4 Pastry Wellington Recipes For Your Dinner Party • Tasty

  • Published on Jan 14, 2019
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Comments • 268

    AKSHAY KS Day ago

    i saw joshua weissman doing a much better wellington

  • Blueberry_ _Waffle
    Blueberry_ _Waffle Month ago

    Who else is watching all the pastry 🥮 videos on a fast

  • Wiwit Widhaswara
    Wiwit Widhaswara 3 months ago

    You do it likes so easy, but i dont know if i am do that

  • Joshua Walker
    Joshua Walker 4 months ago

    What about the skin on the salmon Wellington? Do you remove it?

  • ツRel
    ツRel 6 months ago

    Last one was beef not salmon...

  • Cosmin Marandici
    Cosmin Marandici 7 months ago

    Made the salmon Wellington 10/10

  • AceTheMemeLorde
    AceTheMemeLorde 7 months ago

    _Gordon Ramsay has left the chat_

  • Sophie Toon
    Sophie Toon 7 months ago


  • mrbear1302
    mrbear1302 7 months ago

    Why is half this video out of focus?!?!?!?!?!?! Please stop the fade in and out!

  • PumpkinEskobarr
    PumpkinEskobarr 7 months ago

    Filet Mignon magically becomes Salmon.
    I call that Alchemy!

  • Daniel Kim
    Daniel Kim 7 months ago

    All the haters saying that aint salmon, but that cow’s name was Salmon the Cow

  • Lizzie Heyward
    Lizzie Heyward 8 months ago

    Uhhh if I make this, the beef will be well done.

  • Nida Kazi
    Nida Kazi 8 months ago

    The vegan one has egg wash on top. What are you even trying to do tasty.

  • Ria
    Ria 8 months ago

    Vegetarian Wellington looked delicious. Thanks.

  • Jess Draws
    Jess Draws 8 months ago

    y'all please don't roast the tasty intern like this

  • Maniss
    Maniss 8 months ago

    Gordon Ramsey's recipe

  • Sanie Molina
    Sanie Molina 8 months ago +1

    thanks for giving the recipes they looked very delicious sorry I'm wrong all the recipes they make look delicious

  • RobloxGamerExpert 134
    RobloxGamerExpert 134 8 months ago

    I’ve never had Wellington before.

  • Kristjan
    Kristjan 8 months ago

    I smell Gordon Ramsay from this video. 🤔😂

  • sereen
    sereen 8 months ago

    the first one is literally gordon ramsey’s recipe... like if you’re gonna steal a recipe from someone, try stealing from someone who isn’t a world famous chef

  • Ananya Chinmaya
    Ananya Chinmaya 8 months ago

    They called the last one Salmon Wellington

  • Rachel Fishbein
    Rachel Fishbein 8 months ago

    It would be awesome to have a 101 video on making puff pastry (regular, rough, and danish) and when to use them.

  • K S Varun
    K S Varun 8 months ago +2

    8:43 Salmon Wellington?

  • Not the case
    Not the case 8 months ago +1

    Am i the only one who is disgusted by uncooked in the inside beef? Like not only in this recipe, but overall

  • valeria LA
    valeria LA 8 months ago

    It looks delicious 👌👌

  • viv Viv
    viv Viv 8 months ago

    Is that beef or Salmon?

  • TheOutsidersPost
    TheOutsidersPost 8 months ago

    I find it funny they make light of the fact then any joe or jane can make a beef Wellington. Even trained chefs have a hell of a time preparing the dish. Not Tasty though, with their constant ability to redo everything. Hipsters

  • Thea Pattawi
    Thea Pattawi 8 months ago

    I got salmonella watching the first one

  • Khairina Khairuddin
    Khairina Khairuddin 8 months ago

    The first and second last recipe of beef and salmon wellington looks really good!

  • Plain Jane
    Plain Jane 8 months ago

    Moo Wellington.

  • Chaia's Curations
    Chaia's Curations 8 months ago +1

    I just started a TheXvid channel please give me feedback!!!!!!!

  • Odd Flex
    Odd Flex 8 months ago

    yall white people gotta season those veggies properly

  • Brian the Trainer
    Brian the Trainer 8 months ago +4

    8:37 "Salmon" Welington
    geez you people should hire a new editor

  • Tryggvi Antonsson
    Tryggvi Antonsson 8 months ago +2

    I think my favourite dish from the video is the salmon wellington, it looked so great

  • Akvile Too
    Akvile Too 8 months ago

    That beef is as raw as Laura Lee's career

  • Ingus Matisons
    Ingus Matisons 8 months ago

    tasty food nice recept fake low fake loose wtf bich food

  • Anoobius
    Anoobius 8 months ago +3

    *When I think about Beef Wellington*

    • Anoobius
      Anoobius 7 months ago

      @b x Are you that serious over a joke? Fuck off m8.

    • b x
      b x 7 months ago

      Anoobius stupid but at least i know what type of meat i’m talking about you mindless donkey

    • Anoobius
      Anoobius 7 months ago

      @b x What's in your name?

    • b x
      b x 7 months ago

      are u stupid

    • b x
      b x 7 months ago

      Anoobius it’s not fucking lamb you absolute donut

  • Maxine Hunter
    Maxine Hunter 8 months ago

    Can y’all create recipes Game of Thrones related?

  • Jessica Thakkar
    Jessica Thakkar 8 months ago +1

    I have an important test tomorrow
    And I'm watching this video
    And ik that I'm never gonna cook this!

  • IchKocheEinfach
    IchKocheEinfach 8 months ago +1

    Really tasty 👍

  • Harry Ravi
    Harry Ravi 8 months ago

    The beef in the Wellington is not even cooked well

  • B Sinita
    B Sinita 8 months ago

    8:42 😕😕😕um no.....that beef⁉⁉

  • TheHappyWeeper 332
    TheHappyWeeper 332 8 months ago

    The first one is gorden Ramsay’s recipie

  • Gracie Bunnell
    Gracie Bunnell 8 months ago

    *gordon Ramsay has left the chat*

  • Magpie Syndrome
    Magpie Syndrome 8 months ago

    The veggie combination in the second one made me want to gag.

  • Burazengija
    Burazengija 8 months ago

    The first one is not "SHOW STOPING BEEF WELLINGTON" , its "Gordon Ramseys beef wellington"

  • Ka'pella Nuwavin
    Ka'pella Nuwavin 8 months ago

    The last was one beefy piece of Salmon.

  • All in one cook & fun
    All in one cook & fun 8 months ago


  • moved account
    moved account 8 months ago

    the song reminded me of the Telecurso theme (a brazilian educational TV show)

  • Damon Delaroy
    Damon Delaroy 8 months ago

    The last one isn't salmon wellington ya silly sausages Hahahahahahaha First mistake i've seen Still all look delicious Thanks heaps ......Damon from Australia

  • Soy Yo
    Soy Yo 8 months ago +1

    How can you eat animals? Its so bad😣

  • satoshiketchump
    satoshiketchump 8 months ago

    Gordon Ramsay has entered the chat

  • Azehan Azli
    Azehan Azli 8 months ago

    Fraud. You put nothing in the pan to dry the mushroom.

  • Ja B
    Ja B 8 months ago

    The last one was with beef why does there stay salmon

  • Caleb Dickerson
    Caleb Dickerson 8 months ago

    Ah yes, the rare and elusive "Salmon Wellington" made with beef

  • Best boi UvU jojos Bazzaire Adventure

    Gordon would never eat the first one.

  • Loegan's Channel
    Loegan's Channel 8 months ago

    Feels like I'm watching a transition scene from Chowder.

  • thadara88
    thadara88 8 months ago

    I don't normally post comments but, the vegetable dish looked so unappealing. Why beans, chestnuts and nutmeg? And then you add frozen spinach it was probably one of the worst vegetarian dishes I've ever seen. So many other vegetarian options available.

  • mister Moody
    mister Moody 8 months ago

    Why do I always watch these before bed?

  • Dakota Wilson
    Dakota Wilson 8 months ago

    Steak comes from the rivers now?