Love Island Cast Reveal Villa Secrets & Samira Talks Ethnic Diversity | The Big Narstie Show

  • Published on Aug 8, 2018
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    Big Narstie and Mo Gilligan co-host with guests Jonathan Ross, Katherine Ryan, Iain Stirling, Stefflon Don and KSI, and the cast from Love Island (Jack, Alexandra, Samira, Rosie and Eyal)!
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  • cuteblackberry1
    cuteblackberry1 9 days ago

    from brixton, this black girl, was reminded of her colour on the show, like all the other token black guy/girl. the white guys in the show, are not into black girls. i find it odd that the black girl, is thankful for poor treatment. ( low esteem) the producers edit out her romance n she speaks highly of them. the producers are clearly white, i could not expect any less. a daily dosage of absolute shite. i have watched 1 utube clip, it was suffice!

  • richard thayer
    richard thayer 3 months ago


  • Terry Wilson
    Terry Wilson 3 months ago

    Someone don't get airtime because there character or personality isn't any good so someone needs a better reason to point it out and blame something/anything eles typical

  • A Clemons
    A Clemons 7 months ago +32

    Being a black woman (especially darker skinned) is different than being a black man (dark skinned and mixed); the conceptions of beauty are different and are treated as such..there was no diversity among say that there was diversity and list a whole bunch of mixed race men or women are irrelevant when it comes to this darker skin black comes with a whole other set of challenges

  • TheNeverslept
    TheNeverslept 9 months ago

    Quality of the guests speak volumes.
    Bag o'shite.

  • yoyo yoda
    yoyo yoda 10 months ago

    Bahaha Alex saying the kiss was only recorded once 😂fuck off

  • Lit News
    Lit News 10 months ago

    oh fuck off with your diversity shit, no Chinese , Japanese , thai , Latina , latino , Australian , eskimo , whatever 0 - but what 4 black guys (including the boxer ) and 1 black girl and 1 mixed race girl and yeah not BLACK diverse enough , fuckkkk out of hereeeee .. sensitive twats

    • BeautyOfFat
      BeautyOfFat 12 days ago +1

      You will never understand because you choose not to and also I’m assuming that you are neither of the ethic groups you talked about

  • ZakAshChan
    ZakAshChan 10 months ago

    Why the F*ck does this loser have a show?

  • Ano Oko
    Ano Oko 10 months ago +12

    I didn’t even know Samira went to the hideaway with Frankie... they really didn’t even like her.

  • René _
    René _ 10 months ago +114

    Unfortunately love island does not cater for black ppl, so I don’t know why black ppl continue to support the show... Samira likes white boys and thats fine, but couldn’t the producers find white guys that are interested in women of colour, as well as their own? They just threw her in so the show looked more ‘diverse’, and therefore wouldn’t get any backlash 😪

    • Rhaenyra Targaryen
      Rhaenyra Targaryen 12 days ago +1

      Not really surprising tbh. The western world is white predominantly. Producers wanna appeal to the majority to get views not the minority. So it makes sense that love island appeals to white people as they are more likely to watch it.

  • Namz GG
    Namz GG 10 months ago +2

    Samira seemed so nervous, awesome girlll tho

  • anonymous anonymous
    anonymous anonymous 10 months ago +5

    Gosh Samira gets dumber and dumber the more interviews she does.please someone stop her speaking😐

  • wandizzle
    wandizzle 10 months ago +2

    Samira is the definition of cringe

  • Brenda Smith
    Brenda Smith 10 months ago +76

    “Was you the only black girl in there?”

    • It’s Shithead
      It’s Shithead 3 days ago

      I doubt shes even black, shes dry i swesr

    • Karen Diaz
      Karen Diaz 6 months ago +4

      Brenda Smith hahaha that was awkward

  • Amina
    Amina 10 months ago +2

    Samira genuinely deserves the best

  • Maryam Gama
    Maryam Gama 10 months ago

    She's so nervous should have took a shot before 😂

  • Jas Mehts
    Jas Mehts 10 months ago

    It’s because she is one ugly bitch and no one likes her

    • Jas Mehts
      Jas Mehts 10 months ago

      Amz Love after she got with frankie she became such a bitch and she just talks so much shit in general

    • Aliyah ‘
      Aliyah ‘ 10 months ago

      Why you so mad at her ? She’s a nice girl no need to hate

    • Jas Mehts
      Jas Mehts 10 months ago

      Alls X haha anyone with two eyes can see her relationship with frankie is fake. The guy cheated on her ugly ass when he left the villa. The only reason frankie is with her is that she was the last resort and all other HOT girls were taken. She is one ugly bitch and I say bitch because I truly hated here character.

    • Alls X
      Alls X 10 months ago +3

      Jas Mehts she’s not ugly though and she’s got a boo unlike you , bitter bitch

  • OurLegacyGaming
    OurLegacyGaming 10 months ago +87

    Samira got played shit cards because she wasn't white. There's no doubt about that.

  • Chillin With TJ
    Chillin With TJ 10 months ago +12

    Most those dating shows ain't diverse, you kinda know that before you even go on so yano 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Chiugo Umezuruike
    Chiugo Umezuruike 10 months ago +101

    To all of you white people that keep on saying that Wes and Josh look ‘Black’ you need to stop. Just cause they look black, you can’t start screaming ‘diversity’ The way the show portrayed diversity was horrible. The put 2 mixed boys who were fetishied by the girls. Georgia who said ‘my type is mixed race’ and Laura ‘we’d make such cute babies’. If they were actually fully black, it would be harder for them to find someone in the villa. E.g: Marcel from season 3

    • C. F. Turner
      C. F. Turner 6 months ago

      Idris was so fine. Alexandra knows she should have picked him over Alex.

    • J GL
      J GL 7 months ago

      @Kiza H
      That's cause he was a bellend who would have rather fucked himself then any of the girls not because he's black

    • J GL
      J GL 7 months ago

      If Samira is black then so is Wes and Josh you've mentioned Marcel who's alot darker then Samira

    • Jamie Fletcher
      Jamie Fletcher 9 months ago

      Are you joking? mixed race people are often very attractive. What the fuck is racist or wrong with that. You can have a type and a race of course can be yr type would you rather her go ew mixed race guy no chance I only mix with white bois? Also im pretty sure there was a black guy and there was like 4 mixed race dudes. You defo cant say black guys get under played by girls. Black girls is something but black guys fuck off

    • Shiv
      Shiv 10 months ago +4

      Chiugo Umezuruike
      How about when Samira said her type was blue eyes blonde hair..... How come that's not being mentioned. Georgia is not allowed have a mixed race type but Samira is allowed blonde blue eyes as her type?

    TIFFANIE ALICE 10 months ago +19

    Samira is cringe

    • Ixvnnn __
      Ixvnnn __ 2 months ago

      So is your wig

    • 1s9s
      1s9s 9 months ago +2

      shes so awkward

    • wandizzle
      wandizzle 10 months ago +1

      TIFFANIE ALICE so cringe

  • Rina Xo
    Rina Xo 10 months ago +9

    2:31 jack looked so nervous when he was asked if the kiss was filmed twice🤣

  • R K
    R K 10 months ago +3

    At the end of the day, Wes and Josh are black! Even though they are of 2 different races, they still look black, as you don’t look at them and think they are white

    • R K
      R K 10 months ago

      Alls X very true

    • Aliyah ‘
      Aliyah ‘ 10 months ago +7

      Just shut up

    • Alls X
      Alls X 10 months ago +6

      You’re forgetting they have light skin & with lighter skin comes with some privilege , they didn’t struggle to find someone like Marcel did from last year because he was a dark skin black man

    • MsWaitrose
      MsWaitrose 10 months ago +3

      I think we're talking more about diversity on the womens part. Also, diversity is not just black and white, maybe next year have an expanded range of brown, asian and other people, as Samira mentioned people with different bodies. So saying at the end of the day Josh and Wes were black doesn't really prove or do anything. Most of the cast members look the same.

  • Fay
    Fay 10 months ago +27

    I wish Samira wasn't so PC.

  • Steph Shore
    Steph Shore 10 months ago +24

    they all seem so scared to talk bad about itv

  • Tea
    Tea 10 months ago +95

    Trust me that kiss with Georgia was 100% filmed twice. Obvs they can’t say anything because they are still under contract lol

  • lookin in
    lookin in 10 months ago +108

    why ask samira about ethnic diversity, when she admitted to only having blonde hair blue eye guy as a type ..

    • Ciro Di Marzio
      Ciro Di Marzio 5 months ago

      no sympathy for her

    • lookin in
      lookin in 10 months ago

      Ben Taylor we don't know who anyone is attracted to but it's best not to assume. And a kiss in a challenge is mojo a kiss even friends kiss lol... But if you openly on TV say 'www is my type' then you shouldn't be obliged to be the spoke person for colourism just because those white guys don't like you back.. Lol how childish can a show with adults actually get..

    • Ben Taylor
      Ben Taylor 10 months ago

      The thing is, do we actually know what preferences people put down? I mean, I didn't know Adam was into black women until he went for a kiss with Samira in that challenge. There could have been people who stated that they were quite flexible in terms of their preferences, but may have not warmed to Samira specifically. It's patronising to try and force people to like her or find men that only like black women etc. And who's to say Samira would've liked them back anyway?

    • Sophie Daly
      Sophie Daly 10 months ago

      That's the one!

    • lookin in
      lookin in 10 months ago

      Sophie Daly I could not care less ☺

  • R K
    R K 10 months ago +1

    Is Kaz not black? Or at least light skin?

    • Wendy Mckenzie
      Wendy Mckenzie 9 days ago

      No 🙄

    • taebootycall
      taebootycall 19 days ago

      lol shes thai

    • 1s9s
      1s9s 9 months ago

      i swear shes fully asian? isnt she thai?

    • Cassie Casimir
      Cassie Casimir 10 months ago +2

      @R K no. If she was half asian and half black, shes mixed. Not black. Same way you can't call mayo mixed with ketchup plain ketchup...bc its not.

    • R K
      R K 10 months ago

      So what do you guys think her ethnicity and race is then?

  • Nicole Xxo
    Nicole Xxo 10 months ago +95

    Samira is so right! every Girl looks the Same there😒

  • Xeniphy
    Xeniphy 10 months ago +2

    Savannah got no airtime

  • Mickey Mouse
    Mickey Mouse 10 months ago +3

    Can fiat 500 Twitter dip from the comment section- this show is for black people

  • Warren London
    Warren London 10 months ago

    This episode was JOKES! 😂😂💯

  • Ghost Reviews
    Ghost Reviews 10 months ago +5

    You can tell half of the white people don't want to be there which makes it so cringe🙈why can't big narstie speak normal English without the slang

    • Ixvnnn __
      Ixvnnn __ 2 months ago +2

      It’s called the big narstie show he can speak however he pleases and if they’re uncomfortable who the hell told them to come on his show . Dumbest comment I’ve ever read

    • cutie pie xx
      cutie pie xx 10 months ago +6

      Ghost Reviews if u don't like it then don't watch it SIMPLE AS

    • Alls X
      Alls X 10 months ago +4

      Piss off boring shit

    • Ghost Reviews
      Ghost Reviews 10 months ago

      Melanie X it's so cringe though. It's like when prince Harry was getting married to Megan and the black women at the radio station was showing him how black people "greet"

    • Melanie x
      Melanie x 10 months ago +9

      He speaks like that for entertainment purposes he’s a comedian 😩 get a grip

  • Soraya Mins
    Soraya Mins 10 months ago

    Damn sensitive lmao everything is racist nowadays, why always complaining? England isn’t a Black Country why do you want the whole show to have black people in it

    • Soraya Mins
      Soraya Mins 10 months ago

      Amz Love what about Josh then? Wes got loads of airtime honestly, it’s also difficult to split it evenly so everyone gets the same amount of it

    • Aliyah ‘
      Aliyah ‘ 10 months ago

      Soraya Mins as I mentioned Samira is dark skinned & Wes is not , there’s such a thing as colourism & Wes didn’t get much airtime either most of the airtime was for awkward Alex and Jack & Dani 🤦‍♀️

    • Soraya Mins
      Soraya Mins 10 months ago

      Amz Love funnily enough Wes got plenty of airtime, people will always find something to complain about, the fact that she wasn’t in a couple for a long time caused her not to get aired for a while since there was nothing going on with her

    • Aliyah ‘
      Aliyah ‘ 10 months ago +1

      Soraya Mins nobody says the show has to be full of black people , Samira however faced more issues as a dark skinned black women , the producers did her dirty for not airing out her hideaway & not giving her any airtime yet boring Alex got so much airtime despite his lack of interest in any of the women and shitty personality 😪 this show set Samira up to fail , her not having any airtime with frankie was the reason why he was voted off the show
      , the producers are very biased and the show often doesn’t give airtime to people of colour

  • FullStop
    FullStop 10 months ago

    Ian didn’t know where to look where samira was spitting her flames LOLOL

  • Jamie Fletcher
    Jamie Fletcher 10 months ago +1

    Why was there only one Scottish girl on the show? Why was there no Welsh Girls? Why was there no asians? Why was there no gingers? Black people really playing this card, absolute shoite

    • The Elite Killa
      The Elite Killa 2 months ago +1

      @Jamie Fletcher Yeah there's a lot of Somalis in London as well as Bengalis, Pakistanis, Indians, Ghanaians, Nigerians, Polish and Colombians

    • The Elite Killa
      The Elite Killa 2 months ago +1

      @Jamie Fletcher ​ Melanie X Where were the Bengalis, Chinese, Filipinos, Colombians, etc??

    • Jamie Fletcher
      Jamie Fletcher 9 months ago

      It's because black people are good at fighting/natural rythm and have big dicks. Like in school the black folk are all popular but the jews, indians, chinese just sit in the maths department getting called fgts. So they dont have it in them to fight back and its just a real shame.

    • Henry Fung
      Henry Fung 9 months ago

      i find it strange no one bangs on about the other groups , like legit other groups get it hard by EDL etc but no one cares

    • Jamie Fletcher
      Jamie Fletcher 9 months ago

      Yeah fair thats probably true. but its not love island Birmingham edition. But yeah fair enough pal but many others in this thread seem to think anything other than 50% black is RACIST!!

  • Lena C
    Lena C 10 months ago +19

    I hate how they all gang up against georgia and are all fans of new jack. He clinged to old laura and told her lies just to stay in the game until he was safe and left her for new laura. While he was doing that he left himself all backdoors open (eg with georgia on their date he told her she could turn his head). Why is everyone putting so much emphasis on that kiss

    • Alls X
      Alls X 10 months ago +7

      Well if Georgia wasn’t a loud mouthed , annoying chav then maybe she’d be preferred . The way she treated new Jack was awful and made him seem like a bad person when it was her who forcefully kissed him , telling him to “dry his eyes” and mispronouncing Kaz’s name several times even though she did nothing to her , she also proudly admitted on her audition tape she’s cheated on her ex , she treated Josh badly and claimed he cheated on her even though they weren’t in a relationship but her reasoning for staying in the villa separate from Sam rather than leaving was that “when you’re dating you date other people” well if that were the case she shouldn’t have treated Josh so badly because they were never in a relationship 🙄😩 She also claims she’s loyal all the time yet kissed the man her best friend was interested in and lied about it , she even said her & Sam are very strong but in a split second she was flirting with new josh & saying all the new boys are fit . She’s a complete headache and needs to grow up , horrible personality aswell

    • R K
      R K 10 months ago

      Lena C enjoy that 1 like g!

  • Rifter !
    Rifter ! 10 months ago +9

    everyone was atleast half white other tham samira and idris

  • JJohnWords
    JJohnWords 10 months ago +20

    Samira seems the type that will complain about racism and equality but would only date white guys and have white friends. People forget themselves sometimes.

    • Reaction Channel
      Reaction Channel 10 months ago

      harmony johnson I'm a grower not a shower. 1 inch but 7 inch when you get nearby

    • cutie pie xx
      cutie pie xx 10 months ago

      Segun Oriola ew I don't want ur 1 inch thing in me tyvm xx

    • cutie pie xx
      cutie pie xx 10 months ago

      Segun Oriola lool fuck of u wet don

    • cutie pie xx
      cutie pie xx 10 months ago

      Segun Oriola ur not making any sense so plz shut ur dry crusty mouth tyvm

    • Reaction Channel
      Reaction Channel 10 months ago

      Alls X why do you have pity for her? Why don't you have pity for everybody else who she would have rejected to achieve her vision of beauty perfection? This is the problem, black women see black men as bad people for hating being rejected but they would preach and cry for affirmative action when their own gets rejected.

  • Scott Gallagher
    Scott Gallagher 10 months ago +7

    It’s nothing to do with race, samira was just annoying and boring compared to the others

    • Aliyah ‘
      Aliyah ‘ 10 months ago +2

      Scott Gallagher if you’ve read the loveisland hashtag on twitter you would see not many people like Alex and people quickly started hating him when he showed his true colours & no Samira got with Frankie slightly after casa amore & there were a lot of episodes after that yet her & Frankie weren’t shown together , it’s racist call it what it is

    • Scott Gallagher
      Scott Gallagher 10 months ago

      Alls X they’ve still got black in their family and if it was racist they wouldn’t get airtime either so I don’t get why everyone keeps saying it’s because of racism it’s bollocks. Her and Frankie only happened like a day before he got dumped anyway so that’s not an excuse for no airtime, and lots of people wanted Alex to succeed not because he is white but because he’s a very shy person who nobody seemed to want him and nobody understood why, you should go complain to live island Australia where there were no black people at all on their show

    • Alls X
      Alls X 10 months ago +2

      Scott Gallagher Wes & Josh are mixed race with light skin whereas Samira is a dark skinned black women so obviously they don’t have the same exact struggles , the producers edited her out to be bad and would only give airtime to her when she had a rude facial expression on , you can tell Samira has no bad bone in her body she’s a very lovely girl and everyone was gutted when she left she had a massive influence on the villa and everyone was her friend yet barely got airtime 🙄 Dani said Samira is her bestfriend yet the producers rarely showed them together or her relationship with frankie which set her up to never be a favourite and resulted in people voting off frankie because their relationship was never shown 😩 Alex was the most boring and had the most airtime , he had no chat , no personality and couldn’t get a girl yet he was on my screen most of the time , I wonder why 🤔🙄

    • Scott Gallagher
      Scott Gallagher 10 months ago

      Melanie X she was boring and most people didn’t like her cause she was a stirrer and the show will obviously favour fan favourites because it’s only an hour show, Frankie was also boring they just weren’t interesting at all. Wes and josh and the guy that cane in late were black and had arguably more airtime than anybody else, so I wish people would stop giving the race card with everything

    • Melanie x
      Melanie x 10 months ago +4

      Scott Gallagher which black person got this airtime you speak of ???? The show was all about Jack, Dani & Alex , the rest were on the side

  • QuintessentialBlackBritChick
    QuintessentialBlackBritChick 10 months ago +32

    this season's Love Island was the most diverse one ever... Josh, Jack, Samira, Wes, Niall and Kaz (almost half of the villa), so it's a great step forward.

    • A Zulekha
      A Zulekha 10 months ago +1

      Why is diversity only limited to black and and mixed race people, didn't see any Indians or Chinese either.
      People act like black people are the only ethnic minorities or something.

    • Okae Robyn
      Okae Robyn 10 months ago

      Ricardo J Aguiar they are half white but don’t look like it I thought kaz was like fully thai but oh well 🤷🏾‍♀️

    • Henry Fung
      Henry Fung 10 months ago +1

      because indian and pakistani people get the most racism, esp the no one care

    • Rifter !
      Rifter ! 10 months ago +1


    • hurrhurrmurr
      hurrhurrmurr 10 months ago

      Steph, Jordan and Keiran were all mixed race as well. Idris was black. It wasn't super diverse, but it wasn't like some kind of mono-ethnic white-only shitshow people make it out to be. Love Island, and anything else for that matter, isn't supposed to be a perfect pie chart represtnation of the wider population and even if it was, black and mixed race people have been represented well this year. I haven't seen or heard anywhere near as much screaming from Asian communities.

  • Mr Controversial
    Mr Controversial 10 months ago +6

    She’s clearly just trying to play up to the people claiming racism, it’s her way of claiming fame because she was boring in there that’s why she got not much airtime

    • Aliyah ‘
      Aliyah ‘ 10 months ago +2

      Mr Controversial she didn’t insinuate shit she looked uncomfortable when Mo even mentioned it was because she was black so don’t try it

    • Melanie x
      Melanie x 10 months ago +5

      Mr Controversial actually I would’ve loved to see Samira & frankie in their couples because the way the producers edited the show made it seem as though she wasn’t in a relationship at all , she may not have been the most interesting but she’s made friends with everyone and was likeable , frankie waited for her on the outside too & what exactly is likeable about Alex ??? He feels so entitled to every girl that comes on the show and the way he treated Alex & Ellie was awful , he’s extremely boring and awkward , has no personality & nothing to offer it made no sense as to why someone that dry and weird was getting so much airtime when he wasn’t even in a proper couple all he did was dodge every girl that came on the show

    • Mr Controversial
      Mr Controversial 10 months ago

      Melanie X She knows what she’s insinuating, she was boring af, least Alex had a likeable factor to him, he was awkward but tried, Her and Frankie were only together a brief time and it’s not a bad thing but there was no drama but also no banter, she left for a guy she knew 5 mins and by the sounds of it, it lasted 5 mins once she got back 😂, Josh, Kaz and Wes got airtime!? Because they were entertaining

    • Melanie x
      Melanie x 10 months ago +8

      Mr Controversial she never played the race card idiot she said she didn’t know why she was edited away . Samira had a huge impact on the show , when she choose to leave everyone was upset and wanted her to stay , the producers edited off her hideaway with frankie and we barely ever saw them in their couples which is a tactical way of making sure she doesn’t win , she wasn’t boring, Alex was extremely boring , socially awkward af and showed no interest in girls yet he was on my screen 90% of the time , I wonder why 🤔🙄

  • shay jj
    shay jj 10 months ago

    Lol at the people saying samira is full black her dad is black and her mom is white and Indian

    • Melanie x
      Melanie x 10 months ago +2

      Nope her mum is mixed black & white dummy

    AHMED 10 months ago +6

    But she only likes white guys though

    • 1s9s
      1s9s 9 months ago

      yeah i agree

    • Henry Fung
      Henry Fung 9 months ago +1

      this went across social media including balckchat and grapevine. a lot of people missed the point. you can't cry racism when your racist yourself

    • Henry Fung
      Henry Fung 9 months ago +1

      the commets crying racism, when these men had a simialr preference to whiteness than she did, the difference is she is black. she should not feel like what happened to her is unfair, when she is " white first/preferred" herself

    • 1s9s
      1s9s 9 months ago +1

      well.. literally all the guys on the show were white.. so.. whats ur point? she wasnt complaining about diversity .. its only cuz the presenters keep bringing it up

    • Henry Fung
      Henry Fung 9 months ago +1

      but shhe only likes white men?

  • Yusuf Gazi
    Yusuf Gazi 10 months ago +1

    Felt bad for Iain Stirling

  • Nil Mg
    Nil Mg 10 months ago +9

    Samira , you had way more airtime then Eyal ,Elle/Charlie,Zara ,etc ....even Megan did not get enough airtime until she got with Wes ....have they complained ???? No Don’t play the race card just to get attention....

    • Melanie x
      Melanie x 10 months ago +5

      FYI she never played the race card she always pretends to be oblivious and doesn’t play a victim she said she didn’t know why she didn’t get airtime and her hideaway being edited off the show , it was Mo who made that suggestion along with the many other viewers with brain cells

    • Melanie x
      Melanie x 10 months ago +9

      Of course it’s racially motivated why is she the only one who’s hideaway was edited out of the show ????? She was upset about it and she had a huge impact on the villa , everyone was upset when she left yet she barely got airtime and we rarely saw scenes with her & frankie, the show set her up for failure that’s why frankie was sent home because there wasn’t any footage of them as couples 🙄🙄

    • Nyssa Tarra
      Nyssa Tarra 10 months ago +1

      Nil Mg she isn't lmao fans are why you all gotta blame her for the fans

  • Olga Kianda
    Olga Kianda 10 months ago +295

    "Cause you black"😂😭😂

    • It’s Shithead
      It’s Shithead 3 days ago

      I dont even think she tbh, i would never hang out w samira shes such a coconut

    • BeautyOfFat
      BeautyOfFat 12 days ago +2

      Olga Kianda absolutely killed me 😂😂

  • Flow Bea
    Flow Bea 10 months ago +642

    The amount of people in these comments trying to say love island is diverse and that Samira wasn't discriminated against is disgusting. It's pretty evident that they barely show anything but white skinny girls from around London. Samira was one of the hottest girls in the house, not to mention she's actually interesting and intelligent. Should have seen way more or her and Frankie.

    • Rhaenyra Targaryen
      Rhaenyra Targaryen 12 days ago

      It's an English show. Fuck off. Should be a love island Nigeria if ye wanna see all the 'diversity'

    • ranilovesu newland
      ranilovesu newland 3 months ago

      @FitzChivalry Farseer their all mixrace/lightskins

    • angela meynell
      angela meynell 5 months ago

      @Flow Bea In your opinion.

    • Jamie Fletcher
      Jamie Fletcher 9 months ago

      Yr clearly retarded

    • Henry Fung
      Henry Fung 9 months ago

      british english are nothing? seems kinda racist comment here

  • Quasimodo
    Quasimodo 10 months ago +26

    Samira actually had loads of airtime, mostly her listening and talking to the girls when they’re emotional.I think we saw a lot of Samira compared to what people are making out

    • Opinions, Facts And Logic
      Opinions, Facts And Logic 9 months ago

      @thehoneyeffect You can't force men to like her, if they wanna fix the problem then pick more women who like black men and more men who like black women, simple.

    • Aliyah ‘
      Aliyah ‘ 10 months ago +1

      Samira barely got airtime , the show revolved around Jack & Dani & burnt Alex 🤦‍♀️

    • Melanie x
      Melanie x 10 months ago +16

      Only time Samira was getting airtime was when she was making a facial expression that was edited to make her look evil , she had a huge impact on the villa ,everyone was upset when she choose to leave yet 90% of the time she was edited out of the show , why was everyone’s hideaway shown but hers ???? Don’t act oblivious there’s definitely some racism going on which shows why there’s a lack of black people on the show

    • hurrhurrmurr
      hurrhurrmurr 10 months ago +12

      Out of any of the girls, Samira was definitely shown to be the most reasonable and mature. It's a shame she didn't get as much romantic spotlight, especially as an original islander. But similarly, Stephanie is half-Malaysian Chinese and may as well not have bothered with her short tenure.

    • thehoneyeffect
      thehoneyeffect 10 months ago +27

      Quasimodo we didn’t see Samira be desired like all of the many many many white girls... that just looks like clones of each other

  • Orlanda
    Orlanda 10 months ago +107

    Poor samira. I thought they were a little racist towards her in a way. She got a lot less air time than all the other girls

    • laura williams
      laura williams Month ago

      the year of their episode i thought the same too sorry

    • Jas Mehts
      Jas Mehts 10 months ago

      Alls X wasn’t an argument but as I said a matter of personal opinion

    • Alls X
      Alls X 10 months ago +1

      Jas Mehts What a strange comment , I have a boyfriend so yes i do , you’ve automatically lost the argument for resulting to this

    • Jas Mehts
      Jas Mehts 10 months ago

      Alls X dumb conspiracy theories from a girl who probably never gets laid.

    • Alls X
      Alls X 10 months ago +6

      Jas Mehts the producers ask the islanders before coming in what their type is so they could’ve easily brought in white guys who are into black girls since that’s her type but they didn’t because they couldn’t give a fuck about her yet they made it a habit to bring in a new girl every other week for Alex despite his lack of interests in pursuing a girl 😩

  • rbeg2008
    rbeg2008 10 months ago +249

    Ian Sterling's looking really uncomfortable when they're talking about why Samira got such little airtime 😂 He doesn't know where to look...!

    • Spectrum UK
      Spectrum UK 10 months ago +2

      Probably because he knows the only reason she didnt get much air time is because she didn't provide fuck all content

    • Ben Taylor
      Ben Taylor 10 months ago +46

      rbeg2008 Well, to be honest, even though he's not involved in the editing (other than the voiceover) - he probably feels an element of guilt just because he's part of the team. He shouldn't though, it's not his issue.

  • Harvey Crewe
    Harvey Crewe 10 months ago

    Only Black Girl?....
    I'm pretty sure there have been other females on Love Island with a black ethnic background previously? Not many at all, but a couple.
    Point is, why's it become all about that bullshit. People who would find a female unattractive, purely based on her genetics have a name.
    Massive bellends.

    • Aliyah ‘
      Aliyah ‘ 10 months ago

      There’s been no full black girls on loveisland , mixed doesn’t count 👋

    • MsWaitrose
      MsWaitrose 10 months ago

      Such as?

    • Harvey Crewe
      Harvey Crewe 10 months ago

      Chiugo Umezuruike
      So are the producers racist? Sexist? Or is it that there are less Black Female applicants?
      Maybe, cultural pressures and personal reasons prevent a lot of people from signing up or becoming part of the show.
      Personally, I think it's very obvious, that it isn't due to the colour of her skin. I think it's just another pathetic attempt at getting more popular through highlighting an issue that exists in the wider world, but not in this condensed scenario.
      And it's not even Samira who bought it I doubt she's that bothered. The

    • Chiugo Umezuruike
      Chiugo Umezuruike 10 months ago

      She’s been only the 2nd since season 1

  • Dre
    Dre 10 months ago

    I'm black but I don't get it. I seen that show. Why the FUCK do you want black people on THAT show? It's a bunch of people having sex on an island on TV. Do you really want to be a part of that?

  • Ayrohhh
    Ayrohhh 10 months ago +27

    Only 3% of the uk are black, and 87% are white. That means out of 12 islanders 10 of the islanders should be white, and 0 black (statistically). So anyone pulling the race card just doesn’t agree with facts 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    • Reaction Channel
      Reaction Channel 10 months ago

      KD Hill not to forget she limited her chance by only prefering 1 race.

    • XTRM Bro mo
      XTRM Bro mo 10 months ago

      @Jasmine Ekusai unfortunately stating that no one in the house are, is or was attracted to black women is pure speculation, adam himself said if zara was not in the house samira would have been his top pick, we are unaware of what people may have or have not said during the selection process.
      could it simply have been that up against the other female contestants/competitors her as a person (nothing to do with race) was not connecting to the male counterparts as quickly as the other girls, we did see that she struggles to flirt and at times came across as awkward
      Yes more diverty is needed on the show but samira had a hard time not because of casting it was how she connected with the guys which is/was similar to Dr Alex journey while on love island

    • Henry Fung
      Henry Fung 10 months ago

      america actually represents different races better than UK, where are the indians?

    • thehoneyeffect
      thehoneyeffect 10 months ago +1

      poo rainbow shit and why do you think they didn’t ‘take to her’? And what makes you think that people didn’t take to her? What kinds of people didn’t take to her?

  • Mahdi Datoo
    Mahdi Datoo 10 months ago +58


  • Average Commenter
    Average Commenter 10 months ago +270

    Jack's lying, that kiss was filmed twice

    • laura williams
      laura williams Month ago

      yeah but Georgia defenetly kiss him for attention thats sneaky and shes a liar i loved her much for her heartness too she is very fit and good girl cares to other but what josh did to her she must know how it feels for laura in this situation this is the fact :)

    • Harvey Crewe
      Harvey Crewe 10 months ago +1

      The whole show is just a different way of presenting the TOWIE format.
      C'mon you suckers. When do you ever pull anyone over to a different seat for a chat.
      It's amplified reality. Basically it's not how it goes down in real life, but it reflects the decisions and emotions that the contestants and producers agree to put across.

    • Skiidz
      Skiidz 10 months ago +10

      They probs told the islanders not to tell plus the lie detector wasn't true

    • cherryexplosion27
      cherryexplosion27 10 months ago +45

      he seemed off even answering that lol he’s defo been told to say it only got filmed once

    • Blick Panther
      Blick Panther 10 months ago +2

      sam thomas it was filmed twice

  • Average Commenter
    Average Commenter 10 months ago +68

    Samira is boring and annoying af she got plenty of air time

    • Aly C
      Aly C 3 months ago

      Beatrice Acquah the thing is that they just dropped her in the villa to “open up” the diversity as far as the women’s selection, but they didn’t focus on choosing guys of her type who prefer girls of different ethnicities/race

    • Sally Evans
      Sally Evans 5 months ago +1

      Jas Mehts stop being such a fucking asshole your the type of person to complain about girls but none of them want your dumbass so sit the hell down you idiot

    • A Clemons
      A Clemons 7 months ago

      @Average Commenter Um crying is not an emotion...people cry when they are angry, sad, content, overjoyed and is an action as a result of an emotion...and, just because a person has an upbeat personality normally, does not mean that they do not have a range of emotions and show them when they feel it.

    • Jas Mehts
      Jas Mehts 10 months ago

      Amikah Stewart ?

    • Jas Mehts
      Jas Mehts 10 months ago

      Cxantel SS stfu Samira was by far the ugliest

  • g block
    g block 10 months ago +6

    I thought mo the comedian was funny until this show

    • Melanie x
      Melanie x 10 months ago +3

      He’s funny still

    • hi low
      hi low 10 months ago +4

      He still is

  • Yasmin Warsame
    Yasmin Warsame 10 months ago +231

    There so much memories of Ian being in cbbc 😂

    • Faith
      Faith 10 months ago +10

      Exactly I just can't believe my eyes when I see him now lol

    • Amina Ali
      Amina Ali 10 months ago +1


  • KnifeySpoon
    KnifeySpoon 10 months ago

    Samira you’re just not hot lololol you did in your fuck pie Chris Pine stop chatting that

  • Charlie Binney
    Charlie Binney 10 months ago +7

    Jack did want the second kiss and if Georgia was my gf I know I wouldn't have to worry about her cheating

    • Jin amarasinghe
      Jin amarasinghe 10 months ago

      Charlie Binney she a slag bro

    • sam thomas
      sam thomas 10 months ago +4

      Charlie Binney Georgia tried to eat him, she grabbed his face with both hands and pulled him in. Na he wasn't resisting no but he wasn't the grafter. We can all see she is a ho no one EVER needs to say they are loyal that many times if they are, the public will see their self who is loyal and who isn't. And she clearly wasn't all trying to snog up Laura man first chance she got = whore!

  • Johnny Guitar
    Johnny Guitar 10 months ago +8

    You put the black woman in the middle. Very good.

  • Ravlar RS
    Ravlar RS 10 months ago +126

    Think it's unfair for Sam to pull the race card. There was quite a lot of diversity in this years show - Eyal, Wes, Josh, Idris, Yaz, Samira. I mean come on, it's not the nations fault that no one found her attractive. Wes, Josh and Idris were getting a lot of air time and a lot of attention.

    • deborah ndombo
      deborah ndombo 5 months ago

      There's this thing called Colourism. You should search it up 😊

    • A Clemons
      A Clemons 7 months ago

      Being a black woman (especially darker skinned) is different than being a black man (dark skinned and mixed); the conceptions of beauty are different and are treated as such..there was no diversity among say that there was diversity and list a whole bunch of mixed race men or women are irrelevant when it comes to this darker skin black comes with a whole other set of challenges

    • Amikah Stewart
      Amikah Stewart 10 months ago +1

      How is Eyal diverse ? Because he has girl hair? & out of those people that you selected minus Eyal only approx. two people liked them. So no it wasn’t diverse.

    • Ben Taylor
      Ben Taylor 10 months ago +2

      Ravlar RS Eyal is relevant because he's Jewish. Of course, his religion and heritage have no significance - he gets chucked into the privileged whites category despite being a member of one of the most persecuted groups in history. A shame that people who claim to care so much about representation are actually coming off as the most prejudiced themselves. Reducing everyone down to their skin color, and not accepting that any combination of qualities about that person could affect their attractiveness. As well as deciding on behalf of mixed-raced people who is classified as white and who's non-white. Who are the real racists? xD

    • Laura Salminen
      Laura Salminen 10 months ago +1

      eyal is white looooooooooool

  • kakadots
    kakadots 10 months ago +270

    “Yo wagwarn, what you doin later? Wanna go for a juice?”

    • PRE WAVY
      PRE WAVY 10 months ago


    • osei A
      osei A 10 months ago +1

      kakadots all for the tun tun

  • lvan Big Nob
    lvan Big Nob 10 months ago +68

    Love island was pretty diverse in my opinion there was like 5 non white cast plus the uk is predominantly a white country so it was actually pretty diverse

    • Sally Evans
      Sally Evans 5 months ago

      Ricardo J Aguiar not all of them shut up

    • Henry Fung
      Henry Fung 10 months ago

      but we are talking about race....and if anyone should be pressed it's asians. but white hipsters dont give an eff about asians, just like eating their food lol

    • Comfort olatunji
      Comfort olatunji 10 months ago

      A Zulekha yeah I know what you mean but it not only colour is didn’t body types

    • A Zulekha
      A Zulekha 10 months ago

      @hurrhurrmurr I am Asian and it's true, there are never Asians on these reality tv shows.

    • A Zulekha
      A Zulekha 10 months ago

      @Comfort olatunji There are no Asians either, it seems that diversity is only limited to black people.

  • Citizen Dildo
    Citizen Dildo 10 months ago +45

    Iz it coz i is black ? Nope, it's because you're a munter.

    • Aliyah ‘
      Aliyah ‘ 10 months ago

      You’re the ugly one x

    • Alls X
      Alls X 10 months ago +2

      Samira is cute though , she’s better looking than half the girls on the show

    • Lorna Marie
      Lorna Marie 10 months ago

      Samira didn’t need to put herself out there as a pioneer for black people on a reality show. Lots of people have tried. She wasn’t the 1st black girl on love island

    • Peter Farrell
      Peter Farrell 10 months ago +1

      and boring

    • Siobhan Airey
      Siobhan Airey 10 months ago

      Citizen Dildo you called her a munter, she may not be your type, you may not be attached to her at all but she is far from a munter.

  • Amanda Brown
    Amanda Brown 10 months ago +33

    Need subtitles for a lot of this 🙄

    • Melanie x
      Melanie x 10 months ago +2

      You must be too old to be watching then 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • Donny Dank
      Donny Dank 10 months ago

      Amanda Brown up yours is a very dignified response from miss subtitles,what a way for a grown woman to act.feel pretty unintelligent not don't you.hows about you write into the show explaining how the frustrating of not understanding what they're saying leads you to tell people to stick something up there never Regions.go watch something which doesn't lead till you to acting like a ahole,good Byeee Felicia I mean amandaaa lol

    • DL Capone
      DL Capone 10 months ago +4

      I’m Irish and I understand everything they said

    • Amanda Brown
      Amanda Brown 10 months ago

      Donny Dank up yours! Think you should take some bloody chill pills!

    • Alya_CookieGacha
      Alya_CookieGacha 10 months ago


  • Ash lastname
    Ash lastname 10 months ago +2

    i just find samira so fucking annoying

  • LydonGreen
    LydonGreen 10 months ago +8

    Deji and JJ are gonna knock the Paul brothers out.

    • Alex Gandy
      Alex Gandy 10 months ago

      Ksi is good tho

    • Alex Gandy
      Alex Gandy 10 months ago

      Lydon Green Ksi yes. Deji is not going to, dont like him anyways, his insults are shit, his videos are so dead just talking about Jake Paul, and is just a pretty shit youtuber

    • LydonGreen
      LydonGreen 10 months ago

      Alexander Gandy Deji will knock Jake Paul out and JJ will knock Logan Paul out.

    • Alex Gandy
      Alex Gandy 10 months ago +1

      Lydon Green not Deji tho

    • LydonGreen
      LydonGreen 10 months ago

      Deji and JJ are gonna knock the Paul brothers out it is going to happen Alexander Gandy.

  • Channel 4
    Channel 4  10 months ago +1

    Did you watch Love Island this year?
    Oh, and watch the full Big Narstie Show episode over here:

    SHAUN AKA SHIMZA 10 months ago +64

    And next time you invite logan paul and ksi at the same time

    SHAUN AKA SHIMZA 10 months ago +6

    You must invite logan paul

  • orgman cuber
    orgman cuber 10 months ago +2

    please reply