This Cooler DRAWS 545W!!? Bad Cooling Ideas #2

  • Published on Sep 15, 2019
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    We got a 545W Peltier cooler... sketchiness ensues.
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Comments • 3 588

  • Jason Bugher
    Jason Bugher Day ago

    Now we need to try it with refrigerated water and a little bit of glycol. So we tackle it from the other side

  • Jason Bugher
    Jason Bugher Day ago

    You need a industrial electrician engineer they can get that working. Needs a PLC and some feedback and a panelview.

  • Lukáš Mojžíš

    Newsflash: There's no reason to introduce a PID controller to this thing. There is one little thing that's fit for the job. Now, pardon my high tech words, and I might confuse a lot of people by saying this, but it's called "The Motherboard". Seriously. You could just use the PWM output to switch the Peltier on and off based on the CPU_FAN header, possibly smoothing it out by using some fuzzy logic by introducing something like Arduino.

  • T Est
    T Est 2 days ago

    Meh you should have used them too cool the liquid, not the cpu. Anyway fun experiment.

  • Ryan McKenzie
    Ryan McKenzie 2 days ago

    so you have all the stuff. so why not try using the TEC as a supplementary water chiller. You would need 2 water loops. One just for the TEC's Hot Side, and the other being the system loop. The system loop order would be radiator, TEC cold side, CPU. Let the radiators get the water as close to room temp as they can. Then use the TEC to chill it further. You would probaby need to redesign the TEC water block to be much larger than the TEC and give it a long meandering channel back and forth to keep the water in the block as long as possible.

  • Bruce Harrison Jr.
    Bruce Harrison Jr. 2 days ago

    The only way to get this to work would involve cooling the actual water while using a conventional loop to circulate the water and cool the CPU. Use the cold side of the tech to cool the water post radiator.

  • Michael Hathaway
    Michael Hathaway 3 days ago

    Linus - Never use an "end" tap to start cutting threads, use a pointed tap. Also, do not use tap handle. Place pointed tap in a drill and cut the threads in one push, reverse back, done.

  • Tsikow Gonzales
    Tsikow Gonzales 3 days ago

    show alex's twitter handle

  • imaximn
    imaximn 3 days ago


  • AKPBuddha
    AKPBuddha 4 days ago

    Use it to cool the water instead of connecting it directly to cpu. Just an idea..

  • Kaustav Sengupta
    Kaustav Sengupta 4 days ago

    Linus should see and consult GreatScott video, if he wants to do something interesting with electronic engineering.

  • greggory english
    greggory english 4 days ago +1

    Hey not sure if this would work dont have the ablilty to fund a project like this but what about somehow using the heat plates built and the peltier to cool a water tank itself im subscribed so if you do it some how send me a full vid plzplzplz and maybe sone of your old gear sure it still cost more than i can afford

    • greggory english
      greggory english 4 days ago

      Maybr can drop the power to not freeze the water i just wanna see if it would work awesome vids guys cant do it myself if so id do it and send you guys a video aslo mybe pelt to radiator

  • DubLDans
    DubLDans 5 days ago

    Those safety glasses give Linus an angry boi unibrow

  • Christopher S. Stewart

    I love LTT but I've been over and am basically done with these half-ass videos you use million-dollar equipment to record but yet you still to push out half-ass content. I don't fucking get why you guys can't actually complete a video like why didn't Alex complete the water block why is everything rigged half-ass you have the tools and access to do it properly. I'm poor as fuck and could make this set up clean and possibly work much better. Maybe instead of just cranking out 7 videos a week that are half-ass content, you could crank out some complete content. I know I'm not the only one who's tired of this, but I digress and will still continue to watch and support LTT

  • Dystination
    Dystination 5 days ago

    The 8auer just did this with the Höllenmaschiene. The Videos are German but they also had a very good idea. Watch the Video. ;)

  • DanieleBecchetti
    DanieleBecchetti 5 days ago

    This has been done before by an italian business called Ybris cooling with a specifically designe waterblack, "sandwiching" a 300W Peltier cell. It was called T-REX 3.
    It was in 2005, it was efficient and it used to went sub zero. It is just a matter of design.

  • MrLM002
    MrLM002 5 days ago

    Weird cooling sort of idea. Why not run a mini stirling engine generator off of the residual heat generated by the PC? Get some energy back from the waste heat!

  • Kyle Stafford
    Kyle Stafford 6 days ago

    Even though it didn't work very well i think this is my favorite episode

  • Osiris
    Osiris 6 days ago

    Loved this episode, I tried this back in 2006, pretty much did exactly what was done here minus the temp regulator and my water loop started boiling, The pipe burst off the radiator and that was the end of that idea. I also first tried with a tiny peltier cooler which was useless but then ordered an industrial grade peltier and the outcome was the boiling water loop as I mentioned. It would be awesome if this kind of technology actually worked.

  • Paul Mohr
    Paul Mohr 6 days ago

    Ok, you do know the extinguisher works better if you take the pin out of it first lol. Also you should invest in some halon extinguishers. They work very good indoors and they don't hurt paint or electronics. They are non toxic, don't conduct electricity and along with cutting the oxygen they also cool. I used to sell them in the 90's and during my demo I would spray them into running electronics and onto food and then eat it. Down side is they are kind of pricy and they don't work well outdoors. But considering the price of most of your equipment the cost would be well worth it. We used it for fighter jets in the airforce.

    That radiator is larger than the radiator in my car lol. You should have just mounted a car fan to it.

  • Dragothic Gaming
    Dragothic Gaming 6 days ago

    What about tec cooling a reservoir thatway you are cooling a water mass not a contact block

  • raheeljessa
    raheeljessa 6 days ago

    You're using the wrong type of relay!
    You need a relay that shuns sheep.
    A relationship!
    Ok I'm gonna go now

  • Leslie Grayson
    Leslie Grayson 6 days ago

    just wait for Iter when Electricity doesnt matter and we can pump up the Voltage like its air into a turbo...

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith 7 days ago

    The reason it won't work is efficiency.
    In a nutshell, there's 2 things wrong with this setup.
    1: the water block is only going to be able to move so much heat before it hits PDR (Point of Diminishing Returns, for those wondering...).
    If the block can only draw so many joules of energy, then adding more wattage/voltage only brings you closer to PDR.
    2: peltiers are inherently inefficient because the amount of heat they extract from the cold side is added to the amount of heat generated simply through its own operation. So a 550 watt pelt sitting on top of a 250 watt cpu will generate 800 watts of heat combined, or up to the theoretical maximum thermal capacity of the pelt itself.
    In essence, you basically were trying to cool down a 5hp lawnmower with that tiny bit of copper for a waterblock.
    More surface area to extract the heat will produce better results, but you'll still hit the PDR, regardless of the size of the peltier.
    You're almost better off using a dual-loop system with 4-100 watt pelts chilling plates that are connected to a second loop for the CPU, being cooled by the primary loop going from the hot side to the radiators.
    That's about the gist of this thermal dynamics 101 class.
    P.S.: I did something similar with the old Barton core Athlon 2500 with a modest overclock to 2.2ghz, and maintained 19°C under Prime 95 for 4 hours straight.

  • Sentrygun84
    Sentrygun84 7 days ago

    $100 tap wrench and tap set. Still wont put it in a vice so he can get a straight alignment... jesus linus get it togetgher lol

  • plebiansociety
    plebiansociety 7 days ago

    Turn a portable AC unit into cpu cooler next. I wanna know how compressed cooling would work

  • rotary _ rsr
    rotary _ rsr 7 days ago

    Don't cool the block with the peltier. Do a standard liquid cooling system but Make a copper reservoir and chill the coolent with a peltier then use a 2nd liquid cooling system or air cooled heatsink for hot side of peltier.

  • David Lopez
    David Lopez 7 days ago

    When checking seals you could use a drop of mineral oil to make sure they seat well

  • Lukas Blenk
    Lukas Blenk 7 days ago

    7:15 basically it shouldn't matter wich direction you put it in, you just need to switch polarity (the red wire becomes minus and the black one becomes plus, but you should first check with a Multimeter in Diode Check mode that the reading is identical in both directions)

  • Damar Wirawan
    Damar Wirawan 7 days ago

    there are 3 types of cooling, the conventional one, the dry metal with fins on small fans on it, the second is the last popular one the water cooling, the commonly use the third is mercury water inside a metal which cools down by large fans,... but the one hit wonder of a cooling system that will last is the the very system that we all uses to cools down cars, homes, and building, guess what... the compression and expansion type of cooling... ta da... why no manufacturer build it because they want to make money. as simple as that

  • Jed Jade
    Jed Jade 8 days ago

    I'll be honest, I think Whole Room Water Cooling was one of the best things ever, and I want a new version of it. I don't know what they could do at this point, but I think it was an awesome idea, and could absolutely work. I've seen similar setups work extremely well with only a couple computers, and LTT has the capacity and means to do a "whole room" unlike so many others.

    Some day I hope they do a 2.0, or have a reason to. Maybe just not the editors den..

  • K B
    K B 8 days ago

    its solder not soder

  • Gus Pagan
    Gus Pagan 9 days ago

    You gotta use it to cool the water, not the cpu directly.

  • James Baynes
    James Baynes 9 days ago

    Truly hope this series keeps it up

  • Kyle Lamb
    Kyle Lamb 9 days ago

    what if you put it inside the radiator to cool the water instead of cooling the block... just a idea

  • A Kam
    A Kam 9 days ago


  • blackoes
    blackoes 9 days ago

    *peltieR not peltchia

  • henri veerman
    henri veerman 9 days ago

    extra points for the solidworks engineering and demo, but you are using the wrong power supply. Pulse with modulating power supply is bad with TEC it reduces its already terrible efficiency. an other fault is running it at a high voltage this increases the current which will increase the maximum Delta T but reduces the maximum cooling capacity. even than it is crap for PC cooling. TEC cooling is nice to cool something above ambient or really slow like the cheap small portable coolers

  • Levi Yarra
    Levi Yarra 10 days ago

    i just got a honey ad with linus in it... what a sellout

  • ironlion45
    ironlion45 10 days ago

    That radiator is bigger than the one in my car.

  • failscalator
    failscalator 10 days ago

    I feel so bad, Alex looks so defeated T_T

  • Matt Thro
    Matt Thro 10 days ago

    A year ago you guys reviewed a special thermal pad like material that had carbon nanotubes and not only did it transfer heat well in the z direction but also in the X and y. A torch was applied to one side of the material and it burned the finger touching the other side. How come I don’t see you ever using this in any other application it seems like that might work well here.

  • Ancyker
    Ancyker 10 days ago

    16:17 it's a good thing the waterproof fans that you got water on are dead?

  • bgugi
    bgugi 10 days ago

    A couple of tips:
    1. you could have just measured the temperature at the edge of the cold plate, as that's the area where condensation would be a concern - you can solder the junction of a thermocouple directly to a metallic surface so long as your TC readout has an isolated input or the cold plate has no conductive path to ground.
    2. As others have mentioned, an overpowerd TEC just becomes a resistive heater... you have to do testing to find that point and target a power somewhat below that.
    3. If you're going through all the effort of designing custom blocks, you might as well add a dry gas purge around the cold plate to go as cold as you want without worrying about condensation
    4. As others have mentioned, you'd be far better served by having "hot" and "cold" loops interfaced by the TEC than trying to dump the TEC directly onto the cpu.

  • S R
    S R 10 days ago

    I always wished this design would work but alas it is a firm no.
    I agree, if the TEC was integrated into the radiator, you may end up with a preferable solution, as long as your heat dump was big enough.

  • prizedcoffeecup
    prizedcoffeecup 11 days ago

    that radiator is thicker than the ones you find in some small cars like the 90s Suzuki Swifts, just needs a pressure cap and it's ready for the road. lol

  • Benjamin Thorman
    Benjamin Thorman 11 days ago

    We have a bunch of espresso machines that use peltiers to keep the milk cold. If the conditions aren’t perfect they have a lot of trouble keeping up, but I would say it’s a better use case than cpu cooling.

  • Pro Gamer SSF
    Pro Gamer SSF 11 days ago +2

    I love the linus' videos because they have almost the perfect proportion to my Samsung s8+

  • Alex Farmer
    Alex Farmer 11 days ago

    why not just use some thermal paste glue instead of clamping it super hard?

  • Johan Eriksson
    Johan Eriksson 11 days ago

    Why don’t you 3D print a case? I remember your guys had a 3D printer. If you need a new printer I would recommend a prusa mk3s.

  • Frederick Morrison
    Frederick Morrison 12 days ago +2

    don't worry boys, we always cringe when y'all attempt sub-ambient cooling 8*D

  • Tyrell Palomino
    Tyrell Palomino 12 days ago +1

    could you use liquid nitrogen cooling on that system

  • Никита Панков

    just make 3 different loops - one for cpu, two for tec
    first loop: pump>cpu>360mil rad>heat exchanger(other side connected to 2'nd loop)>pump again
    second loop: pump>heat exchanger>tec (or some array ov them, cool side)>pump again
    Last one: pump>tec (hot side)> real BIG radiator> pump again
    May be difficult, but idea in seporation of heat sources. Try - for you team it not a big deal, dont ignore me, if you see this messege.

  • djtongi
    djtongi 12 days ago +1

    you did a mistake.....
    the peltier elemet has to cool the water in a seperate module, not between the cpu and cooler. So you have the entire water capacity for cooling, not just the thin copper between the peltier and the CPU...

    • André Ewert
      André Ewert 10 days ago

      This isn't about "capacity", unless your plan is to only cool the CPU for one benchmark or so. This is about sustained (and forced) heat transfer away from the CPU. In other terms, it's about watts, not degrees.

  • Adrian Staicu
    Adrian Staicu 13 days ago +3

    Your peltie uses 900W to transfer heat. That means you have to be able to cool at least that amount with the water block. If you don't, both side start to heat.

  • Tim Van Briesen
    Tim Van Briesen 14 days ago

    What if the mounting hardware was isolated from the copper sheets so the heat didn't transfer thru it to the cool side?

  • Miki Cerise
    Miki Cerise 14 days ago +1

    You broke Alex's heart, Linus.

  • Aage Hedegaard-Larsen
    Aage Hedegaard-Larsen 14 days ago

    why not cool the water ?

  • TorQueMoD
    TorQueMoD 15 days ago

    I remember reading an article a few years back about how Digital Storm created a super high end computer that used a TEC for cooling and got the system down to Zero degrees under load. Was that just lies or do they have some magic setup that you guys can't re-create?

  • BOT Larry
    BOT Larry 15 days ago

    Linus arrives at work in the morning: "wtf is going on today guys???"