Chris Hemsworth v. James Corden - Battle of the Waiters - #LateLateLondon

  • Published on Jun 19, 2019
  • James and "Men in Black: International" star Chris Hemsworth head to The Northall in London for a battery of tests to see who is the better restaurant employee. From greeting guests to serving food, Chris and James create a dining experience no patron that day will ever forget.
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  • Ammar Ahmed
    Ammar Ahmed Day ago

    Chriss is actually my motivation in being a well handsome gentleman.
    Love his acting.
    One of my fav actor.

  • Yzabelle Lanit
    Yzabelle Lanit Day ago

    i t i s a l w a y s c h r i s

  • Yam Belliones
    Yam Belliones Day ago


  • Oat to
    Oat to Day ago

    May be someone can't says "Just leave me alone" lol

  • Rosaline ._.
    Rosaline ._. Day ago +1

    Oh god imagine if the judge was Gordon ramsay

  • Talha And Mohsin Entertainers

    Sarah You're Walnuts He's All Nuts😂😂😂😂😂

  • Abhin das.s
    Abhin das.s 2 days ago

    "sarahh... Your walnuts, he is all nuts "
    LMAO 🤣🤣

  • No-OneIsLegit
    No-OneIsLegit 2 days ago

    these guys either ruined peoples dates or made it better 75/25

  • Adi Yogi
    Adi Yogi 2 days ago

    *The lady on the front desk in red is pretty*

  • Jin Nguyễn
    Jin Nguyễn 2 days ago

    if Chris Hemsworth stole my gf then I'd find it absolutely logical and really worthy haha.

  • Thicc Evans
    Thicc Evans 2 days ago

    3:54 me too Sarah me too

  • James
    James 2 days ago

    Some of them just looked pissed off

  • Outogetyou Gotyou
    Outogetyou Gotyou 2 days ago

    This is hilarious

  • Shridhar Jadhav
    Shridhar Jadhav 2 days ago

    chris hemsworth's personality feels like prabhas(Bahubali actor)

  • Hi how are Ya
    Hi how are Ya 3 days ago

    That lady.. I want to be her so bad

  • Aaron O'Brien
    Aaron O'Brien 4 days ago

    OMG so funny 😂😂😂😂

  • Carlos Pineda Devesa
    Carlos Pineda Devesa 4 days ago +2

    Chris Hemsworth is absolutely gorgeous.

  • Dustin Dettloff
    Dustin Dettloff 4 days ago

    I would choose Chris hemsworth

  • David
    David 4 days ago

    The black pepper has me buckled 😂😂😂 James face 🙁

  • Kelly Van dieken
    Kelly Van dieken 4 days ago

    Wd ds did ds xdfss ccxxjv I was like what the DVD player

  • j Thirty-Three
    j Thirty-Three 4 days ago +1

    Faucking Hilarious... ( English Accent is spoken with the above text ))

  • Jojo I
    Jojo I 4 days ago

    Poor Sarah

  • Ferhat Yılmaz
    Ferhat Yılmaz 5 days ago

    O goshhh... Sooo fun

  • paul youn
    paul youn 5 days ago +8

    Chris Hemsworth: Plays fat thor
    Also Chris Hemsworth: “Can I get a beer?”

  • Two Face
    Two Face 6 days ago

    Sara you're walnuts, he's all nuts

  • andreas kuster
    andreas kuster 6 days ago

    They got to be high as the moon🤣😂😂

  • Olivia Dawn
    Olivia Dawn 6 days ago

    2:43 - when the man realized he’d lost

  • Lord Nuclear
    Lord Nuclear 6 days ago +1

    James you're so petty and tiny

  • Car Technology
    Car Technology 7 days ago


  • Juan Arocha
    Juan Arocha 7 days ago

    1:39 that gal is taking advantage of the situation

  • Жанибек Бакыткали

    Түснбесемде күліп отырмын )))

  • Sam Campagna
    Sam Campagna 7 days ago

    Sara looked pissed 🤓

  • Mortal Wombat
    Mortal Wombat 7 days ago

    Mr. Hemsworth my really good friend that is a girl talks about you nonstop so just wanted say that

  • Thor odinson
    Thor odinson 7 days ago

    2:07 i mean i would talk about anything else except for him

  • Kangge Moyong
    Kangge Moyong 8 days ago

    Not like Ellen..ovractng

  • PaperFolding DK
    PaperFolding DK 8 days ago

    poor sarah

  • Edgaras Vansevicius
    Edgaras Vansevicius 8 days ago

    4:01 she was shocked when he stole a bread :D

  • Digna Calipjo
    Digna Calipjo 9 days ago +1

    "Sarah's here!!!!!!" 😂

  • CheRyl's Corner
    CheRyl's Corner 9 days ago

    And other people are annoyed. Pls human beings pls let us eat face. Hahah

    ALI KASIM 10 days ago

    James:no walnuts for sarah
    Me: 😂😂😂
    James: she dies
    Me: shitting my self😂😂😂

  • Caitlin Watton
    Caitlin Watton 11 days ago

    James pulls out the violin, everyone automatically goes "Oh no, please no!"

  • Shreya Shimara
    Shreya Shimara 11 days ago

    Sarah has no sense of humor 😂

  • BendingMetal
    BendingMetal 11 days ago

    I feel bad for the customers tbh. I mean I'd imagine that they'd just want to eat.

  • Lisa Cabello
    Lisa Cabello 11 days ago

    2nd hand embarrassment was too strong it's not even 2nd hand anymore

  • Love of craft asril
    Love of craft asril 12 days ago

    Selebriti mah bebas

  • Jeaɳdsb
    Jeaɳdsb 12 days ago

    Brasileiro rindo sendo que não entendeu caraiu nenhum kkkkkkk
    Deixa like

  • Mutalib Gozalov
    Mutalib Gozalov 12 days ago +1

    guy with glasses: what the hell is going on, who the hell is thees guys?

  • paru N
    paru N 13 days ago

    Every woman who's watching this video be like: "Gawd, I wish I coulda traded places with her🙄!!!"
    #I wanna be lifted off by CH

  • Ruslan Fatiena
    Ruslan Fatiena 13 days ago +1

    Лайк если с СНГ

  • DeanJ OneDay
    DeanJ OneDay 13 days ago

    It seem some people dont know who they are. Lol. I would be happy if they are my waiter.

  • Obsi. OP
    Obsi. OP 13 days ago

    Sarah isnt happy about it. Lol

  • Celine Okli
    Celine Okli 13 days ago +8

    Imagine being carried by Chris Hemsworth.

  • klaus shujaa
    klaus shujaa 13 days ago

    Why cant we all look as cute as him in our own ways

  • Lupita styles
    Lupita styles 15 days ago +2

    Jamez"no walnuts for sarah she could die!!!" He always like to compete with my favorite stars!! "Sarahs friend lisas here!"bad class jams"sarah ur walnuts hes all nuts!"

  • Lupita styles
    Lupita styles 15 days ago +7

    Chris"this ones on james is the cheap one when ur finish ill get u a better one"😂

  • Lupita styles
    Lupita styles 15 days ago +1

    Chris hemsworth! "Thor"better skinny then fat on endgame i would love to go on a date with chris !

  • fall3nange11
    fall3nange11 15 days ago +37

    "Here comes the better waiter"
    "He's a real masturbater"
    James won that one!

  • Jennifer Hemmingway
    Jennifer Hemmingway 15 days ago +1

    Imagine if they went to Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant...... they’d be out the door just after 10 seconds

  • Anosh Khan
    Anosh Khan 16 days ago +1

    Wish thor brought his hammer lol imagine the look on th chef face🤣🤣

  • Vanlallura Chhakchhuak