Wrinkles The Clown - Official Trailer

  • Published on Sep 6, 2019
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    In late 2014, a low-res video of a person in a clown mask emerging from underneath a sleeping child's bed appears on TheXvid. The description below the video claims that the clown is named "Wrinkles," that he lives in southwest Florida, and that he's been hired by the child's parents to frighten her for misbehaving. The video goes viral. Soon, more mysterious videos of Wrinkles scaring children appear online, along with a phone number to hire him for "behavioral services." Wrinkles becomes internet lore - a whole genre of TheXvid videos of kids filming themselves calling him appears online, and over a million messages are left at the number. Voicemails range from disturbing to hilarious to terrifying: parents use the number to terrify their children, kids who are obsessive fans of creepy clowns reach out to make a new friend, children threaten to inflict wildly creative violence if he comes anywhere near them. But who is Wrinkles, and why is he doing this? With incredible access to the mastermind behind the mask, Wrinkles the Clown is a cryptic and playful exploration of these questions, as well as an inside look at myth-building and the unpredictable spread of imagination in the Internet age.

    Directed by Michael Beach Nichols
    Produced by Jennie Bedusa, Jon Lullo, Brendan Walter, Lowell Shapiro, Mike Dill
    In theaters October 4th.
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  • squadron6090
    squadron6090 5 hours ago

    It's the "Krinkles Clown" just gets older!

  • GG Landon
    GG Landon 12 hours ago

    I see him I'm swinging

  • arely jimenez
    arely jimenez Day ago

    Did this come out already if so on where?

  • Danny Chochello
    Danny Chochello 2 days ago

    Look guys hes not a killer clown the videos on youtube are not real he doesnt kill people or kidnap kids....watch the documentary it explains everything

  • Lcya Karot
    Lcya Karot 2 days ago

    There’s Joker, Wrinkles, and Pennywise... but come on.
    I think we’re the real clowns here.
    So who’s the clown now?

  • Despxirr
    Despxirr 2 days ago

    This movie is absolutely stupid and crap. It made the kids cry at the theater and the adults couldn’t take it. Some left and some closed there eyes. This shouldn’t be a movie and it should be taken down. This is just my opinion but this movie is so bad.

  • Ellie Kitagawa
    Ellie Kitagawa 2 days ago

    Oh my god, THE DUDES REALLY NOT BAD. This is no...

  • Denis N
    Denis N 2 days ago

    How this guy didn't get his ass whooped ? Any guy dressed as anything going near my kids... it be the last costume they ever wear other than a bodybag!

  • Danyella N.
    Danyella N. 2 days ago

    Why is it always Florida and Texas..? Why?

    DLOFREEZE 13 2 days ago +1


  • JmaC Videos
    JmaC Videos 2 days ago

    He ain’t killing nobody 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Mac man
    Mac man 2 days ago

    In this video: thexvid.com/video/WQGw1tKEpEg/video.html
    The Antichrist Irrefutably Identified! • The “Beast” …666

  • Ang_XPLR FriskyKittyGamer

    I'm only here for Colby and Brennen! 😂😂😂🥰

  • Fun Maria/ /Fun Maria Playz

    Colby Brock and Brennen Taylor omg🐼😀🐨

  • čämıĺå :3
    čämıĺå :3 3 days ago +2

    But like why are they telling him stop scaring kids if it's not him that does that for no reason it's the people calling him so they should say to the people to stop calling him

  • Alejandra Gonzalez
    Alejandra Gonzalez 3 days ago

    I called him and nothing happend

  • Cutie Colbs
    Cutie Colbs 3 days ago

    Hey, who are those guys at 0:30 ?

  • The Walking Joke
    The Walking Joke 3 days ago

    *Send in the clown!*

  • p00p Head
    p00p Head 3 days ago

    Er no thanks 😓

  • Bigtim850
    Bigtim850 4 days ago

    No one knew who I was until I put on the mask.. 😂😂

  • Krista Mary
    Krista Mary 4 days ago

    Oh man DARRIN Wilson Cynthia no's your trying to steal jaws...

  • lil elis
    lil elis 4 days ago

    It’s actually real

  • Joshua Horr
    Joshua Horr 4 days ago

    This is very misleading, you could be ruining this guys career

  • Hamilton Cruz Christophera

    I a fully saw him in hawllowing

  • Hamilton Cruz Christophera

    I a fully saw him Last year of hawllowing

  • Hamilton Cruz Christophera

    He consent kill to scare peapel

  • Hamilton Cruz Christophera

    I hope I don't see wrinkle the clown during hawllowing

  • Chibi • Aroma
    Chibi • Aroma 4 days ago

    *so funnnyyyyy itssssss staaaagggeeeeddd*

  • AR - 9
    AR - 9 4 days ago

    Wrinkles the Rapist

  • Oliwia Lisowska
    Oliwia Lisowska 4 days ago

    So....how about ''Behind the Sightings"? RIP movie.

  • •Clover Gacha•
    •Clover Gacha• 5 days ago

    Im SCAREDD..

  • Josh N
    Josh N 5 days ago

    Imagine these scumbag parents hiring someone to hit their kids when theyre bad. Theres not much difference. All the people involved are complete pieces of shit.

  • aei -
    aei - 5 days ago +1

    What’s the big deal whys everyone making this seem scary as fuck?? HE LITERALLY SAID HE WANTS TO HAVE FUN AND MAKE SOME EXTRA MONEY. This is his job. Bruh

  • Jayden Truglia
    Jayden Truglia 5 days ago

    Bruh I called the number💀 AHHAHAHAHA HELL NOO

  • mia abbi
    mia abbi 5 days ago +1

    tired of these clowns, i already have to deal with them at school💀

    TONY HOLLOMAN 5 days ago

    Pennywise looks like you got some competition

  • Water Melon
    Water Melon 5 days ago

    So this isn’t illegal...hmm makes no sense at all

  • It’s Jay Page
    It’s Jay Page 5 days ago

    That clown mask looks like the clown from dead by daylight

  • Isavella Gacha
    Isavella Gacha 5 days ago

    At first I didnt know that it was set up I was DA F THATS TERRIFYING

  • Ashley G
    Ashley G 6 days ago

    My phobia is clowns

  • 323 2jz
    323 2jz 6 days ago

    Gay! Not scary!

  • Edmundo
    Edmundo 6 days ago

    What makes sense is that this dude is from Florida

  • The Great Turtle
    The Great Turtle 6 days ago

    The footage of 2014 e
    Was a set up guys

  • Will Muir
    Will Muir 6 days ago

    Is this gonna be a real movid

  • The_ToxicBadger 2
    The_ToxicBadger 2 6 days ago

    Don’t do this in Texas or Louisiana.
    Especially East Texas.

  • Dylan Reynoso
    Dylan Reynoso 6 days ago

    One thing to scare people, but if you step onto my property I can legally bust a cap in your ass😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Dinah Welch
    Dinah Welch 6 days ago +1

    Wrinkles is a savage

    • Tight-Knit Family Productions
      Tight-Knit Family Productions Day ago

      @Dinah Welch lol well i make scary story narrations an im currently working on a new one if u ever need new spooky content :)

    • Dinah Welch
      Dinah Welch Day ago

      Tight-Knit Family Productions I act like I do, but then I have a dream about it. 😬

    • Tight-Knit Family Productions
      Tight-Knit Family Productions 3 days ago +2

      you handle scary content very well

  • hEy StOb iT
    hEy StOb iT 6 days ago

    Of course they had to put Colby and Brennan in there😂

  • Angry Goku
    Angry Goku 6 days ago

    I hope this is not scary

  • Rudy Duran
    Rudy Duran 6 days ago

    Just great, more copy cat things will come from this, and NOT IN GOOD WAYS EITHER !!! WHEN WILL THE WORLD GET IT ???!!?? There's enough sickos out and about. God Help Us All !!!!!! AND THIS IS ONE TO GROW ON.....

  • jicel r.
    jicel r. 6 days ago

    dudeee i was watching this during class and when he popped up in the security cam. I screamed and the whole turned to look at me 😳😂

  • i’m hungry
    i’m hungry 7 days ago

    How does he keep a straight face when he scares people 😂

  • King Demize—
    King Demize— 7 days ago

    With a different plot
    Like wrinkles the killer realistic clown this would’ve been better

  • Deja N.Orio
    Deja N.Orio 7 days ago

    Bruh, they said that Florida, why do you think he's there.

  • Tina Tuger
    Tina Tuger 7 days ago

    The video about the fgirlirl is fake

  • AvaZweetie
    AvaZweetie 7 days ago +1

    Taste of Florida

  • Phresh King
    Phresh King 7 days ago +1

    I'd beat wrinkles ass

  • Jakeira Casper
    Jakeira Casper 7 days ago

    kill the clown now my sister is scared 😥😥😥

  • Jenni Panda Jelly
    Jenni Panda Jelly 7 days ago

    Conspiracy: wrinkles is pennywise's brother @-@

  • CAt From Outer Space

    Wrinkles *vs* Ronald Mcdonald
    One night only | no Holds barred | to the Death