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Comments • 80

  • Elliott Hearne
    Elliott Hearne 10 hours ago

    No one ever talks about DJ Mario’s no look pass to Bach yk :(

  • A.Scythe
    A.Scythe 10 hours ago

    What is rice doin at 8:12

  • HerbitHarrison 7
    HerbitHarrison 7 22 hours ago +1

    Ur a great guy tobi massive respect

  • PlushieLand Paul
    PlushieLand Paul 22 hours ago

    Tobi I am so calm tobi:jumps on to just

  • Fergus Rai
    Fergus Rai Day ago +1

    Times you'll never forget:
    Getting married
    Child Born
    Vik scoring in the charity match

  • Jordan Papalii
    Jordan Papalii 2 days ago

    21:47 i thought something was wrong with my phone😂

  • candy
    candy 2 days ago

    Why is there no more sidemen charity football matches

  • T1m0th3e
    T1m0th3e 2 days ago

    Football Logic

    If someone have never played football in their life, would they know which foot is their strong foot and which is weak?🤯🤯🤯

  • Tre Stremlau
    Tre Stremlau 2 days ago

    I’m impressed on how nice tobi is

  • Michal Jaworski
    Michal Jaworski 2 days ago +1

    Vik made a very big improvement

  • Michal Jaworski
    Michal Jaworski 2 days ago +1

    You are rapid as hell

  • Cameron Jeffrey
    Cameron Jeffrey 2 days ago

    What’s the song 17:13

  • Michal Jaworski
    Michal Jaworski 2 days ago +1

    To tbjzl,
    You was the man of the match

  • Zain Zaveri
    Zain Zaveri 2 days ago

    Thanks manny

  • Theodore Martin
    Theodore Martin 2 days ago

    8:12 just look how far ricegum is offside😂😂

  • Nathan
    Nathan 2 days ago

    Tobi is the most warm hearted person ever like the idea to have “Manchester 22” on the back of his shirt is so small but so big at the same time for everyone who was effected by the bombings, we need more Tobi’s in the world because then the world might become a better place, big respect Tobi 🙏🙏

  • CF 31
    CF 31 3 days ago

    simon scores decent 1v1: does a fortnite dance. tobi scores a beauty: dedicated it to the manchester victims. simon is a great guy, but tobi is genuinely one of my favorite people in the world

  • Coldy Ve
    Coldy Ve 3 days ago

    My man of the match is DJ Mario

  • magpiecow
    magpiecow 4 days ago

    How can you dislike this guy, I hope anyone who disliked this video finds some sort of peace in their heart and can learn from Tobi to love each and every person and remember these things that people might've forgotten.

  • Lasse Lemtoft
    Lasse Lemtoft 4 days ago

    Tobi you are the most respectful guy i have seen

  • Alex ARTC
    Alex ARTC 5 days ago

    how does this man "only" have 3,73 mil he is worth sooooo much more

  • Ninky Cullen
    Ninky Cullen 5 days ago +1

    When Tobi said Vik was a boy but Vik is not a boy

  • Danyal Rafique
    Danyal Rafique 5 days ago +1

    In this match, Sidemen were destined for greatness!

  • Kasparas Sviridenko
    Kasparas Sviridenko 6 days ago

    Tobi you my hero

  • Kasparas Sviridenko
    Kasparas Sviridenko 6 days ago

    Where is Harry?

    NOT CHAMP 6 days ago

    Jay at 21:34 is when u see a plane when your five years old

  • AMQ Solutions
    AMQ Solutions 6 days ago +1

    Tobi the dad😇😇 especially on the penalty

  • Gian Carlo Di Zazzo
    Gian Carlo Di Zazzo 7 days ago

    Chrismd has amazing control its incredible

  • RP 337
    RP 337 7 days ago

    is it me or does Manny remind me of Aaron Wan-Bissaka

  • Luke Rowell
    Luke Rowell 8 days ago

    I got compared to my footballing hero ChrisMD, I have completed life! lol i wanna be like Tobi

  • UK A1
    UK A1 9 days ago

    Vikk is acc Fukin Flat out

  • Robo Rocket
    Robo Rocket 10 days ago

    Thx many

  • Kat Assassin
    Kat Assassin 10 days ago

    Tobi is my favorite sidemen you tuber and maybe even favorite you tuber because he is so light hearted and caring Tobi your family should be proud they raised an amazing person

  • Thomas Sabattier
    Thomas Sabattier 10 days ago

    7:28 who else watching this felt something in their leg when this happened

  • Sybe - r
    Sybe - r 12 days ago

    Tobi supporting vik for 30 minutes and 17 seconds

  • JJB2012 JJB
    JJB2012 JJB 13 days ago

    “look at gibs ankles go”

  • Itz_Diffo
    Itz_Diffo 13 days ago

    Destined For Greatness bro🙌🏽🙌🏽

  • pami
    pami 13 days ago

    always gets me in the feels at the end

  • vClxpz_Twitch
    vClxpz_Twitch 16 days ago

    You should sign Chris to sidemen

  • Max Pitt
    Max Pitt 19 days ago

    He saying he be running slower but he probably outrinuning me by a lot

  • Freddie Muddimer
    Freddie Muddimer 21 day ago +1

    How fast are you🤯

  • Edward Morales
    Edward Morales 21 day ago

    I did manny’s skill at 7

    AMER SARAJLIC 21 day ago

    tobi you are the nicesed youtuber ever

  • Ciza Srivatsa
    Ciza Srivatsa 22 days ago

    you are so good-hearted!

  • Zafir Siddiqui
    Zafir Siddiqui 24 days ago

    This video is so diplomatic

  • Fin Gates
    Fin Gates 24 days ago

    Thanks manny

  • Genaro Jaramillo
    Genaro Jaramillo 25 days ago

    is anyone a OG sidmen because I am

  • London Game Boi
    London Game Boi 25 days ago

    Respect bro
    I respect you Tobi

  • aryan king gaming
    aryan king gaming 26 days ago

    8:17 look at rice

  • Joe White
    Joe White 27 days ago

    The respect I have for this man is unbelievable , you could see how much the Manchester incident affected him ♥️

  • Lachlan
    Lachlan 28 days ago

    Toby has the best intro

  • mancitycoolss
    mancitycoolss 28 days ago

    Chris md skill that he did I can do it and I’m only 10

  • NEM3SIS !
    NEM3SIS ! 28 days ago

    Who realises that Rice's football jersey number was 69? 😂😂😂

  • Ally Faulds
    Ally Faulds Month ago

    The 1k that disliked should be ashamed of them selves 😎😎

  • Oscar Alvarez
    Oscar Alvarez Month ago

    What a good lad he his props to tobi

  • Kiarash Motabi
    Kiarash Motabi Month ago +1

    Is it a bird,
    Is it a plane,
    No its just vik

  • Dream's Boy
    Dream's Boy Month ago +1

    11:50 "Look at Gib's ankles go"
    Me: Hmmmmm...sounds familiar.

    • brandon lobos
      brandon lobos 29 days ago

      Dream's Boy I keep trying to find the skill nepenthez did on tobi , when he made him slide and I literally cannot find it help me please lol

  • tymekthe cebula
    tymekthe cebula Month ago

    28:03 that's what u call respect

  • Julie Windsor
    Julie Windsor Month ago

    I'm here for the intro

  • Cecil The sloth
    Cecil The sloth Month ago +2

    I just want to say how much I appreciate people like you. You are not cocky, you are funny, a good sport and incredibly supportive of everyone. Please never doubt yourself in any way, you are so underrated ❤️

  • M-_-Saeed -_-
    M-_-Saeed -_- Month ago +2

    Destined for greatness and with his free fifa

  • christopher smyth
    christopher smyth Month ago +1

    Has anyone realised that Tobi has such a round face

  • Tahsinul Ajwad Karim
    Tahsinul Ajwad Karim Month ago +1

    I was really smiling for Vik

  • Dylan Bailey
    Dylan Bailey Month ago +4

    20:49 - 21:15 One small step for Vikk, one giant leap for Vikk-Kind


    Harry will tell you why willinea kicked rice gum

  • Bloke Jr
    Bloke Jr Month ago +7

    12:42 the roll was actually very impressive‼️😬the way he pushed off the ground the gained some air☹️👌🏽

  • Private
    Private Month ago +2

    16:07 has rice ever done a hand shake?

  • Luis Ignacio
    Luis Ignacio Month ago +1

    i always cry of joy seeing Vik do well

  • Kian Davie
    Kian Davie Month ago +2

    I reckon manny and Tobi could go pro

  • Kayne Nebota
    Kayne Nebota Month ago +1

    Tobi is better than chrismd

  • Ajay Singh
    Ajay Singh Month ago +5

    0:05 I thought he was going to say Nigerian tribe

  • Dec Head
    Dec Head Month ago +1

    Why you hating on Tobi and vikk

  • Callum mckinlay
    Callum mckinlay Month ago +1

    it was sad to hear the news that day

  • Dylan Bailey
    Dylan Bailey Month ago +2

    3:15 Thank you Manny 😸😸

  • II-xboxplayer-II
    II-xboxplayer-II Month ago +1

    tobi looks high

  • Shaun Leyshon
    Shaun Leyshon Month ago +1

    @tbjzl important and critical mean the same thing.

  • DRT
    DRT Month ago +2

    Vikkstar ohh vikkstar one of the biggest gamer on the internet, the biggest mine craft gamer never could be less proud

  • Ryan Trusler
    Ryan Trusler Month ago +1

    I love messi 💖

  • Itz Chxli
    Itz Chxli Month ago +1

    Vikk man vikk

  • tomasz blicharz
    tomasz blicharz Month ago +1

    Very nice