Lamborghini Aventador vs Tesla Model X - DRAG & ROLLING RACE - Can an EV SUV beat a supercar?

  • Published on Nov 17, 2018
  • It’s petrol vs electric for our latest drag race! The Model X P100D has left all other competitors in its wake when it’s taken part in previous drag races, but how will it fare when it goes up against a 740hp Aventador S? There’s only one way to find out… Let’s race!
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Comments • 10 608

  • Anas Raed
    Anas Raed 4 hours ago

    Lamborghini avntedor

  • Todd Caines
    Todd Caines 6 hours ago

    "Its not by much..." insert multiple buses.

  • Shamsuri Mahmud
    Shamsuri Mahmud 6 hours ago

    I have one stupid friend just like Yanni...

  • Jaasiel Bobbsemple
    Jaasiel Bobbsemple 6 hours ago


  • Vastator F
    Vastator F 10 hours ago

    Ugly Tesla.

  • shane kennedy
    shane kennedy 13 hours ago

    Well!.... Its a pity tesla cars are fucking ugly monstrosities!!!!
    Give me a slower LAMBO with the RAMBO sound!!!!!!! 😜👌
    Over wooly soulless electric claptrap!!!!!!! 😎👍

  • Smith
    Smith 15 hours ago

    Yiannimize’s aventador race a mclaren 720s they both got 10.5 seconds

  • muhluri Mathye
    muhluri Mathye 16 hours ago

    Tesla model x

  • Bicycle Things
    Bicycle Things Day ago

    Wait for last tesla. That will beat all the cars

  • Jero Valdez
    Jero Valdez Day ago

    I wish they made p200d

  • fsubeast 1219
    fsubeast 1219 Day ago

    Nah Tesla lost completely as so he’s driving a super car

  • Charies Hernandez

    A standard car against a super fast an expensive Lamborghini? Ridiculous...

    ROLAND T Day ago

    For someone reason I was feeling down and this video picked me up. Thanks!

  • Slimetime Productions

    That wasn’t a very fair race. Something like a Range Rover vs a g wagon would be better.

  • Gilbert Productions

    Who really won tho 😂 1 second difference?? I think the one that produced zero emissions during that is the true winner.
    Plus hes competing against like a $400,000 lambo vs a $100,000 tesla. 🤔🤔 worth it.

  • Robbie Caiden Chan

    Tesla vs Supercar

  • Qasim Mir
    Qasim Mir 2 days ago

    Don’t care how fast any electric car is, I’d take V12 any day.

  • Ruck Bogers
    Ruck Bogers 2 days ago

    well that was very relevant. So how about an elephant vs a Vespa next time

  • Emanuel Tomșa
    Emanuel Tomșa 2 days ago

    where is that Supra or WRX to beat that italian garbage? :(

  • The Gamer
    The Gamer 2 days ago

    The fact that this electric car is comparable to a supercar is admirable.

  • best tesla
    best tesla 3 days ago

    Please use roadster2020 to compare

    LukaNoANIMATIONS 3 days ago

    You should’ve compared it to Model S

  • Mike Stanmore
    Mike Stanmore 3 days ago

    Electric motors produce peak torque at zero RPM. The Tesla *should* be impressive over 400m.
    The Lambo is infinitely better looking.

  • harry has beard
    harry has beard 3 days ago

    what does it cost to change the oil in the lamborghini ?

  • George R
    George R 4 days ago

    Tesla win every time

  • Dmitry Baycharov
    Dmitry Baycharov 4 days ago +2

    aventador top speed 217 mph, tesla is only 155

    • Gilbert Productions
      Gilbert Productions Day ago

      Haha and? When is "Jill" the soccer mom ever going to be topping 150 mph? I guess thats the price you have to pay for zero emissions... (sarcasm)

  • Kevin August
    Kevin August 4 days ago

    Tesla wins.

  • Jevon Dorsey
    Jevon Dorsey 4 days ago

    do the roadster

  • Michael Leung
    Michael Leung 4 days ago +1

    This new gta update looks great

  • Joe Phillips
    Joe Phillips 4 days ago

    I think that was a win for me, shut up Matt you lost everything, let’s call it a draw, shut up

  • deadtornado
    deadtornado 4 days ago

    Well once the roadster is out, nothing will beat it for a good while

  • Carel Pelser Pelser
    Carel Pelser Pelser 4 days ago

    Wtf the lambo won

  • Blu Flare
    Blu Flare 4 days ago

    lambo fanboys didn't know how p100d can perform when its sleeping

  • Lishrng Wang
    Lishrng Wang 5 days ago

    When everyone buys Tesla, all the super car drops to super low price and then I can finally buy some for fun XD.

  • 2019 Ford GT
    2019 Ford GT 5 days ago

    Just wait until the roadster comes out

  • GanyX Plays
    GanyX Plays 5 days ago

    Where the hell is the Ford Focus RS gt

  • Żęåûx X
    Żęåûx X 5 days ago +1

    1:29 lmao

  • Jordan Brock
    Jordan Brock 5 days ago

    What color would he have had to paint his Lamborghini if he had won the bet?

  • Marionettes
    Marionettes 5 days ago

    electric works in different way

  • Clean Point Energy
    Clean Point Energy 5 days ago

    Tesla Model X 🙌✅🏆

  • Riyad
    Riyad 5 days ago

    Future is of sports electric cars......

  • michaelaltun
    michaelaltun 5 days ago

    I wanna see that Lambo vs The new Roadster

  • Mark Magill
    Mark Magill 5 days ago +1

    So i'm going with the Lambo b4 I press play...

  • Darren Kay
    Darren Kay 5 days ago

    Tesla,s are pure shi t and your a Muppet if you got one!

  • Gr8 B8
    Gr8 B8 5 days ago

    So many retards here. Guys you actually don't understand 1 thing. Tesla is good and nearly as good as aventador to first 60 mph then it just doesnt exist. The difference is also that aventador svj has the best or nearly the best time from normal street not race track only cara in nurburgring while tesla can't even finish the whole track

    VÈNØM GÅMÈS 5 days ago

    Let's bring the model S with Ludicrous mode and see who wins!

    VÈNØM GÅMÈS 5 days ago

    This is still amazing from an electric car!! 4 door, minivan/suv, family car almost defeats a supercar!!! This is still incredible

  • Al13n1nV8D3R
    Al13n1nV8D3R 5 days ago

    Y14nny must be loaded to the rim with cash. What does he do for a living to have so many exotic cars?

  • Carlos Aragon
    Carlos Aragon 5 days ago

    Damn tesla is just 1 second late thats innovative

  • DocTorX
    DocTorX 5 days ago +2

    Should try with a Model S P100d

  • Ohora
    Ohora 5 days ago

    Tesla just didnt win the roll😂

  • Yvonne Blair
    Yvonne Blair 5 days ago


    MUSAWER HAYAT 5 days ago

    Aventador will wins

  • Han Bulban
    Han Bulban 5 days ago

    Tesla is the future hands down

  • Julekha Rahman
    Julekha Rahman 6 days ago

    Is he Cumming , is he Cumming

  • Ajay Krishnamani
    Ajay Krishnamani 6 days ago

    Wait and do it with roadster 2020...

  • frosty
    frosty 6 days ago

    Sore loser

  • Diet Dubstep
    Diet Dubstep 6 days ago

    Fuck Tesla

  • seanzscorpio
    seanzscorpio 6 days ago

    Wow. An electric car is faster than petrol. Big ducking deal. Wait until the supercar manufacturers start electric if they do...

  • iam stevenson
    iam stevenson 6 days ago

    If you look closely you will see he has his kids seating in the back of the Tesla.

  • Jakub Chmarowski
    Jakub Chmarowski 6 days ago

    £84k vs £271k
    Think about it. And you can take your dog in Tesla.

  • Robert Jackson
    Robert Jackson 6 days ago

    I wonder how much $ this cost the Lambo (tires, oil, gas, etc). The Model X? $2.

  • nesh o
    nesh o 6 days ago

    It's no, not "noöh"

  • Simwme Dale
    Simwme Dale 6 days ago

    lamborghinis are ugly and there super cars and super cars are so ugly
    So the Tesla won

  • Slipz
    Slipz 6 days ago

    Couldn't beat me 1200hp street truck.

  • wide awake
    wide awake 6 days ago

    Yanny the Fanny........Omg. What a fanny Yanny.

  • Schniebel
    Schniebel 6 days ago

    A wonder the Tesla made it to the end before the battery drained.

  • S.E. Sander
    S.E. Sander 7 days ago +3

    Thanks for the 360° VR I can pan around and watch birds doing bird stuff.... better than this boring shizer

  • Doug Garet
    Doug Garet 7 days ago +6

    Tesla roadster 2 will b 8.8 in the 1/4 mile.

  • Doug Garet
    Doug Garet 7 days ago

    The lambo is a half million dollar car. The roadster 2 will be half that.

    • Kegg Plant
      Kegg Plant 6 days ago

      I wonder why. Oh yea maybe because it’s a Lamborghini and not a fucking Tesla 😂

  • Spurkey
    Spurkey 7 days ago

    Maybe if the tesla were aerodynamic it couldve beat it

  • Iain hall
    Iain hall 7 days ago

    The model s p100d would be a more fair test

  • Broască
    Broască 7 days ago

    Cumetre ai volan pe dreapta

  • ThCiNMyBrAiNMaNe
    ThCiNMyBrAiNMaNe 7 days ago

    You just can’t drive worth a shit

  • James Graves
    James Graves 7 days ago

    Even with the speed why would you want that SUV that looks like a Lincoln over that Aventador

  • Busa Bro
    Busa Bro 8 days ago

    It's a f**king Tesla

  • Mario Coraggio
    Mario Coraggio 8 days ago

    IT IS A FALSE TEST!!!! It is clear like the sun, because it’s clearly visible that the model x have a little jump back that means you don’t push firmly the throttle pedal simply because you want to stay back by the Lambo or otherwise you are a dumbass pilot or a very bad actor. Please be honest and do anything else instead this poor and fake test. Bye

  • Zach B
    Zach B 8 days ago

    No electric engine beats that sound

  • Crispin Curtis
    Crispin Curtis 8 days ago

    Don't "Motors" burn positive n negative Electrons?

  • sasha gill
    sasha gill 8 days ago

    call in the national front

  • nikhil singh
    nikhil singh 8 days ago +3

    At 2:26 playback speed 0.25x and you know they cheated...what the heck Tesla driver was doing when the girl has already dropped her hands.

  • Nils Buer
    Nils Buer 8 days ago +2

    Over 11s for the quarter mile, very slow for a performance car, even a 75000€ Doge deamon would beat that.

  • Sam Ashby
    Sam Ashby 8 days ago

    That is such an ugly colour, what an idiot with too much money

  • Snaker2341
    Snaker2341 8 days ago

    Get rekt teslar! Cant beat the sexiest car in the world...

  • Peppironi89
    Peppironi89 8 days ago

    I'd like to ask... Is it worth the extra $300.000,- to win a race by a second?

    • 0000000000000
      0000000000000 7 days ago

      I’d like to Ask where you got that he bought it to win a race

  • Omer Yuksel
    Omer Yuksel 8 days ago

    One is a fucking sports car and one is a fucking family car what did you expect use the roadster and see it

  • Christian Tota
    Christian Tota 9 days ago

    So next the roadster?

  • Marc28031984
    Marc28031984 9 days ago

    Damn, those chrome paintjobs on both Lambos are ugly as hell.
    Why do people who can afford such cars almost always have bad taste..?

  • Demarcus Prioleau
    Demarcus Prioleau 9 days ago


  • Nino Jurgec
    Nino Jurgec 9 days ago

    Go tesla roadster vs rimac c two

  • Azmath Choudhury
    Azmath Choudhury 9 days ago

    what was his name? Laurel?

  • CaTaLySt
    CaTaLySt 9 days ago +1

    Invest at eTergo easy money

  • Timo Rouw
    Timo Rouw 9 days ago +90

    Honestly, a high end Supercar that bareably beats the tesla model x thats twice as heavy is just amazing

    • Timo Rouw
      Timo Rouw 2 days ago

      +Majed Canadian thats a good argument:'i hate them in general'

    • Majed Canadian
      Majed Canadian 4 days ago

      +Frosty well I hate when I cant hear the rev of the engine I hate the fact that there is no gear shifting that's the whole purpose of car enjoyment. And last but not least I hate electric cars in general.

    • Frosty
      Frosty 5 days ago

      +Majed Canadian why?!?! They're the future

    • Timo Rouw
      Timo Rouw 5 days ago

      +Gap i know

    • Gap
      Gap 5 days ago

      Electric motors can produce all of its torque from the get go, petrol engines have power curves.

  • Reto Stucky
    Reto Stucky 9 days ago

    I think, for a SUV is the Telsa Model X not bad :-)

  • Abhishek Biradar
    Abhishek Biradar 9 days ago

    Roadster's gonna wreck Lamborghini

  • santisizable
    santisizable 10 days ago

    Crap. Launch was bad.

  • m 88
    m 88 10 days ago +1

    electric cars are allready outdated and the hype is over. i think hydrogen fuel will be the future as all cars can be readily converted to it. there was a big breaktrough in belgium on this

    • Zach B
      Zach B 8 days ago

      Hydrogen is a very unsafe gas. When mixed with air it has the ability to explode without warning.

    • m 88
      m 88 9 days ago

      +4K no its not, you are relying on old data. there is a big breaktrough on hydrogen production. there are now solar panels which create hydrogen at a very fast rate. and crashes with hydrogen are not more dangerous, this is also a common misconception about lpg installations.

      crashes with lithium battery cells are extremely dangerous and extremely toxic, a whiff of the smoke from a venting lithium cell can kill you

    • 4K
      4K 9 days ago

      Two problems are that making hydrogen is more expensive that powering electric car. And in crashes hydrogen is way more dangerous that gas.

  • tjqscott
    tjqscott 10 days ago

    It's Tesla, not tezla

  • Art of the grow
    Art of the grow 10 days ago

    I used to love super cars now I can see they’re just junky money pits. Mostly all hype. I’d take a Tesla over and super car anytime now. If the sticker prices of super cars is to remain then they have to step up their game. Most supercars are just an average or junk engine slapped onto a very very light chassis and then modded out. Anyone can do that. Nothing special.
    Take a look at homemade super cars in India.

  • Василий Дубинец

    Отсосала батарейка сраная!А теперь на зарядку пиздуй😂