Jack Gray

  • Published on Aug 10, 2019
  • Shot & Edited: mrtaylorstephens
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  • Leonardo Vega
    Leonardo Vega 3 hours ago

    We need Jack White & Johnny Depp on stage

  • rachel soto
    rachel soto 4 hours ago

    I'm the surgeon

  • JayrichoCarter
    JayrichoCarter 18 hours ago

    This used to be a gaming channel

  • bboorrggeerr a
    bboorrggeerr a 3 days ago


  • Salami
    Salami 5 days ago

    Seeing Jack Black wear a sans shirt in front of the lead singer of the white stripes sounds like an acidtrip to me

  • ATY !!!!
    ATY !!!! 6 days ago

    Sans 0:05

  • Primo Zimo
    Primo Zimo 6 days ago

    So it didn't work out woth Sixteen Jones did it Jack.Blk.

  • Sam W2
    Sam W2 9 days ago

    Loving that golden eye health bar

  • Rainbow Lightning Woman
    Rainbow Lightning Woman 13 days ago +1

    I haven't seen JB in a couple of years, lovin' the new bowling ball belly and grey lid. You look like a wizard now, a sage. A guitar sage. May I rub your belly and make a wish?

  • Lizzylu46
    Lizzylu46 17 days ago

    The kid at 12:30 is gonna be alright in life

  • Dustin Abad
    Dustin Abad 18 days ago

    Wyoming whiskey is awesome!!!!

  • Rogamer
    Rogamer 21 day ago +1


  • Dutch's AMV’s
    Dutch's AMV’s 24 days ago


  • Donut
    Donut 24 days ago +2

    jablinski seriously has a sans t-shirt on

    • Donut
      Donut 24 days ago

      and thats epic

  • Crymson Nite
    Crymson Nite 25 days ago +2

    When we gonna get the collab?

  • keyblade master ash
    keyblade master ash 27 days ago +5

    Is anyone gonna point out Jack Black is wearing a Sans shirt?!

  • Ando Commando
    Ando Commando 27 days ago

    I thought Michael Jackson was dead?

  • Candice Lewis
    Candice Lewis 28 days ago

    jack black a dragon ball z fan..my day got better..

  • Retro Parade
    Retro Parade 28 days ago

    I was so close to buying the ‘45 they were shooting for, I ending up getting Pearl Jam and Jimi Hendrix though

  • Skylar Bradley
    Skylar Bradley Month ago

    Imagine seeing Jack Black at Target though

  • Tragic Komedy
    Tragic Komedy Month ago

    Jack White looks like Johnny Knoxville with a wig and a hat on

  • Matheus Queiroz
    Matheus Queiroz Month ago

    I hope one day to reach half the elegance of Jack White.

  • Pine Trees
    Pine Trees Month ago +3

    I WISH THEY LET US SEE INSIDE JACK WHITE’S HOUSE and the whole thing that sounded awesome 😭

    • AwesomeCat2012
      AwesomeCat2012 20 days ago

      Jack Black recently said Jack White asked them not to take any pictures or film videos inside his house. Which, I agree... disappointing.

    • AwesomeCat2012
      AwesomeCat2012 20 days ago

      Jack Black recently said Jack White asked them not to take any pictures or film videos inside his house. Which, I agree... disappointing.

  • Pine Trees
    Pine Trees Month ago

    7:33 sorry but...........that bulge! 👀🍆

  • I’m already Sans Undertale

    Their beard colors don't match their names

  • Cankle's Fupa
    Cankle's Fupa Month ago

    Jabez we gotta hang
    Bring KG you gotta Decompress.

  • Riddlemewalker
    Riddlemewalker Month ago

    Classy stuff!

  • Jonathan Pentreath
    Jonathan Pentreath Month ago

    I love how he goes into the bridge of 'Black or White'.

  • Aye Bing
    Aye Bing Month ago

    He takes a dump in every video. The deuce is loose

  • Jessus Christ
    Jessus Christ Month ago

    i love tenac

  • Tahoe Mike
    Tahoe Mike Month ago

    Who is the roller skating hippy guitar player at 1:15 ? I remember seeing that guy in the parking lot of Grateful Dead shows 20+ years ago! He must be a much better player by now.

  • mad ass
    mad ass Month ago

    Hows that1955 Scully Lath, excellent.

    RATBAT BOMB Month ago

    2 amazing artists 😁

  • MoonlightSocial
    MoonlightSocial Month ago

    We were at that Nashville show and totally remember him mentioning the Jack White thing. Dope!

  • Santa Clause
    Santa Clause Month ago


  • Alois Urugen
    Alois Urugen Month ago

    In some respects, I suspect you've got a respectable side
    When pushed and pulled and pressured, you still don't want to hide
    But it's for someone else's benefit, not for what you wanna do
    Until I realize that you've realized, I'm gonna say these words to you
    Yeah, you don't know what love is, you do as you're told
    Just as a child of ten might act, but you're far too old
    You're not hopeless or helpless, and I hate to sound cold
    But you don't know what love is, you just do as you're told
    I can see a man can't help but win any problems that may arise
    But in his mind there can be no sin if you never criticize
    You just keep on repeating all those empty "I love you"s
    Until you see you deserve better, I'm gonna lay right in to you

  • Aaron Barnes
    Aaron Barnes Month ago

    These videos fully made me go back and watch school of rock, now going to watch a of his movies!! Just thinking what order

  • Void Abstraction
    Void Abstraction Month ago +3

    Jack White = Micheal Jackson cross Gríma Wormtongue.

  • Gabriel de Lannoy
    Gabriel de Lannoy Month ago

    Be careful with the Beezelboss song, you can get copyrights...

  • Cody Townsend
    Cody Townsend Month ago

    Kyle gass is the best

  • King Mob
    King Mob Month ago +1

    7:49 i looooove that new hat that Sméagol is sporting

  • Chris H
    Chris H Month ago

    Love y’all keep doin what you do

  • Gunārs Vilde
    Gunārs Vilde Month ago

    ... Marx and Angels?

  • JJ Allwood
    JJ Allwood Month ago

    This was amaze....... ing. Thank you Sir

  • Sean McCauley
    Sean McCauley Month ago

    "Doesn't matter if you're Jack Black or White"

  • Kevin Cleveland
    Kevin Cleveland Month ago

    Most annoying guy in the world

  • Akimichichoji
    Akimichichoji Month ago

    *SAX-A-BOOM* !

  • Stephanie Elder
    Stephanie Elder Month ago

    Would you like you like to buy a art piece? Instagram selder2003

  • Louis Batsford
    Louis Batsford Month ago

    Doesn't this guy ever get any new material, this shhtick is played out,

  • SoldStudios
    SoldStudios Month ago

    Awesome episode!

  • Lucas Ramos
    Lucas Ramos Month ago +16

    "I'm black, I'm white... who's bad?"

  • Mighty Mouse
    Mighty Mouse Month ago


  • Benjamin Walsh
    Benjamin Walsh Month ago

    I prohpechy has been fulfilled!!! Praise the Rock Gods!

  • luckyjinxer
    luckyjinxer Month ago

    Jack White is actually funnier than JB here

  • A. Brounsuzian
    A. Brounsuzian Month ago

    Keep em' in tight

  • MrFooFighter13
    MrFooFighter13 Month ago

    Jack White is starting to look like MJ.

  • joe rioux
    joe rioux Month ago

    jack black looks horrible these days......

  • Gabriel Gonzalez
    Gabriel Gonzalez Month ago

    Hawaii show?

  • purpleburple
    purpleburple Month ago +1

    Aw, I wish the title was Jacks Gray

  • Ge Sca
    Ge Sca Month ago

    Paul Simon 💜