GAMEPLAY of All UNUSED/UNRELEASED Outfits in Super Mario Odyssey!


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  • Meme Machine
    Meme Machine 24 days ago

    Santa is now officially In game as of November

  • Call me Zelda ONE moar time

    Now that 8-Big is out I’m very disappointed

  • Marcus Farr
    Marcus Farr 2 months ago

    I wish Mario would turn 3d when entering the 8-bit stages while wearing the 8-bit cap

  • Darky Larky
    Darky Larky 2 months ago

    How funny that you say that it was "unused" although most of it was released.

  • Brandon Stanfield
    Brandon Stanfield 3 months ago

    I have an idea you know how in the 8 bit sections the 8 bit Mario costume shows up as the regular 2D Mario model right?
    Well what they could do is actually make the 2d model small because in the files there are actual 2D small Mario eh eh
    Like if you agree

  • Jonut
    Jonut 3 months ago

    That last one looks beautiful. I assume we'll get the zombie and santa ones around christmas and halloween, but I have no idea when we'll get the 8 bit one. March 10th maybe? Either way, I want it and I want it now.

  • JimiTheGamer
    JimiTheGamer 5 months ago

    Why 8-bit Mario will never be released: Because the ending cutscene when Mario holds flower is so crazy MARIO HOLDS THE FLOWER WITH HIS *NOSE*

  • Daillou Animations
    Daillou Animations 6 months ago

    Rango is a new update.

  • shubo li
    shubo li 6 months ago

    This is outdated because i have some of them

  • ZephaniahPlaysRBLX
    ZephaniahPlaysRBLX 6 months ago

    *_Wow very cool Kanye keep it up!_*

  • Batabii
    Batabii 7 months ago

    If they ever add the 8-bit Mario hat I hope that I can get it for free by having the amiibo

  • Mr.Reviewer
    Mr.Reviewer 7 months ago

    All these customes and delphino plaza kingdom for e3?

  • Pikachu Doo
    Pikachu Doo 7 months ago

    I hope we get the zombie outfit in the game that looks totally cool

  • JackGamer 200
    JackGamer 200 7 months ago

    The first one just came out

  • Squittle
    Squittle 7 months ago

    I'm just glad that we *should* be getting the zombie and 8 bit one since the race driver one is out now.

  • Bread and BuTTer
    Bread and BuTTer 7 months ago

    13:01 the 2d costume is reallly original edit: notice my sarcasm

  • woah he's a zoom
    woah he's a zoom 8 months ago

    I think the 8bit with no animation is good tbh it fix it very well and it's funny

  • Amanda Lovett
    Amanda Lovett 8 months ago


  • Cyberdemon Cyndi
    Cyberdemon Cyndi 8 months ago

    That zombie costume is badass! I hope they make a haunted Kingdom! Seeing the conductor costume also makes me wish for a music kingdom!

  • Lonk
    Lonk 8 months ago

    Santa mario is for christmas and Zombie mario is for Halloween and 8bit mario is for the 33th anniversary of Mario

    SOUP WATER 8 months ago


  • ness
    ness 8 months ago

    I laughed so uncontrollably hard at the 8 bit mario costume

  • alfredo el fredo :v
    alfredo el fredo :v 8 months ago

    8-bit Mario: mini mario
    8-bit Mario on 2D section: big mario
    Me: wut?

  • Neo Leo
    Neo Leo 8 months ago

    isnt his name pronounces Ganite-mated because his icon is granite

  • Orange Sprinkle
    Orange Sprinkle 8 months ago

    The 8 bit one looks so derpy

  • Frederick
    Frederick 8 months ago

    7:00 Well, well, well, who gotta judge?

  • Puff-Jiggly-Puff Games
    Puff-Jiggly-Puff Games 8 months ago

    Another question is that why didn't you talk to Luigi with any of the outfits on? Would it crash the game?

    • Puff-Jiggly-Puff Games
      Puff-Jiggly-Puff Games 8 months ago

      Okay, I thought it would crash because Luigi wouldn't have any type of dialogue, soft locking the game or crashing it, but I can take your word from it instead. I really hope these might come out later in the future.

    • Mizumi
      Mizumi  8 months ago +1

      i did for a few of them and didnt notice any unique dialogue so i left it out of the video

  • TheSwiftscout
    TheSwiftscout 8 months ago

    8-bit mario is the best

  • said
    said 8 months ago +1


  • Uksolam
    Uksolam 8 months ago

    Do you think There will be a rabbid costume? The rabbids dresses up as mario in "Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle", so this time Mario maybe dress up as a rabbid...

  • TheGoldenSpider
    TheGoldenSpider 8 months ago +1

    This video's #45 on the trending page on the whole of youtube! Congratulations! 😉😎

  • Nicolas Royer
    Nicolas Royer 8 months ago

    do you see the hats just right to Mario ? 8:32 always make me think about Pr. Layton

    NATALY RINCON 8 months ago

    O my god Mario is cool as pixel

  • Mario Bros
    Mario Bros 8 months ago

    How i get them

  • Ellis Goulding
    Ellis Goulding 8 months ago

    8-Bit Mario in an 8-Bit wall should be normal 3D Mario, like in the 2D games.

  • Ethan Finocchiaro
    Ethan Finocchiaro 8 months ago

    maybye the santa outfit could be released near 2018 christmas

  • Prince Cookie
    Prince Cookie 8 months ago

    So many talking about 8bit but those bunny outfits are sorta cute, mostly just the ears though

  • Chance Copy of AaronPlays!


  • Its cabbage bois
    Its cabbage bois 8 months ago

    8:40 this one is my favorite

  • mariochaosspear
    mariochaosspear 8 months ago

    I kinda wanted to see a highly detailed 3D Mario in the 2D sections whenever he wears the 8-Bit cap.

  • Almost Entertainment
    Almost Entertainment 8 months ago

    If they could only released one I want the zombie outfit that is amazing like wow

  • Toby Rocks!
    Toby Rocks! 8 months ago

    Sounds high pitched

  • OctoKid 20
    OctoKid 20 8 months ago

    Yo, like if you agree if Nintendo shall make a inkling and octoling costume

  • Killian
    Killian 8 months ago


  • zGiuseppe
    zGiuseppe 8 months ago

    But they are real?

  • Peanut boi
    Peanut boi 8 months ago

    I guess for the zombie outfit cappy is axey or something idk

  • the gas mask plague
    the gas mask plague 8 months ago

    This game is over rated

  • VeroXo
    VeroXo 8 months ago

    Probably The Zombie Headwear could be a haloween costume and the Santa outfit could be a Christmas costume (I am just assuming, don't take this seriously).

  • STP8
    STP8 8 months ago


  • DaPinguIsKing / piingoo

    Zombie Mario is like not something I’d expect from a Nintendo game holy shit

  • Dj bolanis
    Dj bolanis 8 months ago

    Zombie Cappy is just a goddamn axe XD

  • Chaton
    Chaton 8 months ago

    11:51 "Hi. I'm an Amiibo."

  • Homie Kirby
    Homie Kirby 8 months ago

    Santa Mario? Give me a Pepsi Can!!!

  • SuperStamps Playz
    SuperStamps Playz 8 months ago

    love the 8-bit One!

  • Zach the Cat
    Zach the Cat 8 months ago

    I hope they plan to do more with the 8-bit one than that.

  • Pulse
    Pulse 8 months ago

    If these really do get added at some point, I'm going to be messing around with 8-bit mario the whole time

  • ThatGuyJoshy
    ThatGuyJoshy 8 months ago +2

    36 on trending!

  • InklingCurry
    InklingCurry 8 months ago

    8:16 OMG HE HAS FEET

  • Szymon Gracz
    Szymon Gracz 8 months ago

    It Would Be Nice If The 2D Sections Of The Games, Would Make Him ''3D''

  • It's me
    It's me 8 months ago

    Zombie skin is def my favorite

  • Ellivers
    Ellivers 8 months ago +1

    That zombie one tho.. Mario actually throws an axe!

  • incomporeal gaming
    incomporeal gaming 8 months ago

    How is cappy an axe not attacking or damaging enemies?

  • Eddie Hackleton
    Eddie Hackleton 8 months ago

    When is the 8 bit mario coming out

  • Broseph
    Broseph 8 months ago

    I can see why they didn't put the zombie costume in the game.

  • Error Code/13
    Error Code/13 8 months ago

    So Mario can become a skeleton but not zombie? Plz make zombie Mario real Nintendo. It's not much to axe of you.

  • Just A YouTuber
    Just A YouTuber 8 months ago

    Topper hat and suit are being used in the game

  • kleiosAegis
    kleiosAegis 8 months ago

    would definitely mario odyssey with the 8bit

  • ponycristian gamingandfun


  • Moaed Ahmad
    Moaed Ahmad 8 months ago

    8-bit Mario animation is missing

  • Unity Collision
    Unity Collision 8 months ago

    Cool, those outfits are amazing. It’s really cool how you modified the game.


  • The Platformer Reviewer

    I can see why they never released zombie mario

  • Geoffrey Druyts
    Geoffrey Druyts 8 months ago

    Lmao people actually expect the 8-bit costume to get animations? They're not gonna waste their time for NEW animations for ONE costume.

  • PumpkinHeadBen
    PumpkinHeadBen 8 months ago

    Can see why they scrapped the zombie costume, children probably dont wanna see mario with a axe in his head, nor parents. But it is still kinda cool

    • Blake Newall
      Blake Newall 8 months ago

      It’s not scrapped, they’ll release eventually

  • x19-9-12-5-14-3-5x
    x19-9-12-5-14-3-5x 8 months ago

    Zombie outfit..Are you sure that is real? Looks more like a remodel of ***well its obvious enough***

    Jokes aside looks good

  • It's all in the soup
    It's all in the soup 8 months ago +1

    I did not think that nintendo would let us have characters in fishnet stockings. I especially didn't think that Mario would be the first one in line.

  • Sunbun
    Sunbun 8 months ago

    Pretty sure 8 bit mario is unfinished right now.

  • Zeyo
    Zeyo 8 months ago

    How does Mario pull that dress and hairstyle off so much better than the rabbit girl?

  • Jack Pestell
    Jack Pestell 8 months ago

    Why you hit wegee 😢

  • Let’s Get Building!
    Let’s Get Building! 8 months ago +4

    That flying axe looks deadly when Mario was hit by it

  • Glitchmaster Nintendo 2

    santa mario hopes the kids made lots of spaghetti

  • AboAlrok #1
    AboAlrok #1 8 months ago

    The racing custome is paced of excitebikeon nes.
    The rango custome is paced of rango's (duh).
    The hariet custome, if you look closely its actual hariet's.
    The spewart... Its obvious.
    The conductor intrestingly is based of mario in mario paint on the nes.
    The zombie mario dosent really have a refrence... So yeah.
    The santa costume dosent have a refre... Oh how stupid, its santa.
    And the the 8-bit (hat) is based of the 20th anniversary modern color amiibo... I wish the 8-bit costume (hat again) changes color pallate depending on the suit

  • Javier Narváez
    Javier Narváez 8 months ago


  • I'm Shads
    I'm Shads 8 months ago +1

    Why is this #27 on trending what

  • Bruce Mazibuko
    Bruce Mazibuko 8 months ago +1

    The boii mizumi #27 on trending :)))

  • Mizumi
    Mizumi  8 months ago +19

    Nintendo hit this with that copywrite strike so now i don't make money from this video lol.
    so uh. liking and subbing would be super helpful.
    or sacrificing your first born child. that too.

    • Nayuki
      Nayuki 4 months ago

      tbh you shouldn't have a right to make money off of this video anyways

    • celerystick 799
      celerystick 799 5 months ago

      i don’t have children

    • RockinRay3305
      RockinRay3305 8 months ago

      Mizumi but you gave them credit and changed the pitch of the music

    • Slashuigeyon
      Slashuigeyon 8 months ago +1

      Well nice vid

  • ProjectXANA
    ProjectXANA 8 months ago

    8bit mario looks unfinished

  • Ace The Depressed Ultima

    how u get those outfits

  • Adam Sanchez
    Adam Sanchez 8 months ago

    How do you get the costumes early

  • Master Luk
    Master Luk 8 months ago

    Lol 11:33

  • GummyDummy711 Watching Vids

    I love the zombie mario outfit

  • Zaktot1357
    Zaktot1357 8 months ago

    You'd think they would at least ad the walking animation, not just port over the model of the amibo.

  • Bowsette Nintendo waifu

    Names of the broodals CONFIRMED

  • Ixol
    Ixol 8 months ago

    It would be cool if diffrent hats have special ability

  • GarchompAttack
    GarchompAttack 8 months ago

    WTF 24 on trending

  • Ignorant Ice
    Ignorant Ice 8 months ago

    Rolling and diving 8-bit Mario is the best thing I’ve ever seen.

  • Danman29
    Danman29 8 months ago

    The 8 bit Mario needs some animation, maybe 2 or 3 frames for running or something

  • Ursling
    Ursling 8 months ago

    I love that zombie one

  • Toasted Cat Bot
    Toasted Cat Bot 8 months ago

    Nintendo should have put this into the game. when 8 bit Mario jumps into a 8 bit section Mario becomes even more 8 bit

  • Nintardo 64
    Nintardo 64 8 months ago

    I have a feeling that the 8-bit one is incomplete.

  • Dimitri Koukoulas
    Dimitri Koukoulas 8 months ago

    Thank you for this, i am a tad disappointed these aren’t in the game already, especially the broodals, why release them as free dlc?..... i guess to extrend playbase .-. Eh alright.... still...
    The 8 bit one may never be seen outside of your video, it seems like a cute idea they thought of and wont do.... or will they....