David Letterman Reveals His True Feelings about Jay Leno Hosting Tonight Show, Johnny Carson 1991

  • Published on Mar 31, 2011
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    David Letterman reveals how he really feels about Jay Leno being the new host of "The Tonight Show" with Johnny Carson in 1991. Johnny asks David if he envisions himself hosting his show 20 years from now.
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Comments • 3 982

  • tod dubow
    tod dubow 4 hours ago +1

    Letterman mastered sarcasm, but not friendship

  • Ryan Wilson
    Ryan Wilson 9 hours ago

    So glad it played out the way it turned out. Screw that crybaby

  • NoLeads Ent.
    NoLeads Ent. Day ago

    what a pompous putz.
    i wonder who hes related too, in order to swing this job.
    carson is related to bush.

    • NoLeads Ent.
      NoLeads Ent. Day ago

      @Torben Otten so being related to George Bush had nothing to do with Carson's success lololol the head of the cia.. Ok buddy. The jealousy remark was the weakest thing you could have said to me too. I make free music videos helping many people and I've never asked for a dime nor have I shown my face.
      I don't need fame to complete my character. And I feel sorry for those who replace either fiat or fame for inner growth..
      And before you assume. Inner growth will lead to a great many other interests besides feeding the need to be seen and known.. 👍😏
      Maybe click someone's channel before you give them life lessons next time?
      P. S why isint any d. letterman stand up even recognized if he's such a great comedian who worked so hard to reach his platform?

    • Torben Otten
      Torben Otten Day ago

      They both worked hard to get where they were. Letterman worked all the the clubs before his first appearance on Carson. Carson also worked his ass of to get there. Don’t make it look like someone just handed them everything , because that makes you look like a jealous fool.

  • Kane
    Kane 2 days ago

    Am sure that Carson without a doubt could have pulled strings and got letterman the show 100% the fact he didn’t means jay deserved it and letterman would have been better I guess

  • Dave LosAngeles
    Dave LosAngeles 2 days ago +3

    Letterman is very over-rated.
    He was sometimes funny, but often not funny.
    But Letterman himself ALWAYS thought he was funny.

    • Orn Gorn
      Orn Gorn 2 days ago +1

      Exactly. It couldn't be phrased any better.

  • MrGaryboyd
    MrGaryboyd 4 days ago

    Little dave is a JPOS!

  • jan bramsen
    jan bramsen 4 days ago

    Letterman is an ass. dont see why he became second to carson.

  • Inherent Wisdom
    Inherent Wisdom 4 days ago

    Dave before he became a boring, disillusioned, grumpy, stupid asshole.

  • J Liz
    J Liz 6 days ago

    I see an opportunity for comedy ❤️😎 you rule Dave 🙏

  • colin glen
    colin glen 8 days ago

    I smell a massive ego.

  • Tothineown Selfbetrue
    Tothineown Selfbetrue 8 days ago +1

    The Tonight Show was The Carson show!!!

  • Tom Yazel
    Tom Yazel 8 days ago +4

    1980s to early 90s Dave....great. 2000s Dave with politics? boring annoying Dave.

    • tthor1116
      tthor1116 4 days ago

      Agreed. Loved the guy during the time frame you identified. Then he lurched into politics. Lost me.

  • mat mells
    mat mells 10 days ago

    Johnny Carson still going strong 103 and not out

  • Robert Lamb
    Robert Lamb 11 days ago +1

    Leno is twice the man Letterman could even dream of being

    • red ruM
      red ruM 7 days ago +1

      Twice the chin, maybe... 😂😂😂

    • David R
      David R 8 days ago +1

      Now now sausage tits, don't be cheeky.

  • TD Riehm
    TD Riehm 11 days ago

    "Let Me Give You A Piece Of Advice," lmao

  • Murad Indris
    Murad Indris 12 days ago

    1:44 in 2019

  • Dick Manitoba
    Dick Manitoba 14 days ago

    Get over it already, Dave. You have more money than you will ever be able to spend. It was just a stupid TV show. Move on and enjoy life. Dave was the best, until he went to CBS. He never was quite as funny after that. He let his bitterness control him.

  • Earl Delsanto
    Earl Delsanto 14 days ago +3

    Johnny was the king of late night talk shows. It was a staple of television back in the later 60 right up to the 90s when Johnny retired

  • Earl Delsanto
    Earl Delsanto 14 days ago

    Too bad letterman grew to be a angry 😠. He was sort of funny early on and he had great musical guests. But he got less funny and too political. He is such a jerk, not funny.im glad J got the tonight show gig.

  • jpstenino
    jpstenino 16 days ago

    Letterman is always an ass

  • Jon
    Jon 17 days ago +1

    Letterman is not funny. He’s ambitious. Thats it.

  • JO
    JO 17 days ago

    Dave is a hater.

  • Manny DeRosa
    Manny DeRosa 18 days ago +2

    So David Letterman has been hating on Jay Leno since the beginning smh No matter how hard he tried to be Carson, he never will be Carson!!

  • samdon815
    samdon815 18 days ago

    The big difference between Letterman and Leno was; Leno always made me laugh.

  • Ander Ander
    Ander Ander 18 days ago +3

    I can't stand David Letterman..... Jay Leno is 10 times the man he ever was

  • Sheri Roch
    Sheri Roch 19 days ago +1

    Letterman was always so much better than either Leno or Conan.

  • Athena griego
    Athena griego 19 days ago +2

    Now it all makes sense why Conan and Dave are cool. They both have something in common ; )

  • Orcinus1967
    Orcinus1967 19 days ago +1

    Craig Ferguson was the next best late night host after these two. Hands down.

    • Rene Morelli
      Rene Morelli 17 days ago +1

      Craig Ferguson was intelligent and funny. There is nothing left with his departure, not a chuckle remains. Leftist preaching and Trump bashing is what we are left with.

  • JT Michaelson
    JT Michaelson 19 days ago +2

    Classic Letterman was phenomenal. I never missed a show since 1982 and couldn't wait for the next show for the first 10 years. After CBS it started just "okay" and then went downhill from there. Dave had moments, as opposed to every night always being hilarious. I had to stop watching that last year or two. Dave knew that and bowed out when it got away from him.

  • Ox Alek
    Ox Alek 19 days ago

    That’s pre-hobo Dave.

  • Dave S
    Dave S 19 days ago +1

    Dave turned out to be another hack in the end. Sad.

  • PrezidentTrump
    PrezidentTrump 20 days ago


  • moors49
    moors49 20 days ago +1

    Sad to see what Letterman became. He used to be pretty funny.

  • Ernie Kaltenbrunner
    Ernie Kaltenbrunner 20 days ago

    Here is my question: how did Carson, Letterman, Leno, Conan, any of them get a show? Who were they BEFORE? It's always been here's the guy you've never heard of until just now's show! How do they get these shows?

    • szqsk8
      szqsk8 19 days ago

      Ernie Kaltenbrunner They started in standup comedy a lot of times and Dave started as a local tv weatherman somewhere.

  • sarcasmo57
    sarcasmo57 21 day ago

    Dave was great.

  • Dan Knaup
    Dan Knaup 21 day ago +10

    This video clip reveals nothing at all.

  • Taydra Brookshire
    Taydra Brookshire 21 day ago +1

    Best anime crossover in history

    BIRDMAN 23 days ago

    Dave is a pathetic human

  • Ray Comfort
    Ray Comfort 24 days ago

    i thoroughly enjoyed Leno, Letterman was and is a man with a cheap shot......but what do I know, I liked Jack Paar!

    • David R
      David R 8 days ago

      You just answered your own question sausage tits

  • Phil Jones
    Phil Jones 24 days ago

    The truth is Letterman is a prick and not a nice person. Acted terrible to his girlfriend, mother of his son. He was often disrespectful to guests, unlike Carson and Leno. Yes, Letterman can be edgy and funny. But no class at all. Sometimes nice guys do win, and Leno is a nice guy. Besides, Letterman ended up with his own show and was successful. So I don’t feel sorry for him. (BTW, Carson was not such a great person off the set).

  • BigORat
    BigORat 25 days ago

    @6:25 Carson: "Can you envision yourself doing this for 20 more years?" He did it for 24 more years and retired in 2015.

  • rmo52
    rmo52 25 days ago

    Way to go Dave, insult the greatest studio musicians in the biz right off the bat. Putz. Lost what little shred of respect I might have had for him. And made fun of my hometown that got devastated by tornadoes on his own show just a few days after it happened. Hilarious to a millionaire in Manhattan I guess. Not for us that lost everything. Carson was a gentleman.

  • TheBigMclargehuge
    TheBigMclargehuge 25 days ago

    WTF Letterman, white socks?

  • Lord Motorsports
    Lord Motorsports 25 days ago

    It was a sad moment when Johnny retired. Plus nobody could truly replace him. Others could only come in and try. Although looking back from now in 2019. I realize we did not have it as bad as we originally thought. Any of the late 90s early 00s host were better than the current late night lineup.

  • Force Multiplier
    Force Multiplier 25 days ago

    Classic...before Letterman was a Liberal shrill.

    SHERLYNN JUNIOR 25 days ago

    Letterman is such an *sshole. He would have been a terrible choice for the Tonight Show.

  • James Bishop
    James Bishop 26 days ago

    He's alright, he's alright, he's alright....cocaine.

  • Bloqk-16
    Bloqk-16 26 days ago

    Irregardless of whom would be considered the best or worst for hosting The Tonight Show; you have to consider that these entertainment shows are platforms for the TV networks to generate revenue with selling advertising; which is best accomplished with attracting the largest TV audience possible; as the networks can command the highest dollar rates to air the commercials . . . and from the published reports I've seen, advertisers top preference are viewers from ages 25 to 54 years; so the TV networks will go along with what the top-paying advertisers want. So, who gets picked for the host of any TV show is more based upon whom would resonate the best, at that given time . . . as public tastes do change, with the TV viewing audience; with the purpose to attract the largest audience; which in turn, sets the dollars rate for advertising on that show.

  • Lynn C. Doyle
    Lynn C. Doyle 26 days ago

    NBC certainly made the right move with Jay Leno. Letterman is just a silly, pompous little man.

  • Rick M
    Rick M 27 days ago

    Letterman = Bleeding heart liberal.

    • Dave S
      Dave S 19 days ago +1

      Rick M = fool

  • Thomas Schreiber
    Thomas Schreiber 27 days ago

    I don't see why Letterman was so hot to host the Tonight show when he had his own successful show. The way it worked out we ended up with both Letterman and Leno, I watched one live while recording the other, then watched the recording, saw both. Worked for me.

  • shredder
    shredder 28 days ago

    Letterman is a phoney elitist with no talent !

  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith 28 days ago

    Dishonest bullshit click bait. Great video, shame about the lying.

  • Brandon
    Brandon 28 days ago


  • Henry Wayne
    Henry Wayne 29 days ago

    What a total two faced BS lying ass.

  • robert elliott
    robert elliott 29 days ago

    sexual abuser commie

  • sid roth
    sid roth 29 days ago +1

    Jay Leno had class !

  • sid roth
    sid roth 29 days ago +3

    I lost all respect for Letterman when he gave his babe Hillary softball questions when she showed for his show ! I thought he was going to nail the left wing liar, but instead it turned out to be a love fest !

  • Eric Crawford
    Eric Crawford Month ago +2

    Letterman is a total worm.

  • JG
    JG Month ago +2

    There was a time when Letterman was funny, decades ago. He's a bitter old lefty today.

    • Dave S
      Dave S 19 days ago

      JG agreed.

  • hayesman76
    hayesman76 Month ago

    Carson was a well-known prick and for some reason Letterman seems to have believed he was entitled to taking over TTS after Carson left. NBC made the right decision - Jay Leno has always been significantly more talented than the bitter Letterman and his stewardship of the show was a tremendous success, despite Carson, Letterman and even Ed McMahon engaging in vengeful but petty, mean-spirited, impotent and ultimately pathetic actions against Jay (e.g. the talentless McMahon going on third-rate Arsenio Hall’s chat show.

  • jin lo
    jin lo Month ago

    letterman used to give my dad hand jobs in college,,he;s cum far

  • PhoneWalletKeys
    PhoneWalletKeys Month ago +1

    Back when watching nighttime TV wasn’t a beatdown of political opponents and people who don’t walk in step with Hollywood “elites”.

  • Mr. TheKidd
    Mr. TheKidd Month ago

    Gimme a bump, Johnny.

  • wally world
    wally world Month ago

    David Letterman is and always be a bitch. He hates jay because he wishes he was jay. Jealousy is David Letterman

  • Peter Rabitt
    Peter Rabitt Month ago

    There is no such thing as "The Tonight Show" anymore...Dave's departure from late night marked the end of an era. The newbs in late night these days are vacuous PC conformist clowns.

  • Al Sim
    Al Sim Month ago

    I met Letterman when he was 20 years old and somewhere along the way in our conversation he mentioned his goal was to replace Johnny Carson. I said something like "yea sure" and he said "well somebody's going to do it". He almost did and I think that's impressive. Interestingly, the only other celebrity I've ever met is Jay Leno.

  • TheGooners11
    TheGooners11 Month ago +4

    Two of the best right there. Carson and Letterman.

    • movingonandup773
      movingonandup773 26 days ago

      Best? Letterman??? Letterman was always about as entertaining and humorous as the helium with coffee story he just told in this clip.😕🙄

  • trending times
    trending times Month ago

    Arnab Goswami interviewing Ravish Kumar in a pre-apocalyptic world

  • Mia fio
    Mia fio Month ago +1

    I watch Johnny Carson's Reruns every nite and with All guests who are No longer Here. And I wld rather watch That, than to watch Any of the Present late nite shows and their Guests, who R Alive. Sad but True-