Unboxing the 2019 Razer Holiday Bundle!

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
  • The 2019 Razer Holiday bundle is here, let's check out what you get!
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Comments • 749

  • Mad Guy
    Mad Guy 8 hours ago +1

    It keeps fuckin advertising me VPNHub wtf

  • Boutabag Junior_

    Its 75 dollars now

  • Caiden Mɪʀᴇʟᴇs

    My setup ducky one 2 mini pure white and cooler master sk650 ($99 and $160)
    Large led mousepad ($20)
    Mouse Logitech hero g5202 ($80)

  • Styks_
    Styks_ 6 days ago

    Redragon Yama ($70)
    Redragon Taurus ($20)
    Redragon Dagger ($30)
    Better mouse, keyboard, and mousepad for the same price. The Mousepad is like 55 inches, so thats why the mousepad is $20

  • Jacob Mann
    Jacob Mann 6 days ago

    Obviously mechanical switches are going to feel and sound better but TBH membrane isn't that bad

  • JackTheGoatt
    JackTheGoatt 6 days ago +1

    I want to find not an expensive clicky keyboard if you can help

  • xXAnime Xx
    xXAnime Xx 6 days ago +1

    Just get the corsair pro gaming bundle its only 80 dollars

  • Zparker Gaming
    Zparker Gaming 8 days ago

    i have that keyboard

  • Dynamic Clan
    Dynamic Clan 12 days ago

    Everyone buy the Corsair one it’s the same but it brings a headset

  • jonny p
    jonny p 14 days ago

    going for 75 now lol.

  • HalfALasagna
    HalfALasagna 17 days ago +1

    If they gave deathadder elite this would make a killing.

  • kiran12 Dude
    kiran12 Dude 19 days ago

    Gibe it to me

  • Sick Lad68
    Sick Lad68 20 days ago +1

    Ima just change that keychain to my w key so I have mechanical and membrane switch lol

  • Milan Lenarduzzi
    Milan Lenarduzzi 20 days ago

    I live in the Netherlands and I have a headset with it

  • White Wolf
    White Wolf 20 days ago

    I got it a week and I had to return unfortunately a few days later because it just stopped working after the day I got it

  • John Smith
    John Smith 21 day ago

    Razer's product breaks after 6 month...I'm mostly referring to their mouse. Switching to a Logitech was the best decision ever...

  • Elit3 Ryze
    Elit3 Ryze 21 day ago +1

    Yet I can get all of them separately for 90

  • Vasid Playz
    Vasid Playz 21 day ago

    Yo I’m using that exact pack rn

  • JcsHotDog
    JcsHotDog 21 day ago

    waste of money

    ِAQUAfIRE 21 day ago

    Not worth it

  • Luciano070_vdb MOB
    Luciano070_vdb MOB 21 day ago

    Question: can you use this keyboard and mouse for ps4? Please someone reply, i need some help😅

  • Trash Meister
    Trash Meister 22 days ago

    First thing, I have the cynosa (bought it separately ). and I am veteran when it comes to gaming (year-wise) and I honestly have a mechanical keyboard but switched to mecha-membrane due to how it feels, second - he is very biased towards the mechanical keyboard and Idk... just does not make me want to press the like or subscribe button due to this. TIP: Be a bit more open-minded and yea, good content none the less, just wish he was better at presenting facts that are important to the consumer/viewer who wants to buy something like this for 2020 (bundled or not).
    And to those who are saying that its a rip-off, you are forgetting the most valuable asset in this bundle - THE KEYCHAIN.

  • Mateo
    Mateo 22 days ago

    I bought it while it was on sale, it cost like 75 bucks at Best Buy.

  • FuLLsend Clan
    FuLLsend Clan 22 days ago

    It’s $75 right now

  • Joey Ryder
    Joey Ryder 22 days ago

    It was on sale for 79 bucks tight before Christmas

  • NxD
    NxD 22 days ago +1

    I bought all my peripherals separately during black Friday I got my Blackwidow elite keyboard on sale for 99.99 my deathadder elite on sale for 35.00 my goliathus chroma for 19.99 and my kraken headset for 69.99

  • CChaines
    CChaines 23 days ago +1

    My razer blackwidow ultimate is 1000x better.... and never buy the cynosa chroma as i bought it one week ago and it came broken

  • BuRR1t0
    BuRR1t0 23 days ago

    I got this one time but the keyboard only had 3 colors and i got the hesdset.

  • BigBoiOnXbox
    BigBoiOnXbox 23 days ago

    Best Buy I already bought the cynosa chroma a year ago it was 60$ and the cheapest mouse was the Corsair harpoon rbg mouse which was 30 and together was 98$

  • George Diab
    George Diab 23 days ago +11

    Ha I’m in 2020 y’all stuck in 2019

    • Bobby The Tortoise
      Bobby The Tortoise 20 days ago

      RaigasPlayz Ha Im at 13 hours later y'all stuck at 13 hours ago

    • RaigasPlayz
      RaigasPlayz 21 day ago

      George Diab ha I’m in 2 days later y’all stuck in 2 days ago

  • gamerul BADBUIA
    gamerul BADBUIA 23 days ago

    England will remeber that

  • astronautis gamer gr
    astronautis gamer gr 23 days ago

    The deathadder essential is Chroma.....................

    Visable confusion

  • jack solomon
    jack solomon 23 days ago

    What lol I bought this for my little brother at best buy from christmas and it was only $75

  • I am Robo
    I am Robo 23 days ago +1

    Wait I'm kind of late but the mousepad being upside down gives me OCD LOL

    • I am Robo
      I am Robo 21 day ago

      @Lupascu Eduardo LOL

    • Lupascu Eduardo
      Lupascu Eduardo 23 days ago

      First one to point that out.Thanks for giving me hope in humanity.We're the only two sane people

  • Stergiannos
    Stergiannos 24 days ago

    i want that knife.

  • Team Arrival
    Team Arrival 24 days ago

    Its weird that my brother used to play for this. I asked for his keyboard and he said no :(

  • bLAcK ChInA
    bLAcK ChInA 24 days ago

    This is such a scam

  • A F
    A F 24 days ago

    i dont know why but this guy always reminds me wayne rooney lol

  • GamerGodDemon
    GamerGodDemon 24 days ago +1

    I have razer deathadder elite

  • myronwoods40
    myronwoods40 25 days ago

    Razor can suck my d*** from the back.

  • cxs_ine
    cxs_ine 27 days ago +1

    There's a Redragon bundle in which you get their K552, a tenkeyless mechanical keyboard, a Redragon M601 mouse, a Redragon XL mousepad and their Garuda headset for 53$ on Amazon. You get 4 things (including a MECHANICAL keyboard) for 53$. And this costs 120$.

  • Ledgey
    Ledgey 27 days ago +1

    I'd buy the keychain for the price of the whole bundle all alone!

    • Charles A
      Charles A 25 days ago

      Ledgey Ik i don’t know why I want that

  • Logically x_x
    Logically x_x 28 days ago

    2018 bundle sold for 90 bucks on amazon came with the goliath the keyboard and the mouse all chroma

  • Logically x_x
    Logically x_x 28 days ago

    i got the 2018 one this year

  • Franky Champ
    Franky Champ 28 days ago

    I got it for 76$

  • Marcus
    Marcus 28 days ago +1

    I got this bundle at best buy for $74.99

    • paul
      paul 28 days ago

      @Marcus yes but you bought a membrane keyboard an outdated mouse and a bad mousepad

    • Marcus
      Marcus 28 days ago

      @paul that's $105 I spent $75 on the bundle

    • paul
      paul 28 days ago

      @Marcus g203 is 15$ gk61 is 80$ with switches standard cloth pad 10$

    • Marcus
      Marcus 28 days ago

      @paul I got the keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, and the keycap keychain thing

    • paul
      paul 28 days ago

      @Marcus u could get a nice mechanical keyboard for that price?

  • Nate The Dolphin Dude
    Nate The Dolphin Dude 29 days ago

    This is what I got for Christmas!

  • Trulzboy Osnes
    Trulzboy Osnes 29 days ago

    I have the deathadder elite and i love it!

  • Ayce
    Ayce 29 days ago

    the cynosa is more depressing than juniors

  • CLAP_T8
    CLAP_T8 29 days ago +1

    hahahah i got all of those things and it wasn't a bundle :')

    • CLAP_T8
      CLAP_T8 29 days ago

      but the mouse pad is bigger but the same design XD

  • IcePlayz
    IcePlayz Month ago

    Lmao we have the same shirt

  • PrinceMajesticYT
    PrinceMajesticYT Month ago

    Right now I’m looking for extended mousepads so please comment what you recommend

    • Nathan Urbain
      Nathan Urbain 29 days ago

      PrinceMajesticYT corsair mm350 extra large I use it and I love it

  • louixxv 101
    louixxv 101 Month ago

    Can u buy this in the store or only online can someone please tell:D

  • Kool Aid bro
    Kool Aid bro Month ago

    What’s the app to change to colors on Xbox?

  • Witness
    Witness Month ago

    Now on sale for $75 on best buy now its a alright deal

  • Josh How
    Josh How Month ago

    Not worth

  • Amethysical
    Amethysical Month ago

    What a scam, I got the cynosa chroma + razer deathadder for $65 in total, so how does some rgb and mousepad double the price?

    • cydia11centra
      cydia11centra Month ago

      razer's stuf are most of the time overpriced, even this "budget bundle"

  • Crack wb
    Crack wb Month ago

    I got a different bundle that came with keyboard, mouse, mouse mat and headphones

  • Kool Aid bro
    Kool Aid bro Month ago

    How can you change the colours on Xbox?

  • Mysterious Muffin
    Mysterious Muffin Month ago +4

    I don’t know what pack this is. In the UK the Razer bundle is 110 pounds and also includes the Kraken X.