Who Can Lift the Most Weight Challenge w/ World's Strongest Man

  • Published on Nov 6, 2020
  • Who Can Lift The Most Weight Challenge (ft. Worlds Strongest Man) with @FaZe Adapt @FaZe Teeqo @FaZe Kay and @FaZe Nikan
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Comments • 4 577

  • Erik Marmolejo
    Erik Marmolejo Year ago +365

    Jarvis: Does bench press
    Full range of motion: Ight imma head out.

    • L17
      L17 Month ago

      And Sean was helping all of them for the full “rep”

    • Robert Jackson
      Robert Jackson 11 months ago +1

      He did it over his face lmao

    • Prod.W2GEEZY ♱
      Prod.W2GEEZY ♱ 11 months ago

      @David Björkholm that's too nice he did more like 1/20 of a rep

    • David Björkholm
      David Björkholm Year ago +6

      1/14th of the range is what he did

  • Davis Crone
    Davis Crone Year ago +154

    The bench press and curls form tho 😭😭

    • HudsonB
      HudsonB Month ago

      ik lol

    • Wishes and Bennett
      Wishes and Bennett 5 months ago +2

      Yea I’m sure Jarvis could have done the 125lbs curl if he swung it like how the others did. Instead the others made him look weak af. 🤦

    • Golden Wolf
      Golden Wolf 6 months ago +1

      There form doing curls makes me cringe your working out shoulders not biceps

    • Mighty
      Mighty 10 months ago +2

      @6isbetterthan1 LMAO 🤣

    • 6isbetterthan1
      6isbetterthan1 11 months ago +19

      Alternate video title: Watch us swing weights and break our backs

  • Griffin Arnold
    Griffin Arnold Year ago +22

    I love how they get so amazed when they just do the proper form and lower it more then halfway down.

  • Luke Odom
    Luke Odom Year ago +30

    The bench press by Jarvis doesn’t even closely count he MIGHT bench 170 if he does it right

  • Jacob Hyre
    Jacob Hyre Year ago +5

    It’s funny how amazed they are at what lifting does to you😂

  • Christopher Plaza Meza
    Christopher Plaza Meza Year ago +108

    I like how Sean is just helping out everyone lift the weights👏🏻

    • Emily Esders
      Emily Esders Year ago

      To make sure no one gets hurt

    • scopeZ
      scopeZ Year ago

      @Christopher Plaza Meza and Kay

    • Christopher Plaza Meza
      Christopher Plaza Meza Year ago

      @a Fr only adapt and Teeqo are prob the ones with most experienced,but overall the rest are not that experience,but I mean he was helping them :)

    • a
      a Year ago

      It was for safety u always have someone to make sure you don’t get stuck with the weight on you if u can’t lift it up he was just ready if they needed help and it’s good that he did cus the faze guys aren’t that experienced in the gym from what I have seen

  • Donna Johnson
    Donna Johnson Year ago +4

    The fact that they all can do the lifting part is impressive

  • Aemon Riggs
    Aemon Riggs Year ago

    As a 6’4 man myself thats been working out consistently and seen great gains I think they were lying about the strongman and security guys body weights.

  • AtomicCyborgg
    AtomicCyborgg Year ago +3

    6270lbs is actually the most a human has every been able to lift. That's.......................
    INSANE JARVIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JU JU
    JU JU Year ago +4

    I love how javis can do the first one easy but not the second

  • Strongmanupdates
    Strongmanupdates Year ago +330

    Jarvis didn’t even hit half way on the bench never mind hitting the chest he would struggle with 65kg at most😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • save the world 130 guns
      save the world 130 guns 7 months ago

      @Thogg thats like 500 pounds you aint doing that in your life keep dreaming

    • Thogg
      Thogg Year ago +1

      @William Martinez Perez Ok but do you have a "her knee a"

    • CHUN HO
      CHUN HO Year ago

      Most of Jarvis weight comes from his head

    • Alpha Mogg
      Alpha Mogg Year ago +1

      He probably weighs around 65kg so it wouldn’t be bad to bench your body weight

  • simon qassem
    simon qassem Year ago +52

    The only one who is bench Pressing right is teqqo, and the 2 Security guards

  • Fahim Abdulkader
    Fahim Abdulkader Year ago

    jarvis: sean is a beast
    saitama: am I joke to you

  • Johnny Stone
    Johnny Stone Year ago +231

    I like how nikan is hosting when it is jarvis’s video.

  • Lukas M
    Lukas M Year ago +1

    BRUH. Its basically sean vs jack with faze jarvis slowing sean down 😂🤣🤣

  • U suck Boi
    U suck Boi Year ago +5

    Jarvis said he’s a monster and he’s the one who got out first

  • LHNA
    LHNA Year ago

    Faze kays face in 4:35 got me dead 💀💀😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mississippi Dixie
    Mississippi Dixie 6 months ago +1

    Dang I feel strong now cause I turned 14 a month ago and I can deadlift 365lbs with a barbell

  • Timbers
    Timbers Year ago +8

    13:43 he looked like he just ate the sourest candy in the world

  • Dobrovan Bence
    Dobrovan Bence Year ago +61

    Jarvis: "This is Sean,we believe that he is the strongest man in LA"
    Bradley Martyn: "Am I a joke to you?"

    • jared dudley
      jared dudley Year ago

      @Dobrovan Bence ight

    • Dobrovan Bence
      Dobrovan Bence Year ago +1

      @jared dudley shhh🤫,next month probably,there are so many orders to deliver

    • Etka
      Etka Year ago +1

      @TB_MrPanda he doesn’t actually do those things lmfao

  • Keith Barker
    Keith Barker 8 months ago

    Jarvis went half way down on his bench lmao🤣

  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui Year ago +40

    „Strongest man in LA“, the boys apparently don‘t know that the 2019 Worlds Strongest Man lives in LA

  • P Winter
    P Winter 11 months ago

    I wish I could be that strong one day

  • Jayden n Jacqueline Rahadi

    7:04 mak me laugh sooooo hard

  • NotNLEChopperrr
    NotNLEChopperrr Year ago +311

    Jarvis: *gets like 10 people and calls them the world’s strongest man*

  • Jimmee Dee
    Jimmee Dee Year ago

    Do Sean and Jack have a TheXvid channel? I need to see what they do for training!!

    LOWKEY FF Year ago +3

    I like how the faze security take it so ez

  • Anderson Malimpensa

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  • Robert Lotito
    Robert Lotito Year ago

    Jarvis the biggest cheater we've seen this year lmao 🤣

  • Marcus Davis
    Marcus Davis Year ago +186

    Jarvis: “the crazy thing is that they are going all the way down mate”. Me:”yeah that’s how you do a bench press”

    • aPhantasm
      aPhantasm Year ago

      @Andrew hey man

    • Riley Smith
      Riley Smith Year ago +1

      Bhavdeep singh sidhu yeah no way Jarvis could do that let alone 185

    • Andrew
      Andrew Year ago +2

      Dillon Moore sorry didn’t mean to insult your boyfriend

    • SB027
      SB027 Year ago +5

      @Andrew i dont think it was actual 220 pounds either tbh.

    • Dillon Moore
      Dillon Moore Year ago

      @Andrew chill g

  • Ethan U
    Ethan U Year ago +15

    It’s all fun and games until Bradley Martin shows up😂😂

    • Melodias
      Melodias Year ago

      @Hamad even KSI is stronger than this guys kid

    • Hamad
      Hamad Year ago +1

      Their the security also go see Sean’s Instagram he uses guns they don’t mess around Bradley Martin reguraly just works out

    • Hamad
      Hamad Year ago

      They made it to 415 lbs

  • Cameron
    Cameron 11 months ago +1

    Who else wants to see them all re-do this with Jarvis now being shredded?

    • Cameron
      Cameron 11 months ago +1

      I know I do

  • icyycold.
    icyycold. Year ago

    Imagine being the strongest man in the world and lifting a feather

  • tray way
    tray way Year ago +5

    nikan is the FaZe Security . He’s a whole unit.

  • Mxrio
    Mxrio 11 months ago

    I'm convinced Faze Kay is strong and can box now lmao

  • Bert
    Bert Year ago +1

    How the hell did Jarvis bench 225?

  • Ryan's Gaming Cave
    Ryan's Gaming Cave 6 months ago

    Fraziers face when lifting 390pounds 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Clipmedia
    Clipmedia Year ago +1

    Wait a minute sean didn’t let go when he was helping who ever on the 415 point but the dude let go of the weights when Sean was lifting it so sean is stronger

    • Clipmedia
      Clipmedia Year ago

      Did you guys see it and do you agree jack is stronger than sean yes or no?

  • Wavy 4Hunnid
    Wavy 4Hunnid Year ago +1750

    Wait a minute, if their security is lifting weights then who’s guarding the house🤔

  • Joel Yazzie
    Joel Yazzie Year ago

    Why did Jarvis bench it like that? I’m guessing he’s benching atleast a plate

  • Landons Xc and Track tips

    "This is the strongest man in La." Aaron Donald "am I a joke to you

  • Ethan Carter
    Ethan Carter Year ago

    Man claims he’s strongest guy in L.A and struggles with 125 lbs kmt🥱

  • Tigger
    Tigger Year ago +3

    I can’t even do a single push-up 😭

  • Chris L
    Chris L Year ago

    The bench form killed me besides the security guards

  • Christopher King
    Christopher King 6 months ago

    One of my dad friends is a professional bencher and he can bench 565

  • Andrew Podsiadlo
    Andrew Podsiadlo Year ago

    Jarvis : let's do who can lift the most weight
    In the challenge : I'm out

    TALENTLESS Year ago

    nikan is like: nah bro im just a coach xD

  • Savage Shiloh
    Savage Shiloh Year ago +490

    Title: “World’s strongest man”
    Eddie Hall: Am I a joke to you?

    • Clonemace
      Clonemace Year ago

      @Joel Park Yup. Its the Current Guinness World Record as far I'm concerned.

    • Joel Park
      Joel Park Year ago

      @Clonemace damn really?

    • 𝓽𝔁𝓫𝓲𓆉
      𝓽𝔁𝓫𝓲𓆉 Year ago

      Arnold Schwarznegger

    • Melodias
      Melodias Year ago

      @Noobmaster 69 ye i was just about to say that he lifted 501kg but i think he could lift even more because he doesnt look like its extremely hard like look at hafthor he is a beast

    • Noobmaster 69
      Noobmaster 69 Year ago

      @Kufe did brain shaw lift 501kg? No he didn't so hafthor is stronger

  • NotFlopz
    NotFlopz Year ago

    i love how jarvis says hes a beast;

  • oiuet souiu
    oiuet souiu Year ago +28

    Nobody: Jarvis: gets like 10 people and calls them the world’s strongest man

  • Jordan Krych
    Jordan Krych Year ago


  • Instinct
    Instinct Year ago

    The fact that with bradley in them they always say”WORLDS STRONGEST MAN” and then they say”STRONGEST MAN IN LA”

  • Harry Joyce
    Harry Joyce Year ago +472

    Try strict curling. Would love to see how much less they can curl then

    • bothetacoman
      bothetacoman Year ago

      @Eddie no

    • Marco Tardini
      Marco Tardini Year ago

      That’s snatching, not curling

    • Eddie
      Eddie Year ago

      @iClapMaster Yeet everyone seems to be misinterpreting what I'm saying.. I'm not backing these guys or saying they are the strongest men in the world lol, personally i thought the video was pretty shitty. I'm literally just saying that obviously they would curl alot loss strict. There's just no point mentioning it imo.

    • iClapMaster Yeet
      iClapMaster Yeet Year ago

      @Eddie mate they are just swinging the weight up, that’s why they should of done restricted curls so it’s just bicep strength

    • Cosmoh_
      Cosmoh_ Year ago

      Exactly,they were literally tossing the weights.

  • Ken Tan
    Ken Tan Year ago +1

    If Jarvis can do it everyone else can lol

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon Year ago +41

    The heavier dude is actually keeping form, while the other guys swinging his body like crazy

    • Koksooker Geiboi6969
      Koksooker Geiboi6969 7 months ago

      @Noah Dorland bro why you getting all worked up about, like it's not tht big of a deal.

    • Koksooker Geiboi6969
      Koksooker Geiboi6969 7 months ago

      @Noah Dorland bruh the video is about who can lift the most wieght, not who has the best form.

    • Silith
      Silith 11 months ago

      @Koksooker Geiboi6969 well the only one lifting weights is Sean in that case, the rest of them are just breaking their backs and not using proper form, clearly you’ve never lifted a weight in your life

    • Koksooker Geiboi6969
      Koksooker Geiboi6969 11 months ago

      @Silith bro the video is about who can lift the most weights, not about who looks the best while lifting weights.

  • JoeMama
    JoeMama Year ago +5

    When Sean couldn't lift it and kept trying I went to my whole family and said "this is why you dony give up on you dreams"

  • Hayden Diatikar
    Hayden Diatikar Year ago +1

    I wonder if they know the average reps of 200 for NFL players is 20 reps

  • killaklinck
    killaklinck Year ago +132

    The heavier dude is actually keeping form, while the other guys swinging his body like crazy

  • Rafa
    Rafa Year ago

    Crazy how they don’t even know how to properly bench 😂😂

  • ItzOllyOP
    ItzOllyOP 11 months ago +3

    Jarvis now be like “Have u not been working out or what”

  • Aiden El-Ansary
    Aiden El-Ansary Year ago +2

    This vid woulda actually been good if it was just the 2 strongest

  • Do Do kick Islam
    Do Do kick Islam Year ago

    Frazier is just naturally strong it’s crazy

  • Lindsy Vayda
    Lindsy Vayda Year ago

    jack how do we know your stronger than Sean if you have gloves on

  • Y/N
    Y/N Year ago +5

    Jarvis On deadlift: Nope Everyone Else: AHHHHH

  • Andri M.
    Andri M. Year ago

    Jarvis can’t hit 225 if he actually tried ✨proper form✨

  • Mostafa Hassan
    Mostafa Hassan Year ago +1

    I feel that JACK is "STRONGER" that SEAN what do you think?

  • az
    az Year ago +258

    Sean and jack : **lifts weight like the weight is a baby**
    Faze members:**lifts weight like the weight is a boat**

    SUPREME GAMING Year ago +1

    Who knew Jarvis brother is stronger than him🤣🤣🤣

    • bocoy noiu
      bocoy noiu Year ago +1

      The fact the second deadlift was 136 kg tho

  • Artrix ETHAN
    Artrix ETHAN Year ago +4

    Love how they don’t even touch their chest when they bench

    • shortzz
      shortzz 11 months ago

      Your not meant too and your also not meant to fully extend your arms to avoid injury and to be at constant pressure making it harder

  • Andrew ross
    Andrew ross 4 months ago

    OK I’m a weakling but my friend and me are 12 I can only curl 75 pounds my friend can curl 200 at the age of 12 I’m finally impressed

  • Austin Klingler
    Austin Klingler Year ago

    Can’t do a 300 lb axle deadlift at 150 lbs 🤣

  • Clarissa White
    Clarissa White Year ago +43

    Jarvis: Does bench press
    Full range of motion: Ight imma head out.

  • Prayash sinha
    Prayash sinha Year ago +1


  • Vanzy
    Vanzy Year ago

    everytime i watch jarvis it is like chritmas day

  • Noah Gomez
    Noah Gomez 11 months ago

    I feel like Jarvis after all the training from the boxing would definitely beat the Jarvis in this vid

  • Info Cudox
    Info Cudox Year ago +1

    He made it look so easy

  • Weebist K
    Weebist K Year ago +594

    Title: World's strongest man
    Brian Shaw: *Let me introduce myself*

    • Dakota Lepage
      Dakota Lepage 11 months ago +1

      Oleksii Novikov is the current wsm right now guys and gals. I've got mateusz kieliskowski or oleksii this year 2021 haha what about you guys ?

    • Milda Malinauskaite
      Milda Malinauskaite 11 months ago

      Itnactually zydraunas

    • shortzz
      shortzz 11 months ago

      Eddie hall is the strongest he deadlifted half a ton

    • Carlosboii123
      Carlosboii123 Year ago

      Sure he can deadlift alot but he can barely do like 5 pull-ups

    • Cookie
      Cookie Year ago +2

      its strongest man in LA so kinda clickbaity . . .

  • jman billered
    jman billered Year ago +1

    These no Man or Men these are mortal gods of strength lol

  • Gabe Vanpopta
    Gabe Vanpopta Year ago

    That bench press was dangerous man, non of them can actually do more than 200 pounds. I don’t even think jarvis can do 135

  • Brody Kloster
    Brody Kloster Year ago

    You should do this same thing with Dwayne Johnson

  • Gautham
    Gautham Year ago

    Why does kay look stronger than some of the others but isnt😅 great vid tho

  • Adriaanos
    Adriaanos Year ago

    I'm weird cause I weigh 135 and I can curl my body weight, deadlift 400 pounds and bench 200

  • PSN Str1ke999
    PSN Str1ke999 Year ago +1

    faze security is the new Dwayne Johnson Jr

  • Georgie Patton
    Georgie Patton Year ago

    This let faze team know they need to start working out

  • Nate
    Nate Year ago

    I think fraizer has more muscle in his head then Jarvis has in his whole body

  • LM30RemixHD
    LM30RemixHD Year ago +403

    Damn they picked the right security guards

  • zipix
    zipix Year ago

    I did 395 at 14 @140 lbs😂 n Jarvis can’t do 300lbs? Btw I never had weight trained till that moment

  • Penguin Boi
    Penguin Boi Year ago +6

    Imagine if h1ghSky1 was in this and he wins every single round 😂

  • GaCa
    GaCa 11 months ago +1

    1:33 jarvis can do it now

  • Andrew Meek
    Andrew Meek Year ago

    The fact the second deadlift was 136 kg tho

  • Ptao Tom
    Ptao Tom Year ago +179

    Jarvis: “the crazy thing is that they are going all the way down mate”. Me:”yeah that’s how you do a bench press”

    • Briggsy
      Briggsy Year ago +1

      @laPizza I know he means kg, He doesn’t look strong enough to bench 90

    • laPizza
      laPizza Year ago

      @Briggsy he Mean kilogram not pounds 80 kilograms make sense its décent for a 70 kg man

    • Briggsy
      Briggsy Year ago +1

      @Light That Burns The Sky Vegeta doubt it

    • Briggsy
      Briggsy Year ago +3

      @Gabriel Beckett he couldn’t lift anywhere near that amount

    • Gabriel Beckett
      Gabriel Beckett Year ago +9

      Jarvis couldn't hit it if he went all the way down lol no hate tho

  • Miles Collingwood

    On bench-press your supposed to go down to your chest

  • ghhu fgtyhj
    ghhu fgtyhj 3 months ago

    Allowing those bicep curls was absolutely regarded . Stand against a wall to do curls with form like that.

  • godly master
    godly master Year ago


  • Fortin Joint Account

    Jarvis bubbles to lift the weight but I’ve got water Malone to keep me in shape

  • mushy
    mushy Year ago +30

    Larry wheels about to pull up to the faze house like “I’m boutta end this mans whole career”

  • Jennifer Miller
    Jennifer Miller Year ago +1

    Congratulations for hitting 4 million

  • R4even 123
    R4even 123 Year ago

    Bruh the Jarvis can't even lift the easiest one

  • Dominic Raulerson
    Dominic Raulerson 10 months ago +1

    BrUh we need Frasier to box this man is STRONG😂😂

    • Jooshua Lewis
      Jooshua Lewis 9 months ago

      I’m sorry he ain’t buddy I’m stronger then him at 17 years old and I consider myself weak

  • Francisco Aveldanez

    Y’all can’t do anything right, yea chest curls that’s how we determine how strong y’all are