Carmen Sandiego | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

  • Published on Jan 4, 2019
  • Everybody asks "WHERE is Carmen Sandiego?", but nobody asks "WHO is Carmen Sandiego?" The iconic woman in red returns for new international capers and a peek into her past. Featuring Gina Rodriguez as Carmen and Finn Wolfhard as Player, Carmen Sandiego infiltrates Netflix on January 18!
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    Carmen Sandiego | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
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Comments • 6 374

  • min
    min 2 days ago

    omg finn wolfhard !

  • Itz Shandi
    Itz Shandi 2 days ago

    I finished this series months ago and I really wish I could repeat it!💎❤❤

  • 아농
    아농 2 days ago

    No korean in here???
    아니 이거미쳤어요..,,진짜 넷플끊고 오뉴블 러시안인형처럼 외 많은걸다보고 왜 저걸안봤는ㄴ지.,,,ㅇㄴ 진짜 저거 그림체,,,와.,,넷플릭스 내가 꼭 입사한다.,,

  • Hartini Rosid
    Hartini Rosid 2 days ago


  • Sir Le Oof
    Sir Le Oof 2 days ago

    did someone said indonesia 😏

  • _. Cayyy ._
    _. Cayyy ._ 2 days ago

    I look like Carmen Sandiego with lighter skin.

  • Maya The Skeleton
    Maya The Skeleton 3 days ago

    "We're off to Indonesia-" *VISIT MY PLACE BABY*

  • Daulah Iftitah
    Daulah Iftitah 4 days ago

    Why Indonesia?

  • Diego Manni
    Diego Manni 4 days ago

    Nobody ever asked “WHO THE FUCK IS CARMEN SANDIEGO?!”

  • I AM irrilivint
    I AM irrilivint 5 days ago


  • Karl Rühl
    Karl Rühl 5 days ago +1

    It’s funny that no one finds her hot

  • shiroba akeshi
    shiroba akeshi 5 days ago

    What if Carmen is a thief that only steals from other thieves....that reminds me of a certain raccoon who has a turtle and a hippopotamus for best friends

  • MC_Axolotl
    MC_Axolotl 7 days ago

    The woman
    The myth
    The legend

  • Mritunjay
    Mritunjay 7 days ago

    im here because of google earth

  • ZackAttack
    ZackAttack 7 days ago

    All the comments are how is Carmen blah blah blah

  • Saurabh Ringe
    Saurabh Ringe 8 days ago


  • PreferredCustomer
    PreferredCustomer 8 days ago

    Isnt this supposed to teach kids about geography?

  • Aditya
    Aditya 9 days ago

    indonesia isnt that jungly in real life

  • アーティストドリーミングAlexia

    Where in the world is Carmen sandiego?

  • Alex Braunberger
    Alex Braunberger 10 days ago

    Upon hearing about this, I was apprehensive. But after the first episode, I was hooked. They did a really good job. Even got me hoping for a season 2 and more.

  • Ginger beard
    Ginger beard 10 days ago

    The Carmen Sandiego remake looks like the same animation of 6teen tv show.

  • temike
    temike 11 days ago

    Hanzo? Is that you?

  • Chani Elkin
    Chani Elkin 11 days ago

    I grew up on the Carmen Sandiego games - the old ones, played on a Windows 98 computer. I'm considering that this might re-ignite interest in the Carmen Sandiego franchise (also introduce it to a new/younger generation). Also the fact that Steam has re-released old classic games to be able to played on new laptops successfully (think Pajama Sam games). I would love if Steam would do the same for the old Carmen Sandiego games. "Where in the Usa?" "Where in the World?" and my personal favorites "Word Detective", "Math Detective", and "Where In Time - Great Chase through Time". Right now, one can only play these games (some of them) with a old Windows XP laptop or by wrestling with using emulators. Who else agrees? #RereleaseThroughSteam #ClassicCarmenSandiegoGames

  • victøria Gårzä
    victøria Gårzä 11 days ago

    I used to watch Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego the older Version wow I Feel Old Now and I kinda this This. version is ok...

  • James Heinrich
    James Heinrich 11 days ago

    this looks awesome!

  • Deathstroke Be Like
    Deathstroke Be Like 11 days ago

    Well i like this better then teen titans go.

  • Dan D
    Dan D 12 days ago

    I still think she deserves a live-action film where she's a reluctant hero or an anti-hero, the sort of thing the Catwoman film should have been, a one-person Ocean's 8.

  • Micaelly Bueno
    Micaelly Bueno 12 days ago

    where's the STRANGER THINGS Trailer

  • Sarah Smith
    Sarah Smith 12 days ago

    That brings back memories

  • cancr13
    cancr13 12 days ago

    they missed the map of New Zealand even in this !!!!!!

    • Emmet Bryan
      Emmet Bryan 9 days ago

      Be Thankful , I am Turkish and Turkey is just a rectangle on the map LoL

  • Kendall A
    Kendall A 12 days ago

    1.) Finally, a flash animation that actually looks GOOD and polished!
    2.) I always thought Carmen in red was the villain we were looking for in the board game, but it makes since that she is a detective...she has a detective hat. ;-)

  • Lance Rodrigue
    Lance Rodrigue 12 days ago

    this is the water down new generation version of Carmen San Diego. She was not that soft. This is the same thing they did to Speed Racer and Voltron.

  • Ashadyr
    Ashadyr 12 days ago

    I really enjoyed the series as a whole and will continue to watch it, yet I have 1 major problem with it: the portrayal of men and women. Seemingly every male character is somehow one of these 3: 1) dumb idiot 2) cocky bastard 3) only for comedy purposes while almost every female character is completely bad-ass and/or smart. It sadly kind of falls in line in some of Netflix' obnoxious far-left stuff, that they put in a lot of series. Sometimes I feel like men aren't allowed to be bad-ass anymore, and women aren't allowed to be scared anymore. Because "oh my god that would be so sexist and oh my god so patriarchic oh my god" - If you have a strong female lead, that by the way is a GREAT character (!) that I really love, why do almost all the secondary recurring male characters have to be portrayed as such idiots? Women aren't smarter than men (or reverse). It really bugged while watching and I couldn't enjoy it all because of that. I think if you would've swapped Ivy and Zack the series as a whole would've improved by A LOT, because it would have a somehow more natural feel to it and less "OH MY GOD LOOK AT THIS SUPER BAD ASS WOMAN NUMBER 8967 THAT AIN'T NEED NO MAN". I love strong female characters and Carmen is portrayed wonderful and I really like her as a character and the way they designed her and I want more of "her", but c'mon. You're overdoing it with a lot of the secondary characters. Other than that I find not much wrong with the series atm.

  • Michael Grabowski
    Michael Grabowski 13 days ago

    See, as someone who grew up watching the cartoons and owning them on VHS (not so much the live action game show) and was ADDICTED to the Scholastic computer games of the series (ESPECIALLY C.S Think Quick challenge) the allure of Carmen's character was ALWAYS (at least to me) her illusive mystery; we knew little to nothing about her, and it was always like catching smoke. She never spoke and all you ever got was a coy tip of the hat as she got away at the last minute. I appreciate this youth rebranding origin type story, but Idk, I was always hoping for a reboot in the classic "you're the focus as an agent of ACME and Carmen is the antagonist that shows up only at opportune moments" cannon. Still, I have hope that this will at least open up a new generation to a love of geography and history as the originals did for me!

  • ameeer3
    ameeer3 14 days ago

    Nooooooo Nooooooo Nooooooooooooooooooo

  • moet
    moet 15 days ago

    i BINGED this show and it is GREAT

  • Jasiel Pua MJ
    Jasiel Pua MJ 16 days ago

    Thank you to adding Indonesia to this film
    by the way im from Indonesia😀😀

  • R4YY4N
    R4YY4N 17 days ago

    1.25 speed, you can thank me later

  • Yehia Abdelnaser
    Yehia Abdelnaser 17 days ago

    Its so so so good and intersting

  • ė biebz
    ė biebz 18 days ago

    I'm surprised no stranger things stans have joined

  • Michael Klump
    Michael Klump 18 days ago

    Ugh. This looks absolutely horrible. THIS is why I hate reboots. Carmen Sandiego is a VILLAIN. A bad guy. Full stop. Trying to do this millennial Robin Hood crap is just cringeworthy. It's fine if other people like this, but I seriously HATE when they do reboots that have nothing in common with the actual lore/history/canon of the original series.

  • Gabe PL
    Gabe PL 18 days ago

    Stupid Netflix most shows are remakes, reboots or maybe even sequels

  • Gabe PL
    Gabe PL 18 days ago +1

    I adore the 90s show and the 2 game shows but this reboots sucks

  • Gerard Roche
    Gerard Roche 19 days ago

    My favourite character is player

  • Blue JuWil
    Blue JuWil 19 days ago +1

    Hey so I made the first Carmen Sandiego 2019 fan discord because for some reason there's no place for us fans to directly group and speak to eachother, and I hope for it to grow soon. So please, if you can, join!
    We are a growing community and would love to have you there!

  • ᎽօʊᏒ ᏢᎬᏁᎥᏕ

    - animation is lazy ❌
    - Colors are a enjoyable ✔
    - Voice acting was not appealing, to me. ⛔
    - anything CGI in the series automatically looked cringey ❌❌

  • JED E
    JED E 20 days ago

    Came in search of nostalgia for a 90s PC game i used to enjoy as a kid, found out they actually made a series out of it! Not disappointed at all! 🤘
    And i completely missed out the fact that there was an actual tv program going on about it some time ago too. Must'ave been too young to know i guess 🙃

  • Stefano Leso
    Stefano Leso 20 days ago

    I wanted her with her original and gorgeous wavy black hair :-( but ok...

  • Seltinus Julio
    Seltinus Julio 21 day ago

    Carmen Sandiego to Indonesia, why?

  • kim clark
    kim clark 21 day ago

    Awesomeeee show!

  • George Prchal
    George Prchal 21 day ago

    At least in this one you know where she is. In the original it wasn't bad enough that you had to find out "where in the world she was", but then they mad it worse with "where in time she was". I miss 90s game shows.

  • Existing Nonexistently

    My ass watched the whole season before I realized it’s a kids show. Needless to say I learned a lot about a lot of countries

  • Tiana Tierr
    Tiana Tierr 21 day ago

    Am I the only one who ships Zack and Carmen?

  • Thomas Crowley
    Thomas Crowley 22 days ago

    Binge watch the whole series today. It was good hope there is a second season.

  • Lets Talk Cartoons
    Lets Talk Cartoons 22 days ago

    MY NEW FAVE!!❤❤❤

  • bxthe chx
    bxthe chx 24 days ago

    Am I the only one that has rewatched this trailer about a million times

  • bxthe chx
    bxthe chx 24 days ago

    Okay this show is amazing, I hadn’t heard of the game or anything prior but one I researched it all I was like Omgosh this is awesome! I really love the art style too! And player hehe

  • Unknown Human
    Unknown Human 25 days ago

    I CANNOT wait for season 2

  • estela Geissbuhler
    estela Geissbuhler 25 days ago

    Me encanto! Me encantaria ser como eya :v

  • Sam Samson
    Sam Samson 26 days ago

    *Carmen, please make an appearance on the NEW Netflix SHE-RA cartoon.*

  • Casimus Prime
    Casimus Prime 26 days ago

    Finished season 1 last night
    And now we wait

  • brockhampilton
    brockhampilton 26 days ago

    Season One of this was fantastic. Watched it all in a day and loved it. Weirdly terrible Aussie accents in this though.

  • Cosmic Fails
    Cosmic Fails 27 days ago

    Sly Cooper Called
    He wants to know why his movie is taking so long

  • zoeyzoo
    zoeyzoo 27 days ago


  • Filiz Eser yilmaz
    Filiz Eser yilmaz 27 days ago

    Kim posipel

  • astray craft
    astray craft 27 days ago

    1:29 im from 🇮🇩

  • davyt0247
    davyt0247 28 days ago

    “The angry can be made happy again; but the dead cannot be brought back to life.” Sun Tzu
    Binge watched the first season, great show! Can’t wait for more!

  • Manu'sLore
    Manu'sLore 28 days ago

    I swear for season 2 they better make an episode focusing on the janitors/henchmen dudes... They clean up everyone's messes and it left me wondering about who they are? And their

  • kris
    kris 28 days ago +1

    Man the animation reminds me of Samurai Jack

  • Gabriel Schleifer
    Gabriel Schleifer 28 days ago

    My initial concern was that they were going to try too hard to make it "not problematic" while still trying too hard to be nostalgic, and it'd just be this boring, squeaky-clean mess, but I though it handedly the premise perfectly: the action is fantastic, the characterization is good and the message isn't shallow. I think it's a great kids' show.

  • Fitrian Hidayat
    Fitrian Hidayat 28 days ago

    I feel like I could fap to her, just like I did to Kim possible. I hope rule34 works it's magic soon enough

  • benny 09
    benny 09 29 days ago

    Indonesia woah finally

  • TheSketch42
    TheSketch42 29 days ago

    I just want to know what is that song from 0:37-0:54

  • Uveni
    Uveni 29 days ago

    Looks cool, hope it's not pushing any new age agenda.

  • Lawrence Gist
    Lawrence Gist Month ago

    An actually decent reboot.

  • JB
    JB Month ago

    Thank you, Netflix!!

  • JB
    JB Month ago

    I LOVE this series!!!! I watched it all in one day. I'm still watching again.

  • Spy Fox
    Spy Fox Month ago

    Hope I get a remake

  • BurnRoddy
    BurnRoddy Month ago +3

    Of course Netflix is destroying EVERYTHING they touch.

    • Unicorn Bunny
      Unicorn Bunny 7 days ago

      BurnRoddy Have you even seen the show? And how is Netflix supposedly destroying everything they touch?

  • Naif Alqarni
    Naif Alqarni Month ago +1

    Another feminist cartoon..

  • Chanifah Surabaya
    Chanifah Surabaya Month ago

    Whattt hey iam in Indonesia ok...

  • Wesleym134
    Wesleym134 Month ago

    Heh, so when's the crossover with Lupin the III going to be made? XD

  • Dark & Twisted
    Dark & Twisted Month ago +1

    Many of my fans want to see my anim ated-series on my channel on Netflix as well. 👍

  • Camden S.
    Camden S. Month ago


  • sdjijuasdj sfweffzser


  • wHakeem The Boy GuNius

    No words just WoooOoOoW, amazed, and in awe this is tooo coooOl !! ~ 😊😊😊😊😊~

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan Month ago


  • Sam Samson
    Sam Samson Month ago

    *Carmen please crossover with the new Netflix SHE-RA cartoon.*

  • Wahyu Ramadhandi
    Wahyu Ramadhandi Month ago

    The episode in jakarta,it's more like sumatra,with javanese culture,even prambanan got a sneek peek..

  • Midoriya Deku
    Midoriya Deku Month ago

    The old man was better

  • Elizabrine Channel
    Elizabrine Channel Month ago


  • Anna McBumbersnazzle

    i love this show so much omg, i cant wait for the second season!!

  • Bob Hank
    Bob Hank Month ago

    Great show

  • the78thMortrijn
    the78thMortrijn Month ago

    Didn't expect this version to be interesting but... I'm waiting for season 2.

  • AtlasFox
    AtlasFox Month ago

    "What if Carmen San Diego was a thief who only stole from other thieves?"
    "Then she would be Handling Stolen Goods which is a more serious offence than theft so you're all nicked, get in the van".

  • Rufino Miguel
    Rufino Miguel Month ago

    So I dont know anything about the OG Carmen. However I started watching it on netflix and get some sly cooper vibes for some reason

  • einsteinboricua
    einsteinboricua Month ago

    OMG!!! This is amazing! They should make a real-life version of this, though.

  • Romey Baldwin
    Romey Baldwin Month ago


  • Jerali Rivas
    Jerali Rivas Month ago

    I hope in season 2 she does an episode on gun and gang violence in a city like l.a.