So I versed LazarBeam on controller...

  • Published on Dec 4, 2019
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Comments • 3 132

  • Woodzy
    Woodzy 6 hours ago

    I play controller and your better than me on controller when I play daily😭

  • Cary Higgs
    Cary Higgs 18 hours ago

    Lazer is doo doo

  • Alex Weber
    Alex Weber Day ago

    The only reason why fresh sucks at control is because of his sensitivity

  • Vinuka Ariyathilaka

    Landon was to cocky that why you win on controlar

  • the amazing owen

    Controller is ex claps

  • Iam Mystic
    Iam Mystic Day ago

    Play on mobile

  • Itsmatty05
    Itsmatty05 3 days ago

    Can u 1v1 me on controller plz

  • gingy hingy
    gingy hingy 5 days ago

    You are not F n faze sway bec i could beat u

  • Mongoose_YT
    Mongoose_YT 6 days ago

    he hasnt been playing for that long and he is better than ali-a

  • Nickolaus Schnetzky
    Nickolaus Schnetzky 8 days ago

    Every controller player watching this🤬 you are a disappointment

  • Przemek Wieczorek
    Przemek Wieczorek 10 days ago


  • Przemek Wieczorek
    Przemek Wieczorek 10 days ago

    Vs Lachlan on controler

  • ZbladdZ Sykes
    ZbladdZ Sykes 11 days ago


  • mikiel DX plays
    mikiel DX plays 13 days ago

    1v1 alia

  • David Roa
    David Roa 14 days ago

    tell lazarbeam to 1v1 me because I will absolutely destroy him so hard and I play on controller.

  • Arya Bharath
    Arya Bharath 14 days ago


  • Jason Liang
    Jason Liang 16 days ago

    As a console player, this proves I can be better than a pro player

  • Ayden Stroud
    Ayden Stroud 16 days ago

    i am so much better

  • jacob Olguin
    jacob Olguin 17 days ago

    1v1 me cus I'm good on controller and my name is Olguinj2509

  • Death Punch776
    Death Punch776 17 days ago

    The disgraceful thing is that he chose to use a ps4 controller 🤮

  • Botsik Tokic
    Botsik Tokic 17 days ago

    dont be so hard on them freshyboi #epicpartner

  • tewzy
    tewzy 18 days ago

    lol ur so bad on controller because ur on ps4 u needa be on xbox

  • YT_Leonidaz r
    YT_Leonidaz r 18 days ago

    Can you 1v1 me on controller

  • GameMasterPro
    GameMasterPro 19 days ago

    He’s still better than me on pc...

  • Matthew Hosein-Beharry

    Bro i could teach fresh how to play on controller , no joke im decent

  • Eduardo Flores Solano lol

    The intro I love it I am Mexican

  • Red Knight
    Red Knight 20 days ago +1

    Fresh: I like pickles
    Lazarbeam: I want 5 of them

  • Kids Smith
    Kids Smith 20 days ago

    My epic name is Dylan Smith8259

  • Kids Smith
    Kids Smith 20 days ago

    I wana 1v1Freash because I never 1v1 a youtuber

  • Stuart Scott
    Stuart Scott 21 day ago

    Hey fresh can u add me on controller to see how a real L2 gamer plays

  • Fam Mail
    Fam Mail 21 day ago

    Play on combat

  • Ruben Calderon
    Ruben Calderon 21 day ago

    Dont use creator Code fresh cuz he sucks you dont have the brains to beat him

  • Ruben Calderon
    Ruben Calderon 21 day ago

    Dont use creator code lazar

  • Ruben Calderon
    Ruben Calderon 21 day ago

    Bot bot bot bot bot bot

  • Ruben Calderon
    Ruben Calderon 21 day ago

    Your a bot

  • dj k 6
    dj k 6 24 days ago

    Fresh one vs one me on controler epic zelda_8484 or superdavid09

  • Thunder With The Three Strikes

    Fresh it’s probably a very bad case of controller drift

  • Heather Postma
    Heather Postma 24 days ago

    I love how everyone says controllers are so bad and thinks there so cool cuz they said that

  • Miller Dawson
    Miller Dawson 24 days ago

    Fresh can I 1v1 you, I am on oceana severs and we can try and get a duo win my username is Bad Pizza09 If anyone else wants to 1v1 me comment your username

  • Epic Gamer_YEET
    Epic Gamer_YEET 24 days ago +10

    Lazarbeam being a sweaty player:
    Me:This is ilegal

  • Nico Montano
    Nico Montano 24 days ago

    Name is xxxdadddyxx

  • Nico Montano
    Nico Montano 24 days ago +1

    1v1 me I play on controller

  • AdventureMustafa
    AdventureMustafa 24 days ago +1

    I can play better on mobile than fresh on controller

  • Timetoyeet You
    Timetoyeet You 26 days ago +1

    Try to beat lazarbeam on mobile

  • MonsterLegendsGamer Martínez

    Mm F R E S H. wINs

  • ALPHA Woogie
    ALPHA Woogie 26 days ago


  • Ali Azaan
    Ali Azaan 27 days ago

    Imagine losing to lazarbeam

  • clawzy
    clawzy 27 days ago

    Yes I love how most pc streamers use PS4 over Xbox controller

  • ???
    ??? 27 days ago

    fresh wtf would u do this to ur self man

  • Chris Kroll
    Chris Kroll 27 days ago

    who wants to see lazarlazar one v 1 cray on mobile

  • Fidel Montes
    Fidel Montes 27 days ago

    Fresh I want to see you beat me on controller I've been playing on PS4 for years

  • Nolan Pyzer
    Nolan Pyzer 27 days ago +1

    Glad you’ve chosen the better controller system

  • Joyce Chune
    Joyce Chune 28 days ago

    Use controller to play since today

  • Layabout Karanjot
    Layabout Karanjot 29 days ago

    Congratulations to the new year

  • Layabout Karanjot
    Layabout Karanjot 29 days ago

    Lazarbeam is better than you 🕺🏼

  • Layabout Karanjot
    Layabout Karanjot 29 days ago

    You pagal yeeter

  • Brendan Reardon
    Brendan Reardon 29 days ago +1

    1v1 me on controller fresh you won't no balls

  • GeekGameplay
    GeekGameplay 29 days ago

    If fresh is that bad on mobile and he beats lazerbeam then that means almost every console player could beat lazerbeam

  • trezz4k
    trezz4k Month ago

    lazarbeam is ass LMFAOOO he’s been playing mnk for a long time and he’s still ass

  • Joshua Hutcheon
    Joshua Hutcheon Month ago +1