The Most IRREPLACEABLE Player In The Premier League Is... | #SundayVibes

  • Published on Aug 18, 2019
    Which player is impossible to replace in the Premier League!
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  • That one kid 0_0
    That one kid 0_0 27 days ago

    Wow you really messed up on Temu pukki

  • gg gg
    gg gg 28 days ago

    with wolves, if Jota gets injured then Neto could come in as he’s a very similar player

  • Thayer Preston
    Thayer Preston 29 days ago

    All their other forwards are big lumps. Haha that’s incredible

  • Ben Cooper
    Ben Cooper 29 days ago

    Everton has to Pickford

  • Ben Cooper
    Ben Cooper 29 days ago

    For Leicester it has to be Ndidi

  • Ben Cooper
    Ben Cooper 29 days ago

    Chelsea for me its Rüdiger

  • Benjamin Roxburgh
    Benjamin Roxburgh 29 days ago

    Firmino for me he is, as klopp said, the system

  • Tom Edwards
    Tom Edwards Month ago

    Jorginho is criminally underrated

  • Luso Paranóia
    Luso Paranóia Month ago

    Dream National Team. Strikers Ronaldo - Guedes, RM - Bernardo Silva, LM - Joao Felix, CMs Bruno Fernandes- Danilo, Joao Cancelo - Nelson Semedo, Rubem Dias.....,hhuummm...Pepe/Ferro ? Patricio.....Top Players

  • Akshay Kumar
    Akshay Kumar Month ago

    Loving it!

    A question for next week's show maybe or the Continental club stuff:

    Do you think the Bundesliga is drastically dropping in quality and maybe ligue 1 is now a better league? I base this question on the players we are seeing from the bundesliga that are struggling in other leagues e.g. Max Meyer, A. Vidal, Naby Keita, Renato Sanches. Players going to the Bundesliga from other leagues and killing it e.g. Paco, Batshuyai, Grujjic. Players from Ligue 1 actually doing decent like Fabinho, L Moura, Lacazette, Geoundouzi. It is also based on the fact that German teams are not performing well in European competitions over the last 2/3 years and the national team failed in the last World Cup. Just a thought would love to see it covered.

  • Action Jackson
    Action Jackson Month ago

    I love the fact that even the guys in the UK noticed what a terrible performance Brazzo had so far xD.

  • Tim Lettiero
    Tim Lettiero Month ago +1

    Patto: 5% chance things happen all the time

    Me: Well...they don’t lol but I see your point...kinda
    Love ya Pat but in terms of pure logic that statement is poor 😂

  • JackCrystalface
    JackCrystalface Month ago

    Joe has downed pukki every video for weeks. He’s now the top scorer lol

  • Cuppa Cappuccino
    Cuppa Cappuccino Month ago

    5% chance things happen all the time
    ~ Patrick Van Straaten, 2019

  • Shagger
    Shagger Month ago

    Without Zaha, Palace would be relegated by feb/march

    ANDY ROO DA BOSS Month ago +1

    Zaha is by far and away the most important player to any team

  • Joe G
    Joe G Month ago +1

    I don't get Pato's agenda against Liverpool

  • Scott Wilson
    Scott Wilson Month ago

    It’s pretty self explanatory with any team that if anyone gets injured, your teams gonna be at a disadvantage??? Chatting chibberish at times FD...

  • Isak Cuskic
    Isak Cuskic Month ago

    patto hates united soooo bad

  • Oliver Yorke
    Oliver Yorke Month ago +2

    stop shitting on Sheff u pls x

    • Alex Oates
      Alex Oates Month ago +1

      Where’s the credit for Deano’s save never mind billings shot

  • Valdemar Hauritz
    Valdemar Hauritz Month ago

    Hot take: Pukki will end up as the Premier League top scorer

  • Louis Cerclay
    Louis Cerclay Month ago

    Sitting in an empty pub drinking their pint of Coca Cola thinking they are football experts. Can't even blame the drink for the rubbish pouring out their young inexperienced gobs

  • Dan Lewis
    Dan Lewis Month ago

    Why does Joe have ciaran saying kiss his t shirt?

  • Matthew Wyant
    Matthew Wyant Month ago

    That guy in the middle has a serious agenda against Villa

  • Freddie Marsh
    Freddie Marsh Month ago +1

    Sorry but Alisson is so overrated. He makes multiple mistakes and never makes good saves. I know your all gonna respond by saying he has good positioning but there’s no such thing. If you move more to one side, all your doing is making the other side more vulnerable. The first goal Belgium scored against Brazil is an example and again never seen him make a good save. He also he also parries so many shots straight back at the opposition but gets bailed out by his defence.

    • Lennon D'Souza
      Lennon D'Souza Month ago +1

      Freddie Marsh look at the first goal ederson conceded against spurs and then tell me positioning doesn’t matter. You completely don’t understand angles if you think that if a gk moves one side he simply opens up the goal on the other side. Complete dribble from you, refrain from talking about gks anymore you will just continue to make yourself sound like a fool.

  • Mod 66
    Mod 66 Month ago

    Non of them they are all average and overrated.

  • Alex Ash
    Alex Ash Month ago

    Do they have a fantasy league?

  • Ethaniel Clyne
    Ethaniel Clyne Month ago

    Don't understand how you can not have breakfast

  • just sayin
    just sayin Month ago

    First question Liverpool would be van djick

    • Bri10
      Bri10 Month ago

      @John Sama nope

    • John Sama
      John Sama Month ago

      Bri10 he’s irreplaceable

    • Bri10
      Bri10 Month ago +1

      Not really, Liverpool would be a little worse off, but hardly irreplaceable

  • Ben Maina
    Ben Maina Month ago

    Stopped taking these guys seriously when they said Teemu Pukki will not score in the premier league

  • FletchTECH
    FletchTECH Month ago

    A day late?

  • Ryan Singleton
    Ryan Singleton Month ago +1

    My 3 year old blind cousin knows more about football than this channel

  • Abraham Chinye
    Abraham Chinye Month ago +1

    Next question.

  • Rpesce
    Rpesce Month ago

    Goes into detail on almost every team in the league. Gets to Everton, says they are already fucked because their center backs are shit. Moves on. Just football daily things

  • Harsh Handa
    Harsh Handa Month ago +1

    Guys please talk more than just the Premier league on Sunday Vibes, it's getting a bit repetitive

  • Last Baratheon
    Last Baratheon Month ago

    Pukki heard what you said about him, Joe. Now the man is on a mission.😂
    I'm not sure why people are underestimating him ( ok he' s getting old) but c'mon.

  • Ahoy ツ
    Ahoy ツ Month ago

    Dybala or Bruno Fernandes... Oh wait

  • Big Imperial
    Big Imperial Month ago

    What do you thing of Torrea, celeallos and. Ozil as a midfield 3

  • Rory Mitchell
    Rory Mitchell Month ago

    Hearts fc best in the spl. Celtic sucks

  • Jadeem Hall
    Jadeem Hall Month ago

    Loool Pukki is only scoring goals to prove Joe wrong at this point.

  • It ain't Obeezy
    It ain't Obeezy Month ago

    For me it’s van dijk. Liverpool would be 4th with out him

    • John Sama
      John Sama Month ago

      It ain't Obeezy I’m a Liverpool fan. I wouldn’t say 4th, they just wouldn’t be as close to Man City as they are. He’s by the the most important player in the team though. It’s no coincidence that we’ve gone to two straight champions league finals since he’s come in.

  • My M h
    My M h Month ago

    Where do I find premier league daily. Every time I search it up the channels not their

  • Tanner Harris
    Tanner Harris Month ago +3

    West Ham-Declan Rice
    Palace-Wilfred Zaha
    Sheffield-John Egan

    • el patron
      el patron Month ago

      West ham Declan rice? Not even top 5 in their team.

  • Will Welsh
    Will Welsh Month ago

    Villa could beat City 6-1 and Pato would still find some reason to criticise them I stg

  • Glitched Out
    Glitched Out Month ago

    Thought that was Simon Cowell in the thumbnail lol

  • Pyramid Skeem
    Pyramid Skeem Month ago

    36:10 Patrick is actually a prat. Does he honestly believe that Ole has any control on transfers? Woodward is the reason United didn't sign more players.

  • Doctor Saul
    Doctor Saul Month ago +7

    2:48 "5% chance things happen all the time"
    No Pato, they happen 5% of the time.

  • Matthew Baker
    Matthew Baker Month ago

    Bunch of tools no absolutely nothing about 'Sheffield', immediately write us off cos you've never watched us play and have no big names. Actually do some research or watch some games that aren't the top 6

  • jai lewin
    jai lewin Month ago

    Ofc Patrick likes marmite

  • K D
    K D Month ago +1

    It used to be hazard, now it’s vvd
    Can see the Pogba argument though

  • rudra itkelwar
    rudra itkelwar Month ago

    New camera angles are really distracting

  • R3GARDL355
    R3GARDL355 Month ago

    00:18 the dude that asked first question gotta be a palace supporter .... all they want is someone kwnowlaging zaha the best at something

  • Yellowwood
    Yellowwood Month ago

    Chugging down his soda. 🍺

  • CB 4567
    CB 4567 Month ago

    Best club not in europe this season (any league)

  • Yellowwood
    Yellowwood Month ago

    Who's Pukki??? 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Josh Nirmal
    Josh Nirmal Month ago +2

    Wonder how many ppl commenting about pukki actually support Norwich . Cos from a Norwich fan it’s so satisfying to see how many ppl r now appreciating him

  • Michael Naughton
    Michael Naughton Month ago +3

    Think Hourihane has been done in a bit considering how well he played against Spurs, to be dropped for Douglas Luis who looked out of his depth in the first half against Bourmouth.

  • Rauli Lindgren
    Rauli Lindgren Month ago +3

    For W&L Winner: Pukki Loser:Joe

  • paul doherty
    paul doherty Month ago

    Y is hamil supporting England thought he was Scottish.

    • paul doherty
      paul doherty Month ago

      @HamillTheAnimal thanks for the reply so your English then you still upset over Tierney leaving. Doogie the Scott then.

    • HamillTheAnimal
      HamillTheAnimal Month ago

      paul doherty fam are from Scotland my man. Thanks for tuning in 👊🏻

  • Oto
    Oto Month ago

    KDB is the second best player in the world 🐐