That Ending! | Showdown Bandit - Part 3 ENDING (Playthrough)

  • Published on Sep 17, 2019
  • Showdown Bandit is finally here and this is part 3 and the ending of a full playthrough for episode 1 'Trail of Shadows'. In this episode of Showdown Bandit we brave the graveyard and the archanit caves in our pursuit of the skeleton key for Miss Undertaker. Can we finally escape this haunted TV set?
    Showdown Bandit is the new game from Kindly Beast - creators of Bendy and the Ink Machine and Bendy and the Dark Revival.
    Check out Showdown Bandit on Steam:
    You've been watching SuperHorrorBro Mike and this was part 3 and the ending of a full gameplay walkthrough for Showdown Bandit. If you enjoyed this video remember to like, comment and subscribe for more horror related content.
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  • Bread Draws
    Bread Draws 11 days ago

    The banker is going to be evil cuz he dosent have much visible strings and he’s missing eyes like penny and he bends down like he’s going insane when no ones talking to him

  • teodulo tabo jr.
    teodulo tabo jr. 11 days ago

    well idk maybe its kinda little bit reminds me bendy bandit okay

  • Riley Ouellette
    Riley Ouellette 12 days ago

    This game kinda sucks lol

  • Diego Sanchez
    Diego Sanchez 13 days ago

    1:43 is my favorite character

  • Katy Anderson
    Katy Anderson 17 days ago

    W why did you do that

  • Cool creeper Exploder
    Cool creeper Exploder 18 days ago

    What if there was a cross bow in the game?

  • nate hathaway
    nate hathaway 20 days ago

    Hey I like when everything's gotten in a lets play, 100% it bro, no worries

  • MatchMaker Amethyst
    MatchMaker Amethyst 21 day ago +3

    Can anyone hear the children audience? They are saying, "Bandit, help us! I want to go home! I want my mom! I want my dad! Help us, please! Let us go!"

  • Ducks AreLife
    Ducks AreLife 21 day ago

    The show down Bandit: chase me
    puppet: walks into trap
    The show down Bandit: >:)

  • Little Creeper
    Little Creeper 21 day ago

    u killed lookout???

  • Anna Lorren Betito
    Anna Lorren Betito 22 days ago

    ( ̄3 ̄)

  • Manny Venegas
    Manny Venegas 22 days ago

    Is this chapter like or is that the full story?

  • Shadow Demon
    Shadow Demon 23 days ago

    I really want this is game

  • Alucard, More Awesome Than Chuck Norris!

    Those audience members are actually reused character models of Sammy Lawrence

  • JoLt 177
    JoLt 177 24 days ago

    I wonder what would happen if you didn’t shoot the lookout, he didn’t seem to have any malicious intent and I wonder if anything would change?

  • Rosemary Kaye
    Rosemary Kaye 25 days ago

    Awesome! Are you going to do Mine Madness?

  • Christian Hotline
    Christian Hotline 26 days ago


  • Thefoxyfan17
    Thefoxyfan17 27 days ago +1

    Maybe Jowey is behind the stringless

  • Little Creeper
    Little Creeper 27 days ago


  • Little Creeper
    Little Creeper 27 days ago

    B R I N G M E M Y H E A D

  • Eidi exia
    Eidi exia 27 days ago

    How small is that puppet? 9:47

  • i like mochi
    i like mochi 28 days ago

    4:26 my arachnaphobia triggerd ;-;

  • Craig Gonzales
    Craig Gonzales 28 days ago

    Henry Stein from Bendy and the ink machine

  • Skullcrawler 1699
    Skullcrawler 1699 28 days ago

    Showdown bandit:😏 puppet thing:😱

  • Skullcrawler 1699
    Skullcrawler 1699 28 days ago

    Showdown bandit:shoots puppet thing:is all ok

  • Sorcerer SMC
    Sorcerer SMC 29 days ago

    You know that suspense sound effect that plays at 9:48 is not just a sound effect that’ll be used in this game, but was also used in the trailer for “Bendy and the Dark Revival.” I’m figuring that the final chapter/episode of Showdown Bandit will have two endings a good ending, which won’t be the real ending, but shows a happy, and a bad ending which will show the true ending along with a possible text saying “To Be Concluded in.....Bendy and the Dark Revival!”

  • Japh urtecho
    Japh urtecho 29 days ago +2

    9:40 welp your screwed boi

  • Memegod11
    Memegod11 29 days ago

    That spider part made me feel really uncomfortable 😣

  • Hayley Cully
    Hayley Cully 29 days ago

    I need nuggets!oh yeah dude i don't mind if u speak gibrish

  • trickster code
    trickster code 29 days ago

    You are the key to bendy... Bro, you good? (Joke about bendy and souls even though cartoon bendy is my favorite character)

  • Michael SW17
    Michael SW17 29 days ago

    Look up while using gun

  • علي عبد الصاحب

    The big hands is bubu ???🤔

  • caiden Vogt
    caiden Vogt Month ago

    spider:nom nom nom good block of chez
    Mike: (steps in room )
    spider : ooo more food (starts to nom Mike )
    Mike :stop plez :-l
    btw the spider has no teeth

  • Omar Mostafa
    Omar Mostafa Month ago

    cool vid but can you ols mike make a vid about bendy and the dark revivel

  • Rene Mandel
    Rene Mandel Month ago

    The hand was master hand from smash which means SHOWDOWN BANDIT IS IN SMASH🤯🤯🤯

  • super boo manio mega memes and more

    The hand is a bossfight!!!!!

  • aymor plays roblox
    aymor plays roblox Month ago

    Where's the free play

  • Nicole Bate
    Nicole Bate Month ago

    SuperHorrorBro you hate spiders?
    Thank goodness, because if you made it through that section of the game then so can I!

  • D0geBroG4mer
    D0geBroG4mer Month ago

    thanos is pulling the strings

  • Herman Anderson
    Herman Anderson Month ago

    I wonder if that voice at the end is the Faceless bandit

  • Inayahalfatih Alfatih

    BANG Bang bang.i

  • dragoon fu
    dragoon fu Month ago +1

    I feel like this game is taking a "cult following" literally.

  • JadeWhisper
    JadeWhisper Month ago

    "Miss Lor-rellie"
    uh. That's a weird way to say Lorelei.

  • Lorenz Rivera
    Lorenz Rivera Month ago

    I wonder what is episode 2 is I think is haunted house and episode 3 will be a new decision

  • The Great Acorn
    The Great Acorn Month ago

    Showdown bandit for Smash...

  • Melissa Greenwood
    Melissa Greenwood Month ago

    Sorry my comments so long 😅😅😅

  • knightime moon3
    knightime moon3 Month ago +1

    Wow ypu good good

  • laok
    laok Month ago

    looking at this it woldent take very long a month or less with a good team unity dose most of this it self

  • Joyce Li
    Joyce Li Month ago

    Mike play bendy the dark depception

  • Samantha Bentley
    Samantha Bentley Month ago

    “I wonder when the next one comes out”
    Me: in January 2020 (maybe)

  • NathanOfADown
    NathanOfADown Month ago

    go end

  • Draco 32
    Draco 32 Month ago

    Did anyone else hear Ballon boy voice? (Hi)

  • WobblewokGaming
    WobblewokGaming Month ago

    I love this game, but the story is ALL OVER the place.

  • Roxy
    Roxy Month ago

    What about that guys head

  • Ser Jorva
    Ser Jorva Month ago

    I think that voice belongs to a "sheriff" going on the fact your playing a bandit?

  • Night Cross
    Night Cross Month ago +3

    Is it just me or did the doll with no eyes sound like Alice Angel?

    • Night Cross
      Night Cross 21 day ago

      @geometry Noob really? That's awesome!

    • geometry Noob
      geometry Noob 21 day ago +2

      i think its the same actor

    • Night Cross
      Night Cross 25 days ago

      @jimboy de juan I meant, doesn't Penny sound like Alice Angel?

    • jimboy de juan
      jimboy de juan 26 days ago

      Yes penny was removed eyes her own accident look up it.

  • UndeadMaster19 Gaming and stuff

    *NOW THATS A LOTTA* money!

  • Grizly Chard
    Grizly Chard Month ago

    go back to the begining for a easter egg

  • aymor plays roblox
    aymor plays roblox Month ago

    Interact with the sparkly wanted poster after killing ten araknits to get an outfit, also go back to that wanted poster that asked you to find the key to the happy mines and interact with it to get an outfit.