The Third Presidential Debate: Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump (Full Debate) | NBC News

  • Published on Oct 20, 2016
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    The Third Presidential Debate: Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump (Full Debate) | NBC News

Comments • 22 353

  • Matthew Alkman
    Matthew Alkman 4 hours ago +1

    Hillary was actually pretty funny in this debate.

  • amy seaman
    amy seaman 14 hours ago

    She all looking at her notes lmao

  • amy seaman
    amy seaman 14 hours ago

    He’s like uh.....roflmao hahaha

  • amy seaman
    amy seaman 15 hours ago

    Like how does someone who stutters be running the debate lmao and he won yay!!!!

  • amy seaman
    amy seaman 15 hours ago

    I am. And laughing lol

  • Michael Gibson
    Michael Gibson 20 hours ago


  • W and S
    W and S 22 hours ago

    Read about McArthur when it came to North Korea. My father sat in a Chinese prison camp for 3 1/2 years because of Mc Arthur. Educate yourself. He probably STILL doesn't know.

  • W and S
    W and S 22 hours ago

    Check out how he just "tweeted" around the world "THE PRINCE OF WHALES" as if the prince is a sea going mammal. He has $$ for eyeballs and that's all he has.

  • bunnyboilerification

    What trump says about the second amendment is Why he is a good president.he has no reason to fear an armed population,he is a man with a good heart.i think the founding fathers saw England as a shining example of an enslaved unarmed people

  • Hris W
    Hris W 2 days ago

    They would of been best friends in highschool

  • Josh Sinclair
    Josh Sinclair 2 days ago

    I cannot stand smug Hillary's grin. She is as pleasant as an STD.

  • Edwin van gent
    Edwin van gent 3 days ago +1

    end trump now.

  • Mark Williams
    Mark Williams 3 days ago

    Trump 2020!!!! Woot woot

  • Nemo Hoes
    Nemo Hoes 3 days ago +1

    Trump looked like a fool lmaoo

  • timmy timmytimmy
    timmy timmytimmy 3 days ago

    god works in mysteries ways

  • Dennis Chapman
    Dennis Chapman 4 days ago

    The only reason she why is moving is because she knows she was lieing the whole time she interfired with the 2016 Elections Russian probe so she would win.

  • 김대중
    김대중 4 days ago

    트럼프가 운이 좋을 듯,,,,이미 비핵화 답안도 나왔고 경제도 미국이 상당히 좋아질 것이라 판단,,,,왜냐하면 트럼프가 눈치도 좋고 영리함,,,사람들이 트럼프 보고 비웃을 때 난 참 똑똑한 정치가라고 말했지,,,안믿던데,,,결국 트럼프가 실익도 있고 명예도 다 가져갈 듯,,,,내 영어 공부하는 이유는 미국영화가 재미있음,,,그 뿐,,,,미국도 이제 자유로와라,,,몇 십년 후 인공지능 세상일 때나 살아있으면 만날것이나 현실적으로 불능,,,훗날 나를 만나기가 신을 만나기 보다 힘들것이다,,,하느님과의 이면계약임,,,,내가 원하는 사람 이외에는 죽을지언정 만날 의사가 없음,,,,사람에게 너무 많이 배신당해서 사람이 싫음,,,,믿을 의사도 믿고 싶은 동정도 없음,,,감정 따위는 버러지에게 이미 다 주었음,,,,트럼프 참 운좋은 놈임,,,눈치가 뛰어나고 쉽게 배움,,

  • Nick DeFranco
    Nick DeFranco 4 days ago

    Cannot believe people actually think trump won these debates. Absolutely Insane

  • Wezzy Kada
    Wezzy Kada 4 days ago +1

    Anyone watching in 2019 ? Trump 2020

  • Syndea Soroka
    Syndea Soroka 4 days ago +1

    I LOVE OUR TRUMP AS OUR PRESIDENT! He's an honest human being and a DAM GOOD BUSINESSMAN who will get USA back and running with prosperity AGAIN. I AM STILL* GRATEFUL I VOTED FOR HIM & WILL DO IT AGAIN! MAGA!

    MELONIES GHOST 4 days ago

    Trump..Such an obvious tool.His followers are dumb as a box of rocks..

  • Robert fitz
    Robert fitz 5 days ago

    2019 still watchin

  • roy
    roy 5 days ago +3

    What I love the most is Mr trumps facial expressions when he knows killary is lying😂🤣🤣🤣😂😃

  • ll
    ll 6 days ago +1

    @1:05:05 when you realize it was rigged.

  • Matteo C
    Matteo C 6 days ago +7

    Donald Trump was right about everything.

  • Kelly Williams
    Kelly Williams 7 days ago +2

    I voted for Trump.

  • silvermist1216
    silvermist1216 7 days ago

    America deserves everything it is getting right now.

  • David Contreras
    David Contreras 7 days ago

    hillary is so obviously lying yet she's fooling no one, and those who choose to believe her are imbeciles

  • Steve Smith
    Steve Smith 8 days ago

    funny how hillary kept saying whenever something goes against trump, that its rigged against him, then when trump WINS the presidency, the democrats wont stop crying about the election being rigged agaainst hillary by trump and russia. HAHAHAHHA

  • Timothy Blackburn
    Timothy Blackburn 8 days ago +1

    Back in the 1970's & 80's. all the cowboys with pickup trucks used to park their trucks on school grounds in high school and they all had rifles on their gun racks in the back cab window.
    Dont let the liberals lie to you. Hold on to your 2nd. Amendment rights.

  • Jimmy Conway
    Jimmy Conway 8 days ago

    The Teflon Donald!!

  • Badarch Bolortuya
    Badarch Bolortuya 9 days ago


  • Ashley Noel
    Ashley Noel 9 days ago

    How much is your "foundation" worth again???🐲 Her superficial facade has so many cracks.👹

  • Ashley Noel
    Ashley Noel 9 days ago

    Hillarys reputation is transparent every time she opens that hole in her face.

  • Fish Finn
    Fish Finn 9 days ago

    HAHAAHH her face when he said to give the money back. .

  • Raf Bass
    Raf Bass 9 days ago

    Thank you 🙏 Donald Trump

  • sean X
    sean X 10 days ago +1

    Democrats are for open borders for one reason, votes. They do not care about security, trade or who is coming over. They don't care about drugs, terrorism.. All about votes. They have proved this over and over in how they sway to different positions. There is no core they stick to.
    Obviously, we need secure borders. We also need increased legal immigration. No one can disagree with that Do democrats do that? No, they fight legal immigration.. They do nothing about unbalanced trade.. They are slick lawyers with the media knowing how to put a smiley face on their bullsht. They will always have the uninformed voter... and there is alot of them. People fooled by lawyer talk.. People who don't care about track records and common sense.

  • Jon W
    Jon W 10 days ago

    Roe Vs Wade- I never heard the "Mans" choice in the decision making process. A woman can't get pregnant without a "male seed." Why are we not included???? Self-centered "women"

  • Jon W
    Jon W 10 days ago +1

    We want the Trump-Bump.....:)
    Not Hillary-ROTTON-Clinton

  • Dejan
    Dejan 10 days ago

    I'm watching this for the 3rd time now! Mostly because I love watching Trump speak! Clinton is so fake, dull, and hypocritical! She is full of BAD unoriginal ideas that are built on feelings instead of common sense and facts, e.g. she'd rather that the americans die at the hands of illegal immigrants than to deport them or strengthen the border - because of "woman and children" and other stupid reasons that doesn't change the fact that they are doing something illegally to begin with. She also starts every debate with "we have to think what kind of country we want to be", and somewhere during the debate she goes "america is greate because america is good" - after calling a good chunk of them "deplorables - such a scripted fake human being. I dont even live in the US so I shouldn't care this much anyway, but for the sake of planet Earth I'm glad Trump won.

  • Mecca Morgan
    Mecca Morgan 11 days ago

    "The Constitution the way it was meant to be." - Trump
    (dog whistle).

  • Bartimeaus Sinclair
    Bartimeaus Sinclair 11 days ago

    Rarely will I ever comment before I view and listen to a debate, but I can't help it but she is walking into a trap that will literally stripper her naked, foolishly vulnerable, downgrade from some resemblance of intelligence 2 nothing but a big fat goose egg. LOL she's ridiculous, at least this is one reality shows that is not too depressing even though it is sad and tragic!

  • Andrew Bainbridge
    Andrew Bainbridge 12 days ago

    omg everything trump said is true

  • ariana grande
    ariana grande 13 days ago +1

    Trump= REALISTIC
    Hilary= ABSTRACT

  • Tom P
    Tom P 14 days ago

    depart Carla

  • Susan Fordt-Blanchard
    Susan Fordt-Blanchard 14 days ago

    Wallace is terrible interviewer...let Old Hillary run debates..but still lost debate...Trump took her to task....she had to read a scripted and still read out....

  • Susan Fordt-Blanchard
    Susan Fordt-Blanchard 14 days ago

    Look at that traitor ready her podium question and help with answers....just ck her lite on podium Trump doesn't have lites....then watch people coming out and quickly pull equipment from her podium...while she trys to detract people...Hillary is a big traitors with Barry...Dems..and some Republicans too...

  • Sue Mcclellan
    Sue Mcclellan 14 days ago +3

    That “wicked” woman belongs in Gitmo. We the People wait patiently.

  • Athanasios Mastrogiannis

    reporter flirts trump to be greddy

  • Athanasios Mastrogiannis

    trump also dedicated

  • Athanasios Mastrogiannis

    i think good for hillary

  • Athanasios Mastrogiannis

    a few meetings trump and putin also officials involved with may reporters asking questions alll public

  • James Cardenas
    James Cardenas 15 days ago +1

    19:47 Trump

  • chkn/egg/chz sammich
    chkn/egg/chz sammich 15 days ago

    20:02 + 20 seconds = EXACTLY

  • Deborah Porter
    Deborah Porter 15 days ago


  • Petro Rams
    Petro Rams 16 days ago

    Who's going to watch again in 2020?

  • Hugo Fernandes
    Hugo Fernandes 16 days ago

    andrew yang is so muchhhh better then these guyzzz...

  • Athanasios Mastrogiannis

    yeeeeees work together trump and hillary

  • Athanasios Mastrogiannis

    trump will just do it

  • Athanasios Mastrogiannis

    hillary expects trump to prove himself

  • Athanasios Mastrogiannis

    yes i totally trust trump to put bad guys to sleep

  • Athanasios Mastrogiannis

    the bad guys dont put them else were, put them to sleep

  • Athanasios Mastrogiannis

    ok devil does not come from the borders xxixi

  • Athanasios Mastrogiannis

    i think your immigrants are already totally respect you

  • Athanasios Mastrogiannis

    mercy for other families with no children

  • Athanasios Mastrogiannis

    instituions for unwanted children -- tolerance

  • Athanasios Mastrogiannis

    about abortions -- no penalty to the women but women must learn the child they carry is not theirs

  • Athanasios Mastrogiannis

    donald comforted her on her previous request

  • Athanasios Mastrogiannis

    hillary just revieled she hopes police to be more effective and proper

  • Athanasios Mastrogiannis

    donald react correct when men self confidence is doughted

  • Athanasios Mastrogiannis

    hillary looks good -likes men with self confidence and to be very respectful to their values also

  • Athanasios Mastrogiannis

    no problem with big corporations

  • Athanasios Mastrogiannis

    corporations must work on the favour of people

  • Athanasios Mastrogiannis

    i like debates a lot --- leader vs leader

  • Colton Garrett
    Colton Garrett 16 days ago

    “Do you doubt 17 intelligence officers?”
    She clearly meant to say that, I mean after all she’s caught up in FISA Abuse. I bet you Brennan paid her to say that, just to cause the treasonous coup/insurance policy just Incase Trump won.

  • James D
    James D 16 days ago

    Hillary is a snake.. nothing about what she says is new.. it's just blahs blahs blah...

  • Doug styles
    Doug styles 16 days ago

    Hahaa. She lost.

  • robert mccaleb
    robert mccaleb 16 days ago

    HITLERY/BIDEN2020 trials and public executions.

  • sina mumuta
    sina mumuta 16 days ago

    The very dangernous cheater violence of this woman if she listen at this again and think she was betrayed the people and threaten victims of politics action,look at all she was saying she Destroyed and all what she said ,she was very controllng and using her Political understand ING to destroyed the right

  • Ambte naaier
    Ambte naaier 17 days ago

    Lol! and the liberals are still crying in 2019, never accepting Trump's win XD Trump 2020! lets make them cry for 8 long years!

  • Nite Flyer
    Nite Flyer 17 days ago

    I see many blind eye's and many open mouths speaking with fingers in the ears, not hearing a truth that is obvious to many. the certain miss-informed fudged media rooms to share Congressional concern seem obvious as a greater (certain) media's political ploy for a today theme.

    "R" (some do miss) "many do miss-advise" (( is the greater public missing facts altogether ))

    ""are we being blindly lead into the inferno?""

  • Denim Lowe
    Denim Lowe 17 days ago

    I can't stand hearing that witches voice. She is the most evil woman of all time......

  • giau ho
    giau ho 17 days ago

    Trump is god .i from vietnam

  • P Scotty85
    P Scotty85 18 days ago

    At this point, 5/29/2019 she was dead wrong, great job growth

  • Luis Luna
    Luis Luna 18 days ago

    11 million try 40 million Cankles

    DANIEL VILLALOBOS 18 days ago +1

    Man Hillary should have won it’s like saying that the 2.9 million votes did not count

  • flacracker247 southern pride

    Trump 2020

  • Christopher Joseph
    Christopher Joseph 18 days ago +1

    Such a nasty woman........

  • Samuel Tantala
    Samuel Tantala 19 days ago

    Hillary Clinton would have been a colossal disaster for the United States. That would have been like electing Richard Nixon again after Watergate.

  • corrsage V
    corrsage V 19 days ago

    Jesus, the media at the end trying to manipulate their viewers...unbeliveble

  • Esteban Lopez
    Esteban Lopez 19 days ago

    Wait until the uranium one deal's are being investigated and convicted you Obama's and Clinton's for treason crimes.

  • Esteban Lopez
    Esteban Lopez 19 days ago

    American's not illegal immigrants here breaking United States federal law's.

  • Sarp Ulusoy
    Sarp Ulusoy 19 days ago

    Trump for 2020!

  • Anthony Thomas
    Anthony Thomas 19 days ago

    1 hr in on the video is the funniest part they ask if trump would except who wins and its a part of our tradion that who ever looses excepts the win,er and they come together and in 2019 Clinton only talks about now that she had the election stolen from her

  • Anthony Thomas
    Anthony Thomas 19 days ago

    I feel so bad that a good man like trump had to go through this terrible shameful lies I can't even express how mad it makes me that these people are running our country...2019 all the things trump has done in such a short amount of time and 95% of these other people if they actually cared like trump does we would have an incredible country..but no we have criminals and liers

  • Anthony Thomas
    Anthony Thomas 19 days ago

    You can just listen to Clinton and hear how clear the lies are ...its easy it is for us to believe shouldn't have been a question for trump to win looking back....I hope we can see through the lies like what Clinton feeds next time

  • Anthony Thomas
    Anthony Thomas 19 days ago +1

    What's funny is its 2019 and watching this now it just goes to show exactly all the people that are on the same team to take down America..its crazy go trump

  • dshew d
    dshew d 20 days ago +2

    56:32. The face of evil. Keep blinking your eyes little hellion.

  • David Aliberti
    David Aliberti 20 days ago +1

    Hillary....Proud of The Clinton Foundation..
    90% my foot.