The Tallest Man On Earth - King Of Spain

  • Published on Oct 14, 2010
    "Great Wide Open" Festival - Sept 9, 2010
    Part 6/12
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  • edwardvlad
    edwardvlad 3 years ago

    Ahahahaha love that intro! Keep it up kristian! :D

  • david beckett
    david beckett 4 years ago

    this guy is so effing brilliant ,he is way beyond all that manufactured crap pumped out love you ,tallest man on earth,keep it going !

  • Heron W
    Heron W 6 years ago

    when hes not answering interview questions he is hillarious "idk what this fuckin song is about, its just a song" lawlll

  • Alexei Romanov
    Alexei Romanov 6 years ago

    awesome song!!!! SALUTATIONS FROM USA!

  • Joseph Edwards
    Joseph Edwards 7 years ago

    Also love his dancing in this.

  • Clocharden Elias av Sverige

    omg i totally mean delay lol!!! delay makes the sound so fucking massive

  • Clocharden Elias av Sverige

    amazing performance. reverb helps the sound seem so big aswell

  • sambowman91
    sambowman91 7 years ago


  • leavesofgrey
    leavesofgrey 8 years ago

    @vanceoliver Yeah, but he produces that sound from open-C tuning. It's commonly used in a lot of Celtic and folk music, and it's one of my personal favorites :)

  • famoussOne
    famoussOne 8 years ago

    he is god

  • Vance Oliver
    Vance Oliver 8 years ago +1

    thats not even a 12-string. wtf.

  • epiphone4life
    epiphone4life 8 years ago

    What guitar is that?

  • Metody89
    Metody89 8 years ago

    Puss in boots should learn this song ;)
    Thanks for your videos, amazing staff :)

  • christianteittinen
    christianteittinen 8 years ago

    PLAY FASTER!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bluebird278
    bluebird278 8 years ago

    hahaha I love the beginning "I don't know what this fucking song is about... it's just a song okay"

  • Tati Fernández
    Tati Fernández 8 years ago

    i can hear an entire orchestra in this song, amazing what he creates with just a guitar and his voice.

  • toooldtodie
    toooldtodie 9 years ago

    An Old Viking burried in a Shallow Grave in American ground has resurrected.