Saying farewell to "The Big Bang Theory"

  • Published on May 16, 2019
  • "The Big Bang Theory" star Kunal Nayyar joined CBS News to discuss the sitcom's hour-long series finale. The final episode airs tonight on CBS at 8 p.m./ 7 CT.
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Comments • 377

  • Jazzy J Plair
    Jazzy J Plair Day ago

    Big Bang theory great show thank you so much you will be miss 2007-2019

  • Gabe Chavez
    Gabe Chavez 6 days ago


  • Gabe Chavez
    Gabe Chavez 6 days ago


    CANAL PONTODORISO 6 days ago

    Melhor série de todas sad

  • seikakumru
    seikakumru 10 days ago +2

    Ok so yeah I cried non stop till the credits rolled up.. then the two last words by C.L made me hiccup and ball with tears 😭.... thank you for a beautiful tale and letting us into that journey we will miss you! You are already stars, your skills will grow to even greater heights and can’t wait to see where your paths will take you 🤩🤩

  • LordRevanism
    LordRevanism 13 days ago +4

    5:00 Kaley eyes watching Johnny are so sweety..

  • Account Account
    Account Account 14 days ago


  • Hans Giraldo Huerta
    Hans Giraldo Huerta 18 days ago

    4:52 as Kaley watch Johnny.

  • Big Boss
    Big Boss 18 days ago +10

    People complainimg about GOT's ending probably never watched HIMYM

  • Beverley Steele
    Beverley Steele 19 days ago

    No no no ......noooooo

  • savagegalaxyy
    savagegalaxyy 21 day ago +2

    This hurts a lot im14 and I grew up with this show

  • Travis Bran Galvan
    Travis Bran Galvan 21 day ago +8

    Wow! Im so glad they didn't mess up the ending on this one. After being disappointed by HIMYM and GOT.

  • Sonz xx
    Sonz xx 26 days ago

    was a brilliant show.

  • Karls Junior
    Karls Junior 26 days ago

    This interviewer asking the hot button questions about a friggin tv show. Can you let it be a tv show? Did you not enjoy all of the characters including Raj? I bet you laughed at his Indian jokes. Why try to cause trouble. Geez

  • Suchitra Abel
    Suchitra Abel 27 days ago

    Big Bang Theory was a great show. It will be missed. I am sure that they did not mean it to be exactly similar to the real-life Nobel Banquet.

    I was told this no-tiara thing by a Nobel laureate friend. In real life, before leaving for Sweden, they are given explicit directions as to who can wear what at the Nobel Prize Ceremony and the banquet. Sweden has a royal family, and their strct directions are that only the Swedish Royal family ladies are allowed to wear tiaras at the Nobel Banquet.
    In the United States, people can wear tiaras if and when they want.

  • David Estep
    David Estep 29 days ago

    What a misleading graph @ 1:09. It shows only 100,000 more viewers but the bar is twice as high. Trying to make us think that twice as many viewers watched BBT over GoT. Nice try. FAKE NEWS? 😉

  • sshelget
    sshelget 29 days ago

    Omg he has to bring politics in it assuming Americans have a negative attitude toward immigrants. It’s ILLEGAL immigrants that we have a problem with.

  • Shirlee Bostrom
    Shirlee Bostrom Month ago

    Raj. Almost got with Penny!

  • Chris Marchian
    Chris Marchian Month ago


  • Nathan Jefferson Channel


  • Yves Jan Atienza
    Yves Jan Atienza Month ago

    I wish they had an avengers endgame review before they ended. It would be very interesting 🤔

  • Tribolt
    Tribolt Month ago +1

    I'm sad that it's ending but i'm happy that it's showed at our generation😭😭

  • Mel B
    Mel B Month ago

    I love the Big Bang Theory I’m sad there will not have any new ones

  • JJ PP
    JJ PP Month ago

    Dont cry, dont cry, dont cry... someone hand me a tissue plz

  • Jesse Kiefer
    Jesse Kiefer Month ago

    Going to miss the Big Bang Theory great Show!! All characters were great and these actors and actresses will go onto bigger and better things!!

  • Kevin 3
    Kevin 3 Month ago

    It's done now take it off the air!!!

  • Young Blood
    Young Blood Month ago

    I'm from India all wanna say is thank you Big Bang thank you so much!!

  • evyxita
    evyxita Month ago +4

    For me not Game of thrones for me Big bang theory made my relaxed times more relaxed
    Im going to miss them💖💖💖

  • evyxita
    evyxita Month ago +2

    Ohhh my fav serie since years
    I love all them 💖💋

  • faraaz akhtar
    faraaz akhtar Month ago +1


  • Barry Frank
    Barry Frank Month ago

    Raj found true love his dog cinnamon. 😂😂😂 the cast did a great job! Wish them luck in there future endeavors. 🤗🤗

  • Lafeisha Craig Aberdeen

    I don't appreciate how they left out stuart. 😫🤬

    • Lafeisha Craig Aberdeen
      Lafeisha Craig Aberdeen Month ago

      @UCky4lHEyhie3DmtkgzTM2EQhe's been on since the beginning of tbbt. Most of the big ideas an issue Most time exists because of his shop. He's no extra like the H.R lady or kritkey or the he had major rolls too.

  • Adventures With Camila

    Me and my family have always had movie night but we watch tv shows. And well this was just such a good show even though I'm to young my parents still let me watch it. I cried when I saw the last one. Thank you for such a good funny show.

  • Fleck Smugbrother
    Fleck Smugbrother Month ago

    Damn I'm gonna miss anticipating new episodes....

  • Langa
    Langa Month ago

    Howard way underrated , chuck please moooore

  • Langa
    Langa Month ago

    Have it on my phone

  • MaxDeveloper
    MaxDeveloper Month ago

    I never watched it. Now when it's done I am gonna download online for free and watch it in one week. No need to waste 12 years of my life. That's what I did with Friends and The House.

  • Elektro
    Elektro Month ago

    That's my Spot

  • Lime Waffles
    Lime Waffles Month ago +1

    It’s always sad when a show everyone likes ends but we all have to say farewell and remember there will be more happy times to come.

  • Mark Donaldson
    Mark Donaldson Month ago +1

    Love the totally misleading graph

  • Al Lopez
    Al Lopez Month ago

    I am so sad and cried to see it end......thank you guys you were best to see you all grow as friends and actors I will miss you all so deeply

  • Robert Dott
    Robert Dott Month ago

    Sheldon just not believable as a straight guy

  • Fan Lin
    Fan Lin Month ago +1

    In the short. I will miss them!!!All guys

  • Xiao-Meng Wang
    Xiao-Meng Wang Month ago +1

    This is a sad week since Prison Break!

  • Chuck Chuckles
    Chuck Chuckles Month ago


  • FIRE2H4L Reactor
    FIRE2H4L Reactor Month ago

    BIG BANG WAS THE ONLY SHOW I LIKED TO WATCH ON E4 gonna miss the show but I will watch clips for sure

  • aditi banerjee
    aditi banerjee Month ago

    Ofcourse there is stereotyping, SO WHAT.. How is that wrong..??? It's all about the shared quirks of majority of a particular common group of folks..and exaggerating that... . It's sweet and funny.... It's about laughing at our selves. . why do we have to be so apologetic about stereotyping, as long as it's not toxic..

  • Yo Quiero Taco Bell
    Yo Quiero Taco Bell Month ago +1

    No God 😢 like if you’re a real fan

  • Ashley Marie
    Ashley Marie Month ago

    Im going to miss those funniest moments

  • Ryan Walters
    Ryan Walters Month ago +1

    Thank goodness. Tired of hearing about this show

  • Aaron Ramirez
    Aaron Ramirez Month ago

    Worst ending ever,made no sense 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎I hope they never make a remake

  • Knight Rider Productions

    Noooooo .... pls 2 more seasons pls

  • zerocool1ist
    zerocool1ist Month ago +1

    Did that elevator ever get fixed or did it stay broken until the end?

    • zerocool1ist
      zerocool1ist Month ago

      Did it? because i was thinking the last shot should be all of them riding it down together and when the door dings THATS IT ROLL CREDITS at least thats how i would have ended it i cant wait to see what they did do for the final shot. NOBODY TELL ME!.

    • Dinolen Munsamy
      Dinolen Munsamy Month ago

      It got fixed lol

  • Smit T.
    Smit T. Month ago

    No! No!!!!

  • Adam Granger
    Adam Granger Month ago

    I remember the first time i ever watched this show i was on a bus with my mom and we were headed to Cedar Point for a day and they had Big Bang Theory playing and it was just so hilarious. This was way back in 2011

  • Jasyn Mathew
    Jasyn Mathew Month ago +3

    I am glad I never watched GOT .. But I always and will be a viewer to big bang theory... Love you guys and the friendship

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  • AmirHossein Imani
    AmirHossein Imani Month ago +1

    I'll miss you guys! 😭😭😭😭😭

  • BedsitBob
    BedsitBob Month ago

    I'm going to so miss all these characters, but especially Amy. 💔

  • X X
    X X Month ago


  • Elena Rodríguez
    Elena Rodríguez Month ago +2

    Kunal beautyyy!! Thank you for all, we gonna miss you all very much, I hope Parsons wanna do a special someday :)

  • Shen Shen
    Shen Shen Month ago

    12 years, they all found love, yet I'm still single.

  • Ron We
    Ron We Month ago

    Great, happy it over.

  • Iam Who
    Iam Who Month ago

    Anyone else noticed how he said „the writer did great and were carefull“ ... Maybe the GoT writers hear this... Because NONE of their actors can tell this about them!!!

  • Mythical Wacky Star
    Mythical Wacky Star Month ago +3

    I will miss penny and sheldon so much🤧🤧🤧

  • Peregrination
    Peregrination Month ago +21

    I found Young Sheldon's season finale to be an extra bittersweet closing on behalf of TBBT.

  • dlink dlink
    dlink dlink Month ago +2

    NOOO they didn't do justice with Raj !!! C on

  • Beard Hat
    Beard Hat Month ago +2

    Good riddence

  • RenchRage
    RenchRage Month ago

    BBT done. Now..Let’s move forward.

  • Mark Martinez
    Mark Martinez Month ago +1

    Dang couldn’t even fix the elevator

  • StormBreaker
    StormBreaker Month ago +3

    I barely watched the series, but I loved the few episodes I saw. So I got seasons 1 to 10 and hooked up my wife and slowly watched season 11 and 12. My wife cried with Sheldon's speech, it was wonderful. And happy for Leonard and Penny. Gonna miss the gang.

    • Cliffy4469
      Cliffy4469 Month ago +1

      Sheldon's speach should have come with a Kleenex Alert, as I doubt that there was a dry eye, anywhere in America, and all the other countries that BBT was aired.
      It'd be remarkable, if BBT could come back, in 2020.

  • Raimo Höft
    Raimo Höft Month ago +1

    I remember like it was yesterday... watching Episode 1.1. and thinking: "Wow, thats pure gold... that will be BIG!"
    Now it's yore, yesteryear and history. I'll miss the guys... and gals.

  • KM Zoilus
    KM Zoilus Month ago

    I've been watching this since the beginning. I met my girlfriend now wife in season 2 and we both watched this show religiously. The ending was very nice and I have to admit I balled!! Then the "big bang farewell" episode.... that just killed me, it feels like I lost a really close friend :( great show! great laughs! and I hope we see them back in 10 years!!

  • Tiffany Spanky
    Tiffany Spanky Month ago


  • TheHottestVlogs/Entertainment

    They r about like me and my friends but I'm kinda like the penny of my group LMAO 😂😂😂😂me and my friend's are society awkward

  • Virginia Connor
    Virginia Connor Month ago +1

    Not everyone can get HBO. Anyone can get CBS.

  • Laddie McGee
    Laddie McGee Month ago

    About time. Next family guy and the Simpson's please.

  • mack smith
    mack smith Month ago

    Nice interview

  • Kelly Penrod
    Kelly Penrod Month ago

    Finally, Good Riddance to the dumbest show since Gilligan's island!

  • Tes Truelove
    Tes Truelove Month ago

    In the first few seconds of the video there's a woman at the back standing and eating !😁

  • Robert Polanco
    Robert Polanco Month ago +6

    Personally, I will miss "The Big Bang Theory" so much, even though I was a little disappointed in "Raj" not getting the right girlfriend, which I felt that the writers should have thought of from the time the 12 season of the show began. Other than that, I am quite satisfied with the way "TBBT" turned out after those 12 years.

    • Robert Polanco
      Robert Polanco Month ago +2

      @Rrishabb01 - You are certainly right! I kind of blame the writers for not having given what "Raj" wanted. How sad indeed.

    • Rrishabb01
      Rrishabb01 Month ago +3

      I still feel that Emily was the Perfect girl for him. He should have gotten along with her.

  • Brianna T
    Brianna T Month ago

    Good riddance. Btw, who's hole got banged the most??

  • Jerico Dosado
    Jerico Dosado Month ago +7

    This is one of the best shows i have watched after FRIENDS!

  • Peter Dobson
    Peter Dobson Month ago +6

    The moment that Sheldon and Amy won the Noble Prize was priceless!!!!

  • koketso sepakwe
    koketso sepakwe Month ago +15

    i literally cried after watching the final big bang episode

    • Cliffy4469
      Cliffy4469 Month ago +1

      You did what every BBT fan did.
      It was like moving away from a group of friends that I had known for years.

  • thayer hutchinson
    thayer hutchinson Month ago

    Stupid questions

  • Hector Rodriguez
    Hector Rodriguez Month ago

    Television will never be the same without the Big Bang Theory I'm sad and disappointed this morning during a rainy day that it was its final season last night I feel like I lost a family member or friend last night

    • Raimo Höft
      Raimo Höft Month ago +1

      Me too... end of an era. It's like the whole gang of your best buds moved away, and you will never ever see them again. 😔

  • Becky Nelson
    Becky Nelson Month ago +1

    Love Big Bang.
    So sad to see it ending.

  • _triggerhappy_
    _triggerhappy_ Month ago +72

    man saddest day since, mrs.wolowitz died

  • John Sanders
    John Sanders Month ago


  • Sexywrm
    Sexywrm Month ago

    Didn’t watch after 4 season, sorry it went the same way as many shows have gone. But I will always watch the first 4 seasons.

  • Mike F
    Mike F Month ago

    Good riddance already

  • Brett Thomas
    Brett Thomas Month ago

    Putting all the niceties aside, it's all about money again. Time to wrap it up and move on as others have done in the past. 12 years of reruns available.

  • Peter Smith
    Peter Smith Month ago

    The last 3 season was week penny got annoying change my mind

  • saelaird
    saelaird Month ago +1

    CBS... I’m disappointed... you must be so careful when presenting data. The bar graph at 1:17 displaying the comparative viewing figures for TBBT and GOT is misleading I’m afraid. Scaled to show a bar just half the height of the other it makes a mockery of the mere 100k additional viewers for TBBT. This represents a 0.8 percent increase on GOT and isn’t representative. Annotating the Axis doesn’t let you off the hook either.

  • Pye Ltd.
    Pye Ltd. Month ago +1

    Not as good as The Jeremy Kyle show ending. I will miss those Chavs bruv fam

  • Pye Ltd.
    Pye Ltd. Month ago

    Doctor Who and Simpson next. Idk tho they keep failing to die.

    • 1jw2
      1jw2 Month ago

      The Simpsons predicts too many future events. It will never end

  • Pye Ltd.
    Pye Ltd. Month ago

    Should of had a grand piano be dropped on Sheldons head like the Quality 2 and a half men ending with class acting and writing.

  • Tim Travasos
    Tim Travasos Month ago

    I missed it🙁