Insane Girl Catfishes Her Own Boyfriend...

  • Published on Jul 13, 2019
  • In today's reaction video we look at Piper Rockelle, the new family friendly JoJo Siwa copy, a girl who catfished Gavin Magnus in a fake account prank on boyfriend (apparently gone wrong).
    Twitter/Instagram: @JamesMarriottYT (James Marriott)
  • ComedyComedy

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  • Sargent Puppo
    Sargent Puppo 13 minutes ago +1

    James please make a troom troom video

  • Haru Kazami
    Haru Kazami 4 hours ago

    When I was her age I didn't know how to be in a relationship tbh

  • SuRv_Kuro
    SuRv_Kuro 5 hours ago

    haha BAKA i watched ''two girls one cup ''when i was nine

  • Robin Dungey
    Robin Dungey 6 hours ago

    My younger sister watches this

  • Jerry
    Jerry 6 hours ago

    Your better Than George Memeulous

  • Ray Witana
    Ray Witana 11 hours ago

    Why does she look like alen danger 🤣 of ...

  • jellybeanz
    jellybeanz 16 hours ago

    Oh wow my friend use to listen to one of his songs it suckkssss

  • Nick C
    Nick C 17 hours ago

    what the hell man, these girls are like 10? is this what kids do now?

  • 赤Aka
    赤Aka 17 hours ago +1

    This 12 year old girl she even wears makeup and I'm 2 years older and never put makeup on


  • Claire Gallagher
    Claire Gallagher 17 hours ago

    I officially hate my name.

  • Jay Pt.2
    Jay Pt.2 19 hours ago

    “If you’re 12 years old here is a list of things you should be watching”
    haha jokes on you i grew up too fast-

  • Sunflower Gaming
    Sunflower Gaming 19 hours ago +1

    Mikey tua and Gavin magnus just did a collab,..

  • Lucy Rathbone
    Lucy Rathbone 22 hours ago

    10:34 two girls one cup....

  • I'm a human 2
    I'm a human 2 Day ago

    Well I've already watched two girls don't cup now to finish season 17 of sponge bob

  • Cw Jh
    Cw Jh Day ago


  • Yedidiah Ineza
    Yedidiah Ineza Day ago

    What up kpop Stan loser virgins?

  • Gucamoli Kween
    Gucamoli Kween Day ago +2

    I’m 12 turning 13 soon and I already watch all the things that u suggested except for in the night garden 😂

  • Anastasia N
    Anastasia N Day ago

    Marriot paparazzi mariottzi

  • Hussain Ridai
    Hussain Ridai Day ago

    4:54 😂😂😂😭interenet

  • katibeenwildin
    katibeenwildin Day ago

    already watched all the things in the list lol

  • DrakeXmsp
    DrakeXmsp 2 days ago

    Ey I love piper she’s a babe

  • Blue Tea
    Blue Tea 2 days ago

    Is it weird that i didn't know makeup existed when i was 12

  • Piper Swagner
    Piper Swagner 2 days ago

    i need to change my name now

  • PurdyPaints
    PurdyPaints 2 days ago +2

    Honestly in my opinion i think people should start dating in middle school

  • Swami Mami1014
    Swami Mami1014 2 days ago

    The only kids I want dead are the piece of shit kids in skyrim

  • Saga Steindóra Oscarsdóttir


  • Wideboy Nation
    Wideboy Nation 3 days ago


  • Asgard Ninja
    Asgard Ninja 3 days ago +1

    8:25 Was expecting a deeper voice

  • Cherokee Gaddy
    Cherokee Gaddy 3 days ago +2

    The year is 2015
    I was dating a guy
    We were hanging out with his family
    His little cousin told her friend that if her boyfriend sent smiley faces to another girl then that’s cheating.
    It must be true a 11 year old said.
    And we just laughed for an hour

  • Storm Fly1o1
    Storm Fly1o1 3 days ago

    James has the most beautiful eyes.

  • Call Me Not Carson
    Call Me Not Carson 3 days ago

    When I was 12 I catfished my ex 💀

  • Ÿåñg_ Gacha
    Ÿåñg_ Gacha 3 days ago

    I can’t believe I’m older than that girl and she has a “boyfriend”. She should be playing sports and hanging out with her friends, not using Instagram.

  • Rayzivwa Ray
    Rayzivwa Ray 3 days ago

    interernet 4:44

  • me me big boy
    me me big boy 3 days ago

    1:32 gavin looks gay to be honest

  • ivy moor
    ivy moor 3 days ago +1

    God I thought having a relation at my age (14) was a bit... 12, 12 I think they need some help.

  • Paddle On Drew
    Paddle On Drew 4 days ago

    "Two girls one cup 😂"

  • Livy's Life
    Livy's Life 4 days ago

    U should watch the video where she tortured twelve year olds and made them drop their phones off a bridge into a river

  • max cole
    max cole 4 days ago

    To know what 12 year olds do know I’m glad I had friends

  • Selah Sizer
    Selah Sizer 4 days ago

    When I was 12 oh wait I am 12 hahaha silly goose

    Pls sub to my channel

    HECTIC InSaNiTy 4 days ago

    James im 10 watch films silently and went on a plane and i just ate all there fucking shit thats my life im 11 in october 5 th

  • Ghazal Shadkami
    Ghazal Shadkami 5 days ago

    BTS save me yassssss

  • Daniel Schnittker
    Daniel Schnittker 5 days ago

    I love you soooo much (no homo) but when I’m sad I watch you and I literally soil myself cause your so funny 🤣🤣

  • Fatal Xploit
    Fatal Xploit 5 days ago

    Like how 2 girls 1 cup is in the list James suggests for kids😂😂😂

  • Random Content
    Random Content 6 days ago

    This kid looks like fucking Johnny test look at his pic

  • RoarRaps
    RoarRaps 6 days ago

    1:43 hilarious Chad impression 🤣

  • RoarRaps
    RoarRaps 6 days ago

    1:44 Your accent was impeccable :-) 🤣

  • Cody Allen
    Cody Allen 6 days ago

    what about 'the kids james wishes would die'
    u said it james, not me

  • xd mememax
    xd mememax 6 days ago

    Have a great time everyone

    And no i will not self promote

  • Gossip sis *-*
    Gossip sis *-* 6 days ago

    Things that you should watch: 2 girls 1 cup 😂😂😂😂
    I've been absolutely bamboozled

  • HaUs - LuRcH
    HaUs - LuRcH 6 days ago

    omg i understood what ''you look butters'' means cause of my british bf xD

  • random mentally unstable girl

    i’m fine with being called a loser virgin

  • random mentally unstable girl

    i’m almost 15 and these little tik tok bitches who are like 4 are already dating people.. pls

  • sae
    sae 7 days ago


    Im so sorry
    but its true
    BTS was what I was watching when I was 12

  • Random Name
    Random Name 7 days ago

    Forget BTS- Save me, In the Night Garden FUCKING SLAPS BRO

  • The Thompson Gunner
    The Thompson Gunner 7 days ago


  • Corynn Held
    Corynn Held 8 days ago +1

    Ew she’s like 11 no normal kid has a real boyfriend at that age

  • Abbey Odell
    Abbey Odell 8 days ago

    What makes me angry is their parents allow this trash to be posted. Keeping using your kids for money! Great job!
    James Keep roasting!!!!!!! I've been binge watching all day. Just wish you didn't say oh jk at the end. We all think what youre saying in your videos. IMO Kids and TheXvid need a limit. This crap right here is not ok. Rii bad TheXvid stopped comments on kids videos. She'll be pregnant by 15. LMAO not my problem though.

  • SadEmoWhale
    SadEmoWhale 8 days ago +1


  • Crina Maria
    Crina Maria 9 days ago +1

    I'm 12 years old and i didn't had any relationship because i don't think it's the time and she is 12 catfishing her boyfriend?Who is she??Danielle Cohn' little sister??Gosh 🤦‍♀

  • Kylie Johnson
    Kylie Johnson 9 days ago

    *lets be real bitch you look like bUtTeRs*