After Rome - The War For Britain // History Documentary

  • Published on Jun 13, 2021
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    19:42 - I - THE END TIMES
    48:56 - II - THE RUIN
    1:26:30 - III - NORTH OF THE WALL
    1:53:35 - IV - KINGS IN THE NORTH
    2:36:00 - VI - THE WAR FOR BRITAIN
    3:11:00 - VII - THE FINAL KINGDOM
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  • History Time

    Phew. 3 and a half hours long. 3 years in the making. 30 locations visited. 100 sources used. 15 hours upload time. Delighted to finally have this out there. I’ll sort out a detailed bibliography and list of sources I used once I have recovered my mind a little... cheers all. Don’t forget to like and comment if you enjoyed this vid as it helps the algorithm to make it worthwhile and makes more projects like this one possible in the future. If you enjoyed it consider subscribing for 100+ other vids I’ve already made plus tons more epics in the future. Hopefully soon I should be able to travel overseas again and widen the focus out a bit from Britain once again!! Cheers for watching. Catch y’all next time.

  • Daryl D
    Daryl D  +1

    Top quality TheXvid content like this does not come along often. When it does it reminds me of how lucky we are to have creators such as yourself producing work that far surpasses anything a major TV network can offer in the historical documentary field.

  • Cassandra Yorke
    Cassandra Yorke 14 days ago +31

    This. Was. FANTASTIC.

  • The Brocialist

    You’ve outdone yourself with this one. This has to be one of the finest historical narratives that I’ve had the pleasure of watching on this platform.

  • Will Rijnbeek

    This may honestly be the most well done Independent documentary i've seen on TheXvid.

  • Brian T.V.
    Brian T.V. Day ago +8

    This is maybe the 5th or 6th time I’ve watched this particular episode. Absolutely love the content! Some of the most comprehensive historical documentaries I’ve ever seen. Adding the fact that you’re doing this entirely independently is truly remarkable; wholly deserving of praise for your hard work and dedication. You are clearly a gifted individual and whether this comment is ever seen or not, I wish to extend my personal thanks for making this accessible; entirely free. To those of us who are fascinated by history and interested in learning it is itself quite a generous gift. 🍻

  • BigeBoye
    BigeBoye  +32

    I can barely put into words how exceptional this video is, I’ve always loved this topic and this is by far the best depiction of post-Roman Britain I’ve seen. I love how you go into detail for the reasoning behind so many things, it makes it both a magnificent watch and a truly educational video, bravo.

  • Felicity Chevalier

    Insane we're in an era where you can get 3 hours of high quality content with exactly what is described, instead of WW2 and hitler marathons on the history channel every week

  • Diana Blakley

    This was very interesting. The first time I've encountered such an indepth history of the British Isles from the time of the Roman occupation onward. It gave me answers and more questions! Frustrating how little we know but amazing the things we do know. Thank you for this!

  • Ruslan Ibragimov

    When the intro alone is longer than most other historical documentaries, you know it's going to be good. This is great stuff - thank you so much.

  • Something Bland

    Thank you from a one-time Medieval History student at university. I enjoyed the blending of scenery, archaeology, old texts, and the annals of the kings and kingdoms that came and went. Having read Bede, and being familiar with the expansion and uniting of the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, it was good to hear the contemporary British, Pictish, and Irish/Scottish history -- where the ebbs and flows of the north -- and intermarriages between Celtic and Anglian dynasties -- mirror what happened in the south ... where you get, for example, a "West Saxon" leader with the curiously Welsh-like name of Caedwealla. It is interesting that the Northumbrian nobility, just before Bede's time, included people like Cedd and Chad (who became prominent bishops and saints) -- whose names are Celtic, not Germanic. This seems to indicate some serious intermixing of Celts and Anglo-Saxons, even at the highest levels of society. The Angles' language -- with a fair dose of Norse influence -- won out culturally, but that does not mean that every Celtic inhabitant had been replaced by an Anglo-Saxon immigrant. Britain reflects

  • Chandrasekhar Grenze

    What a great piece of work!!! Thank you so much for this extraordinary 3,5 hrs lesson on British History. As a German, with my heart and soul inexplicably drawn to Great Britain, these were fabulous hours to watch and listen for me. You have a new subscriber now, eagerly looking forward to watching all your videos already made and those yet to come. Thank you again and warmhearted greetings from Germany^^ (sorry if my English is weird)

  • joan whiteley

    This was an amazing video! I'd intended to watch about half an hour and save the rest for another time, but your storytelling is so good, I sat through the whole episode! May I congratulate you on a wonderful production?

  • Lisa Pickren

    This was clearly a labor of love and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. The time and effort you put into it is clearly seen and definitely appreciated! Please keep these coming!

  • rhosara
    rhosara  +13

    I loved every minute of this. Your filming and research are impressive and deeply appreciated. I look forward to more of your exceptional work. Thanks!

  • Alex Larsen

    Simply amazing!! This is 3 and a half hours long but it sure doesn't feel like it...I've just watched all of it in one sitting and was left wanting more! Moreover, as I write this it is 4 am in Denmark and I started the documentary after midnight, thinking I would see the first 40 minutes, perhaps an hour before I fell asleep. Instead it literally kept me awake the whole night long! The topnotch quality never dropped once, the pace never once missed a beat and the time flew by.

  • Wade M.
    Wade M.  +13

    This is an incredible documentary, thank you for all the hard work that went into making it. I learned so much about an interesting time in Britain that doesn't get much attention. Your other documentaries are well done too.

  • DJ Danzki (Official Channel)

    I've only just come across your channel, by chance. I'm amazed at how good this documentary is. Top notch 👌 Can't wait to watch many more. Thanks for all of your hard work.

  • Nathan Parson

    The scenery alone is worth the watching! With all the work you put into this, you have given us nothing less than a work of art! Thank you!

  • BC
    BC  +306

    When Simon Schama's 'History of Britain' series was released on the BBC at the start of the Millennium it was hailed as a major TV event. In his series he goes from the fall of Roman Britain to the age of Alfred the Great in about two minutes.