If You Only Knew: Trixie Mattel


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  • Nikita Berkenpeis
    Nikita Berkenpeis 17 hours ago

    i´m not as pretty as you Trixie, take me! XD

  • Jayme K
    Jayme K Day ago

    Bahahaha I literally cackled

  • Mitchell Seyna
    Mitchell Seyna Day ago


  • Brittany Rose
    Brittany Rose 2 days ago

    Lmao that forced laugh at 0:50

  • kekkle chong
    kekkle chong 3 days ago

    Is this an interview? ☹☹☹

  • Tube Tuber
    Tube Tuber 3 days ago

    *He falls off the stage because he can't see. I wonder why? That gaudy over-the-top eye makeup and gargantuan false eyelashes obstructing his sight. You can't even see his eyes. In the past drag queens were BEAUTIFUL, not MONSTROSITIES and EXAGGERATE CARTOON CAHARACTERS.*

  • Foxy Johnston
    Foxy Johnston 4 days ago

    Is he actually speaking from beyond? 😂 did he pass?

  • Nefeli Christogoula
    Nefeli Christogoula 6 days ago +1

    Larry Queen...

  • Charleebear99
    Charleebear99 7 days ago

    He has no personality this old guy it’s sounds all staged and ball to me can’t watch poo like this

  • sawdaam
    sawdaam 7 days ago

    What is that.. thing?

  • salem khan lodhi
    salem khan lodhi 7 days ago +1

    Is this a dude?


    Aliens are here

  • Hudson Sacer
    Hudson Sacer 8 days ago +1

    Larry isn’t so happy to have to interview Trixie!!!

  • Weallfeel
    Weallfeel 8 days ago

    This interview seems more like an Adult Swim sketch.

  • Clips on Clips
    Clips on Clips 8 days ago +1


  • Elaina Frampton
    Elaina Frampton 9 days ago +1

    I love Trixie. She is so cute xD

  • Jord B
    Jord B 9 days ago +1

    What is that thing with the blonde hair??

  • Alex Bieger
    Alex Bieger 9 days ago +1

    That old bag of bones could at least pretend to be interested in this

  • A.S.
    A.S. 9 days ago

    Larry King don't you have any decent and relevant person to interview on your show?

  • Brandon Lopez
    Brandon Lopez 10 days ago

    This was kind of surreal to watch

  • Commentator541
    Commentator541 10 days ago +1

    A skinny legend!

  • wassup
    wassup 10 days ago

    What’s a trixie

  • Kristiaan Yeo
    Kristiaan Yeo 10 days ago

    Larry King was due for retirement before I was born and I'm 32, so....

  • AffiqKimiLer
    AffiqKimiLer 10 days ago

    WTF where it's eyes? I say it because I don't know it's a male or female.

  • meg grande
    meg grande 10 days ago


  • ply1992
    ply1992 10 days ago


  • flappysmallfish
    flappysmallfish 10 days ago +2

    "Whats your theory on death?" "I think it happens to most of us."

  • Anthony Liberatore
    Anthony Liberatore 11 days ago

    Wow Larry is Terrble!!!! The worst interview I've ever seen

  • Hitmonkey
    Hitmonkey 11 days ago

    Larry couldn't have looked less interested if he was dead

  • amyisaway
    amyisaway 11 days ago

    my idol always makes it onto the trending page 💕

  • TheKamiBunny
    TheKamiBunny 11 days ago

    I'm confused. Where are her/it/his eyes. Something is wrong with me but i cant compute what I'm seeing. Where are the eyes???!!¿

  • ray hall
    ray hall 11 days ago


  • David Arriaga
    David Arriaga 12 days ago

    Larry Kings painfully Hetero dear lord. Ultra mega old

  • Slaitaar
    Slaitaar 12 days ago

    Wow that's a ridiculous looking human being.

    • Samuel G.S.
      Samuel G.S. 5 days ago

      Omg, i know Larry is not looking his best, but he's old, it's not his fault...

  • donutmaster437
    donutmaster437 12 days ago

    My God is he STILL ALIVE?
    Seriously what demon did he make a deal with to live this long? I swear that if I told somebody Larry King was dead they wouldn’t even bat an eye!

  • Somebody stop me!
    Somebody stop me! 12 days ago

    Ah a video on trending which features a drag queen. Cue the comments asking "wtf is that thing?" and "disgusting! is this what the human race has come to?"

  • Joey Ritchie
    Joey Ritchie 12 days ago

    Larry get a personality - Trixie is a funny personality.

  • Jesan V
    Jesan V 12 days ago

    “Trixie I was abused!”

  • FiReCrAcKeR !
    FiReCrAcKeR ! 12 days ago

    O O O O H

  • Raechelle Castagnola
    Raechelle Castagnola 12 days ago

    I was totally just thinking the same thing !

  • Digoxin Overdose
    Digoxin Overdose 12 days ago

    Is he or she ??
    I can't tell

  • Keiron Warmington
    Keiron Warmington 12 days ago


  • JO
    JO 12 days ago

    Dolly Parton should stop doing any more plastic surgery, I think she now looks a bit overdone.

  • j money
    j money 12 days ago

    he should have let her finish

  • Alex Stewart
    Alex Stewart 12 days ago


  • Google User
    Google User 12 days ago

    These types of people need to see a doctor

  • Barry Benson
    Barry Benson 12 days ago +1

    Jesus Christ it looks terrifying.

  • Dallas Conn
    Dallas Conn 12 days ago


  • lolly molly
    lolly molly 12 days ago

    How did he get lost??? Get a life seriously hess trixie

  • _ outsider
    _ outsider 12 days ago

    Well no offence but this is my first time seeing her and I think I am going to have nightmares for at least 3 weeks

  • David Puck - Artist
    David Puck - Artist 12 days ago +1

    THINK BIG LARRY hahahhaa

  • David Puck - Artist
    David Puck - Artist 12 days ago +1

    God this is painful. Trixie is so impressive here keeping the charisma and energy going against that brick wall. At least he allowed himself to chuckle a couple times. I don't watch Larry King, is this what he's like all the time? Or is he being a noob cus he's talking to a queen?

  • Klumsy Kameleon
    Klumsy Kameleon 12 days ago +1

    What has humanity turned to.

  • Danny Grime
    Danny Grime 12 days ago


  • codespots
    codespots 12 days ago

    03:00 their crew laughing in the background haha

  • rami nakat
    rami nakat 13 days ago

    He has no idea what’s happening 🙄😂😂😂

  • Mary Beth Vernau
    Mary Beth Vernau 13 days ago


  • Nominal 7
    Nominal 7 13 days ago +1

    What tf is that thing

  • jaybee stirling
    jaybee stirling 13 days ago +1


  • Haroons Gaming Channel
    Haroons Gaming Channel 13 days ago +1

    What's wrong with her face? She looks like a nursery groups art project gone wrong.

  • Brandon R
    Brandon R 13 days ago

    I looooove this chick.

  • Countfoscolikesmice
    Countfoscolikesmice 13 days ago

    Now I just read cards.

  • Mohsin Ahmed
    Mohsin Ahmed 13 days ago

    'She can't be prettier than me', well good luck finding a girl that matches your criteria....

    • Sam
      Sam 12 days ago

      Mohsin Ahmed It's called having good tastes.

    • Mohsin Ahmed
      Mohsin Ahmed 13 days ago

      Sam why r u lying to urself

    • Sam
      Sam 13 days ago

      Mohsin Ahmed It is going to be hard finding a girl prettier than Trixie I grant you cause she’s flawless

  • Mohsin Ahmed
    Mohsin Ahmed 13 days ago

    WTF IS THAT?!?!

  • Riley Sapiano
    Riley Sapiano 13 days ago

    I love how trixie says OOOOOHHHHHH like five million times 😂😂

  • Mark Kolk
    Mark Kolk 13 days ago

    Trixie is a boredom pill withoit Katya

    • Sam
      Sam 13 days ago

      Mark Kolk Trixie was the only thing alive in this interview.

  • Aninha
    Aninha 13 days ago

    - Do you remember that program?
    - Yes
    - S...
    - First kiss?

  • 247snob
    247snob 13 days ago

    T h a n k y o u LARRY!

  • Headshot Ville87
    Headshot Ville87 13 days ago

    Ohhhhhh omg

  • Mariam Kyrillos
    Mariam Kyrillos 13 days ago

    I never saw Trixie before is she new in the media? or just a USA celebraty?

  • Shiken_
    Shiken_ 13 days ago +1

    wtf is that

  • Mark Graham
    Mark Graham 13 days ago

    He really doesn’t get it.

  • Jay Gardner
    Jay Gardner 13 days ago +1

    I love how Larry King is totally over it and has no sense of humor about the interview to the point he is just reading directly off his notes and then just crosses his arms and sits there. LOL. And when asked where Trixie wants to be in ten years she says, "Definitely NOT doing this." She is clearly throwing shade at him and it goes WAY over his head.

  • Olivier Orston
    Olivier Orston 13 days ago +1

    The camera crew laughing in the far distance... XD

  • R Yahtzee
    R Yahtzee 13 days ago

    I love how quick she is!! Miss Trixie thanks for giving me so much life!!

  • Maxwell Meulendyk
    Maxwell Meulendyk 13 days ago +1

    Oh girl... Larry Queen girl!! Huuuunnnnny!

  • Christopher Rule
    Christopher Rule 13 days ago

    It’s wednesday my dudes... 0:33

  • Christopher Rule
    Christopher Rule 13 days ago

    “OOOHHHHH” counter: 2972628

  • Limitless Trading
    Limitless Trading 13 days ago +1

    Is that a real nose?

  • Ms J
    Ms J 13 days ago +1

    Oh my god, the contour 😂🤣

  • Andrea Zanovello
    Andrea Zanovello 14 days ago

    Catherine O'Hara and Parker Posey: YES, PLEASE!!!!

  • 'Berto O. A.
    'Berto O. A. 14 days ago


  • Ian Tram
    Ian Tram 14 days ago +1

    Wtf is that thing

  • S U R V I V E
    S U R V I V E 14 days ago

    This is one of those things I just don’t understand.

  • Joseph Smith
    Joseph Smith 14 days ago +1

    What is it?

  • legend27
    legend27 14 days ago +1

    What a joke wtf

  • Sean Holden
    Sean Holden 14 days ago +1

    What tf is that

    • Sam
      Sam 13 days ago

      Sean Holden Are you not familiar with the concept of an interview?

  • Ahtziri Sanchez
    Ahtziri Sanchez 14 days ago

    My heart warmed up seeing Larry laugh at 0:50

  • Halo Carterr
    Halo Carterr 14 days ago

    I love Trixie

  • Never Lose Forex FX
    Never Lose Forex FX 14 days ago


  • r3dift
    r3dift 14 days ago

    Larry was bored... Don't blame him

  • Kate Ellenberger
    Kate Ellenberger 14 days ago

    "Just now?" Hahaha

  • ODawgy
    ODawgy 14 days ago

    Does Larry even know where he is?

  • Sousa Lucas
    Sousa Lucas 14 days ago

    She looks like a geam from Steve universe

  • Maximilian Galindo
    Maximilian Galindo 14 days ago

    Cringe lol Trixie you did your thang gurlll

  • chobopanda
    chobopanda 14 days ago

    Catherine O'hara and Parker Poser!!! TRIXIE I DID NOT KNOW YOU WERE ME

  • Mr Conservative
    Mr Conservative 14 days ago

    All went over Larry's head lol " maybe today, still waiting "

  • rana pipien
    rana pipien 14 days ago

    Painful to watch. Are we sure Larry is alive?

  • Jordan Patriarca
    Jordan Patriarca 14 days ago

    Both my shoes fell off hahaha

  • Chrissy Leggs
    Chrissy Leggs 14 days ago

    What a boring old c*nt. (Not Trixie)