Everybody Loves Mo Salah - Here’s Why ● 2019 Skills & Goals

  • Published on Mar 30, 2019
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    Mohamed Salah 2019 - Skills & Goals
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Comments • 75

  • Amang kripto
    Amang kripto 8 days ago

    mo salah idol ku

  • Islamov Islam
    Islamov Islam 26 days ago

    Salah krssavchik

  • Gigit Jailani
    Gigit Jailani 28 days ago

    M.Salah the best nya liverpul

  • Oruc Yaqubov
    Oruc Yaqubov Month ago

    What is your name music?

  • Salma Ahmed
    Salma Ahmed 2 months ago +1

    Mohamed salah never give up

  • علي يونس
    علي يونس 2 months ago

    Mohamad Salah Wwooww

  • ميدو العالمي
    ميدو العالمي 3 months ago +1

    salah king

  • Semir Tube
    Semir Tube 3 months ago

    King of king...subscribe please

  • MohanadStuffYT
    MohanadStuffYT 4 months ago +1

    Mo salah is the next messi and cr7

  • Münib Gül
    Münib Gül 5 months ago +2

    Salah is the best I love salah

  • Moonlight Sculptor
    Moonlight Sculptor 6 months ago +1

    2nd straight season golden boot..
    If next season he did it again..
    No doubt one of the best foward liverpool ever had..
    Well we got junior hyypia now.. VVD

  • Ameer kash
    Ameer kash 6 months ago +4

    He only performs..he love football..he does never care about scoring..he is winger not striker..he scored 70 goals in only 100 matches..he scored against chelsea napoli and arsenal..he is salah❤

    SAJID KHAN 6 months ago +1

    He is the king of Egyptian
    I like u bro I m very impressed

  • Falcon 777
    Falcon 777 7 months ago +1

    Most Salah is really king of scoring as well as good morals in and out the field

  • Mateja Slovic
    Mateja Slovic 7 months ago +1

    We wont more from salah on your chanel

  • Active James
    Active James 7 months ago +2

    Mohamed salah is a Muslim beast!

  • Hatim Ganijee
    Hatim Ganijee 7 months ago

    Salah is remake of Henry

  • 윤수빈
    윤수빈 7 months ago

    모 살라 모 살라!

  • dzhabbar ilyazov
    dzhabbar ilyazov 7 months ago +1

    He is so fast asf and his left foot is a killer #whatabeast

  • Shahwar Ali
    Shahwar Ali 7 months ago +1

    Lol despite a 7-10 games goal drought he is still the joint top scorer and he is having a bad season while everyone who is having a great season is behind him which makes him the best and far ahead other player

    • Moonlight Sculptor
      Moonlight Sculptor 6 months ago

      He dont get free role anymore.. since that is the current tactical klopp gave

  • nurhadi yono
    nurhadi yono 7 months ago +1

    love Salah

  • Exploxit Past
    Exploxit Past 7 months ago +5

    I disagree with this title.
    He was better last season than this one.
    Like if u agree.

  • Allan Dayvid
    Allan Dayvid 7 months ago +1


  • Kamal
    Kamal 8 months ago +3

    ما شاءالله

  • mohamed mm
    mohamed mm 8 months ago +9

    The Legend Mohamed Salah 💪😍❤

  • Stefan Kazimirovic
    Stefan Kazimirovic 8 months ago +1

    Overrated pace merchant with no skills

    • Ahmed Halabi
      Ahmed Halabi 8 months ago

      Stefan Kazimirovic ahhh f#%+off why watch the vid then

  • Leakyツ
    Leakyツ 8 months ago +6

    People who call him a one season wonder don't understand what football means he plays sensational football and he has great feet it is just that he isn't scoring lately thats it but if he isn't scoring he is assisting and if he isn't assisting he is creating chances

  • Alvaro Sarmiento
    Alvaro Sarmiento 8 months ago +13

    The amount of hate he gets is just stupid. So much disrespect to his name.

  • ender iman malaysia
    ender iman malaysia 8 months ago +5

    Why he have good leg .foot and skill and he so fast need more 5 defender i think

  • altesto Abdirahman
    altesto Abdirahman 8 months ago +4

    people leave the name mohamed as its not MO pls and if you Muslim and you writing MO shame on you😔

  • altesto Abdirahman
    altesto Abdirahman 8 months ago +1

    arab king mohamed salah

    AHMEDXX MZHRXX 8 months ago +4

    My hero for ever

  • lii gamer
    lii gamer 8 months ago +5

    1:31 heres why mo salah is the best

    MOHAMED Gm4 8 months ago +4

    Plz repet sterling video

  • Ezat Fiumi
    Ezat Fiumi 8 months ago +14

    سبحان ألله وبحمده سبحان ألله العظيم. سبحان ألله وبحمده سبحان ألله العظيم. سبحان ألله وبحمده سبحان ألله العظيم

  • Marcel X10
    Marcel X10 8 months ago +6

    salah not being in form lol just goes to show you how much of a beast this player is his potintial is up the roof im a barca and liverpool fan so ill be happy of either of the teams win ucl and honestly even though im a barca fan i feel like liverpool deserve the ucl

  • youssef khudhair
    youssef khudhair 8 months ago +4

    Mo salah is verry goog

  • Mohamed Rahmani
    Mohamed Rahmani 8 months ago +2

    Ahmed Hegazy & Van dijk

  • Molla Sakhir
    Molla Sakhir 8 months ago +6

    Salah ...from india ..

  • mohd salman ali
    mohd salman ali 8 months ago +3

    Salah always best

    • ian
      ian 8 months ago


  • JaNo GaMeR
    JaNo GaMeR 8 months ago +15

    Mo Salah Well Back to Score👑🇪🇬

    • JaNo GaMeR
      JaNo GaMeR 8 months ago

      And he scored 👍🇪🇬😉😊

  • Liz Leary
    Liz Leary 8 months ago

    I aint a united fan but Luke Shaw has him in his pocket.

    • Liz Leary
      Liz Leary 8 months ago

      @PeRsPeCtIvE 1998 Why would i be jealous,the team i support actually wins trophies while ye say klopp is the best manager ever and have not won a decent trophy with him , and to top it all off ye were 9 points against city and now ye are bottling it.

    • PeRsPeCtIvE 1998
      PeRsPeCtIvE 1998 8 months ago

      @Liz Leary what are you talking about? Any team can beat anyteam, we know this, doesn't mean we fear any team. On our best day you will all get smoked. Man u, ahahaa pfft. You are jealous

    • Liz Leary
      Liz Leary 8 months ago

      @Topher JR if ye get man united in the champions league Liverpool fans will be scared, because they know they can beat them.

    • Topher JR
      Topher JR 8 months ago +3

      Liz Leary Lol but but united can't beat us

  • Nike Munir
    Nike Munir 8 months ago +7

    Among the best. Jus get the job done and have fun.. King mo

  • Abdi Lahi
    Abdi Lahi 8 months ago +6

    good person m.salah

  • Alex Appleby
    Alex Appleby 8 months ago +35

    Whoever hates mo salah is just jealous that they will never have a player like him

    • saki wais
      saki wais 8 months ago +1

      Welcome to mohamed salah fans page📱
      My favorite club 👉 💙LIVERPOOL💙

    • ian
      ian 8 months ago

      He dived

    • TheGamingBanana76
      TheGamingBanana76 8 months ago +2

      upps truth said! Tell me one disgusting and unsportsmanlike thing he did

    • Alex Appleby
      Alex Appleby 8 months ago +1

      @upps truth said! Dude he's got years left of his career to win stuff and he's done what needs to be done at vital times

  • Sports Imperia
    Sports Imperia 8 months ago +9


  • Carl Editz
    Carl Editz 8 months ago +19

    Ladies and Gentlemen...
    You are watching Mo Salah in his poor form here ☝️☝️
    Now Imagine his best form

    • Leakyツ
      Leakyツ 8 months ago +4

      Hey i remember this comment from the last video

  • فيلسوف الزمان
    فيلسوف الزمان 8 months ago +8

    Ahmed Hegazg defensive skills 👌

  • Jxt Jeddai
    Jxt Jeddai 8 months ago +86

    I think he's the next after messi and cr7 to take football to another level
    Like if u are here....to watch mo salah

    • Stephen McCormick
      Stephen McCormick 3 months ago

      @Bhagwan Rawat He said Salah was at a level he would like to reach... That's his exact words...

    • Bhagwan Rawat
      Bhagwan Rawat 7 months ago +2

      bolalal no he didn't say salah was better....he is his friend since salah was in chelsea..so he said he looked up to his achievements last season..which were remarkable

    • bolalal
      bolalal 7 months ago +1

      Kamso Obi hazard was on a interview and he said Salah is better

    • Kamso Obi
      Kamso Obi 7 months ago

      @bolalal sorry what were u saying ?

    • Bhagwan Rawat
      Bhagwan Rawat 8 months ago

      bolalal it's called humility..

  • Costa TV
    Costa TV 8 months ago +31

    Egyptian king 😍 ❤️

  • Dinho
    Dinho  8 months ago +33

    I had to reupload the original one with 250K views because of copyright..
    MO SALAAAAAH !! 👑🇪🇬

    • Haroun Martin
      Haroun Martin 2 months ago

      Whats the music name pls???

    • ian
      ian 8 months ago