The ANGRIEST Owner Of All Time? | Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on May 5, 2018
  • She fires customers!
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  • youbrokein
    youbrokein 19 minutes ago

    exactly what i thought. gordon should be sued for fraud. even she mentioned the fridge wasnt like that before but once ramsay and his team show up theres bones in the fridge lol. they had it on video that someone hooded was meddling with fridge. contacted the restaurant

  • anime boi
    anime boi 3 hours ago

    Now how the hell do you fire customers

  • cessactdm
    cessactdm 4 hours ago

    She is definitely lesbian! I mean look at her, right?!

  • PopularRPG
    PopularRPG 6 hours ago

    When your food is so good Gordon ramsay gives it a 5 star rating and recommends it

  • Seena Grim
    Seena Grim 6 hours ago

    What a good episode

  • g2 gg
    g2 gg 8 hours ago

    say it AGAIN

  • STOP
    STOP 8 hours ago

    did this bitch really just call Gordon Ramsey a disgrace to the industry?

  • Stop Stalking Stop it now,

    I AM iNsAne?

  • Eunhye Shin
    Eunhye Shin 10 hours ago

    Is her restaurant still in service? 😂

  • CROP Olenmage
    CROP Olenmage 11 hours ago

    kicking out one of the best chefs in the world its like killing my self

  • Eisenwald TV
    Eisenwald TV 11 hours ago

    "You stuck up precious little bitch!"
    This one killed me!!! 😂

  • hugeKingKibbleFan 69
    hugeKingKibbleFan 69 11 hours ago

    Meatloaf comes out: that doesn't look too bad
    Gordon: wow, disgusting
    Me: disgusting

  • MilkTea SN
    MilkTea SN 12 hours ago

    "You're a disgrace to this industry"
    Me: Says the owner with no cooking background, has a freakin' unhygienic kitchen, a weird-ass menu, and doesn't treat her staff well.

  • art cafe
    art cafe 12 hours ago

    I think this woman yearns to taste the in her vag before she knows what the taste of the food is.

  • RainyPaintsSkies
    RainyPaintsSkies 12 hours ago +1

    "im not sitting im standing"
    Her mind: S h o t s *F I R E D*

  • Jordan Earle
    Jordan Earle 14 hours ago

    I need a follow up video asap

  • Dane ProfessionalDoctor
    Dane ProfessionalDoctor 14 hours ago +1

    *That thumbnail tho* !

  • ludovic delcros
    ludovic delcros 14 hours ago

    If you aren't loving this restaurant, you full of shit. POINT

  • ツ*-Gacha Kate-*
    ツ*-Gacha Kate-* 15 hours ago


  • Dexqlan Jones
    Dexqlan Jones 19 hours ago

    What a bitch

  • Jenson Orbeta
    Jenson Orbeta 23 hours ago

    4:99 Here we go again....

  • Review
    Review Day ago

    If I was shit and needed help, I'd sit down, shut up, get a notebook and pen, dot form everything, highlight major concerns, take every bit of criticism on the chin, praise his knowledge and thank him for his time and effort...

  • blanque
    blanque Day ago


  • joa moe
    joa moe Day ago

    Can’t you do anything else then complaine? So fucking anoying

  • Kyle1000 Xx
    Kyle1000 Xx Day ago

    Waw Gordon and the owner are like my parents

  • GamingWithGrace
    GamingWithGrace Day ago

    "I'm not in denial" so you're in denial about being in denial? alright

  • Jessica Astra
    Jessica Astra Day ago

    Che cessa mamma mia😂😂😂😂😂

  • red knight
    red knight Day ago

    Send her to the gallows, why poison customers?

  • Habiba Tohamy
    Habiba Tohamy Day ago

    She has such a punchable face🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Shiv Inder Singh
    Shiv Inder Singh Day ago +2

    TBH the owners of this channel know how to meme . NINOOO

  • Mystical Coin
    Mystical Coin Day ago +4

    “It wasnt a party in my mouth, its like a funeral in my mouth” i died here

    • hopelesskase x
      hopelesskase x 11 hours ago

      Mystical Coin so did the person in the funeral

  • sarah miller
    sarah miller Day ago

    this bitch needs therapy

  • EmpireX_V Gaming

    Why do the owners give their food a 10? If it was, Gordon wouldn't need to be there

  • Valourian
    Valourian Day ago

    Abby: what was wrong with the meatloaf
    Gordon: oh *SHIT*

  • Man Utd Lists
    Man Utd Lists Day ago +2

    What episode is this? I need to watch the whole thing

    • Sabrina L. Williams
      Sabrina L. Williams 12 hours ago +1

      @Man Utd Lists you're welcome!

    • Man Utd Lists
      Man Utd Lists 17 hours ago +2

      @Sabrina L. Williams Thank you 🙏

    • Sabrina L. Williams
      Sabrina L. Williams Day ago +1

      Here you go, I had to watch the full episode too after this clip. What a nutter!

  • Iosif Hreceniuc
    Iosif Hreceniuc Day ago

    ,,You're in denial"
    ,,Im not in denial"

  • Tyrian3k
    Tyrian3k Day ago

    What did they do to the meatloaf? Bake it, slice it and then put it back into the oven for an hour at like 120°C? And then they let it sit for another hour until it's cold again... and then drowned it in sauce in the hopes to make it not taste like roadkill.

  • Crystal Clear
    Crystal Clear Day ago +1

    That fridge wasn’t like that before you came
    Ramsay: 😂

  • I dun no how i saved dat vs shevchenko

    2:26 I thought he said "this is the fart in your mouth"

  • BlackTomahawk
    BlackTomahawk Day ago

    love how the waiters laugh as serving the food they r like: lol hes the new victim cant wait to hear his opinion!

  • Nugget
    Nugget Day ago +1

    I still think that it is fucking hilarious that Gordon says that he will go for a girl's balls

  • 10k subs with no video Subscribe or you'll die

    He just destroyed that womans career

  • adiado
    adiado Day ago

    she's clearly a liberal party voter. typical leftie

  • Zaq
    Zaq Day ago

    the moldy lamb bones

  • rinaigel Overman


  • Amara Goodwin
    Amara Goodwin Day ago

    Omg i would be disgusted if i went to that restraunt

  • Epic Ck Jk
    Epic Ck Jk Day ago

    She looks like the librarian from monster’s inc

  • Nirdosh Yadav
    Nirdosh Yadav Day ago

    If one calls Gordon for help one should listen to him quietly and follow his instructions rather than argue with him!

  • Alca Bringer
    Alca Bringer Day ago

    "It wasn't a party in my mouth. It was like a funeral in my mouth."
    What did you not like about the meatloaf? Ramsey: Ohhhhhh shiiiiit! 5:25 and the truth came out from the staff. XD

  • Lukáš Kolorédy

    You little bitch!!! Gordon is the best Man on this planet!

  • Rico menendez
    Rico menendez Day ago +1

    Bro it is annoying when she talks to me

  • ROY
    ROY Day ago

    Such a pain in the ass ..this..fuckup n eat dude

  • 1konic
    1konic Day ago

    Gordon doesn’t sugar coat what he says xD

  • Slider drago
    Slider drago Day ago

    This is how every liberal acts these days.

  • Blxck Vuiiton
    Blxck Vuiiton 2 days ago

    Gordon ramsay looks like pennywise in all of the thumbnails for these videos

  • Pinabble
    Pinabble 2 days ago

    Lady: *invites Gordon to critique her restaurant*
    Gordon: *critiques*
    Lady: gEt tHe fUcK ouTTa mY reStArAUnt!

  • JakE
    JakE 2 days ago +7

    Owner: what did you not like about the meatloaf?
    Gordon: OHH SHIIIT

  • kye williams
    kye williams 2 days ago

    I mean let's be real guys ofc the waiters are nice and dont speak up cause if they dont listen to Ramsey why listen to them 😂😂?

  • Sarah Stellmach
    Sarah Stellmach 2 days ago

    k but i love all of the waiters lmao

  • Earth Has Curve
    Earth Has Curve 2 days ago

    You know...I worked for chefs who were pretty brutal. The good ones didn't just scream and say "that's shit". Now, that comment may not be fair because it is actually good to watch Ramsey in his home kitchen. I have to agree about reheated food, poor storage habits, but why the yelling before the teaching?