KSI VS Logan Paul 2 Full Highlights

  • Published on Nov 10, 2019
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  • Arman Hossain
    Arman Hossain  25 days ago +186

    Full Highlights! Enjoy and drop a like and subscribe if you’re new! 💙

    • John Smithington
      John Smithington 20 days ago


    • idk chance
      idk chance 23 days ago

      I subbed

    • Rampz
      Rampz 24 days ago +1

      I have a video on my channel of logan getting angry at ksi after the fight and its sooo funny lmao

    • hot BOii
      hot BOii 24 days ago

      U a real youtuber bro , the one who has the time to talk to all your viewers , u deserve subs

  • Kevin Philips
    Kevin Philips 6 days ago +1

    Is it just me or is this video just 20 seconds long ?😁😁

  • Luca Tampellini
    Luca Tampellini 10 days ago

    Why did Logan receive a penalty of 2 points? Only because he made a very successful hit?

  • Jimmy Beerz
    Jimmy Beerz 14 days ago

    This had me creasing

  • Dixen Cider
    Dixen Cider 18 days ago

    Idk who u r but I somehow have post notifications for u

  • Reviewing and unboxing with marwan

    Nothing was sensational it looked like 2 sixth graders fighting

  • YouSafXD
    YouSafXD 21 day ago +1

    I knew what kaseer will win

  • Stevianto Aimar
    Stevianto Aimar 22 days ago

    Who win?

  • Toxic Stoic
    Toxic Stoic 22 days ago +5

    This is horrible boxing. Hopefully this trend dies soon.

  • Ash
    Ash 22 days ago

    Eat that logan you loseee

  • Luis Murillo
    Luis Murillo 22 days ago

    TheXvid sensations? Only for retards.

  • Vern Emcee
    Vern Emcee 22 days ago

    Dude i thought ksi's camp would have trained him to stop throwing wild power shots that never land and leave him open.
    And i thought logan would worl on his cardio so he would stop hugging every 10 seconds.
    But no, both camps just let them have the same damn problems they had last fight

  • Nikonla
    Nikonla 22 days ago

    Wtf 😂😂😂 people paid to watch this ?😂😂

  • Ryan Tate
    Ryan Tate 22 days ago

    Ksi hair: I'm gonna head out of here...

  • Ansa Hamid
    Ansa Hamid 22 days ago

    what the fuck is this bullshit..we have pros for a reason

  • Daud Haidariy
    Daud Haidariy 22 days ago

    Boxing fuck

  • Daquan Dade
    Daquan Dade 22 days ago

    The ref was right saying stop they kept grabbing duh guys dont yall no the damn rules

  • Ian Dog
    Ian Dog 22 days ago

    Who are these people again?

  • Litty Yeet
    Litty Yeet 22 days ago

    Why Logan gotta fight like a b**ch and constantly hang on to ksi for life

  • Taliesin Hunter
    Taliesin Hunter 22 days ago

    logan could of made this so easy for himself. Simply, logan has the reach advantage, KSI is forced into bodyshots, after observing his form and taking a few of his punches, he could have easily slipped to the right of KSI's left jab to the body, and followed up with either a left or right hook. rinse and repeat.

  • ツdecii
    ツdecii 22 days ago

    There's a 100 pound difference and KSI still won

  • Fishiiz Fishiiz
    Fishiiz Fishiiz 22 days ago

    Go for mma this was so boring

  • Beast
    Beast 22 days ago

    Justin bieber took a bigger L than logan

  • akila thangaswamy
    akila thangaswamy 22 days ago +1

    Logan clearly did not knock ksi. He grabs ksi head and punches him which us clearly illegal and then he drags him down punch him while he is down twice.which is clearly illegal .lol he should have disqualified

  • akila thangaswamy
    akila thangaswamy 22 days ago +1

    Everyone talking about ksi's punch .he punches like that because he is short compared to Logan Paul.its a technique

  • Feco
    Feco 22 days ago +1

    justin Bieber must be so disappointed at his blonde pal

  • Almir Menkovic
    Almir Menkovic 22 days ago

    KSI VS Masvidal next please..

  • Oliver Skatt
    Oliver Skatt 22 days ago +1

    They’re both so afraid to get hit, what a joke. Made it through round one and now exiting.

  • YouTube Contents
    YouTube Contents 22 days ago

    I would've just went for the face and lower chest with out stopping. Still team Paul. Fuck KSHIT

  • mohammed hirsi
    mohammed hirsi 22 days ago

    Adam Saleh would kill them both

  • Lagosent Digitals
    Lagosent Digitals 22 days ago

    Ksi deserve to win

  • Kishan Jadeja
    Kishan Jadeja 22 days ago

    ksi is a pussy.

  • Lucz the one
    Lucz the one 22 days ago

    They should do a tournement with even more youtubers

  • G G
    G G 22 days ago

    24.18 that awkward moment when they almost touched gloves in respect.

  • Manaki Te Ngaio
    Manaki Te Ngaio 22 days ago +1

    These weren’t even highlights

  • Music Trip 4:20
    Music Trip 4:20 22 days ago


  • 50K Subs Before 2020
    50K Subs Before 2020 22 days ago

    Logan Pual Losses*

    Logan Pual: You Know I Sneezed A Few Days Ago.

    KSI: What Does That Have Anything To Do With This!

    Logan Pual: Ummm......

    KSI: What Did You Say!

  • Don Tadeo
    Don Tadeo 22 days ago


  • George Thomson
    George Thomson 22 days ago

    logan should have one

  • Doc 11
    Doc 11 22 days ago +1


  • Itss Nina
    Itss Nina 22 days ago

    No one


  • Just Samuel
    Just Samuel 22 days ago

    No wonder KSI wears a bandana all the time

  • Bob b Ok
    Bob b Ok 22 days ago +1

    I think Logan Paul will win in a wrestling match

  • Galaxy Girl
    Galaxy Girl 22 days ago

    Honestly the only reason he’s saying the beef is done it bc he can’t handle logain, but people have options

  • Galaxy Girl
    Galaxy Girl 22 days ago

    It also looks like ksi is wearing a skirt 🚫🧢

  • Galaxy Girl
    Galaxy Girl 22 days ago

    I never noticed how ugly ksi really was

  • Douglas Johnson
    Douglas Johnson 22 days ago +1

    This was a boring and b.s fight they both lose

  • Rikolos Closso
    Rikolos Closso 22 days ago

    Ksi seems incapable of throwing a straight punch or a jab despite the loss Logan is clearly the better boxer

  • Raa Ron Ron
    Raa Ron Ron 22 days ago

    They were training... but in the end neither one of them new what the hell they were doing
    Is Justin Bieber a professional boxer?

    XXXRUBBERDUCKY XL 22 days ago

    Ref said you can’t do that shit lol 😂💀this ref funny as shit i still got things to do 😂

  • Cat Tac
    Cat Tac 22 days ago

    All the money poured into the fight and only one camera?

  • Cat Tac
    Cat Tac 22 days ago

    what in the f*** is wrong with the camera guy

  • Laury DE CAZO
    Laury DE CAZO 22 days ago

    Minable .... faites des vidéos c'est mieux !!!!

  • Keithen Varmall
    Keithen Varmall 22 days ago

    Imagine having so much beef then doing this

  • Kurt Payne
    Kurt Payne 22 days ago


  • Water sheep
    Water sheep 22 days ago

    Bruh KSI doesn't know a thing about boxing 😂no technique or anything.just swinging without looking at logan and making his self open af. Logan had a little technique

  • Ricardo Milos
    Ricardo Milos 22 days ago +1

    Take a shot everytime you hear the ref say "stop"

  • ruipedrorf
    ruipedrorf 22 days ago

    Bro after this i need to see some real boxing

  • Samer Gazy
    Samer Gazy 22 days ago

    Hi guys firest Logan win the match
    second what kind of referee will give fighter a break 3 minutes after he get his ass ko to the ground .
    third ksi fight like a kid in park the way he throws punch its funny asf u can tell he cant feet as boxer he don't have it simple Logan done a great job he is a pro and he can have career as boxer will done Logan ksi u sheet rip

    McGARVEY 22 days ago

    People actually paid to watch this shit?.Embarrassment to boxing