4 Levels of Chocolate Chip Cookies: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious


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  • Savannah Ewell
    Savannah Ewell 14 hours ago

    “And the cookie is really thick”
    My interpretation-“And the cookie got really THICC”
    Just me....ok

  • Quinton Kent
    Quinton Kent 21 hour ago

    1:37 why??

  • Superadi554
    Superadi554 22 hours ago

    The Alina girl has the same name as me and it’s the same spelling my name is spelled like Alina to

  • Rdd Sknk89
    Rdd Sknk89 Day ago

    I attempted to make the professional baker’s cookies...

    emphasis on attempted

  • Someone Lol
    Someone Lol Day ago

    Mmm I really want pro’s cookie. Looks amazing.

  • tide pod
    tide pod Day ago

    ...babes it’s a cookie, you can’t go wrong.

  • Night. Gaming
    Night. Gaming Day ago

    The cookies are *T H I C C*

  • Tenzin Kunga
    Tenzin Kunga Day ago

    I can do better

  • Why
    Why Day ago

    The moment the Level pop out I thought it was an advertisement, and it wasn't an advertisement you got me, dude.

  • alotta fegina
    alotta fegina Day ago

    Next...french macarons

  • Jet Chusacultanachai

    Title says 4

  • Monica Sings xox
    Monica Sings xox Day ago +1

    Low-key fancy cookies now...😅

  • Jasper
    Jasper 2 days ago


  • Dame Time
    Dame Time 2 days ago

    baking isnt a skill. its a science

  • Tony Valdez Ceballos

    What is the name of the chocolate stuff that Penny uses?

  • Little TaeTae
    Little TaeTae 2 days ago


  • Jenna Alexa
    Jenna Alexa 2 days ago

    Honestly I would prefer Lorenzo’s cookies to Penny’s hers were way too complex for me

  • MeLSL1
    MeLSL1 2 days ago

    (Tasting their own cookie)
    Level 1: that's amazing!
    Level 2: that's a good good cookie!!
    Pro: I make a good cookie.

  • prince. alters
    prince. alters 2 days ago

    Penny’s cookies doesn’t look very braces friendly so I’m going with Alina’s

  • MyCrazy World
    MyCrazy World 2 days ago

    I would be the lazy person I am and just buy some at the store XD like if you agree xD

  • goldscarabbeetle
    goldscarabbeetle 2 days ago

    I feel bad for the narrative given to the amateur and the home chef. But the professional chef's "I make a good cookie" was hilarious.

  • Taylor Wicks
    Taylor Wicks 2 days ago

    I want number 3s recipe

  • e3e o3o
    e3e o3o 2 days ago

    Lorenzo was so cute to watch! I loved Alina, but I think Penny's was my favourite. I don't get why people are dragging a professional baker when they probably didn't even know what smoking butter meant before this video. Her's looked amazing

  • Filhaq 89.7
    Filhaq 89.7 2 days ago

    Praising your cookie...???

  • Hoàng Nguyễn Vũ Huy

    Are all chef dead inside?

  • Musashi Roche
    Musashi Roche 2 days ago

    The cookie is nice and *T* *H* *I* *C* *C*

  • spydaboi100
    spydaboi100 2 days ago +1

    anyonw else en 2019 coockie?

  • Manchee Thebane
    Manchee Thebane 2 days ago

    Course penny did better! She’s a professional! She knows what she’s doing with extra knowledge. This is condescending.

  • Geek Booklover
    Geek Booklover 3 days ago

    You said four levels

  • Adrian Torres
    Adrian Torres 3 days ago +1

    How I bake cookies:
    Go to Costco
    Buy cookies

  • ultimate shota
    ultimate shota 3 days ago

    everyone's gonna like chocolate chip cookies
    except for vegans

  • sip that tea sister
    sip that tea sister 3 days ago

    lol the professional is just trying so hard by doing unnecessary things

  • Audrey Hollenbaugh
    Audrey Hollenbaugh 3 days ago

    Thick cookies are so gross, I think Lorenzo’s looked the best 😂

  • Karmen DePriest
    Karmen DePriest 3 days ago

    I love how each person on every level absolutely loved their own cookies they made. It makes me happy. ❤️

  • Toxiphilia
    Toxiphilia 3 days ago

    God Penny's cookies look soooo gooood, I want a ton of them rn!

  • Ninja fan123 YT
    Ninja fan123 YT 3 days ago

    “Not baking powder!”

  • Min Suga
    Min Suga 3 days ago +1


  • Calkirk19
    Calkirk19 3 days ago

    Sea salt has impurities...100 percent agree. It’s where the flavor is...yeah right

  • Calkirk19
    Calkirk19 3 days ago

    All I want is subway’s recipe

  • Claire Eiford
    Claire Eiford 4 days ago

    Like I don't want to make the 1st one cookies cause I have dignity, but the 3rd one is like, it will take FOREVER to make and I rather have cookies today. I choose 1 and a 1/2

  • Rachel Artis
    Rachel Artis 4 days ago


  • borgxxxboy
    borgxxxboy 4 days ago

    Recipe from the professional please.

  • Brangardia
    Brangardia 4 days ago

    this is one nod short from being buzzfeed

  • xXToasted_LlamaXx
    xXToasted_LlamaXx 4 days ago

    I thought that baking soda was the one that you're not supposed to use lol. Isn't used for cleaning or something?

  • redstranger07
    redstranger07 4 days ago

    Honestly, the 'pro' one is just too much. Too long to cook, way too big. Sure, hers is the kind of cookie you get at a fancy bakery, but no one at home is making those. I bet even she had an 'at home' recipe that's much more simplified

  • chaos3
    chaos3 4 days ago

    I guess that was a good place for a commercial smack in the middle killing the emotional response of enjoying the cookies

  • Mari Bazooka
    Mari Bazooka 4 days ago

    The level 3 chef is such a show off🙄😂

  • AJ Olesen
    AJ Olesen 4 days ago

    What if their was a next level? it would probably be called...

    Read more

  • Corey Collabs
    Corey Collabs 4 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks the pro is scary

  • TTV FragZ
    TTV FragZ 4 days ago +1

    I thought this was buzzfeed

  • Corbin sullivan
    Corbin sullivan 4 days ago

    everytime the pro chef talks she gets a little more snooty

  • Slender Dragon
    Slender Dragon 4 days ago

    go to min 5 and set the vid speed to 1.5
    enjoy xD

  • Princess Vibes
    Princess Vibes 4 days ago

    I what cookies now🤤😂😂

  • Jorge Guzman
    Jorge Guzman 5 days ago

    Wow amateur baker Alina is so beautiful

  • Landon Davis
    Landon Davis 5 days ago

    Level 3 over does it

  • Landon Davis
    Landon Davis 5 days ago

    Lorenzo did a lot better

  • Wipeout v1
    Wipeout v1 5 days ago +1

    To be honest I don’t care what kind of cookies I just want cookies 🍪

  • The CanChi Gamer
    The CanChi Gamer 5 days ago

    Where Ramsey.....

  • Adrian themost
    Adrian themost 5 days ago

    based on there weight i could tell what tasted better

  • Christopher Jin
    Christopher Jin 5 days ago

    I love how Lorenzo is like: OH my GAAAAAAAAAAAAD that's a GOOD COOKIE!
    And Penny just says: I make a good cookie

  • Lukas Hubert
    Lukas Hubert 5 days ago +5

    @ 1:02
    So are you really going to tell me, that you would be able to distinguish the difference in taste between sea salt and regular salt in a baked chocolate chip cookie?? Bruh.

  • my smol bean jewel :3

    I vote for penny they looked so great

    Of course the others did good but penny's look delish!

  • Foxy Life
    Foxy Life 5 days ago

    If I was the person explaining what happened, I would cringe knowing that I was just pointing to random places on an empty board.

  • Domi Rusz
    Domi Rusz 5 days ago


  • sister is shook
    sister is shook 5 days ago

    Penny's cookies look suuuuuppeeeer good.

  • Hubert Eichson
    Hubert Eichson 5 days ago

    Of course the pro won, clearly the amatuer don't stand a chance since she's a woman, autoloss right there. The home cook didn't stand a chance against the pro either since he's fat, if you're fat you are almost always stupid, how can the concept of more running than food be so hard to understand? Next time bring in other people against the pro if we want a fair fight and a better video.

  • Neo T.
    Neo T. 5 days ago

    I don't even want one about cakes, my brain feels dead.

  • Emilio Sánchez
    Emilio Sánchez 5 days ago

    I've now mastered this, bring me the critics.

  • Juliette Phillips
    Juliette Phillips 5 days ago +2

    They all looks delicious but I’m craving Penny’s cookies 🍪

  • Kaitlyn S
    Kaitlyn S 6 days ago

    Lorenzo's cookie is the best - accessible, delicious, a little more in-depth. I didn't like the analysis part of this video and I didn't like how Penny's different techniques were overshadowed by the fact you were clearly asking her to go ALL OUT extra on hers to make the difference bigger. She probably makes cookies at home like Lorenzo's too, just with vanilla extract instead of essence, or maybe some vanilla sugar, or anything a little bit more chef-fy

  • Mykhailo Hohol
    Mykhailo Hohol 6 days ago

    newb girl annoyed me with her incompetence; looked like she purposely tried to be clumsy about het work

  • •Hunny•
    •Hunny• 6 days ago +1

    Mmm those are some thicc cookies

  • Madelyn McLean
    Madelyn McLean 6 days ago +1

    I would eat all of these cookies in 5 minutes🤤🤤🤤

  • name's Zeus
    name's Zeus 6 days ago

    I like the amateur, idc how her cookies are, i like her

  • Lady June
    Lady June 6 days ago

    Lorenzo’s were the prettiest but I appreciate all the care that went into Penny’s

  • Choco Dude
    Choco Dude 6 days ago

    i like alina's more.

  • Doug Johnson
    Doug Johnson 6 days ago

    I've been salting my cookies for 20 years and taking CRAP for it. 3:37 All you naysayers can suck it.

  • Sushi Cat :3
    Sushi Cat :3 6 days ago


    So close...

  • _Chocodog _123
    _Chocodog _123 6 days ago

    It's midnight and I'm hungry

  • TheRictile
    TheRictile 6 days ago

    Just put it in a hot oil if want to become level 7 on making cookie

  • Alex Marzano
    Alex Marzano 7 days ago

    I think the chef over complicated Just one guy who makes great cookies opinion

  • QuintonGaming7000
    QuintonGaming7000 7 days ago

    Level 4 my grandma

  • Mason Holly #20
    Mason Holly #20 7 days ago

    Penny is a boss!!

  • TheKodester
    TheKodester 7 days ago

    How is this four levels? Only three people made cookies.
    Why are there levels? Each cookie is probably great in it own way!

  • IamsuperSam MrKay
    IamsuperSam MrKay 7 days ago

    Wait so, clickbait, but why didn't they just take a picture of the actual cookies for the thumbnail???

    COOL SAD 7 days ago

    u bitcoin sily

  • Furry Flaps
    Furry Flaps 7 days ago

    how do i always end up on this channel when im high

  • Unicorn Rainbow
    Unicorn Rainbow 7 days ago

    Now I want a cookie 🍪

  • A bunny that will chew on your cables

    That level 3 person's cookies took way more time, money and is less efficient. Thus, the other cookies are more environmentally friendly lol, I'd eat them over those level 3 ones

  • Michelle Mørch
    Michelle Mørch 7 days ago

    Gotta try this

  • Alissa 。-。
    Alissa 。-。 7 days ago +1

    the guy sounds kinda like donald trump Aka Lorenzo

  • Mochi gurll
    Mochi gurll 7 days ago

    Liked lorenzo's cookie the most. Simple and thin

  • sumaia Aman
    sumaia Aman 7 days ago +2

    can you please give us the exact recipe Penny used? I can't guess the quantities...all I know is she put 11 oz flour..thank you :)

    • George L
      George L 4 days ago

      I was thinking the same thing!!

  • Pineapple Pepper
    Pineapple Pepper 8 days ago

    Has anyone been to thekidsshouldsethis.com?

  • *Elianna Eviris*
    *Elianna Eviris* 8 days ago

    *i make a good cookie*

  • Pear Jam Gaming
    Pear Jam Gaming 8 days ago

    I need to make penny’s chocolate chip cookies

  • Matt Schneider
    Matt Schneider 8 days ago +1

    Does anyone know Penny's recipe?

    EJ VLOGS GAMING YT 8 days ago


  • Three Kids
    Three Kids 8 days ago

    The boys looked the best 🍪

  • King Andrew
    King Andrew 8 days ago

    the salt on top of the cookies is definitely interesting. if i took anything from this video, it's that