Chelsea’s Transfer Ban Explained

  • Published on Oct 14, 2019
  • Chelsea’s transfer ban explained.
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    In February 2019, FIFA ruled that Chelsea had breached rules relating to the registration of players under 18. The ban has genuine ramifications for a team who, according to Transfermarkt, have an annual player expenditure in the region of £100m and who have always relied upon the short pulses of improvement that player trading can provide.
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Comments • 355

  • Cristiano
    Cristiano 5 days ago +1

    Not anymore lad ;:D

  • kidpagron primsank
    kidpagron primsank 18 days ago

    It is good thing that happened to Chelsea tbh. Now they are forced to use what they already have instead of buy it. Maybe they may hit jackpot in one of those players that they both buy and from the club itself.

  • hassan shahrokhshahi
    hassan shahrokhshahi 29 days ago

    then how did they sign Pulisic ?

    • kidpagron primsank
      kidpagron primsank 18 days ago

      Winter transfer window and pre-arranged deal not count in the ban

  • Savvvy 2k
    Savvvy 2k Month ago

    Yea we should keep the ban as a chelsea fan we were supposed to projected 7th in the league but we have now won r last 5 premier league games

  • DippieBrix
    DippieBrix Month ago

    Why was messi legal then?

  • 에당아자르
    에당아자르 Month ago

    이승우있을것같았는데 진짜 있네...

  • BNO97 !
    BNO97 ! Month ago

    Why don’t they ban Man City for consecutive overspending. They don’t even get a lot of sales back from player sales so it’s pure money being spent at least Chelsea have always sold players and for high prices. City and Arabs are corrupt

  • Unknown XoXo
    Unknown XoXo Month ago +2

    As a Chelsea fan i would like to thank Fifa for stepping in and making our teams future shine very bright

  • Louise Marshall
    Louise Marshall Month ago


    SPORTS CONNECT Month ago

    We thank God for this

  • Julian P
    Julian P Month ago

    Dude u made this more complicated I understood nothing u said in ur English accent doesn’t help

  • Chester Blitz Marwein

    Best video in the internet rn

  • vincygarifuna
    vincygarifuna Month ago

    Do a video on how to stfu and leave my club (CFC ) alone

  • Usman JJ
    Usman JJ Month ago

    Campaign against Chelsea

  • RedArsedMonkey
    RedArsedMonkey Month ago

    Shows that you can and should play youth and not spend a billion pounds on overpriced, overrated, overhyped players. Like many say, it’s a blessing in disguise for Chelsea. Abraham, Tomori, Mount and Hudson Odoi are doing just fine and they don’t need any replacements.

  • Paul Martin
    Paul Martin Month ago


  • The Shades End
    The Shades End Month ago

    Very well explained but thanks to FIFA, we r finding how good our development squad is and our youth r our future. We have to selective buyer's from here on as we have some really good player's in our club.

  • Zcoop Vids
    Zcoop Vids Month ago

    Basically like college football or basketball in the USA

    JTR VLOGS Month ago


  • Hugh Mungus
    Hugh Mungus Month ago

    Thank fuck for the transfer ban, otherwise we wouldn't have played Mount, Tomori & Abraham. Pulisic needs to play a lot more, and I feel seriously bad for sexy Giroud

  • michael halim
    michael halim Month ago

    This is definetly the best football review youtube channel. And no indian accent. Good

  • Rafiq Ceyhhhnel
    Rafiq Ceyhhhnel Month ago

    I dont understand shit bout his lame story telling

  • EmiL A-ov
    EmiL A-ov Month ago

    Amazing to see legends like BeatFox and Markooz!! BeatFox was one of the guys who inspired me to start beatboxing. Full respect !!

  • Alfie Ryan
    Alfie Ryan Month ago

    It's a really dirty game.

  • Josh Griffiths
    Josh Griffiths Month ago

    This ban only made us stronger

  • Dark Matter
    Dark Matter Month ago +1

    From A Chelsea Fan : Thanks FiFA

  • Former President Donald Trump

    This comment originally appeared on Atheletic

  • Raiez njr
    Raiez njr Month ago

    Who would've thought that it would be such a blessing.

  • hellreaper
    hellreaper Month ago

    Even this detailly explained, I still dont understand the rules haha

  • Matthew M
    Matthew M Month ago

    Thank you Tifo Football!

  • Peppermint
    Peppermint Month ago +1

    Where is the athletic link???

  • Minhaj Nizam
    Minhaj Nizam Month ago

    Chelsea youth doing well right now. Mount and Abraham scoring goals regularly and will only get better as they develop

  • Sadhanabrata Roy
    Sadhanabrata Roy Month ago

    This comment *will not* be orginally posted on *The Athletic* and then re-posted on *TiFo Football* and certainly not re-reposted on *Rabona Tv* .

  • Nifemi Bank-Olemoh
    Nifemi Bank-Olemoh Month ago

    Can you guys do a video on Josef Bican?

  • Hasan Ramzan
    Hasan Ramzan Month ago

    One funny thing is that Chelsea broke all these rules for young players, they have a history of not playing young players.😂

  • Stormzzz
    Stormzzz Month ago

    Madrid needs to rely a bit more on youth instead of Galacticos
    Barca needs to gain the same strength with the Academy as before
    Look at the players they got

  • Thom
    Thom Month ago

    Chelsea will finish 3rd this season

  • L'Homme
    L'Homme Month ago +4

    Best thing to happen to this club along with signing Lampard.

  • Art2 Norrman
    Art2 Norrman Month ago

    That feeling then ManCity did exactly the same thing as Chelsea but they just had to pay 500k to Fifa and thats it

    • Christopher Gerstle
      Christopher Gerstle Month ago

      They were charged with only two counts and pled guilty. Chelsea were charged with 29 counts and tried to fight the charges. Big difference.

  • Zafirul Rahi
    Zafirul Rahi Month ago

    i was so happy after the ban

  • kingears84
    kingears84 Month ago

    Scummy behaviour from a scummy club. Hardly surprising

  • Mika K.V. Paintings

    All this does is make poorer countries and people

  • Millwall Joey
    Millwall Joey Month ago +2

    I went to a school in Surrey and in year 8 some Croatian lad called Karlo Ziger joined and was a Chelsea youth keeper and said he played for some massive Croatian club (forgot their name) so he must’ve been one of the 29 breaches 😂😂😂

  • Blue Toaster
    Blue Toaster Month ago

    Can we just say how city didn't get a ban they got pocket money fine

  • Xeno Benoit
    Xeno Benoit Month ago +3

    This transfer ban is the best thing to happen to them since winning the league

  • 5thDawg
    5thDawg Month ago

    As a Chelsea fan, I'm really happy for the ban. Simply because Roman Abramovich can save some money & we can use it to buy a big world class player whenever we feel like it. As a business, if we're successful this season it would also be great for him to gain something back without needing spend the funds.

  • Seallussus
    Seallussus Month ago

    FIFA is furious at all those bribed and money illegally exchanged behind the scenes.
    They did not get a cut so they acted with such speed and zeal.

  • Evan Saltare
    Evan Saltare Month ago

    I thought the ban was supposed to be a punishment? All it's done is give me one of the more enjoyable Chelsea seasons in recent years and it's not even over yet.

  • david hunt
    david hunt Month ago

    Transfer ban has probably been the best thing to happen to Chelsea ! I think they will come out stronger at the end of the ban because it has meant they have had to bring on their very very talent youngsters . They might not win anything this season but the experience they gain this season will make for a great future .

  • General Grievous
    General Grievous Month ago

    Chelsea was banned cuz of their love of minors 😬

  • Anthony De Freitas
    Anthony De Freitas Month ago

    yeah sure but when city or Madrid do it they turn a blind eye

  • Vaibhav Hariram
    Vaibhav Hariram Month ago +5

    If we didnt have the ban...
    Sarri probably wouldnt have left
    Which means that we would still play old players like Giroud and Pedro
    Which means no Tammy Abraham and Mason Mount and Fikayo Tomori
    In a way, this has helped Chelsea

  • Joey Danahy
    Joey Danahy Month ago +58

    As a Chelsea fan, is there any chance we can petition FIFA to extend the ban for another transfer window or two? 😂

    • KartoffelKebab
      KartoffelKebab Month ago

      Chealsea would be in ruins , but lampart did chealsea and improved the Situation

    • Hussein Shafie
      Hussein Shafie Month ago +1

      Looolz. Thanks man for announcing that .. need more time for banning

  • Drew Davies
    Drew Davies Month ago

    So a transfer ban for solicitating underage players has been offset by said players stepping up to the first team. Cheats never prosper....

  • drthvdr
    drthvdr Month ago

    I had very low expectations of this season because of the ban and also because of the loss of Hazard as well as the injuries of Reece, Callum, and Ruben at the beginning of the season. I always believed that Abraham should've been given a chance at the club and not wrote off because of his spell as Swansea but I never expected him to be this good although I expect him to slow down. The board have notoriously made terrible signings and because Cech is now there to advise Marina, I think that our signings will be much more focused and improve the team straight away. As much as I love the youth and the interconnectedness of the team right now, we undoubtedly need more depth in positions if we want to challenge the likes of City and Liverpool. I expected 5th this season but with Spurs in turmoil (you love to see it) I think top 4 is surely on the cards unless Spurs and Man U dramatically improve which I don't foresee.

  • 360 Ojeezy
    360 Ojeezy Month ago

    And now we have 300m to spend on January

  • Thomas Lind
    Thomas Lind Month ago +12

    Scary with these children being bought and sold like this...

  • Eric Mugerwa
    Eric Mugerwa Month ago

    This one of your best videos and I dig the godfather music

  • Shab. B
    Shab. B Month ago

    Blessing in disguise

  • Heisenberg
    Heisenberg Month ago

    Thank you FIFA