I tried EVERYPLATE for 1 week

  • Published on Jan 30, 2020
  • Trying EVERYPLATE meal delivery for 5 days. My referral code for $20 off: www.everyplate.com/plans?c=ES...
    For 5 days/2 person meal, it comes out to $30 roughly.
    Thanks for watching. Be blessed.
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  • Tash
    Tash  2 years ago +230

    Rude comments will be deleted. This is my channel and my platform. If you don't like kids in the background, find another video. Thanks xx

  • Phyllis Willis
    Phyllis Willis 2 years ago +106

    im new to your channel but I love the sounds of the kids in the background, we are real moms and its natural to have your kids around!

  • Kassanbruh
    Kassanbruh Year ago +45

    I don’t typically comment on videos, but I just wanted to say that seeing how sweet and attentive you were to your kids made me fall in love with your channel. Subscribing!!

  • PongoXBongo
    PongoXBongo Year ago +10

    Just signed up for my first week (just 3 meals, to start)! The recipes sound amazing, and the prices are hard to beat. I've been abusing food delivery apps during quarantine, which is both lazy and expensive. Hopefully, Everyplate will be a healthier option for both me and my wallet. πŸ‘

  • Ryan Sukale
    Ryan Sukale Year ago +13

    Your review was very unbiased. It was helpful to see your reactions of the recipes after you tasted them. And it was a delight to have the kids play around. Thank you!

  • Gillian Alexandra
    Gillian Alexandra 2 years ago +39

    Absolutely loved the realness of your review. Kids, noise, and all. It's so difficult for me to eat and meal plan especially healthy options with the simplicity of making it all! I considered this subscription today to help with healthier options and a cheaper price and your review certainly helped. Especially with the kids. I've got two myself!

  • itskayladawg1997
    itskayladawg1997 2 years ago +7

    I’m a new subscriber, I love this video it’s real life & so authentic. The kiddos are so adorable thanks for keeping it real ❀️

  • Fairfax Vickers
    Fairfax Vickers Year ago +2

    Love this so much! Your sweethearts melted my heart! I just ordered my first box from Every Plate and I'm so excited :D

  • Olga Shum
    Olga Shum Year ago +1

    Great video! Love your kids, and absolutely love how they’re involved. God bless you and your family!

  • Ronnie-Lynn
    Ronnie-Lynn 2 years ago +18

    Your little one is so cute holding the microphone for you! Awh! And I went to try these services but I find so many meals have zucchini and it’s literately the only vegetable I don’t enjoy.

  • Domingo Martinez
    Domingo Martinez Year ago +2

    I enjoyed watching and learning. Your kids are such characters! :-)

  • raven Winters
    raven Winters Year ago +3

    Love how you interact with your kids during your video πŸ’œπŸ˜Š

  • Eric Fozz
    Eric Fozz Year ago

    Never come across your channel until now but honestly you seem like a great person and an amazing parent, was really refreshing to see! I hope you don’t ever lose that in this crazy TheXvid world

  • Louie
    Louie Year ago +2

    I just ordered this after my HelloFresh discount finished. It looks like a better choice for me since the variety on HelloFresh is more for vegetarians. I just like a meat, roasted vegetables, and something on the side like rice or potatoes. It is nice to discover a new recipe now and again but for half the money I'd rather choose from 13 meals instead of 20.

  • Linda K

    Your kids are so cute! We just finished our first week of EveryPlate and everything was so good. Even my husband said so! We are empty nesters so just have to feed us. Every plate has the nutritional info on the website so you can see it before choosing your meal.

  • Tam Peters
    Tam Peters 2 years ago +3

    Would love the recipe for the first meal ..your kids are adorable

  • abc
    abc 2 years ago +2

    Thanks for a helpful review! I think I'll try EP, which will be my first of these type of meals.

  • Becky Rose
    Becky Rose Year ago +4

    Your kids in this video are the best part about it πŸ˜‚πŸ’• it makes it authentic while other TheXvidrs would tell them to go away or maybe edit that part of the video. Point for mama! ❀️❀️

  • carolinacasper C
    carolinacasper C Year ago +2

    OMG! I just ordered us our first few meals and this video has got me stoked!

  • kent lewis
    kent lewis Year ago +2

    Just scheduled my first delivery and wanted to do some research before I found your vid. Just wanted to say that your mom skills are on point!