Ace Returns! | The Collection: Season 26 Announcement Trailer | Doctor Who

  • Published on Sep 3, 2019
  • She's been busy managing her organisation A Charitable Earth (get it?) - but is Ace ready for one more adventure for the release of Doctor Who: The Collection Season 26? Find out more here:

    Collection Announcement Trailers:
    The Seventh Doctor:
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Comments • 1 529

  • libby brotherton
    libby brotherton 2 days ago

    Ace should return to the series like Sarah Jane did!

  • defenderofthenorth52

    I got chills when the “A Charitable Earth” sign showed up

  • JD03
    JD03 6 days ago

    Please release a box set for a troughton season

    • JD03
      JD03 4 days ago

      @Yeti season 6 only has a couple of episodes missing so it could be animated and released fairly soon

    • Yeti
      Yeti 4 days ago

      With all the missing episodes, I think it'll be a couple years before we see a 60s season
      And we have the animations coming out in the meantime

  • liam meserve
    liam meserve 12 days ago

    The growl sounds like the cod zombies growl

  • Raiders Of The Gay Earring

    WOW! Ace has really aged!

  • royalewithcheese
    royalewithcheese 19 days ago +2

    How great would it be if in series 12 the TARDIS Team walk by a building with the sign saying A Charitable Earth, then later on that series or the next Ace actually meets the gang.

  • defenderofthenorth52
    defenderofthenorth52 22 days ago +2

    Ace was Billie Piper’s template for Rose Tyler. Both are some of the greatest companions ever.

  • DatAwesome Banana
    DatAwesome Banana 22 days ago

    I didn’t like Ace probably because it was the 7th doctors companion

  • cyberash3000
    cyberash3000 25 days ago

    i wont watch it till we get a new doc

  • Adam Darren
    Adam Darren 25 days ago

    SEPT 2019: Classic Doctor Who video generates 333,000 views with 9,200 Likes, 195 Dislikes
    SEPT 2019: Series 13 Dr Who video generates 19,900 views, with 722 Likes, 150 Dislikes

  • Nick Farmer
    Nick Farmer 28 days ago +2

    Here's how I like to imagine the scene playing out.
    Ace here is walking down the street, when all of a sudden the Doctor comes tearing around the corner just up ahead. The Doctor sees her, doesn't blink, doesn't stop, doesn't even slow down; just grabs her arm as she runs past and tries to pull her along, calling "Come on Ace, there's work to do!"

  • Purefoldnz
    Purefoldnz 28 days ago +1

    What happened to Ace the Dalek killer?

  • HoKe Happy Donkey
    HoKe Happy Donkey 29 days ago +3

    Please bring Ace back PLEEEEEASE

  • Luke Nyul
    Luke Nyul Month ago +1

    I'm really looking forward to this set! My favourite season from my favourite Doctor! Wicked!

  • YoshiTrainer DC
    YoshiTrainer DC Month ago +1

    Dammit bring back Ace

  • Secrets of Saturn
    Secrets of Saturn Month ago +1

    It's about time:

  • Convention Detention

    The Seventh Doctor is my fourth favorite Doctor!

  • scott bennie
    scott bennie Month ago +1

    Welcome back, Sophie.

  • Alex Gibson
    Alex Gibson Month ago +1

    Would be amazing to see Ace actually return to Doctor Who. Along with some decent writing... Nothing could fix Jodie Whitaker's Doctor quite like a believable interaction with a former companion...

  • David hill
    David hill Month ago

    Throw Badly Walsh's character into a intergalactic threshing machine and bring back Ace....

    • David hill
      David hill Month ago

      @Yeti because he can't act, his "character" is annoying, boring and badly written and I hate him and you and your mum....

    • Yeti
      Yeti Month ago +1

      Bradley Walsh was the best thing about series 11, why would you get rid of him of all people?

  • Tardis Net
    Tardis Net Month ago +1

    This trailer shows the real potential of Ace returning to the show. I made a video a while back on if Ace should return if anyone wants to check it out

  • Thomas Smith
    Thomas Smith Month ago

    What about season 12 trailer for doctor who

  • nikonbear
    nikonbear Month ago

    2:10 minutes with Ace was better than the whole of Series 11.

  • a man of many parts

    Unfortunately this is The Doctor (and his companion) that I know so little about. I didn't have a VCR and I was working all the time. I know Ace made her own explosives and was afraid of clowns, and that's about it.

  • Tom Griffiths
    Tom Griffiths Month ago


  • barry takacs
    barry takacs Month ago +1

    i always thought she was one of the better companions.

  • Scsigs
    Scsigs Month ago +1

    Dude. What if we got a return from more classic Who companions for guest appearances? I'd love to see that.

  • dancingmonkey08
    dancingmonkey08 Month ago +1

    can we please get all the classic characters doing this, Carole Ann Ford (Susan) for an eventual Season 1 boxset, William (Ian) for Season 2, Peter Purves (Steven) or Maureen O'Brien (Vicki) for Season 3, Anneke (Polly) for Season 4 (Polly), Frazer for Season 5 (Jamie), Wendy (Zoe) for Season 6, John Levene (Benton) for Season 7, Katy Manning (Jo Grant) for Season 8, Richard (Mike Yates) for Season 9 & 11, Louise (Leela) for Season 14 and 15, Tom Baker (as the Curator version of the Doctor for Season 16), Lalla (Romana) for Season 17, Janet (Tegan) for Season 20, Mark (Turlough) for Season 21, Nicola (Peri) for Season 22, Bonnie (Mel) for Season 24 and the next part of this video for Season 25 with Sophie coming back

    Please please please, its so clever, and could give a little mini-epilogue to what happened to a bunch of the classic series characters

  • Time Traveller registered trademark

    Whittaker even makes the truly awful McCoy era look top drawer.

    • Yeti
      Yeti Month ago

      Only his first season was awful
      The other two are top notch
      Among the best the show has ever had

  • TVChannel One
    TVChannel One Month ago +2

    Yay, Ace!
    She could come back, but not sure what audience they would be appealing too..
    Most golden age fans stopped watching during Simon Baker, before Ace came along, and most reboot fans wouldn't know who she is!! : \
    But hey, they can but try!

  • JP Sheekey
    JP Sheekey Month ago +1

    Amazing times - a massive fan of season 26 - some of best ‘who’ stories when “I were a lad” !

  • BahstX
    BahstX Month ago +2

    Next to Leela, Ace was my fave companion. SJS was awesome, but never wielded a dagger OR a bazooka.

  • Red Hood
    Red Hood Month ago +2


  • SammEater
    SammEater Month ago +3

    Ace is so cool, I wish we had cool companions like her in the current series.

  • Ben Jenkins
    Ben Jenkins Month ago +1

    I thought ace would return in series 12

  • aSpaceWanderer
    aSpaceWanderer Month ago +3

    It would actually be cool if series 12 had old companions return

  • RM_Prime
    RM_Prime Month ago +2

    I got excited thinking Ace would be in the new season, then realized it was a collection release and got sad. There is hope though, since they gave Ace a backstory for the last 30 years.

  • Kagome Usagi Ladybug
    Kagome Usagi Ladybug Month ago +1

    I loved Ace in the doctor they were my favorite team like no one can pair

  • Tera Sinube
    Tera Sinube Month ago +1

    "Small human female sighted on Level Three!"

  • demise ruin
    demise ruin Month ago +3

    Hell yeah! I had no idea about this until today when I saw it on Amazon. I should have subscribed like Capaldi said.

  • Larry Mitchell
    Larry Mitchell Month ago

    Funny how many people thought Ace was coming back. The last thing the show runners today want is a strong female character on the show.

  • Lenny Madhavan
    Lenny Madhavan Month ago +1

    For the first time in a long while I can't wait for Christmas! This is exciting!

  • Lesserthannone
    Lesserthannone Month ago +1


  • Jonathan Wright
    Jonathan Wright Month ago

    Playing the nostalgia card. Clever, but this will not be enough to bring casual fans back. You need to get rid of the not-doctor.

  • Who Knew 22
    Who Knew 22 Month ago

    Do you want to see your childhood heroes now all haggard and wrinkly then buy this now lol

    • Juliet Fischer
      Juliet Fischer Month ago

      How DARE people age? Especially women: they should always look hot and 20 years old.

      You'd love the world of Logan's Run, then. Nobody lives past 21. Bad part is that it's all falling apart.

  • Marcell Toing
    Marcell Toing Month ago +3

    I prefer the canon where she became a Time Lord

    TWYBORNS Month ago +1

    This trailer was better than the last season of Dr Who. BRING ACE BACK! This looks too good just to be an ad!

  • Tony NYJr
    Tony NYJr Month ago

    I never watched Dr Who before, I was told be a friend that the new series reboot was great and I got sucked in with Eccleston and the Tennant and Smith. I never watched the seventh doctor.,,.Before my time, but just the commercial alone of the return of a former companion was more interesting than the last season of Dr Who. I will need to pick up the set....looks a lot more interesting than what they are releasing now.

  • Logan 5
    Logan 5 Month ago

    Doctor Who is deader than Disney Soy Wars at this point.
    It takes a special kind of incompetent buffoon to destroy a highly lucrative 50+ year old franchise, or 40+ in the case of Star Wars.
    The two most popular and cherished sci-fi franchises in TV and movies respectively, destroyed by incompetence, arrogance, political ideology and buffoonery.

  • emily davis
    emily davis Month ago +1


  • Mads
    Mads Month ago +1

    I loved Ace, 13 year old me thought she was soo cool! 😃

  • John Dufton
    John Dufton Month ago

    Ironically time has not been kind to Sophie Aldred.

    • Juliet Fischer
      Juliet Fischer Month ago

      Oh, I think she looks pretty good for a woman in her 50s.

  • Brandon Greenleaf
    Brandon Greenleaf Month ago

    I’m not a fan of the companion but I absolutely love these!!

  • Luke Bellmason
    Luke Bellmason Month ago

    She left out Bertie Bassett

  • Shadow Fresh
    Shadow Fresh Month ago

    This 3:32 was miles better than this last season of the show.

  • Haggistrainer
    Haggistrainer Month ago +1

    be ace if Sophie came back as Ace.

    TAMMY TBH Month ago +2

    Ace is such an underrated companion. She literally beat up a dalek with a baseball bat and took out the cybermen with a catapult. Not to mention how handy she was with her nitro-9. Legend!

    EVILCLOWN 83 Month ago +1

    Got me then I thought she was comin back 😢😢

  • Marjorie Dieudonne
    Marjorie Dieudonne Month ago +1

    This was the first Doctor Who I enjoyed as a teen in 1988. Ace was just cool and the 7th Doctor was fun and brilliant. Love 9 and 10 but 7 and Ace were my faves. Ace was a strong companion equal to the Doctor. Rose was great but too clingy and jealous. Martha was strong in her right but underappreciated. Donna stood her own(although she annoyed me at times).Captain Jack, Love him!!

  • Mister M
    Mister M Month ago +3

    Ace wielding a baseball bat taking out Daleks was wicked cool! She is also a precursor to Lisbeth Salander. The Curse of Fenric is essential WHO.