nena A Month ago

    During this debate I was furious w/Trump.... Big fan of HRC ever since I was in high school. Fast forward to 2018 I may not a big fan of DT but because he is our POTUS I respect him. I am an open minded person and will support him during his presidency. GB!

  • Connor Harris
    Connor Harris Month ago

    In 2018
    Is America better with Trump:Yes
    Are there more opportunities: Yes
    Is Hillary a criminal: Yes
    Is America great because of Donald Trump: Yes.
    Under Clinton:
    Is America great with clinton:NO
    Is America in the toilet with Clinton: Yes
    Would Clinton stop ISIS: NO, she would provide ammo like Obama did.
    Would America ever recover from the terrible times with clinton: NO

  • rnelson299
    rnelson299 Month ago

    43:58 haha the water

  • Cody Ham
    Cody Ham Month ago

    WOW! America, How did you, VOTE for this guy? He is so dumb, and childlike.

    • DaddyboneZ
      DaddyboneZ 10 days ago

      Cody Ham how is he dumb? What about his policies and things he said was so dumb

  • riptack heigberns
    riptack heigberns Month ago

    24:30 to 30:00, if you want to see evidence of the conspiracy to take down Donald Trump using Russia as the bogey man. Hillary was reading the very clear case of conspirary of Trump with Russians interfering in elections, although we know now that she paid for the dossier on which the fake accusations were made. LOCK HER UP ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • riptack heigberns
    riptack heigberns Month ago

    I bet the Chinese and every government dealing with the US today is now pouring over every word Trump uttered in these debates? He has kept every word. In fact, he will have to make new promises for the next two years because there will be nothing else to deliver on.

  • riptack heigberns
    riptack heigberns Month ago

    I have heard this debate many times. And the more I listen, the more the greatness of our President becomes clear. He predicted everything dead on and kept every promise he made. I have no idea what will happen going forward with all the hate against this man but there is no doubt that he is the greatest President we have ever had. Wow!

  • Eduard Gherasim
    Eduard Gherasim Month ago

    Funny to hear Hillary worried about not greacefully accepting election resultys and talking about accepting results no matter what.... Hse is literally the one that encouraged peopel to go on teh streets and burn down cars and attack police because Trump won... again liberal hypocricy

  • 3000 678
    3000 678 Month ago

    Donald has more look

  • 3000 678
    3000 678 Month ago


  • theburkeman1
    theburkeman1 Month ago

    At this point what difference does it make.

  • theburkeman1
    theburkeman1 Month ago

    Truthful journalists do not have to worry. NONE of you are safe.

  • CaveNinjas
    CaveNinjas Month ago

    Hilary: “That’s not what America Stands for”
    Proceeds to lose election and find out it is what America stands for..
    The best night of my entire life was staying up and watching Trump win the Presidency.
    Imagine our country if Hilary won.. *shivers*

    • CaveNinjas
      CaveNinjas 29 days ago

      Bobby_Bill haha it’s a typo. I know how to spell it, you’re just looking for any little thing to bite at. It’s pathetic..

      BOB THE TERMINATOR 29 days ago

      Says the one that can't spell country.

  • Merker Scho
    Merker Scho Month ago

    She would have took our guns