Young boy asks for manicure at the nail salon | What Would You Do? | WWYD

  • Published on Jul 17, 2019
  • Salon patrons react when a mother lets her son paint his nails pink.
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Comments • 46 174

  • ILuvCookies 223
    ILuvCookies 223 Minute ago

    Why are so many people against stuff like this?? As long as they/you are happy your fine. Pink can be any color. It's just so annoying how people get annoyed with other people.

  • Marcia Jean-pierre

    people are rlly stupid, colours aren’t related to gender 🙄

  • Robert Day
    Robert Day 6 hours ago

    Umm it was mad for boys and girls it is fine

  • Kayden_001
    Kayden_001 6 hours ago

    People act like pink is only for girls. Damn not everything is. 😒 Homophobics really out here 🤨

  • Gracie The Rad Toad
    Gracie The Rad Toad 6 hours ago +1

    I hate how girls think boys can’t have pink nail polish or any nail polish. People think pink was made for girls and blue was made for boys when that’s not even the case. Anyone can have nail polish if they want. It’s not your choice, it’s people’s choice if the want to wear nail polish or not.

  • Alex Walker
    Alex Walker 8 hours ago

    So get this girls are allowed to wear blue and everything color and boy get to wear what blue and black? Like wtf listen it doesn't matter if you're a girl or a boy just be yourself ❤❤

  • April R L Martinez
    April R L Martinez 8 hours ago

    I was called girly a few years ago, but
    I’m a girl who doesn’t like being seen as too girly
    Now I wear a dark pink jacket and feel ok with it.
    I now notice that many boys at school wear a bright pink.
    I like that they can wear any color with confidence.
    I prefer dark pink and black, but my mom disagrees with anything black..
    Still trying to explain what I like to her without being judge...

  • Ambey _9
    Ambey _9 8 hours ago +1

    These people are DUM pink used to be for boys and blue for girls🙄😑😡

  • Uni_Chan _Gacha
    Uni_Chan _Gacha 10 hours ago

    Ugh it’s annoying how people think panting nails and pink are for girls and a blue is for boys and playing 🏀 ⚽️ ball is boys. But it’s not

  • slimyslime jones
    slimyslime jones 10 hours ago

    People say pink is for girls but it’s not it’s for everyone

  • Offzy
    Offzy 11 hours ago

    Haaaaaaaaaaaa 👬👨‍❤‍💋‍👨

  • Pamela Niemi
    Pamela Niemi 18 hours ago


  • BFF Fun
    BFF Fun 19 hours ago

    They’re so rude!

  • 1029 Sins Gacha
    1029 Sins Gacha 21 hour ago


  • HPlayz YT
    HPlayz YT 22 hours ago

    I Was Around My Entire Family And According To Her That’s What Makes Me Pansexual. I Hate When People Say That Being Around Certain People Will Change Your Sexuality When It DOESNT! Ugh I Hate People Like That “mY ReLiGioN IS aGaiNst GaY pEoPLe!”

  • min ;D
    min ;D 23 hours ago

    surprised to see this this dated 2019 tbh

  • Itz gacha Midnight
    Itz gacha Midnight 23 hours ago


  • Kiyah Shines
    Kiyah Shines Day ago

    This gets on my nerves sooo bad bc it's literally just a color wavelength and I can't believe people have such an issue with it and it's enforced so strongly. He's a little kid

  • Olivia Valentine

    My brother grew up with 3 sisters and our mother since our father passed away when we were all kids, He grew up straight and is into what a lot of males are into specially sports and motorbikes, So what that chick said has nothing to do with how a kid turns out or confuses them in anyway.

  • Terra Inoue
    Terra Inoue Day ago

    Omg this is like pink is NOT a girl color I hate pink like that is sexist

  • shayy
    shayy Day ago +1

    she said "because he wants to see a son who is playing football" (5:40) who cares about what the parents want him to be like, he needs to be himself or else he's probably going to end up hating his parents just like i do.

  • Kuma 85
    Kuma 85 Day ago

    Why am I crying even tho this is just a show??

  • James Phillips
    James Phillips Day ago

    I wanted to slap that second lady. The one changing her nail color. and the French lady. They were showing how stupid and ignorant they are.

  • Lily Delaney
    Lily Delaney Day ago

    How is this bad I do my guy friends nails all the time. Most of the time it’s a really bright pink

    • Matty Bruno Lucas Zenere Salas
      Matty Bruno Lucas Zenere Salas Day ago

      2:14 me when my brother isn’t even using the toilet he’s just watching TheXvid on his iPad I can tell because I can hear him giggling!

  • YellowYet PinkPopcorn

    All the people who thought that the kid shouldn’t where nail polish are a-holes for thinking that it is for “feminine’s”. My dad wears nail polish and I hella don’t judge him!

  • ayeeitskai
    ayeeitskai Day ago

    Traci is a literal queen of mean and she does such a good job at it everytime i- 😭🙈

  • I'm Peach
    I'm Peach Day ago +1

    okay this is absolutely disgusting I hate how people will judge others just because they are different if a boy wants to wear pink they should be able to without being judged.

  • Dystopic Empath
    Dystopic Empath Day ago

    My friend Arthur (an absolute gentleman, takes care of his mom 🙌🏻😩) likes the color pink. He gets bullied just because of that like wtf

  • fannypack
    fannypack Day ago

    This is the most frustrating episode I have watched of this show

  • Will
    Will Day ago +2

    Ugh! Nail polish is so pretty! Gender roles in our society suck! That’s perfectly okay if a boy or a man wants to get his nails done. And he shouldn’t have his masculinity questioned

  • Clarissa Martinez

    Why do ppl care its everyones own buissness honestly if a child wants to paint their nails its not your life. If my child one day grows up and wants to be what eva he wants thats fine with me its how he feels

  • stupid
    stupid Day ago

    So much more people acted meanly and badly then they usually do on this show I'm, kind of offended

  • Edwin Murillo
    Edwin Murillo Day ago

    Omg people get on my nerves 😂🖕

  • Potato King
    Potato King Day ago +1

    Me: I like purple :3

  • Plastic Doll
    Plastic Doll Day ago +6

    Girls: wears boy things
    Boys: puts on anything pink
    Everyone: kill it

  • Carly Vangunten
    Carly Vangunten Day ago

    I know that they are actors but the narrator just made me so mad when he said, “ when she tried to find him a more MASCULER COLOR.” There is no such thing as boy colors or girl colors we can all wear whatever we want! We are all people and colors can’t separate who we are! God! Sorry I just had to get that out. 🤘😁

    Edit: I am so surprised of how many people actually stand up for this boy and all these comments all I’ve seen is non-sexual things and it’s very Surprising to me!!!

  • Maddie Fernandes
    Maddie Fernandes Day ago +1

    Those few people who agreed, just wow. I do masculine things sometimes. And it’s ok. As long as he’s happy that’s all that matters. You can’t tell him to grow up and not have any fun with his life. He’s 10. Let him be who he is 😁

  • qweqwadadasdadsf

    who gives a crap if someone splashes some color on nails. but it felt like the people who were defending the kid were already made up their mind that the kid was going to be gay

  • Wolfy And Peppermint

    I am lesbian and the second girl made me pissed off when she said it is wrong to put nail polish on and a boy and i am against homosexuality.

  • LoneWolf xXx
    LoneWolf xXx Day ago

    I’m sorry but this is disgraceful the fact that many people still believe that boys shouldn’t like pink or wear nail polish astonishes me. It’s disgusting we are in the 21st century, girls can like blue, they can like football etc but boys can’t like pink or manicures? Every person who stood up for the kid and his decision is what our world should truly be like and people who disapprove should keep it to themselves. Because we all have the right to like what we like and no one has the right to change that xx

  • kovuchii
    kovuchii Day ago +2

    This is why if I ever adopt a kid (i am not getting pregnato heck no) I'm just going to let them do whatever they want and wear whatever they want no matter what gender they are, male, female or other. If they are a male and want to wear a dress, they can wear a dress. If they are a female and want to wear masculine clothing, they can wear it.

  • Aaron Hernandez
    Aaron Hernandez Day ago

    Instead of mom do it dad and son. That's more vulgar gaha

  • Alyssa Avila
    Alyssa Avila Day ago

    I jus wanted the “mom” to tell them bitches fuck you mind your god damn buisness bitch , you stupid bitch you not knowing wtf this is bitch

  • Mãddïê Chäñ

    I'm pans and a tomboy

    And I think that's disrespectful

    It's not wrong

    It's just paint on nails....

  • Icha Cha
    Icha Cha 2 days ago

    Kim seokjin loves pink, and he is fine now 😂

  • FelixFelis Animations and Gacha

    this is why we need no genders at all. no confusion

  • sure I believe you
    sure I believe you 2 days ago

    This is the most annoying video I have ever watched. What’s wrong with a boy having pink nails??

    • tom dahl
      tom dahl Day ago

      nothing's wrong with it. it's fine

  • Justin Moneke
    Justin Moneke 2 days ago

    Ok first had the people that didn't agree they were sexist ok a d second a girl can like "boy colors" but then when a boy likes "girl colors" its wrong

  • misfit
    misfit 2 days ago

    the video: entirely about about NAILS and a little boy that has little to absolutely no sense of sexuality
    the one woman: in my religion, i am against homosexuality.

  • wakeupmaggie93
    wakeupmaggie93 2 days ago


  • HVAGravata
    HVAGravata 2 days ago +1

    Dude my mom said I should get a manicure. I would but I ain’t into letting people touch my feet.

  • cringy dude 21
    cringy dude 21 2 days ago +1

    I wanna smack every person that said that its wrong for boys to wear nail polish and its for girls and other stuff is for boys because it just hurts me my family is like those people and I want people to open their eyes and realize that anyone can do anything

  • e e
    e e 2 days ago

    I'm offended By what people say "Its FoR GirLs" Let a boy wear Pink let a Girl Wear Green I don wear nail polish people can be like "Wear Nail Polish YouR a GuRl"

  • Zoë Robertson
    Zoë Robertson 2 days ago +1

    i dare someone to say some shit like that to my son if he wanted to polish his nails. there would be some fairly rude words thrown out.

  • dylan waggoner
    dylan waggoner 2 days ago +1

    I'm not afraid to say it I go to nail places are get a pedicure may not be a guys thing and I get weird looks but it's not just a guys thing but I like my feet looking good.

    • tom dahl
      tom dahl Day ago

      I paint my nails. it's no big deal

  • Alexis 13702
    Alexis 13702 2 days ago +1

    I hate that woman who said it was very wrong. Why do people have this in their religions? If he likes pink, he can wear it. It doesn't mean he's gay. Even if he is why do these people say these dumb things? Yes, pink is a color but colors aren't assigned to certain genders, people just think they are. Colors literally come from light, like what?

  • Aranzacomeplay S
    Aranzacomeplay S 2 days ago

    when we see Traci as a good person I will faint lol

  • rachillntx
    rachillntx 2 days ago +1

    Love the last lady sooo much! Open hearts open minds. Love is all you need!

  • Angélina Markakis
    Angélina Markakis 2 days ago +4

    I’m a girl and I don’t wear nail polish, I actually bite my nails, wear green and blue hoodies, and do “boy” stuff as they say, and yet , I never got judged, so why do girls wearing “boy” stuff look “cool”, and boy wearing “girls” stuff is like, so bad? I mean, girls almost never get judged for their styles, but why do boys get treated like this when they have that kind of stuff on them?

  • ky kittens
    ky kittens 2 days ago

    I hate all those people who don't like him getting his nails done!!