My "SMART" Office !!!

  • Published on May 15, 2019
  • A video about EVERYTHING hah sorry. Rode Wireless GO, smart plugs, NEW Apple TV update ..
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  • Sara Dietschy
    Sara Dietschy  Month ago +141

    A 20 minute video for the REAL peachy fam πŸ™πŸ»πŸ€£

    • Sunil V
      Sunil V 18 days ago

      Sara Dietschy Awesome channel ❀️

    • We Music
      We Music 27 days ago

      World 🌍 was my

    • Cactus Kerns
      Cactus Kerns Month ago

      Awesome Sara!!!

    • Ricardo Ribeiro
      Ricardo Ribeiro Month ago

      Thank god, I was about to close the tab... "ASMR" just makes me cringe!

    • Outdoors with Dale
      Outdoors with Dale Month ago

      Wyzecams and sensors. Give it a look and it's very afordable.

  • Derek Fletcher
    Derek Fletcher 3 days ago

    so if you just want to push photos and videos to your tv (yes yours is built in so it doesn't apply) just get a chromecast. All the functionality at a fraction of the cost. Unless of course it's already built in lol

  • Armel inspire
    Armel inspire 7 days ago

    Samsung is the world right now😁

  • Armel inspire
    Armel inspire 7 days ago


  • daily8150
    daily8150 11 days ago

    Instead of buying an Apple TV only for airplay just buy 'wecast e68' from Amazon it is much cheaper and has Miracast, Google cast and well of course airplay I use it and it works well for me.

  • Billy Widener
    Billy Widener 16 days ago

    Subscribed! Love your personality! ❀️

  • Richard Bell
    Richard Bell 20 days ago

    Luck is when Hard/Smart Work meets Persistence.

  • Harry burnett
    Harry burnett 21 day ago

    Love your neon Peach Miss Sara

  • Nasal Chain
    Nasal Chain 22 days ago

    Just know that Dietschy > peachy

  • Sambay
    Sambay 27 days ago

    is sarah pregnant?

  • Hannah Sun
    Hannah Sun 27 days ago

    *subscribed*. Had a browse of your videos and I think we click :) Here from Liketaitai aka Evelyn C.

  • YoshiPeach Mario
    YoshiPeach Mario 29 days ago

    more ASMR please

  • nada moussa
    nada moussa Month ago

    you are so pretty masha allah


    I want her

  • Roberto Blake
    Roberto Blake Month ago

    This is the series I wanna see! Modern Mad Men!!!

  • DrewTube
    DrewTube Month ago

    You are the most gorgeous and talented young woman I've ever seen. You made me wanna start my own channel. Your awesome.. Word..

  • a1ch3mist37
    a1ch3mist37 Month ago

    Finally got enough time to watch this!
    It felt really long, not gonna lie.
    But I like it

  • MyCapitures Photography

    Adding SMART OFFICE to wish-list...

  • Gus Johnson
    Gus Johnson Month ago

    Damn, your Boy Friend is "So Gay"
    He is into you for the "Fame"
    Tony Hawk, is SkateBoard Famous..

  • JEEP 2019
    JEEP 2019 Month ago

    How are you liking the 49” monitor? Enough PPI?

  • Charles Campbell
    Charles Campbell Month ago

    You have a gorgeous tv how big is it and what model?

  • Deeped Strandh
    Deeped Strandh Month ago

    Love it. This is so much you.

  • greytimberwolf68
    greytimberwolf68 Month ago

    in our home we use smart switches cheap ones from amazon on the lights only. would like to rig up the RF devices like our fans but not yet.

  • MitchellFX5
    MitchellFX5 Month ago

    Why would you turn off your fridge?

  • MitchellFX5
    MitchellFX5 Month ago

    I love the idea of a modern mad men bts.

  • Melvin Freeman
    Melvin Freeman Month ago

    I’m hoping LG smart TVs will have the Apple TV app as well . Great content SaraπŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ! Also thx for the smart home tutorial πŸ‘!

  • Austin Mullins
    Austin Mullins Month ago

    Anyone know where to find the silicone lav cover she referenced?

  • Jacko Rodulfa
    Jacko Rodulfa Month ago

    That leica iii tho.

  • Prasad Rangana Dharmasiri

    Nice video!
    and you are getting fat !

  • Ramses Martinez
    Ramses Martinez Month ago

    Modern mad men series sounds dope

  • Jeff Johnson
    Jeff Johnson Month ago

    Haha, it's going to be a what kind of show for awhile?!

  • Hassan Bangash Vlogs

    *Hey...Should we collab*

  • Mo A
    Mo A Month ago

    You know i had enough of the One Plus 7 pro adverts on youtube.. .lol This is quite refreshing Sara, an introduction to How to Smart Home with Sara. lol
    Right now in the next decade video 'Live' content will be popular TheXvid / Periscope / Vine if that was brought back.
    Why? Real time, people don't want to live in the old dark age where you would hear the news the next day, but today a live video log would be popular in the futuristic space age. Anyway - cheers bub!

  • Ujjain Sagar
    Ujjain Sagar Month ago

    man this talks a lot

  • Wesley Mulder
    Wesley Mulder Month ago

    That feeling when you talk so softly in the mic. ASMR really worksπŸ˜‚

  • Scully's House of Thrillers

    Sara, this is a great video. I can totally imagine my studio looking like this.

  • Nathanael Fetizanan

    what is the size of your backdrops at your office?

    • Jonah Lorsung
      Jonah Lorsung Month ago

      Nathanael Fetizanan those are the 121" Savage Seamless rolls.

  • Review It All
    Review It All Month ago

    Did you just flip your shirt 3:55

  • thomas montella
    thomas montella Month ago

    well now a video I can relate to your bright and pretty but I am afraid of tall buildings so I cant be a painter! lol

  • BoardWhareHowse
    BoardWhareHowse Month ago

    13:45 SHE HAS HANDS! Yo, this felt so real, like we were hanging out or weird as that might sound coming from a TheXvid comment. Still, awesome to see you in your natural element, just being you. Don't ever change pls! Also, 15:00 my goodness... #DamnDietschy #StayPeachy #TheXvidYoungins

  • Chloe's Crazy Life
    Chloe's Crazy Life Month ago

    Love this video! Your channel is one of the best out there! πŸ’—

  • HarvyDanger Films
    HarvyDanger Films Month ago

    The outfit changes just threw me. Haha! Fun stuff Sara.

  • zaftra
    zaftra Month ago

    Colours up too much on the tv

  • Darwin Nunez
    Darwin Nunez Month ago

    Which backdrop holders do you use ?

  • Steven Sleight
    Steven Sleight Month ago

    I’m 4 years deep into SmartThings. Absolute number one feature is Alexa with a thermostat. Number two is harmony hub. Third is look into CORE for custom programming and scene controllers.

  • victorcarpes
    victorcarpes Month ago

    Modern Madman PLEASE β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†

  • Hey there, Dave here.

    15:40 instead of saying "turn refrigerator off" would be awesome for you to program a scene and say "quiet on the set" and have it turn off anything loud, turn on a lighting scene for filming, and make sure the peach in LIT!

  • Dylan Sousa
    Dylan Sousa Month ago

    Sara i love your channel

  • Thomas M
    Thomas M Month ago

    First, serious-business-meeting Sara is funny. XD
    Second, I agree, outside is the enemy. lol

  • Paras Suneja
    Paras Suneja Month ago

    Gimme my ASMR , you just can't ruin through showing a glowing office, "Your actions have consequences" - Sammy, the Sonic saver

  • EasyTech
    EasyTech Month ago +1

    Saved me w/ that GoT spoiler alert. Im only on season 4 haha

  • CroMagnonHead
    CroMagnonHead Month ago +3

    My HomePod just started playing Korn β€œLife is Peachy”

  • Apps that Rule
    Apps that Rule Month ago

    Apps are fantastic. Actually technology is fantastic! But most of all, Sara's "Smart" office is BAD-ASStic! :-)

  • touchtapgo
    touchtapgo Month ago

    Sara, did you test the DJI Action camera?

  • Syed Fahad
    Syed Fahad Month ago +4

    I'm from India.
    Can I participate in the collective competition?.


  • Cyndi Caviedes
    Cyndi Caviedes Month ago

    I hope you make the contest available to more countries =(

  • Nejc
    Nejc Month ago

    that peach.. where can I buy?

  • Nejc
    Nejc Month ago +5

    "outside is my enemy, I can't edit my videos there"
    haha love your words!!!

  • Paul Matthew
    Paul Matthew Month ago

    kakaotalk has the peach but emoji XD hilarious!

  • eldoherz
    eldoherz Month ago

    Congratulations, truly well deserved Alex, your channel and content is one of a kind.

    There is no shortage of great food on TheXvid, there is however a shortage of people doing things that are inventive, thought provoking and informative. You own that niche with great varied content and a pretty unique approach and perspective. You routinely make things I didn't even know I'd want to watch or care about, yet I am hooked and am always happy to see one of your video pop up on my feed.

  • BigD974
    BigD974 Month ago

    Hey Siri, clean my office :-)

  • DrTechNNo
    DrTechNNo Month ago

    Coz you are beautiful

  • Jordan Steffen
    Jordan Steffen Month ago

    Pretty much just use Alexa and Phillips hue. Have a smart plug but never knew what to plug into it. Most of my devices I might want to work automatically at a time of day (hot water kettle for instance) are digital so when power is supplied they don’t turn on until you push a button. Even the window ac requires another button push to turn on. I guess for cutting power to something like the ac it might be useful.

  • NissanPacific
    NissanPacific Month ago

    Sara on the grind 🀘😩 Watched it all and didn't realize it was 20 minutes long 🀣

  • FBHD Tech
    FBHD Tech Month ago

    I use two Google Home speakers, Philips Hue lights and tado smart radiator thermostats in my smart home. It is really useful and a lot of fun controlling things with your voice. Of course, it's also a great way to impress people when they come over. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

  • Jeuel Sapad
    Jeuel Sapad Month ago

    May I just say I think you're pretty and cute and have great personality

  • Andrew A
    Andrew A Month ago

    you and ijustine are my fav tech girls!
    keep up the good work

  • Nicholas Hudson Bodsworth

    Who turns off their fridge?!

  • Brent Edward
    Brent Edward Month ago

    I love the Modern Mad Men Idea.. I would be super interested in that!

  • NissanPacific
    NissanPacific Month ago +1

    Tiktok is so entertaining. I only use Instagram to post random stories and a random photo of my car. I barely scroll though the IG feed because it's filled with uninteresting things 😫

    • Michael Xz
      Michael Xz Month ago

      the main problems with instagram are (1) no spam control on locations, go to a popular location and it is full of products and services (2) you never you if you will get crap when you click on a story - product placements or text posts. Instagram was really great around 2012, very little spam.. but the thing is, instagram can be fixed - at least about the spam in the location category - for one nobody should be allowed to post to a location if they are not currently in that location, that would help a lot

  • Benjamin Parsons
    Benjamin Parsons Month ago

    I think a series on modern ad agencies would be extremely interesting. An inside look could be very beneficial for anyone looking to better connect with an audience, target videos more effectively, or build a brand.

  • Alex Kluew
    Alex Kluew Month ago

    thanks for going outside! haha!

  • Anja Moerk
    Anja Moerk Month ago

    OMG THANKS Sara for answering my question (for 5 minutes, haha!)! Loved it and you said what I was hoping you'd say and even more! Thanks for encouraging this awesome community - and me so much! And nevermind my typo in my question. 🀣 Btw I feel the same way about Instagram.

  • Mark Ridgway
    Mark Ridgway Month ago

    Hmm feel like I didn’t get anything out of this looks cool tho

  • Johan Andersson
    Johan Andersson Month ago

    Omg! The outside! Ewww! 😊

  • retrotellephone
    retrotellephone Month ago

    My friend is using philips hue bulbs and has noticed a significant decrease in wifi performance (presumably due to eating bandwidth). Have you noticed anything at home or in your office?

  • Robert Passarelli
    Robert Passarelli Month ago

    I just wanted to say Thnx for not doing a One+ vlog, since EVERYONE has already done it... And I thought I wouldn't make it through 20 minutes, but I did, and I enjoyed it... Thnx

  • phynx2006
    phynx2006 Month ago

    Sara ...... I'm watching you πŸ‘€ oh, on TheXvid ..... wow that's creepy! hahaha

  • iqDevo
    iqDevo Month ago

    I got some WeMo plugs and light switches from my apartment as a signing bonus and then after I finally updated the firmware it no longer worked with Alexa and now the smart plugs don't wanna connect in a new home 😭

  • Kevin Jacome
    Kevin Jacome Month ago

    Is it lav or lav?...

  • Mauro Puchapski
    Mauro Puchapski Month ago

    Hi Sara! Im watching your vΓ­deo um Samsung TV using smartview from my S9 (I think apple is going in the same direction πŸ˜‰). Always a good vΓ­deo in your channel!

  • Boris Apple
    Boris Apple Month ago

    if you do that agency series check out Havas, not far from your office and they have some very *modern* approaches to advertising. i think they did a blockchain for TD. wild

  • sandeep dehal
    sandeep dehal Month ago +2

    Forget the office I LOVE YOU ❀️

  • Arthur van strien
    Arthur van strien Month ago

    Why would you turn off your fridge?

  • Krishanu Bhattacharjee

    13:45 *GOT spoiler* made me crack

  • Ben Hillman
    Ben Hillman Month ago

    Yoooo I never would have thought to use that for hiding lavs! I have to check that out. Thanks, sara!

  • Jernej Ravbar
    Jernej Ravbar Month ago

    yes please to the modern Mad Men idea! I would love to watch that

  • Freddie Causey
    Freddie Causey Month ago

    Gotta get that Mic system.

  • Ajinkya Kandalkar
    Ajinkya Kandalkar Month ago


  • Scott Shell
    Scott Shell Month ago

    Do I use SmartThings at home... that would be a huge yes!!! I have been using it for several years now. I got my 1st generation SmartThings hub in March 2014 and started creating my smart home long before most.

    My house is quite the smart home to say the least.

  • Chad Roberts
    Chad Roberts Month ago

    For a split 13:12. I thought that was a butt on the artwork. I know its a peach, but my eyes didn't focus on the stem and leaves at first.

  • john smith
    john smith Month ago

    airplay 2 sounds great with tvs such as samsung at a lower resolution (as the video will only be the as the device you are pushing the video from) - but for viewing tv/movie content I still would go with the apple tv or nvidia shield tv :)

  • Alex_lgrd
    Alex_lgrd Month ago

    Your screen monitor 😍😍😍😍

  • Alex_lgrd
    Alex_lgrd Month ago

    You look gorgeous

  • Josh Miller Music
    Josh Miller Music Month ago

    Awesome vid :)

  • Tech Urdu.PK
    Tech Urdu.PK Month ago

    Who Watches TV now a days?

  • Yash Sanghvi
    Yash Sanghvi Month ago

    You should mute the Hey Siri keyword in your videos

  • meloD30
    meloD30 Month ago

    14:32 No we didn't.
    This has been logged.


  • Danny
    Danny Month ago

    But... android phones have been able to cast to most TVs without a box for years? My 2012 Samsung TV connected to my Galaxy S6 for screen share wirelessly... and TheXvid cast. Why is apple so far behind?

  • AmaTech Blog
    AmaTech Blog Month ago

    Do you really like new wireless go? 😍