• Published on Dec 5, 2019
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Comments • 120

  • Dieeds
    Dieeds Month ago

    Krasi doing too much to get nothing like I mean my mans even went from his PS to his phone

  • BIG BHOY Sean
    BIG BHOY Sean Month ago +1

    4:32 cmooon

  • BIG BHOY Sean
    BIG BHOY Sean Month ago +1

    Your names a lie

  • Adonias
    Adonias Month ago

    Why would u like Virgil 91? Lol you already said the 90 rated one is shit 😂wow the difference

  • BadMood Dude22
    BadMood Dude22 Month ago

    I’m using Campbell as cm what do you think???

  • Gionap
    Gionap Month ago

    Look my video fifa 20 Neres and subscribe to the my channel 👍

  • Der Kaiser42o
    Der Kaiser42o Month ago

    80k player, absolutely amazing

  • Blake AC
    Blake AC Month ago

    The only reason I watch this guy is because of rtfm

  • Ali Hussein
    Ali Hussein Month ago

    Please guys pinn my comment... Krasi lost 8 to 1 to Arabic youtuber... watch from min 10... Krasi u r the biggest nooooob

  • shapz rackz
    shapz rackz Month ago

    You discarded piatek you prick

  • Md Abdul Rawoof
    Md Abdul Rawoof Month ago


  • junior junior
    junior junior Month ago

    400 000 profit. Me 90 000 coins

  • Alan Calveley
    Alan Calveley Month ago

    Please stop thanking EA have absolutely nothing to thank them for. In your fut champs videos you're on the verge of a nervous breakdown but then you thank them when you get Alisson. Just say you're happy, don't thank the corrupt money grabbers who can't make a decent football game

  • AnAs hx
    AnAs hx Month ago

    8-1 😭😭😂😂😂😂😂

  • Don Berdeen
    Don Berdeen Month ago

    Krasi- I know you aren’t a fan of him this year but I packed a CL group stage CR7 today!!! - Free is free. Followed your method in choosing untradable packs

  • Santosh Ed
    Santosh Ed Month ago

    Does changing formation in game in fut 20, affect or reduces the chemistry of players?

  • CJ
    CJ Month ago

    Finally the classic Krasi quote.... SMAAARSHHH THE LIKE BUTTON BELOW

  • Dezza
    Dezza Month ago

    Click bait. Nothing amazing about that

  • Hrvoje Vidaković
    Hrvoje Vidaković Month ago

    KRASI it's a sign, EA are telling you to use Alisson this Weekend league

  • Leszek Jarosz
    Leszek Jarosz Month ago

    Ronaldo 94, Blue Mbape, 87 Son!!! My lacky week Krasi, just game is so slow, live in England but feel like you are my neighbor, same bed game responsive😔

    SASxKILLAAAx Month ago +1

    What was amazing about these rewards?

  • Krish Chheda
    Krish Chheda Month ago

    Buy pogba

  • ZantomspamsL2
    ZantomspamsL2 Month ago

    He didn’t scroll right for the last player pick

  • T S
    T S Month ago


  • SW4G_King13 Mayan
    SW4G_King13 Mayan Month ago

    I got gold 3 w two 81 red informs and from my div rivals gold 3 division 5 I managed to pack pique lenglet and lacazette and Robertson that’s including fut champs

  • snaak25
    snaak25 Month ago

    I watched 6 reward video’s and saw 12 goalkeepers, I packed also 2

    • 1 2
      1 2 Month ago

      sommer as my best player from gold 1, and rank 1 div 3, also got bergwijn from 86+ upgrade... Fuck this game

  • PriceIP
    PriceIP Month ago

    I got gold 2 and I had a total of 11 packs, not a single fucking walkout

  • The DailySniperguy
    The DailySniperguy Month ago

    Im not gonna complain! U allready did!

  • Edward Wright
    Edward Wright Month ago +8

    Don't really think these rewards are 'AMAZING" at all. They were awful

    • Juan Munguia
      Juan Munguia Month ago

      Opens 100k pack gets player worth 40k AMAZING PACK WORTH IT! xD

    • Cortes
      Cortes Month ago

      "InSaNe WaLkOuTs"

  • Shannon Sharpe
    Shannon Sharpe Month ago

    This totw is straight garbage there is only one really good card which is van dijk

    • Yaassir
      Yaassir Month ago

      Shannon Sharpe yea thank god I didn’t play fut champs that week i was about to but i was like fuck it

  • BNB Cube
    BNB Cube Month ago

    I got red inform VVD

  • Golden Nugget
    Golden Nugget Month ago

    How many coins do you get for elite 1 in div 1 ??

  • Krishna Panhale
    Krishna Panhale Month ago

    Krasi just bought Dalglish

  • Keith Crooks
    Keith Crooks Month ago +3

    Wow, Bender really wanted to be in your club! Relentless!

  • N77 7
    N77 7 Month ago

    I packed Icon Puyol today 🙏

  • ToNy 5eNnA
    ToNy 5eNnA Month ago

    Offf course its because of you guys :) :P

  • Andrew Bull
    Andrew Bull Month ago


  • Vpx_Mb YT
    Vpx_Mb YT Month ago

    Omg I packed dele Ali out of an sbc pack 🔥🔥🔥🔥🤣

  • Shinesh Ramballi
    Shinesh Ramballi Month ago

    Last year i got Red Salah from my phone

  • Frankie Coku
    Frankie Coku Month ago +47

    “Bro’s Packs” and “Daplikates” is what I’m here for!!!

    • danish lodhi
      danish lodhi Month ago +2

      Frankie Coku he used aubameyank and umbapee last year.

  • Jack Blaze
    Jack Blaze Month ago

    I got red Dele alli

  • QuickFlow
    QuickFlow Month ago


  • Amr Khaled
    Amr Khaled Month ago +1

    These rewards weren't amazing for elite1 😂😂 unlucky bro

  • Златин Тодоров

    Krasi. Don't use Alisson. I replace my Ter Stegen wuth him and i started conceded a more goals. Now i use Ter Stegen as a super sub after minute one, because of Van Dijk chemistry and Ter is much better than Alisson, witch is just broken ! 🙂
    Great video and greeting from Bulgaria ! 🤜🏻 🤛🏻 🇧🇬 ❤️

    • Cortes
      Cortes Month ago +2

      Dont tell him this! The videos are much more entertaining when he concedes and rages

  • רז אטיאס
    רז אטיאס Month ago

    Krasi i packed to my friends 2 immobile red and fekir and carvjal and to myself i packed nothing😑

  • Sergej Kovalj
    Sergej Kovalj Month ago +1

    for God sake stop with ,,finger crossed,, it is so annoying to listen over and over again. We wish you all the best cards but this mumbo jumbo crap does not help you. Stop act like a kid please .

  • Eren forced me to write this

    *I got 11 Red cards to FUT Premium Upgrade but i dont wanna sacrifice Orsic since he is my best super with 95 Pace 88 Finish* 🤔🤔

    DESARIO KODRA Month ago

    Dont change lloris

  • oliverchristiansen20

    Should i buy de bruyne if now or later?

  • Michal Obszanski
    Michal Obszanski Month ago +1

    Ovvy also packed 3 GK. This is suspicius.

  • baker ihjul
    baker ihjul Month ago

    You can use alison he was the reason of your rage the whole week

  • Dan Clarke
    Dan Clarke Month ago +1

    Somebody please tell me which cards are story cards please lol

    • Dan Clarke
      Dan Clarke Month ago

      markier nicht no mate

    • markier nicht
      markier nicht Month ago

      Do you have zaha From season 1 lvl 30 ??

    • markier nicht
      markier nicht Month ago


    • Dan Clarke
      Dan Clarke Month ago

      markier nicht ok thanks. So if you didn’t get it there’s no way of getting the xp challenge?

    • markier nicht
      markier nicht Month ago +1

      Lvl 30 from seasons

  • Sameer Shahbaz
    Sameer Shahbaz Month ago

    Krasi got 11maxpro😍😍😍

  • YU WAI KIU 余瑋翹 1920 4D28

    Pls try out 85 nakata he is insane

  • PEP pero
    PEP pero Month ago +1

    What was amazing about your rewards? You always lie in your titles just to get views. !

  • Gabriele Tomassini
    Gabriele Tomassini Month ago +32

    Bro you got 5 picks on your phone!! you had to scroll left to see the last one!! Imagine if you would have found vvd 😂😂😂

  • Monsta
    Monsta Month ago

    At least you didnt get as trolled as me.. Inform.. Walkout.. DUTCH.. GK..

  • xavier pook
    xavier pook Month ago

    Did anyone have the problem sign in into ea server. Ive been try for 20mins and still cannot sign in.

  • dt is a legend
    dt is a legend Month ago +4

    I don't understand the grind in this game I'm not the best fifa player and i got elite 3 twice in a row and in the two weeks I've only gotten one walkout and it was a 10k totw player
    Edit: just sniped blue mo salah for 115k so I'm happy again 😁😁😁😁

  • J. S. Krombach
    J. S. Krombach Month ago