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  • Published on Oct 22, 2018
  • Learn EVERYTHING about Adobe Premiere Pro | TUTORIAL | ItsJackCole
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    Adobe Premiere Pro Master Class | ItsJackCole
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    1:13 Creating a Project and Walking through the Layout
    5:52 Importing and Organizing Media
    15:19 Creating a Sequence and Adding Clips
    25:50 Basic Video Editing (Part 1)
    44:50 Basic Video Editing (Part 2)
    1:01:08 Tools and Shortcuts
    1:11:01 Adjusting Clip Dimensions
    1:23:11 Basic Titles and Graphic Templates
    1:32:03 Simple Animated Titles
    1:42:25 How To Save Custom Text Presets
    1:46:20 Default Transitions
    1:52:46 Creating Custom Transitions
    2:06:11 How to use Plugin Transitions
    2:10:23 The Difference Between Color Correction and Grading
    2:13:44 How To Color Correct Clips
    2:20:37 How To Color Grade Clips
    2:25:55 How to use Custom LUTs
    2:31:35 How To Use The Curves Tool
    2:38:09 How To Use Vignette
    2:42:18 How To Color Grading Using Adjustment Layers
    2:47:23 Explaining Key frames
    2:51:03 How To Adjust audio using key frames
    2:58:51 Animating Text with Key frames
    3:08:06 How To Use Automatic Mask Tracking
    3:12:34 Use Key Frames to Improve Your Videos
    3:22:24 Basic Exporting in Premiere Pro
    3:27:38 How to export screenshots
    3:29:45 Export Presets in Premiere Pro
    3:32:29 Exporting with a Transparent Background
    3:36:33 Exporting at Maximum Quality
    3:38:24 Export Two Different Presets
    3:44:20 Basic Speed Adjustments
    3:48:50 Speed Ramps
    3:55:54 Speed Ramp Transitions
    4:00:48 Adding Effects
    4:06:37 How To Easily Stabilize Footage
    4:11:41 How To Use Green Screens in Premiere Pro
    4:15:18 How To Automate Clip Placement to a Beat
    4:25:50 Instantly Sync Audio and Video
    4:29:32 Create a Replica VHS Look Effect
    4:40:41 Course Overview
    4:48:19 Skills You Will Have By Now
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      The computer (or laptop in this case) plays a very big role, Premiere or After Effects won't even run properly without enough computing power. Especially when it comes to RAM.

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    • Jack Cole
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      Make sure you're on the Graphics tab where you should see the text layer on the right and be able to click and edit it or also press "T" to jump to the Text tool before being able to edit it!

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