Breaking Fortnites AI BOTS

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
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  • Christos Elia
    Christos Elia Hour ago

    6:15 bot with black shield

  • Ether Steam
    Ether Steam 2 hours ago

    Donald Trump Musta made these bots

  • Ultra Demon
    Ultra Demon 6 hours ago

    Boiiiiiiiiii memes

  • Ultra Demon
    Ultra Demon 6 hours ago


  • Stupid Person
    Stupid Person 12 hours ago

    1:13 yeetlife has thanked the bus

  • Kaden Robinson
    Kaden Robinson 17 hours ago

    1:12 Yeetlife35 Lazar has even converted the bots to the Yeet

  • Ethan Bono 070
    Ethan Bono 070 18 hours ago

    The bots name is real peoples names

  • Expeditioner X
    Expeditioner X 21 hour ago

    Bro there’s yeetlife35 in there

  • Life of Xander
    Life of Xander Day ago

    Lazar:My game crashed, I got 25
    Fresh:I got 26

  • crowbar
    crowbar Day ago


  • explosive animator

    Hmmm tempting I might do this

  • Matt Holmes
    Matt Holmes Day ago

    It was probably just skill based match making if ya know what I mean.

  • Mineo Clan
    Mineo Clan Day ago

    Bro the custom key doesnt work for me.... any fixes??

  • Drafted Star
    Drafted Star Day ago

    I’ve been watching you for years! Would love to see a Call of Duty Mobile BR video. Break that shit you bloody legend!

  • DartFight
    DartFight Day ago

    I p

  • YaBoiIsaac334
    YaBoiIsaac334 Day ago

    a bot's name was Yeetlife 1:13

  • Cindy John
    Cindy John Day ago

    Lazar asks epic games to make Lazar a bot name
    well it already happenned.

  • Corax
    Corax 2 days ago +1

    At 1:14 Yeetlife35 has thanked the bus driver

  • OOF Boy
    OOF Boy 2 days ago

    Time limit = 11:11

  • John Mastin
    John Mastin 2 days ago +1

    Laser your the beeesssttt

  • Arch Production5
    Arch Production5 2 days ago

    At the beginning when he landed there was a boy named lazar lazar and then he asks if lazar lazar can be a boy name yet it already is

  • Pringel Man
    Pringel Man 2 days ago

    Lannan: 8:20
    ilsa: lissen her you little shit

  • Glitch Fox
    Glitch Fox 2 days ago

    click the link below.........thank me later[bc1q3ugnfw0vehjnjpzya59w0z65ddpsn3s2nl488y]

  • Yvonne Shaw
    Yvonne Shaw 3 days ago

    What buttons?

  • Anthony Gagliardi
    Anthony Gagliardi 3 days ago

    See this is why switch players are better than pc players

  • Carter Dixon
    Carter Dixon 3 days ago

    put bodi against bots

  • The PaintMan24
    The PaintMan24 3 days ago

    And here... we see LazarBeam shooting at a mirror for 30 minutes.

    TRIDEN0 3 days ago


  • Sancho Estadella
    Sancho Estadella 3 days ago

    Lazar beam do a pt.2 of 1 v 1 Lachlan or Fresh

  • Sarim Anis
    Sarim Anis 3 days ago

    Wait so... you can get free solo wins by making random servers

  • Spring Dude124
    Spring Dude124 3 days ago

    6.9 million views omegalul

  • Trekkie Laugh
    Trekkie Laugh 3 days ago


  • shadowgore2699 barnett

    Im pissed they got rid of this feature

  • dumb content
    dumb content 4 days ago


  • Ozzygaming 50
    Ozzygaming 50 4 days ago

    Bot trump- build a wall

    CJD CUBING 4 days ago +1

    I’m doing this tomorrow’s

  • visual FN
    visual FN 4 days ago

    can u still do this ?

  • Jacquie Thomas
    Jacquie Thomas 4 days ago

    What is the code for the bot game

  • Logan Wallace
    Logan Wallace 4 days ago

    I can make private matches but for some reason it says cannot connect and this isn't the llama your looking for

  • Yaboy Blue
    Yaboy Blue 4 days ago

    It already is a name at the beginning

  • Geo Derpy
    Geo Derpy 4 days ago

    YEET life

  • cam cam
    cam cam 4 days ago

    If we are going to be taken over by AI why can i tell AI that i was born January 1, 1900

  • Benjamin Batewell
    Benjamin Batewell 4 days ago

    How u play wit bot???

  • Tobias Vanmelle
    Tobias Vanmelle 4 days ago

    This is how lazarbeam gets all his wins

  • Paulius Sapalas
    Paulius Sapalas 4 days ago

    1.15 yeetlife

  • amirdash anne
    amirdash anne 5 days ago

    Bruh XD

  • ezaf Swan
    ezaf Swan 5 days ago

    The bot is the smartest bot it’s lazar beam he broke other bots

  • catattackjack
    catattackjack 5 days ago

    His face at 00:4🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Mr. DerpBoi
    Mr. DerpBoi 5 days ago


  • U is Gross
    U is Gross 5 days ago +1

    Can u tell me why he goes lip biting mode against bots

  • Gadiel Hernandez
    Gadiel Hernandez 5 days ago

    A bot was called YeetLife35 😂 1:15

  • red wolf1121
    red wolf1121 5 days ago

    Get me in a lobby with you and let’s play lazarbeam

  • Adrian Valencia
    Adrian Valencia 5 days ago

    Play a dues with a bot

  • Claire Mccarroll
    Claire Mccarroll 5 days ago

    25 years? HOW ABOUT NEVER!!!

  • The Gaming Group 3
    The Gaming Group 3 5 days ago

    Who else noticed that the lazarlazar that thanked the bus driver was level 107 and The real LazarLazar was also 107

  • Aedan Menezes
    Aedan Menezes 5 days ago

    This is halarios

  • gamer 6978
    gamer 6978 6 days ago +2

    This must be how fresh sees me lol

  • gamer 6978
    gamer 6978 6 days ago +1

    Can we still do custom lobbies?

  • meme gamer
    meme gamer 6 days ago

    25 years i think 800000000 years
    Like if 25 years
    Comment if 800000000 years

  • What Idk
    What Idk 6 days ago +1

    “ I got 26”
    Lazar dies