UFC 226: Daniel Cormier and Brock Lesnar Octagon Interviews

  • Published on Jul 8, 2018
  • Relive the wild moment when Brock Lesnar shared the Octagon with Daniel Cormier following Cormier's KO win over Stipe Miocic to become heavyweight champ at UFC 226.
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Comments • 29 071

  • Eric Pritchard
    Eric Pritchard 3 hours ago

    And DC needed a chair to jump on the cage with his short fatass

  • Eric Pritchard
    Eric Pritchard 3 hours ago +1

    Brock is going to eat him like a protein bar

  • Anonymous Activefaith
    Anonymous Activefaith 5 hours ago +1

    I think Connor is writing the script for all this😂

  • Johnnie Zaragoza
    Johnnie Zaragoza 9 hours ago +1

    Joe" I wanna see Brock Lesnar fight Daniel Cormier" Rogan

  • luis otavio
    luis otavio 11 hours ago

    Parecia uma discussão de WWE... que ridiculo!

  • Belvin Nadar
    Belvin Nadar 15 hours ago

    3:43 "Brock get out of my octagon I've got some pictures to take"
    3:51 *almost gets out of the octagon himself*
    DC is stupid 😂😂

  • Jay Blake
    Jay Blake 18 hours ago +1

    No matter what you say about WWE, or UFC, this was fucking awesome.
    They both played their roles.
    Brock was all smiles, until he stepped into the Octagon, then he was all business.
    While Cormier didn’t back down from him, after he laid out the gauntlet.

  • BazookaHDZ
    BazookaHDZ Day ago +2

    The heavyweight disasters ahaha

  • Jeff Barnes
    Jeff Barnes Day ago

    Just promoting well planned 😉

  • Ayo b*tch
    Ayo b*tch Day ago +2

    After seeing Brock Lesnar UFC records
    I don't think he is a good fighter at all
    I don't like DC too😂

  • Shane B.
    Shane B. Day ago

    Brock slammed Joe's hand into the camera. That had to hurt lol.

  • Lucifer911
    Lucifer911 Day ago

    Does anyone know the actual date for this fight? Seems to be undecided at the moment..

  • Victor Nguyen
    Victor Nguyen Day ago +1

    Why won’t DC call out Jon Jones?

  • Evan Mulryan
    Evan Mulryan 2 days ago +2

    Don't mess with the Beast

  • Savage Boul
    Savage Boul 2 days ago


  • abdi badal
    abdi badal 2 days ago +1

    Fuck Brock actually is huge asf off wwe cameras

  • King Greed
    King Greed 2 days ago +1

    2:40 Dana White tells the short guy "You wanna die or what? Get your little ass over there and let the big boys promote."

  • Patriot
    Patriot 2 days ago +2

    Fuck Cormier!! Goooo Brock!!!!💪💪💪

    ZAMCRO 2 days ago

    Look at his smiling ass thinking he’s the better fighter. Lmao. DC pokes eyes more than Bones

  • rico pesos
    rico pesos 3 days ago +2

    DC was and always will be corny to me but him and brock sold the fuck out of that fight it has to happen now.

  • Bitag Bitag
    Bitag Bitag 3 days ago +2

    Mark hunt is much more tough to take down compare to DC, look how easy brock did it to mark. I hope dc and brock do a wrestling match in octagon who do think would win?

    • Lightbringer
      Lightbringer 7 hours ago +1

      Brock beats DC in wrestling and in UFC

  • Gavin Basalone
    Gavin Basalone 3 days ago +1

    Brock takes shit to serious

  • ietaM btf
    ietaM btf 4 days ago +1

    So funny when Dcs trainer try to push away lesner..

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 4 days ago +6

    Brock will murder DC like Ivan Drago

  • A.I.Life
    A.I.Life 5 days ago +1


  • Norvit Pankrazio :v
    Norvit Pankrazio :v 5 days ago

    no entiendo ni madres pero esta bien pinche grande el lesnarr :u

  • hugo RF
    hugo RF 5 days ago

    matalo Brock

  • hugo RF
    hugo RF 5 days ago

    DC negro bocon

  • mauri romero
    mauri romero 5 days ago

    Jajajaja salio bravo el enano

  • Dario Carvajal
    Dario Carvajal 6 days ago

    Lesnar le da su paliza

  • Diran Aginian
    Diran Aginian 6 days ago +2

    Daniel Cormier is like baby compared to Brock lesnar

  • X-legends blade_750 Blade

    Why hasn’t DC been on Joe’s podcast

  • Danish DK
    Danish DK 6 days ago +2

    The only One who can tame brock lesnar is cain velasquez

    • Dellkiller123
      Dellkiller123 4 days ago

      Ro R wouldnt really say tamed if its still controversial to many

    • Ro R
      Ro R 5 days ago

      Danish DK and Velasquez was tamed by ngannou and werdum.
      So what’s your point?

  • Jimmy Less
    Jimmy Less 6 days ago +2

    Brock is a boss

  • Rodrigo Monteiro
    Rodrigo Monteiro 7 days ago

    WWE sa porra?

  • Revolutionary Wrestling Podcast


  • Rogeane Franklin
    Rogeane Franklin 7 days ago

    Jon bones jones

  • Rogeane Franklin
    Rogeane Franklin 7 days ago +1

    Jon jones

  • Ryan G
    Ryan G 7 days ago +1

    oops.. that backfired.. broc seems a bit of an arsehole but shit he's scary.. no--one ther wud have been able to hold him back.

  • Jondo Jondo
    Jondo Jondo 7 days ago +2

    Size difference is insane. Brock must be 300lbs here

    • Lightbringer
      Lightbringer 7 hours ago

      +Ricky Parmar dumbass he has to cut weight

    • Ricky Parmar
      Ricky Parmar 6 days ago +1

      He is smaller now.
      No more steroids

  • Агаев Ильгар


  • Galactuz GC
    Galactuz GC 7 days ago

    Dc would fucking kill him. The only man who DC can’t beat is Jones

    • Lightbringer
      Lightbringer 7 hours ago

      no you mma beginner, brock beats dc easily.

  • Fuckyouliverpool
    Fuckyouliverpool 7 days ago +2

    DC SUCK . !!

  • lil pyro
    lil pyro 7 days ago +2

    Dc is scared 😂😂😂😂

  • Alexandre e Isabela
    Alexandre e Isabela 8 days ago

    Brock Lesnar = WWE

  • Ru Dy
    Ru Dy 8 days ago

    Brock à fais le,chaud mais il et jamais revenu lui c qui ce fera éclaté c pr ça qu'on la jamais rvu

  • Ru Dy
    Ru Dy 8 days ago

    Brock ce fera defoncer il fais trop le cho il ce crois au catch mais c la cour des grands mon pti

  • Joe Turner
    Joe Turner 8 days ago +1

    You guys know this was just a promo and was all for show right? UFC is becoming more like WWE little by little lol

  • Ar T
    Ar T 8 days ago +1

    So fake smile... so fake emotions. DC you are pathetic fake champ

  • Giorgos Trivizadakis
    Giorgos Trivizadakis 8 days ago +7

    thats the real Brock Lesnar!!! he can destroys all the raw and smackdown lockerroom just for fun!!!!!!!!!

  • One Deep Savage
    One Deep Savage 8 days ago

    "And 1 more thing.Fuck the UFC!!!"
    - Picks up Dana and throws him out of the octagon via F-5

  • Fabio Zocca
    Fabio Zocca 8 days ago

    Tudo armaçao

  • Sebastien Schmitt
    Sebastien Schmitt 8 days ago

    Suplex city 😂😂😂😂😂💪🏻

  • The Ripple Effect Podcast

    Nagano dapiss o shiet, Meeocheech dapiss o shiet

  • dsutermma
    dsutermma 8 days ago

    2:40 Dana grabs that little guy that pushed brock like “get the fuck over there before you get yourself hurt dummy”

  • turbobenx
    turbobenx 8 days ago

    Hahaha. Dana pushing that short dude out of the way. It is obviously fake, knuckle head. Don't mess with the script

  • Valdic Sousa
    Valdic Sousa 9 days ago

    Nocauteou o câmera

  • Outlaw- 762
    Outlaw- 762 9 days ago

    Joe Rogan is a confirmed manlet

  • Joseph Montgomery
    Joseph Montgomery 9 days ago

    Where was stipes though

  • Davino Reinhardt
    Davino Reinhardt 9 days ago

    At that time, Jon was away and where are the big names all retirement belvor cain and do continue and dc celebrates the time was so weak not nearly as fighter as before and from jons shadow he does not come anyway

  • Kubix Hyper
    Kubix Hyper 9 days ago

    Brock its not wwe

  • Marcos Mendoza
    Marcos Mendoza 9 days ago

    Lesnar es la bestia el oso polar te destrosara tu demencia 👉👌💥

  • LoGic. Dude
    LoGic. Dude 9 days ago +1

    How dumb is it that this video got 8 mil+ views and everyone was hyped and we never got the fight.

  • Miranda Summerset
    Miranda Summerset 9 days ago +9

    When wwe & mma come together, entertainment happens 👏

  • Thaddeus Rainey
    Thaddeus Rainey 9 days ago

    I want to see DC vs Lesnar. I would have my bet on DC winning.

  • jayson ni
    jayson ni 9 days ago

    shut up DC you cant beat JON JONES

  • Nick Gunz
    Nick Gunz 10 days ago


  • VinnyCx
    VinnyCx 10 days ago

    I’m coming for you modafawka

  • Rohan Gupta
    Rohan Gupta 10 days ago

    Look at the face of joe rogan....3.34

  • Void
    Void 10 days ago

    juniior santos should sstunn lesnar soo hard

  • Mixie Mill'en Gold
    Mixie Mill'en Gold 10 days ago

    Conor McGregor : Hold my 🍺

  • abishai Ghosh
    abishai Ghosh 10 days ago +2

    Lmaooo Lesnar didn't even push him hard. He pulled his hands back immediately instead of following through. All publicity

  • James Millard
    James Millard 10 days ago

    And Dana is complaining about how the WWE is fake..Hahahaha give me a break lol 😂😂😂😂

  • ItsMe Killer
    ItsMe Killer 11 days ago +3

    Brock suplex his ass😂

  • Tiago Cobo
    Tiago Cobo 11 days ago

    Esse cara é monstro

  • zohaib
    zohaib 11 days ago

    DC is the man trust me !!!

  • finesse laflare
    finesse laflare 11 days ago

    DC dreaming about the money fight like

  • R S
    R S 11 days ago +23

    Brock cut a better promo for this then he does in wwe 😂😂😂

    • R S
      R S 10 days ago

      Hookers n' Cocaine yeah i get you bro. I love that attitude era feel I used to love the wwe then. This cut got me gassedddd😂

    • Hookers n' Cocaine
      Hookers n' Cocaine 10 days ago +4

      Because he has no script lol. Almost like the WWE in the attitude era when the rock became the boss he was then and to this day.

  • 저는자들이에요
    저는자들이에요 11 days ago

    Dana is loving it ^^

  • TJ Tv
    TJ Tv 11 days ago +3

    Brock Lesnar I m back

  • super man
    super man 11 days ago +2

    What the push haha

  • Baby Blu3
    Baby Blu3 11 days ago

    Brock's WWE mentality got triggered

  • Coffee Head
    Coffee Head 11 days ago

    Hahaha when he pushed Joe Rogans hand Joes face afterwards was like “fuck that hurt”

  • Alpha Lishena
    Alpha Lishena 12 days ago

    DC is not an American he is from Africa jungle black dirty asshole

  • 421samuel
    421samuel 12 days ago +1

    DC is a coward, Hiding behind some personal and pushing Lesnar. It would be an amazing fight to see if they would fight, At this moment Lesnar would win, Just because DC is hiding behind staff.

    GROMADELPHIA Squad 12 days ago

    Breaking news : I should have never rewatched this omg beyond cringe shrivel

  • Fabio Pires Santana Santana

    UFC ou WWE ???

  • christian sanchez cabrera

    brock lesnar you champions good fighting

  • kgmarshall38
    kgmarshall38 12 days ago +1

    Luke’s pants were rather baggy.... I’m sorry but it was just so blatantly obvious and noticeable

  • Amit kumar
    Amit kumar 13 days ago


  • Enceladus Eve
    Enceladus Eve 13 days ago

    That's so disrespectful

  • Enceladus Eve
    Enceladus Eve 13 days ago

    Such a humble person, amazing guy, so talented! ❤️

  • Unknow
    Unknow 13 days ago

    Eye poke champion.

  • Crumble Cracker
    Crumble Cracker 14 days ago +2

    Rogan looks like hes shitting himself

  • madison Brown
    madison Brown 14 days ago +1

    I wonder how much joe rogen gets paid to get up close and personal with these sweaty fighters after the fight 🤣🤣🤣

    • Lightbringer
      Lightbringer 10 days ago

      rogan is gay as fuck, definitely a homosexual acting like he is straight

  • Cody Greenly
    Cody Greenly 14 days ago +2

    joe rogan almost got him arm remove when he put it on brock lesnar @ 2:38

  • Evil DAX
    Evil DAX 14 days ago

    Brock thought this was W.W.E lol

  • Meno Antonio
    Meno Antonio 14 days ago +1

    2:34 😂😂😂

  • MYGA Community
    MYGA Community 14 days ago +3

    Top 10 Anime Villian Returns

  • Mr haun
    Mr haun 14 days ago

    Got a boner lol