4 Levels of Chocolate Chip Cookies: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

  • Published on Sep 17, 2018
  • It doesn't get much more classic than chocolate chip cookies. We challenged chefs of three different levels - an amateur, a home cook and a professional chef - to make their versions of the chocolate chip cookie. And then we brought in a food scientist to review their work. Which cookie was the best?
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    4 Levels of Chocolate Chip Cookies: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious
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Comments • 11 974

  • amna kalim
    amna kalim 3 hours ago +2

    Absolutely nobody:
    Not even a single soul:

    Penny: *I M A K E A G O O D C O O K I E.*

  • plantzels prets
    plantzels prets 3 hours ago +1

    I love their reactions in the end. Be proud of your cookies!
    (unless you caused food poisoning, accidentally that is)

  • Rrrobloxx Gggirl
    Rrrobloxx Gggirl 4 hours ago +1

    My mom: I don’t bake cookies why show me this video
    Me: can you at least try
    Mom: where’s your money
    Me : where is it MOM
    Me: so can you-
    Mom: No
    Me: but mom
    Mom: *watches vid to the end learns everything but does nothing *
    Me: ;-;

  • Raul Joaquin
    Raul Joaquin 5 hours ago

    penny has perfect cookiee

  • Mint Tea
    Mint Tea 11 hours ago

    I’m hungry now dangittothepowerofinfinity

  • Y A
    Y A 16 hours ago

    She didn't actually smoke it as in inhale it's fumes, she just put the flavor of smoke into it

    Or something like that

  • Y A
    Y A 16 hours ago

    Do cake pls

  • Shiro Ryujin
    Shiro Ryujin 18 hours ago

    Level:5 My next market in the near! :3 If never tasted a better one like he american style cookies. I only like them crunchy not soft.

  • haibill
    haibill 19 hours ago

    *tHicC cOoKiE*

  • Davitofratito
    Davitofratito 20 hours ago

    Those expert cookies look too big and too chewy. I like them to have a bit of "snap" when you bite into them.

  • Kitkat C
    Kitkat C Day ago

    Shouldn't amateur literally just be store bought cookie dough baked in the oven

  • Nehsmie
    Nehsmie Day ago

    Lorenzo has the best cookie and personality 😁😁

  • DARK Chapman
    DARK Chapman Day ago

    Now the next one is

    Who best at decorating poop

  • Calumari
    Calumari Day ago

    i MaKe A GOoD cOoKiE.

  • andrewthezeppo
    andrewthezeppo Day ago

    But like we all know the best recipe is the one on the Nestle Toll House bag. Like they invented the damn cookie.

  • Afanyu Yembe
    Afanyu Yembe Day ago

    Level 3 chef: i wake up very early in the morning and lay my own eggs

  • I Love Kevin Pharaoh

    Level 1 is a cutie

  • Drip XD
    Drip XD Day ago

    I love number 2 chef lierenzo I think that's how you spell It please correct me if wrong he like a like a number 3 chef

  • Serena withaC
    Serena withaC Day ago

    They all suck 🤷‍♀️ hard cookies are no good people want a nice soft cookie that doesn’t crumble 🤷‍♀️ shouldn’t have no damn crumbs

  • Alina Hansinger
    Alina Hansinger Day ago

    Her name is Alina my name is alina yay!!

  • Vianney Vergara
    Vianney Vergara Day ago

    Professional chef: as I was in the plane minutes later over the green rain forest I jumped, opening my parachute i thought to myself " vanilla extract is for simple chefs" as I landed I searched for hours at one point I fought a lion cub and it's mother then finally I found it hanging at the bottom of a tree branch a vanilla bean shining in the spotlight I quickly collected the bean and ran off with a scar on my right eye and ripped clothing encountering a giant Gorilla defeating it still with my vanilla bean, hours later I finally returned home.

  • Legend central
    Legend central 2 days ago


  • I Don't Suck
    I Don't Suck 2 days ago

    4:12 that’s what she said

  • Ana Cardoso
    Ana Cardoso 2 days ago

    The level 1 girl is the only not lazy

  • Comentarista Qualquer

    I always like The especialist and lorenzo

    LIL POTTER 2 days ago

    iM gOnNa SmOkE mY sEa SaLt


    *iM gOnNa SmOkE mY bUtTeR tOo*

  • Coralie
    Coralie 2 days ago +1

    I laughed at the fact the professional said that only them weight their ingredients because that's what everyone does in France and maybe Europe

  • JamEpix
    JamEpix 2 days ago +1

    My 2k like comment finally got deleted. Rip.

  • Just Someone
    Just Someone 2 days ago

    I love the amateurs confidence

  • Joey Godiska
    Joey Godiska 2 days ago

    Penny's cookie recipe: www.ice.edu/blog/chocolate-chip-cookie-recipe-smoke-butter

  • glof
    glof 2 days ago

    Lorenzo is a beast

  • Wolfie Lover999
    Wolfie Lover999 2 days ago

    My mom's cookies is lvl 5 Like grandma's cookies with a hell Lotta love in it srry I'm late ;-;

  • DJ StaRyu
    DJ StaRyu 2 days ago

    the fourth level is just as dumb as the imperial system. it doesnt make sense. its not consistent.

  • njaazed
    njaazed 2 days ago

    no one:
    level 3: i like to feed and raise my own chickens and collect their eggs and make my own 74% chocolate. do you guys wanna smoke some butter?

  • MrCoal
    MrCoal 2 days ago

    9-11 mins?

  • Itzel Velis
    Itzel Velis 2 days ago

    why Lorenzo’s cookie look better to me than the chef

  • adriana castillo
    adriana castillo 2 days ago

    I came here strictly for Lorenzo

  • SJW
    SJW 2 days ago

    I actually liked the first two better. The third cookie was too thicc. It looked like a chocolate chip cake, not a cookie.

  • Člotic
    Člotic 2 days ago +2

    My stepmoms cookies look better than all of theirs

  • Bugz Bunny
    Bugz Bunny 2 days ago

    🐫 👟

  • Avqxi
    Avqxi 3 days ago

    Does anyone hate the way the food scientist talks and pretends she’s too good

  • Lord Xavier
    Lord Xavier 3 days ago

    Does anyone even watch the science part at the end?

  • Amalika Baramuli
    Amalika Baramuli 3 days ago +6

    Penny: *makes cookies*
    Cookie Monster: I'm going to end this whole lady's career

  • HowToIz Good
    HowToIz Good 3 days ago

    Penny seem freaking mad

  • Mega_ Fuser
    Mega_ Fuser 3 days ago

    Lorenzo: be precise
    Pro cook: *Dumps it in like it’s nothing*

  • son kam9001
    son kam9001 3 days ago

    God the level 3 chef has such a serious face she looks uninterested and disgusted of everything

  • son kam9001
    son kam9001 3 days ago

    As a chef I like to make my own razors

  • Josie Authers
    Josie Authers 3 days ago +1

    Every episode:
    Level 1: Everything's wrong apparently. I think it tastes good, but apparently ITS WRONG!
    Level 2: ooo, i need that in my mouth right now. It is generally the best.
    Level 4: A bunch of science crap when I just want to know what to do and what not to do. Also not a level.

  • Lucky G27
    Lucky G27 3 days ago

    I hate thick cookies it's like bread instead of cookie... lorenzo was the best...

  • Chenai Sabeta-Boadi
    Chenai Sabeta-Boadi 3 days ago

    How do I make thin but chewy cookies?

  • ailatoivay
    ailatoivay 4 days ago

    how do u smoke butter? like do you just burn it or something

  • ailatoivay
    ailatoivay 4 days ago

    level 6- GOrDoN RamSaY

  • Blue Skyy
    Blue Skyy 4 days ago

    All 3 of them look dried out...Not my type of chocolate chip cookie.

  • JenniferVolgs& Games
    JenniferVolgs& Games 4 days ago +1

    The end the girl is litter my putting more words and taking the level 3 chefs work

  • Evan ABE RONEY
    Evan ABE RONEY 4 days ago

    4:39 yes I agree it's THICC haha she said it like she meant THICC not thick lol

  • eddy831
    eddy831 4 days ago

    god dam this is my fav series !!!!! make more!!!!!!!!!

  • Jxngle Bxllz
    Jxngle Bxllz 4 days ago +1

    They forgot one level xD
    *Level 0: Reading ingredients from a box*

  • GamZz Playz
    GamZz Playz 4 days ago

    hate you burst your bubbles guys.. but this woman is not a food scientist!! I would know so myself since I am a food scientist. We travel from lab to farm and we come up with ways to ship foods the most effective way. Food Scientist DO NOT go on TheXvid videos and talk about facts we just google. Just watched this from my recommendations and I want to let you guys know this is not what a real food scientist’s job.

  • George Delgado
    George Delgado 4 days ago

    Who else skips level 4?

  • You Mr. Misses the joke

    Professional: a little salt is good for cookies
    Chips Ahoy: dID yOu sAy sAlT

  • Maria Escobedo
    Maria Escobedo 4 days ago +2

    Amateur chef would've bought pre-made cookie dough

    • ailatoivay
      ailatoivay 4 days ago

      Maria Escobedo an amateur would have bought store bought pre made cookies and claimed it was theirs

  • Alexander ìsland
    Alexander ìsland 4 days ago

    Thear is just 3 people not 5 because you nead grandma cus you a
    Would need all of the love and the 4th 1 would be the mom's actuly the mom's should be the 3th 1 and the expert should be the 4th and 5th grandma with lots of love and
    grandma's whold be the beast 1

  • Explicit Content
    Explicit Content 4 days ago

    dont like lorenzos to crunchy all about chewy but crispy edges

  • Rafael V.T
    Rafael V.T 4 days ago +1

    Most Humble= Amateur
    Most Confident&Funny= Home Cook
    The Normal One= Pro
    Noisy= Expert

    DANIEL DANG 5 days ago

    I don’t care how you make it. JUST GIVE ME COOKIES

  • Guinea Grotto
    Guinea Grotto 5 days ago +1

    Who else doesn’t watch the food scientist part because u cringe so much

  • GameFace 22134
    GameFace 22134 5 days ago

    Alena: hi guys I'm Alena
    Penny:hi my name is penny

  • Andrea Tews
    Andrea Tews 5 days ago

    I'm not even home cook level dang it

  • D P
    D P 5 days ago +1

    In my opinion, Biscolata has the best cookies. www.amazon.com/Biscolata-Mood-Cookies-Chocolate-Filling/dp/B07LC3JV58/?keywords=cookie

  • Montreal Latrell
    Montreal Latrell 5 days ago

    Just let the black people work and don’t give them a tip or heads up

  • nadzirah muhsin
    nadzirah muhsin 5 days ago

    Penny cookies like straight up real life cookies advertisement and i want her tobake me some now

  • Shelsea Tany Guillaume
    Shelsea Tany Guillaume 5 days ago +1

    That's not a cookie it's a muffin

  • patch
    patch 5 days ago

    Mine easily looked better than level 2 cookies the first time I tried it..

  • David Kočí
    David Kočí 6 days ago

    I love Lorenzo 😂❤️

  • George Theis
    George Theis 6 days ago +2

    0:10 looks like you’ve been professionally eating for 14 years too

  • Chamberz55
    Chamberz55 6 days ago

    This chef too extra. She the same one that made her own bread for French toast which no one does. Now she is smoking butter? GTFO.

  • ashuma tak
    ashuma tak 6 days ago

    All the cookies were looking tasty and yummy 🙂

  • Chan Fam
    Chan Fam 6 days ago +2

    Um. Does the amateur even get an electric mixer?! I noticed that in the brownies too...

    The amateurs are being done dirty

  • Willette J
    Willette J 6 days ago

    Not between each version ... among the versions

  • Reuben Shilling
    Reuben Shilling 6 days ago

    I love Lorenzo 😂

  • netmo53
    netmo53 6 days ago

    Am i the only one here who loves penny and want to see her more in the upcomming videos?

  • m i
    m i 7 days ago

    Am I the only person that cringed when I heard their crunches while they ate their cookies? Why is it sooo crunchy I feel like crying

  • Water Under The Bridge

    Do you ever stop to think about how the food scientist is just pointing at an empty board ‘cuz I’m pretty sure the words are added in post

  • myexplodingcat
    myexplodingcat 7 days ago

    The use of baking powder in your cookies is a texture preference thing more than anything else.
    If you like thin/crispy/kinda chewy cookies, Lorenzo's baking soda only method is the way to go.
    Penny's method will get you a more cakey cookie, because the baking soda causes it to rise more in the oven--which is what she was going for since she wanted all those chocolate layers.
    Baking powder is baking soda + cream of tartar, an acidic powder. If y'all remember your science fair volcanoes, that means lots and lots of bubbles. Poof! This happens on a tiny scale inside your cookie while it's in the oven, and causes the cookies to rise.
    Idk why the armchair scientist lady didn't really explain this. It confuses a lot of people and she totally brushed over what it's actually doing.

  • Ed Mudd
    Ed Mudd 7 days ago

    The only thing I know is that I need a cookie!!!

  • TheSkandranon
    TheSkandranon 7 days ago

    I would like to see other kinds of cookies too. Like snickerdoodles, since there's differences to the ingredients, you can't do the exact same tricks that you use here

  • Abby Mattey
    Abby Mattey 7 days ago +1

    As a Professional Chef I like to grow farm and raise my own cocoa beans and hand sculpt chocolate chips

  • Abigail Cote
    Abigail Cote 7 days ago +1

    Is it just me, or do Lorenzo's cookies look better than Penny's?

    • Melanie Eilish
      Melanie Eilish 5 days ago

      Abigail Cote
      I like Penny’s. Hers probably taste better too.

  • Idk Idc
    Idk Idc 7 days ago

    When will Lorenzo get his own cooking show...

  • ttgk
    ttgk 7 days ago

    I like my cookies T H I C C

  • Soraya Wyasket
    Soraya Wyasket 8 days ago


  • hunohlulu
    hunohlulu 8 days ago

    this is very informative tho.

  • cool guy12345678910
    cool guy12345678910 8 days ago

    Call it 3 levels of blank

    STEELWALL43 8 days ago +6

    This is the first time I've actually seen Lorenzo get outpaced by the chef, he usually holds his own really well! Credit to the chef for really going that extra mile, and maybe a mile after that

    • andrewthezeppo
      andrewthezeppo Day ago

      I thought her cooking looked too thick and dense, I'm sure it tasted good but Lorenzo's were more of what I want if I want a chocolate chip cookie.

  • Shane Flett
    Shane Flett 8 days ago

    Level 3: enjoys cookie in professionalism

  • Chase Machica
    Chase Machica 8 days ago +1

    As long as the cookie taste good, I'm eating it

  • Tom Mccarthy
    Tom Mccarthy 8 days ago

    Lorenzo is level three chef in my heart

  • Farhana Ali
    Farhana Ali 8 days ago

    Who else watches but never makes the recipes

  • Merrielle Gatlin
    Merrielle Gatlin 9 days ago

    I’m gonna be straight none of them look that good...

  • DikaTheUndertaleFan
    DikaTheUndertaleFan 9 days ago

    Thumbnail looked like ice cream