Sir Lindsay Hoyle: who is the new Speaker of the House of Commons?

  • Published on Nov 5, 2019
  • Sir Lindsay Hoyle has been elected as the next Commons Speaker, replacing John Bercow. The favourite beat Chris Bryant by 112 votes in the fourth and final round of voting, having already seen off Dame Eleanor Laing, Harriet Harman, Dame Rosie Winterton, Sir Edward Leigh and Meg Hillier. In total, 540 MPs voted in the final round with Hoyle receiving 325 votes to Bryant's 213.
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Comments • 340

  • Phelipi Máximo
    Phelipi Máximo 3 days ago

    He has a Rott, a cat, a parrot, a tortoise and another pup ❤️ I like him even more now.

  • Nash
    Nash 5 days ago

    1:03 by this moment, he was already my favourite (and expected successor or bercow) speaker of commons!

  • Jack & Jill
    Jack & Jill 5 days ago

    1:04 - snp trash, thick as mince

  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui 6 days ago

    You can tell the size, of a mans fear? by the size, of his dog. discuss.

  • Pich Ofir' Aviyah
    Pich Ofir' Aviyah 6 days ago

    Can't be worse than Bercow

  • opzz xsin
    opzz xsin 6 days ago

    All the very best to the new speaker!

  • Mathieu Leader
    Mathieu Leader 6 days ago +1

    spiritual successor to Boothroyd

  • Jake Walker
    Jake Walker 6 days ago +1

    Looking forward to Sir Lindsay's time as the speaker. FAITH in UK! 🇬🇧

  • bowen voowy
    bowen voowy 6 days ago

    Proud of my local mp. Amazing man even comes in for a cuppa every so often

  • BigLebowski2000
    BigLebowski2000 6 days ago

    lol @the cat hiding under the couch ;-)

  • ᴅᴇᴀʀ ᴍʀ. ɪꜱᴀɪᴀʜ ᴅᴇʀɪɴɢᴇʀ;

    From the thumbnail it seems they elected a zookeeper for the job. Somewhat fittingly.

  • Cowardly Custard
    Cowardly Custard 6 days ago

    he spends an average of £1000 per week on expenses.

    • bowen voowy
      bowen voowy 6 days ago


  • ShallowDepression
    ShallowDepression 6 days ago

    Please don't be a vegan.

  • almoravid almurabit
    almoravid almurabit 6 days ago

    Glad it aint just another posh troff

  • abbsnn cose
    abbsnn cose 6 days ago

    1:07 is what you're here for

  • Potter Smiles
    Potter Smiles 6 days ago

    Ace Ventura

  • Faizaan Naseem
    Faizaan Naseem 6 days ago

    That sofa and carpet tell me everything I need to know

  • BJE News
    BJE News 6 days ago +1

    Dragged like a snatched weave.

  • KT mcgoogle
    KT mcgoogle 6 days ago +1

    I LOVE himm

  • Steven Clement
    Steven Clement 7 days ago

    Ig @tevenenga

  • One Unity
    One Unity 7 days ago +1

    1:07 😀

  • Maria Martínez Gómez

    1:31 ... A FKN MOOD

  • Long DaY#%!
    Long DaY#%! 7 days ago +1

    Ya batti boyy

  • wolf blitzer
    wolf blitzer 7 days ago


  • SshowGgunn 711
    SshowGgunn 711 7 days ago

    Deece "Order!" - 7/10

  • Spud Murphy
    Spud Murphy 7 days ago

    Knew of him, and used to work in Chorley myself, but I'd never heard his voice until he was on the radio news last night. Blimey, I thought, with that accent he must be from Bolton. No, turns out he's from Adlington! Seems like a decent bloke anyway.

  • adam
    adam 7 days ago +1


  • LoveFromDrey
    LoveFromDrey 7 days ago


  • MMA GURU Bloopers
    MMA GURU Bloopers 7 days ago

    Donald the British

  • Max_a_7 TTV
    Max_a_7 TTV 7 days ago +5

    Damn I’m going to miss John

  • Archivist42
    Archivist42 7 days ago

    Seems like a decent bloke, best of luck!

  • Ian Mitchell
    Ian Mitchell 7 days ago

    brexit guy or remainer ?

  • Mungo658
    Mungo658 7 days ago

    yeah knew it was gonna be him

  • Tammi w
    Tammi w 7 days ago

    Why is she dragging him down the steps hahaha

  • Laith Khamm
    Laith Khamm 7 days ago +2

    Who else spotted the black cat under the sofa at 1:31? :P

  • john webb
    john webb 7 days ago

    what a nice man

  • ben green
    ben green 7 days ago +1

    SNP. What an embarrassment to Scotland.

  • Hanniffy Dinn
    Hanniffy Dinn 7 days ago

    I don’t trust any of these muth.a fcuk,ers! 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍

  • Major Tom
    Major Tom 7 days ago

    I believe this guy can do it, be impartial.
    Hope he doesn't let me down

    • TrXl
      TrXl 4 days ago

      Rafael And now we learn of russian interference🤔🤔

    • Rafael
      Rafael 7 days ago

      In other words, you hope he can tolerate lies, the breaking and abuse of rules, and more lies?
      I’ll bet my life you are a Brexiteer who doesn’t care that the Leave campaign broke the rules and Boris lied, so long as you get your hard WTO rules Brexit. Am I correct?

  • HaX Von Cydow
    HaX Von Cydow 7 days ago

    Big up Chorley Massive!

  • Marcus P
    Marcus P 7 days ago +14

    He got a cat a dog and a bird to sit in the same room! He must have something about him .

    • Marcus P
      Marcus P 5 days ago

      @Nash house of Lord's

    • Nash
      Nash 5 days ago

      dont forget the tortoise !

    • SpSot
      SpSot 5 days ago +1

      Bercow has a cat that is called Order. Imagine the confusion if the cat and the bird were to meet.

    • Mr Big m
      Mr Big m 7 days ago +4

      Well you would say he's got is house in order....?

  • Summer UwU
    Summer UwU 7 days ago +6

    He’s cool;smart,perfect for the job and everyone likes him

  • Mark Gable
    Mark Gable 7 days ago

    You can tell by his accent how he voted.

    • ROBLOX gamplay - vids every week - subcribe
      ROBLOX gamplay - vids every week - subcribe 5 days ago

      @Mark Gable He did vote leave

    • Mark Gable
      Mark Gable 7 days ago

      @Monotone You're easily misled it seems. It wasn't an election. It was a referendum. Over 400 constituencies voted leave. Jacob Rees Mogg constituency voted remain . Lol.

    • Monotone
      Monotone 7 days ago

      @Mark Gable Apart from the upper class Old Etonians who stand to gain the most from the us leaving the EU. It's working class labour voters in towns with big EU development grants and subsidised farmers in the country who stand to lose the most.

    • Mark Gable
      Mark Gable 7 days ago

      @Monotone Incorrect. It was mainly tradditional working class Labour voters that voted overwhelmly leave.. Most of Parliament have gone against the voters.

    • Monotone
      Monotone 7 days ago

      @Mark Gable So did most of Labour.

  • Rich Mondo
    Rich Mondo 7 days ago

    Tactical move - get those northern votes secured.

  • Alanay Serter
    Alanay Serter 7 days ago

    Ridiculed for watching the Rugby World Cup final... what a terrible man...

    BABYMETAL BETH 7 days ago +21

    He's the Labour MP for Chorley and he's an absolute sweetheart, most locals have met him and he's such a genuine guy ❤️

  • Lady Laois
    Lady Laois 7 days ago

    there like a bunch of kids immature and stupid

  • Cloud Sparrow
    Cloud Sparrow 7 days ago

    seems a nice chap
    obviously got over his entire school time being called Linseed Oil
    If it doesn't work out, he can forge a new TV career as one of the Tetley Tea Folk

  • genjo 21
    genjo 21 7 days ago

    Well his house is a bit full I guess you could call it fuller house hahahahahhahahah

  • Karl Bizli
    Karl Bizli 7 days ago +3

    He sounds like a top geezer! just what they need in the house.

  • Mayuresh Dhat
    Mayuresh Dhat 7 days ago +2

    1:07 is what you're here for

  • Em.gilmartin
    Em.gilmartin 7 days ago

    Why’s the woman dragging him!

    • jamma246
      jamma246 7 days ago

      It literally says on screen that it's tradition when this is happening...

    • Angie Ritchie
      Angie Ritchie 7 days ago

      Tradition, hundreds of years back nobody wanted to be the Speaker, so they had to be dragged there!

  • The Ice Assassin
    The Ice Assassin 7 days ago

    The House of Commons is another word for *Playground*

  • Sam Stringfellow
    Sam Stringfellow 7 days ago +16

    So proud to have my local MP as speaker 🎉

    • imtiazrahman197
      imtiazrahman197 7 days ago

      @Laurence Fewing ah I always wondered how that scenario would turn out - must be so annoying isnt it

    • Laurence Fewing
      Laurence Fewing 7 days ago +1

      Im glad mine local MP is no longer speaker, and now we can actually have a vote on how things are run

    • Bibbstar 123
      Bibbstar 123 7 days ago +1

      Congratulations Chorley!

    • Toby Wareing
      Toby Wareing 7 days ago +1

      Lets hope he can get things going again. Cant have our home town be embarrassed.

  • Benzknees
    Benzknees 7 days ago

    By ‘eck.

  • Joseph Keenaghan
    Joseph Keenaghan 7 days ago

    Boris the parrot needs to put in order alright!

    • SpSot
      SpSot 5 days ago

      Or having Boris the parrot shouting ORDER to Boris the human.

  • basicsurfer08
    basicsurfer08 7 days ago +1

    Am glad little bird cow is gone, he can now take ordaaaaahs from his wife

  • UkNoWn GaMeR101
    UkNoWn GaMeR101 7 days ago +20

    The new ‘order’ is a spicy wan

  • MrDavey2010
    MrDavey2010 7 days ago

    He seems an odd choice but maybe I’m missing something.

    • Catherine Jarman
      Catherine Jarman 7 days ago

      Couldn't get more of an odd, destructive and poisonous choice than the dual Israeli citizen Bercow

    • NoName
      NoName 7 days ago

      He was already the debuty speaker.

  • Jack Plugg
    Jack Plugg 7 days ago +9

    Anyone with so many pets must be ok!