David Letterman Reveals His True Feelings about Jay Leno Hosting Tonight Show, Johnny Carson 1991


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  • syxx573
    syxx573 8 hours ago

    David Letterman was so cool before he got TDS

  • Rocketjay12
    Rocketjay12 Day ago

    Jay was always a douche.

  • Jamyn Shanley
    Jamyn Shanley 2 days ago

    6:25 David Letterman laughs when Carson asks him if he could see himself doing his show for 30 years. Looking back, he hosted late night television talk shows for 33 years, beginning with the February 1, 1982, debut of Late Night with David Letterman on NBC, and ending with the May 20, 2015, broadcast of Late Show with David Letterman on CBS.

  • thomas dolan
    thomas dolan 3 days ago

    simply said, i miss johnny

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith 4 days ago

    The liberal asshat talking to the KING of latenight

  • Sancho Ditherson
    Sancho Ditherson 4 days ago

    Don't think Letterman drank yet cool aid yet back then.

  • Esatpircsnart
    Esatpircsnart 6 days ago

    It says a lot about NBC that they would pass over a true comedic genius like David Letterman, in favor of a hack like Jay Leno.

  • mykey no likey
    mykey no likey 6 days ago +1

    Save yourself the time, Dave says NOTHING about Leno. Another bullshit youtube title.

  • alan30189
    alan30189 6 days ago

    I sure miss Johnny Carson.

  • Steven Light
    Steven Light 7 days ago

    Mr. Carson , i.believe left a Lot of his money to charity, for that reason and so oo many yr. Of entertainment. I dont watch these want a bes currently

  • Michael Vanderburg
    Michael Vanderburg 7 days ago

    Real laughs from Johnny. Not the fake ones you hear from every late night talk show.

  • Lost Cosmonaut
    Lost Cosmonaut 7 days ago

    Sore loser nothing more. Wah wah wah. The old J club didn't help him against Leno and it kills him. It's amazing how the tribe swarm when they don't win one.

  • Nair Byad
    Nair Byad 7 days ago

    jacka$$ title - didn't say anything about JAY LENO - fawk

  • BuckJones
    BuckJones 7 days ago


  • Hay Stack
    Hay Stack 7 days ago

    Letterman was on fire here lol

  • Easy Rider
    Easy Rider 8 days ago

    Letterman is an absolute ASSHOLE --- I knew him at BSU during 60's .. pure CRAP

  • Nick G
    Nick G 8 days ago

    Was that helium balloon story meant to be funny? I didn't so much as crack a smile.

  • Nick G
    Nick G 8 days ago

    Just look at that ghastly black trousers, black shoes, white socks combo... jesus wept

  • Ryo Amora
    Ryo Amora 9 days ago

    Back when TV wasn't lame and trashy. Carson and Letterman, a class act.

  • ThisIsStupidist
    ThisIsStupidist 11 days ago

    no one ever talks about Leno, who are these leno fans

  • Juke Joint
    Juke Joint 13 days ago

    Dave wears Cashmere socks... true story.

  • BossHoggJDK K
    BossHoggJDK K 14 days ago

    Letterman on Johnny fucking legendary.

  • MrCallipygous
    MrCallipygous 14 days ago

    Letterman wound up hosting a late Night Show longer than Carson. 33 years vs less than 30 for Johnny. And I'll bet he was there for a lot more shows since he didn't have a lot of guest hosts.

  • oceantracks
    oceantracks 14 days ago

    The talk show hosts tonight would have no life at all if it weren't for bashing Trump nightly.

  • Colin Taylor
    Colin Taylor 15 days ago +1

    I’ve always been puzzled how Letterman became a star. Boring, unfunny, two faced cockhead.

  • Randy C
    Randy C 16 days ago +1

    Letterman was funny back when this was recorded, but not after that. He's just an idiot now.

  • Blue In red
    Blue In red 17 days ago


  • Martin M
    Martin M 17 days ago

    I stopped counting the number of comments misusing the word "ironic" to describe the future circumstance that Dave unwittingly foretold about Conan's experience.

  • Sergio M
    Sergio M 17 days ago


  • B H
    B H 18 days ago

    Letterman was, for a lack of a better term, naughty. His "jokes" were more like insults wrapped in bizarre repetition.

  • jorhay1
    jorhay1 18 days ago

    Carson in a interview said he never took a political side in his show, because it didn’t make good comedy. Dave on the other hand, in his later years became an unwatchable, boring, and predictable, political talking head.

  • Jonathan Bowman
    Jonathan Bowman 18 days ago

    Did Dave’s first joke prove that he didn’t need to be the host of The Tonight Show?

  • David miorgan
    David miorgan 19 days ago

    I always wanted to kick Letterman in the face! Still do!

  • Dave Montes
    Dave Montes 19 days ago

    Leno sucks!

  • Matthew Webere
    Matthew Webere 19 days ago

    The Tonight Show with David Letterman

  • LJ X
    LJ X 19 days ago

    This clip alone is funnier than Fallon’s entire career

  • t sham
    t sham 19 days ago

    Not funny....

  • Michael David
    Michael David 19 days ago

    The right man got the job.

  • duaneology®
    duaneology® 20 days ago

    Letterman's style was...ah...um...not good :-[
    *edit: And was he funny? Because I'm kind of watching it now, and thinking "Wow, David Letterman isn't very funny."

  • surfthewav3
    surfthewav3 20 days ago

    damn, i am too young, but looking back, Johnny Carson was pretty awesome.

  • Rock Brentwood
    Rock Brentwood 20 days ago

    As you listen to the discussion regarding longevity, bear in mind that Johnny's tenure was 30 years, but David's was 33 years.

  • F B
    F B 20 days ago

    Leno was classy, Letterman was rude...

  • bctvguy
    bctvguy 20 days ago

    NBC made the right call in NOT giving lefty Letterman the TONIGHT SHOW.
    Jay Leno was the best choice and he lasted in the job for 22 YEARS.
    For the past few years, Jay has been doing his classic car show on CNBC and guest spots on Last Man Standing.
    Letterman is now a heavily bearded, bitter nut case who has gone full leftist. Dave is a one trick pony who will be best remembered for throwing things off the roof of the Ed Sullivan Theater.

  • Steve Dwyer
    Steve Dwyer 20 days ago

    Dave was BEST when He 1st started out with his NBC Late Night show around the early 80's HE was NEW and had that creative Energy as he aged and had the Tonight Show WAR...he got Bitter and it Showed

  • Bobaganush26
    Bobaganush26 20 days ago

    this video is crap

  • Steven Simonovic
    Steven Simonovic 20 days ago

    Johnny Carson was the best because he wasn't so political, and his jokes politically were tastefully done. Jay Leno saw that, and mimic'd it. All of these other guys are triggered hefty lefty's.

  • Jean Rinaldo
    Jean Rinaldo 21 day ago

    Bottom line: Letterman is remembered, Leno is not.

  • Dick Gozinya
    Dick Gozinya 21 day ago +2

    I watch Robin Williams for 15 seconds and start laughing. I have never laughed at anything Letterman has said. He is just not funny.

  • Bob Savage
    Bob Savage 21 day ago +1

    Letterman was ok funny. Not great, but ok at times. Much funnier than that terribly unfunny Seinfeld, though. What the heck was that?

  • stevearle
    stevearle 21 day ago +1

    Oh Man!... Letterman is and was never funny and a jerk besides... period.

  • DrBoogie Nobama
    DrBoogie Nobama 21 day ago

    Letterman was funny until he went full on liberal. Hollywood is shooting self in the foot with their liberal hypocrisy.

  • Past Cha
    Past Cha 21 day ago +4

    The Tonight Show would have sucked with Letterman.

  • Greig Butler
    Greig Butler 21 day ago

    Im about halfway through this, what a bunch of boring un funny cunts - seriously, he thinks asking for helium in his coffee is comedy, he even says true story, as if its so unbelievible

  • david charles smith
    david charles smith 21 day ago

    Jay and Dave together were funny !
    Apart not so much

  • Enricom23
    Enricom23 21 day ago +1

    Letterman is a dickhead.

  • Soyentak
    Soyentak 21 day ago

    i have never found jay leno funny, sorry

  • gotahvcls
    gotahvcls 21 day ago

    Never made it to Jay Leno. Seems like click bate i.e. FY

  • Anasyub
    Anasyub 22 days ago

    dave is the prince of late night shows
    but johnny carson this man is a legend he is the king and the emperor of the late light shows
    hes simply amazing honestly
    hes so engaging with the guest and audience and knows when to talk and not to talk
    hes prolly the best late night host we will ever have

  • Mark Anthony
    Mark Anthony 22 days ago

    Comical if not so Sad my people have become Ni*erized and all they have in their life is to watch apes run up and down. Embarrassment. Country is dying and the white race dying and you all are puppets for the Jews. Sick. Distractions.

  • Malik Sucks Ass
    Malik Sucks Ass 22 days ago

    I'm so fuckin old that both Letterman and Leno are retired now.

  • cam hart
    cam hart 22 days ago +1

    The best and second best in late night talk show business !may God bless both these guys ,they have made me laugh for the past 50 years or so!!

  • Rio Brasil Samba Shows sambistabeauty

    Man those are ugly suits

  • James Ryan
    James Ryan 22 days ago

    What they dont tell you is that Leno had a pre existing contract that gave him first dibs. NOBODY can actually replace the Great Johnny Carson.

  • DanteDarcangelo
    DanteDarcangelo 22 days ago

    He takes up a lot of room, doesn't he?

  • Ricardiohead
    Ricardiohead 22 days ago

    There was a time when Dave was kinda cool and funny. He’s cool now too. But there was a time when he sucked, and Jay knew it. Btw, Johnny Carson always sucked.

  • xcxccx xccc
    xcxccx xccc 22 days ago

    hes lucky even if not funny,

  • Paul Rubino
    Paul Rubino 22 days ago

    The best thing was Letterman not getting the Tonight Show. Never liked Letterman.

  • Rata 4U
    Rata 4U 22 days ago

    David Letterman's viewership had been sinking every year he was on. The dude was bitter about his contract and insisted he deserved it despite falling viewerships. He was getting stale and refused to try new things.

  • fluffynoses
    fluffynoses 22 days ago

    nbc fucked this whole thing up royally. I preferred Leno to Letterman by miles, but the fact was Carson groomed Letterman to take over

  • Jarno Saarinen
    Jarno Saarinen 22 days ago

    Problem with jokes? There supposed to be funny. Someone forgot to tell Lettermen that!

  • Terry W
    Terry W 22 days ago

    Don't think I care what Dave thinks about Leno or anything else for that matter, never cared for Letterman.

  • SuperBigblue19
    SuperBigblue19 22 days ago

    Letterman is a douche & not really that funny to boot. Cheats on his girlfriend with his now wife who he probably married out of guilt for cheating on her with at least 2 of his staff. But you got to give him credit for raking in half a billion sitting behind a desk not being that funny compared to guys like Ferguson or Fallon.

  • AJ Grant
    AJ Grant 22 days ago

    Every late night host left over now combined, 10x over wouldn't be worthy to "shake" Johnny when he was thru in the mens room.

  • Jeff
    Jeff 22 days ago

    Do they still have late night shows??

  • Philip Croft
    Philip Croft 22 days ago

    As a Brit, I find these American 'Talk show Hosts' , far too self important, and hogging the limelight; the 'jokes' are scripted and false, and the audiences laughter fake. In Britain, it's the guest's who are the important ones, we want to hear their story, the inside anechdotes about their lives, and other stars they have worked with. Greats like David Niven , Peter Ustinov, who had endless hilarious story's to tell, and were asked back many times.. The Host just asked the right questions, and let them entertain us..

  • Scupacium
    Scupacium 22 days ago

    well leno got more viewers right?

  • Philip Tooley
    Philip Tooley 22 days ago

    Johnny seems like a prick who would poison his neighbors dog. David is a rapist

  • Žööky Wįlldé
    Žööky Wįlldé 23 days ago

    Dave was funny during the late 80's and early 90's, but really lost the magic quick, especially when Conan was becoming hugely popular during the 90's.

  • Hello There
    Hello There 23 days ago

    Letterman always reminded me of that boring substitute Math teacher.

  • pepe6666
    pepe6666 23 days ago

    following late night hosts & talk shows is like following linux distributions. i like these two they're the best. also steven colbert is AWESOME. he had huge shoes to fill after letterman and boy has he shined now

  • J HI
    J HI 23 days ago

    The best thing about that. Dave know he was at the alter. Johnny is and always will be the King of Late Night. Today, nobody could shine his shoes.

  • Pun Gent.
    Pun Gent. 23 days ago

    Dave Letterman is a weird dude, I was never entertained by his method of half assed comedy.

  • Tom Mitchell
    Tom Mitchell 23 days ago

    Man do I ever Miss Johnny Carson not a liberal just a true American God bless you Johnny Carson

  • J &S
    J &S 23 days ago

    Never liked Letterman, still don't....

  • Harry Parker
    Harry Parker 23 days ago

    Letterman is a creep and egotisc, its all about him and his world. Leno is down to earth guy with grease between his nails having a beer talking about cars with the guys working on cars.

  • Craig Ellis
    Craig Ellis 23 days ago

    Letterman has a goofy face, that's about the only thing funny about him. Johnny Carson's corpse is still funnier than Letterman or Leno.

  • B Tek
    B Tek 23 days ago

    Letterman was funny to a sophisticated crowd, where leno was funny to a common man. People who understood lettermans jokes were offended people thought leno was funnier. Unfortunately Letterman was playing to the smaller crowd wich allowed the comparisons to continue.

  • David Gulasi
    David Gulasi 23 days ago

    David Letterman now worth over 400 million dollars! I think he doesn’t need that show.... he’s set for life

  • PaperbackWriter
    PaperbackWriter 23 days ago

    The better interview would have been Dave interviewing Johnny about his true feelings of Jay Leno, who certainly would not have been Johnny's heir apparent. Dave would have stayed at NBC and Jay would end up at CBS.

  • Charles Charlemagne
    Charles Charlemagne 23 days ago

    and now we have a painfully unfunny liberal propagandist hosting the Late Show.

  • Rev. Tabasco Green
    Rev. Tabasco Green 24 days ago

    "There's an old adage: never joke with the tradespeople. Rule number one in comedy."

  • Steve Dhi
    Steve Dhi 24 days ago

    can't believe I didn't realize what POS liberal egotistical cocksuckers these people were

  • SavageArfad
    SavageArfad 24 days ago

    In Europe we would call David Letterman a bell end and we think name is perfect for him.

  • Dave H
    Dave H 24 days ago

    I never liked Jay... These guys i like!

  • canadianroot
    canadianroot 24 days ago

    Apparently, Dave dresses himself.

  • stirange
    stirange 24 days ago

    White socks? Who wear gold-toes with a jacket?

  • Joseph Youdontneedtoknowmylastnameski

    All these guys were and are overpaid.

  • xhaxha
    xhaxha 24 days ago

    always thought Letterman was so unfunny and I always felt sorry for people he interviewed - if that's the word. The only people who came off well on his shows were musical performers who didn't have to be put through his self-serving crap.

  • Paul Letchworth
    Paul Letchworth 24 days ago

    Johnny was the king , letterman close 2nd

  • Eric in Florida
    Eric in Florida 24 days ago

    Those white socks look ridiculous.