Five Finger Death Punch - House Of The Rising Sun

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    Music video by Five Finger Death Punch performing House of the Rising Sun. (C) 2014 Prospect Park

Comments • 80

  • Youtube Addict
    Youtube Addict Hour ago

    Damn, I want that Cummins swapped Model A!

  • Caden Wikle
    Caden Wikle 16 hours ago

    The cars tho

  • Dakidskidboxer
    Dakidskidboxer 23 hours ago

    The ratrods tho. I fucking need one!

  • dimitri brun
    dimitri brun Day ago

    D road ? Steeve Darnel

  • Martin Verrisin
    Martin Verrisin Day ago

    well... this video made no sense to me... - It looked very cool, but the plot is beyond me.

  • Gurkederzerstörung Lets plays

    that's not house of rising sun
    The "real" house of rising sun is from the animals

  • William Carvalho

    Muito massa.

  • Engineer Mike
    Engineer Mike 2 days ago

    Where did they find those vehicles?!?

  • Carmelo Chemtrails Killer

    to much mad max coping and primal yelling same old same old.

  • Regular Guy
    Regular Guy 4 days ago +3

    I didn’t know I needed a lifted 4x4 Caddy until just now.........

  • Richard Edwards
    Richard Edwards 4 days ago

    beginning sounds like Static X

  • Bishrut Prasad Bhattarai

    Me: Mom can we get the house of the rising sun?
    Mom: We have the house of the rising sun at home.
    *House of the rising sun at home:*

    • Bishrut Prasad Bhattarai
      Bishrut Prasad Bhattarai 2 days ago

      @mlg evan 0ver9000 bruhh you think this is better than the animals' and Bob Dylan's version

    • mlg evan 0ver9000
      mlg evan 0ver9000 4 days ago

      Bishrut Prasad Bhattarai
      The one you have is better

  • Paul Ainsworth
    Paul Ainsworth 6 days ago

    so much better than the origonal not often you can say that bout a copy

  • antifa killa
    antifa killa 7 days ago

    with the exception of the guy from welderup it was a good video

  • Neal DeWitt
    Neal DeWitt 7 days ago

    I love this song and the cars in this video i would like to have because Thayer bad ass

  • Fernando Santos
    Fernando Santos 7 days ago

    that was a hell of a party

  • Oğuzhan Koç
    Oğuzhan Koç 7 days ago

    Kill Bill confirmed yeah

  • APW atLARGE6669
    APW atLARGE6669 7 days ago +2

    Haven’t watched this in a long time and being a diesel nerd seeing 2 stoke Detroit diesel rolling coal makes me happy 😂

  • infinitiy11
    infinitiy11 8 days ago +1

    this is my corona virus madmax team theme song xD

  • Jeremy Steele
    Jeremy Steele 8 days ago

    I could just imagine the fear factor of a humv in this style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bigbird420
    Bigbird420 8 days ago

    This video clip would of been fun as fuck to be apart of.

  • djyul
    djyul 8 days ago

    He could have shot him and lived on!!!

  • Hdfxdc Superglide
    Hdfxdc Superglide 9 days ago

    Sounds like Nickleback!

  • Kayshea Alfred
    Kayshea Alfred 9 days ago

    I don’t know why I keep imagining steam punckster and circus tent when I listen to this

  • Dylan Canady
    Dylan Canady 9 days ago

    the only thing i love about this would be the badass rat rods

  • Dylan Canady
    Dylan Canady 9 days ago

    i just love how they did the beginning that was awesome

  • Pettsando
    Pettsando 9 days ago

    This song reminds me of old days i dont know why? i just love this song

  • Ehidna Mad
    Ehidna Mad 10 days ago

    I love how the music shifts (yeah, I know it's two songs, but whatever), but could anyone please tell me what do they say when the suitcase exchange happens? I can make an educated guess on most of it, but not all, and I'm really curious

    • Ehidna Mad
      Ehidna Mad 8 days ago

      @Bob Boggins1x1 Makes sense, everything apart of the dog, at least. Maybe he's about Ivan's gang? Thanks for the answer anyway, that was really nice of you!

    • Bob Boggins1x1
      Bob Boggins1x1 8 days ago

      @Ehidna Mad "I suggest you call your dog" I know it sounds weird but I'm fairly certain that's what it says. As for the 20% part it would make sense to say 100 percent because it's doubling up, as if you need to achieve a 100 percent profit

    • Ehidna Mad
      Ehidna Mad 8 days ago

      @Bob Boggins1x1 Thanks for the reply! Isn't it "20%" instead of 100%, though? I could've sworn it's 20%... But what's after it? Something with the dog, as far as I can hear?

    • Bob Boggins1x1
      Bob Boggins1x1 8 days ago

      Double up, you know the drill, 100%

  • Арли anti -fa
    Арли anti -fa 10 days ago


  • Michael James
    Michael James 10 days ago

    so weak, no wonder they are not known now

  • kelly stone
    kelly stone 12 days ago

    At the angels feet. Predict the ability of man. It's a dancing line of communication. It loses it's age like some thing childish and I can't explain myself Or it loses it's face as something anonynous calling for another to face me.

  • Kate Sanderson
    Kate Sanderson 12 days ago

    I absolutely love this song 😈😈

  • jack crawford
    jack crawford 12 days ago

    The opening 1:20 makes The best Kill em all game music Ever!

  • aziraphael0
    aziraphael0 12 days ago

    would be good without the first minutes

  • James Studer
    James Studer 12 days ago

    I have no idea what this was but I like it. When is it coming to Netflix?

  • jack mamma
    jack mamma 13 days ago

    thanks for ruining a classic... nothing is sacred

  • Zoe Buttercup
    Zoe Buttercup 13 days ago +1

    Cool vehicles sand riders by burning man my cousin who works for the studios did a great job on this one hang 10 bro!

  • steve wilson
    steve wilson 13 days ago

    i love this..but are their time served soldiers!

  • Uncle Iroh
    Uncle Iroh 13 days ago


  • acidtooth
    acidtooth 14 days ago

    looks like fun. are you sure there will be so many hot girls in the APOC? i mean, it would be nice if we didn't have to take them hostages as concubines, JS....

  • Gerru Collen
    Gerru Collen 14 days ago +20

    I first heard this song in 1964. I was painting my Grand fathers Tacoma house during the summer . I did not like it because it didnt sound like music that I knew. After hearing it a couple times I was hooked. Love this song. I was going to buy tickets to see this band , but our state is in lockdown with Covid-19. I am 70 & I love this music.

    • Joeridge Chua
      Joeridge Chua 5 days ago

      You're not alone on lockdown and loving Rising Sun, my friend. Greeting from the Philippines

  • mike ruston
    mike ruston 14 days ago

    Oh ya

  • Chris Snider
    Chris Snider 14 days ago


  • Alan Gray
    Alan Gray 14 days ago

    Love 5fdp but animals is the better version

  • Mellifluous
    Mellifluous 15 days ago

    Do people just got thru the comments and rephrase other peoples comments? Thats all i see here with mixed results 😂

  • juscurious
    juscurious 15 days ago

    Why so many views? This is beyond horrible. It's just noise. I'd rather listen to a washing machine. If you enjoy or like this, seek psychological help and soon.

  • Joan Huggins
    Joan Huggins 15 days ago +5

    Me: Mom, I want Mad Max: Fury Road

    Mom: We have Mad Max: Fury Road at home.

    Mad Max Fury Road at home:

  • Nirmal Francis
    Nirmal Francis 17 days ago

    What is name of the song in the beginning?So that by mistake also i dont hear it ever..

  • Raymond Kastner
    Raymond Kastner 17 days ago

    shit I thought those were steve darnells cars
    Mad Max meets Riddick to the sound of Techno Music.. WTF..

  • Ryan McEwen
    Ryan McEwen 18 days ago

    I like 5FDP but this is a terrible cover of a classic.
    They changed the lyrics. Why? Just for shits and giggles?
    That intro had nothing to do with the song.
    It was good for what it was and would have been great attached to any of their original music.
    But for this song?
    Hard no.
    Talented band. I love their OG shit.
    But this cover didnt need to happen.

  • Jonathan Sawers
    Jonathan Sawers 18 days ago

    Do their cars run on coal?

  • Kimberly Frankenberry
    Kimberly Frankenberry 20 days ago

    Too bad the white community isn't half as tough and bad ass as these useless songs. Foebama wouldn't have been elected to try to ethnocide us. There would be no islamic invasion.

  • Alba Palma
    Alba Palma 20 days ago

    Dad: Son, stop playing that!
    Son: Why?
    Dad: We have better speakers downstairs
    this is the most american thing ive ever seen
    This would have been a awesome song in the Mad Max movie

  • Sherry x Sherry T. East
    Sherry x Sherry T. East 20 days ago +1

    What's "you" doing at the start?
    0:37 oh Zoltan. A hungarian person
    Not going to lie, i like the minute begining, because it sounds Badass!

  • ดนุสรณ์ ฮั่วเฮง


  • Joey Boland
    Joey Boland 21 day ago

    This is the coolest music video on the internet by far

  • A random Stick
    A random Stick 22 days ago +1

    ya lets return back to 1964 shall we?

  • Cartwrightmbb Ramirovtw

    mad max confirmed
    If they’re not involved in the next mad max film I will be disappointed

  • João Pedro
    João Pedro 23 days ago

    Estilo Mad Max!

  • VIO
    VIO 23 days ago

    Never listened to music like this (usually listen to 20s, 40s, 50s, LoFi, Indie)

  • Carolina Fishing Kings

    f you reading this... Your parents are gonna die in 5 years. Post this on 5 other videos to break the curse. SORRY AINT GONNA RISK THIS CRAP.

  • Carsten
    Carsten 23 days ago


  • Tekken Gt
    Tekken Gt 24 days ago

    Yal crazy boys

  • aceshgh39
    aceshgh39 24 days ago

    Even better video finding out steve Darnell and welderup designed and built the vehicles in the video


    There is a house in Sin City
    They call the Rising Sun
    And it's been the ruin of many a poor boy
    And God, I know I'm one
    My mother was a tailor
    She sewed my new blue jeans
    My father was a gamblin' man
    Down in Sin City
    Now the only thing a gambler needs
    Is a suitcase and a trunk
    And the only time he's satisfied
    Is when he's on a drunk
    Well, I've got one foot on the platform
    The other's on the train
    I'm goin' back to Sin City
    To wear that ball and chain
    Well, mother, tell your children
    Never do what I have done
    Spend your lives in sin and misery
    In the house of the rising sun
    In the house of the rising sun
    Well, there is a house in Sin City
    They call the Rising Sun
    And it's been the ruin of many a poor boy
    And God, knows I, I'm one

  • Heather Girgenti
    Heather Girgenti 25 days ago

    Cool video😎

  • Richard S. Parker
    Richard S. Parker 25 days ago

    ok who showed 5FDP mad max
    Producer: How crazy do you want it
    Five Finger Death Punch: yes
    mad max confirmed

    DIONISYUM 25 days ago

    This is the most usa shit i ve ever see

  • Beckanally
    Beckanally 26 days ago +3

    I just learned that "Japan" in japaneese is "Nihon" which means "Land of the Rising Sun." Even though it's part of school this cover started playing in my head immediatly

  • Brandon Beam
    Brandon Beam 26 days ago

    What a disgrace to take a New Orleans song and make it about Las Vegas Nevada. Gtfo 👎🏼

  • kayla conde
    kayla conde 26 days ago +2

    Producer: How crazy do you want it
    Five Finger Death Punch: yes
    Dad: Son, stop playing that!
    Son: Why?
    Dad: We have better speakers downstairs

  • Mixable Snake
    Mixable Snake 26 days ago


  • Romy Bonotan
    Romy Bonotan 26 days ago

    rob zombie like

  • Wilma A
    Wilma A 27 days ago +1

    I love ffdp. Their version of this song is really cool and I love it

  • pranav kumar
    pranav kumar 27 days ago

    Not going to lie, i like the minute begining, because it sounds Badass!
    Mad max .. House ruise son .. God know im 1 😳

  • C. Cortez James
    C. Cortez James 27 days ago

    Dad: Son, stop playing that!
    Son: Why?
    Dad: We have better speakers downstairs
    New Mad Max looks awesome! But seriously, this is awesome!
    this is the most american thing ive ever seen

  • monsoonalzulu
    monsoonalzulu 27 days ago

    My fav FFDP video, EXACTLY what one would Expect... I suggest you call your dog...😎

  • ragmanracing 1
    ragmanracing 1 28 days ago

    The best thing I've ever seen. No fucking.

  • Gavin Barefield
    Gavin Barefield 29 days ago