4 Levels of Chocolate Chip Cookies: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious


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  • That weirdo Chanel
    That weirdo Chanel 5 minutes ago +1


  • Secaucus Junction
    Secaucus Junction 5 minutes ago

    We want a really *THICC* cookie

  • Libeauty7
    Libeauty7 49 minutes ago

    I love BIG FATTY COOKIES 😆😜🤓

  • Kemono33
    Kemono33 Hour ago

    the part about moisture is complete rubbish. How does a penny compensate for moisture with weight? moisture absorbed in sugar, makes it weigh more. scales don't make a difference

  • Neha Raghunathan
    Neha Raghunathan Hour ago +1

    0:32 that sound is so satisfying

  • Grumpy Gus
    Grumpy Gus Hour ago

    why would i want my cookies to taste smoky?

  • Demon Queen Supreme Wattpad

    I grew up with poorly made cookies, meaning they were huge and flat, and gradually went from crispy to super soft in the middle. These didn’t look good to me.

  • Jasmine Coz
    Jasmine Coz Hour ago +1

    You know it's good when you can't talk

  • Natasha Roper
    Natasha Roper 2 hours ago

    As soon as the level 3 cook said she wanted to make the cookies more savoury... straight up I was like nopppppeee. That ain’t okay at all, that’s a sin in itself.

  • Commander Palace
    Commander Palace 2 hours ago

    I hate how the home cooks always act like there better than everyone. Like sit down patric you cook for your disapproval wife, not for a 5 star restaurant

  • NH4 Ci
    NH4 Ci 3 hours ago

    I swear these lvl 3 chefs are too extra. Its always lvl 2 that seems to make the best looking grub

  • weaselmaster98
    weaselmaster98 3 hours ago +1

    Lorenzo is the best on this show. His recipes always look the best imo, they're simple and look great. I'd rather have his cookie than the level 3 cookie.

  • Elena Farzin-Nia
    Elena Farzin-Nia 3 hours ago


  • Annabeth Chase
    Annabeth Chase 4 hours ago

    I don't care who makes it, as long as it's not oatmeal raisin I'm eating it

  • AestHetIC mEmE
    AestHetIC mEmE 4 hours ago

    i live for lorenzo's enthusiasm😂

  • Oppa Sanidosa
    Oppa Sanidosa 4 hours ago

    I will just buy mah cookieh.

  • Toka- San ᄋᄉᄋ
    Toka- San ᄋᄉᄋ 5 hours ago

    I want to see the level 4 cook make something

  • Kaci
    Kaci 5 hours ago

    This makes me want to go and make chocolate chip cookies now

  • saitama is a god
    saitama is a god 5 hours ago +1

    Number 2 won

  • Cloudy Tug
    Cloudy Tug 6 hours ago

    Havent watched it yet but if level 1 just gets a roll of toll house ima die laughing

  • pizza fiend
    pizza fiend 6 hours ago +1

    Ellena = the one who dated Stefan Salvatore as a human and Damon Salvatore as a vampire
    Lorenzo = long lost best friend of Damon Salvatore
    Penny = engaged to Matt Donovan before death........
    Wow... too much of vampire diaries...😂😂😂😂😂


    *But DOES*

  • Chloé-Ana Braidy
    Chloé-Ana Braidy 7 hours ago

    Lorenzo's attitude sucks

  • Rogue Status
    Rogue Status 7 hours ago

    I'm sorry, you have to EARN the right to be called a CHEF. Cooking meals for you kids nightly doesn't qualify you to be called a chef. Naivety and lack of common sense at its finest.

  • OaK_ow
    OaK_ow 9 hours ago

    Why didn’t they get a professional grandma in there? Grandma got the best cookies

  • roblox awsome
    roblox awsome 9 hours ago


  • Novva Tennis
    Novva Tennis 11 hours ago

    Lorenzo is the best!

  • Mr.SomeDonkus
    Mr.SomeDonkus 11 hours ago

    Honestly they all look pretty bad. They all seem real dang over cooked. Not to mention I can not stand the type of cookies the pro made. Ive always had a strong dislike for that kind of chewy cookie.
    The only cookie for me is the kind that the home cook made but less time in the oven and a little time on the table to harden up a little but still have a perfect chewiness.

  • Kyan Kasuri
    Kyan Kasuri 11 hours ago

    You have had that “amateur” cook for so long that I think that she is a pro now 😂

  • King Jose
    King Jose 12 hours ago

    I'm just here to steal the pro chef's recipe.

  • Aexoduz
    Aexoduz 13 hours ago


  • Jlinus
    Jlinus 14 hours ago

    Who smokes their food? Since when was this a thing????

  • RestIn Pussy
    RestIn Pussy 16 hours ago +2

    Alina is a baddie no cap

  • Lana_ 123
    Lana_ 123 16 hours ago

    To being funny but the mans one is way better because no one just has a vanilla bean in their house 😂

  • Demario Bennett
    Demario Bennett 16 hours ago

    please continue this series!!! I love it!

  • Cristina Rose
    Cristina Rose 17 hours ago

    we want more Lorenzo

  • Dolls Around The World
    Dolls Around The World 18 hours ago

    Pennys looks the worst to me

  • Chanel Jayasundera
    Chanel Jayasundera 18 hours ago +1

    The pro chef is literally changing the recipe

  • シhaadiya
    シhaadiya 18 hours ago

    "but if you add a little bit of sea salt..
    _or any kind of salt.."_

    *_brings out the bath salts_*

  • HCkev
    HCkev 18 hours ago

    I want to order 10 creates of Penny's cookies. They look so delicious.

  • oof oofer
    oof oofer 19 hours ago

    3:44 nice chocolate chip cookies you got there

  • knowwe
    knowwe 19 hours ago +2

    Time to make level 1 cookies : 45 minutes
    Time to make level 3 cookies : 2 DAYS!!!

  • Aaron Gawler I RolePlay.

    I am a kid and I And an Expert I’d say..

  • Stella ᄂᄉᄆᄀᄂ
    Stella ᄂᄉᄆᄀᄂ 20 hours ago +2

    And here I am:
    Eating store bought cookies

  • Claire Lauer
    Claire Lauer 20 hours ago

    I don’t care if the cookie is professionally baked I just want a coooookiee

  • Vicky Flores
    Vicky Flores 20 hours ago

    As a just for fun chief, I eyeball all my ingredients. I'm not a real chief, cookies are the only thing I can bake from scratch. I also like experimenting with different flavors. But they taste good, and people I know like them.

  • Diego The Wolf Leader
    Diego The Wolf Leader 20 hours ago +3

    I think Lorenzo is the best because cooking makes him truly happy.

  • LilHoneybun
    LilHoneybun 21 hour ago

    Who in hell wants a thick cookie?

  • Abdel Sayed
    Abdel Sayed 21 hour ago +1

    4:40 that ain't a cookie that's a pastry

  • Stel Jarrett
    Stel Jarrett 21 hour ago

    I like my chocolate chip cookies with barely any chocolate chips

  • HadeS
    HadeS 21 hour ago

    Am i the only one who like cookies gooey

  • Blue _Doublekill
    Blue _Doublekill 23 hours ago +1

    I hate how Alina just doesnt care about the precision of the ingredients

  • Sonia Aguilar
    Sonia Aguilar 23 hours ago


  • felisha johnson
    felisha johnson 23 hours ago

    All those cookies seem over cooked and/or crunchy. I prefer moist cookies with a chewy consistency like Subway’s cookies.

  • Lorena Ravelo
    Lorena Ravelo 23 hours ago

    To me Lorenzos are the only ones that actually look like chocolate chip cookies but whatever floats your boat I guess.......... 🍪

  • Deborah Stull
    Deborah Stull 23 hours ago

    Where can i find level three cookie recipe

  • Dom
    Dom 23 hours ago +6

    penny low key KILLED ME LMFAOOOO "i make a good cookie" "would be good with a glass of bourbon"

  • The littlest Beanie boo

    I pretty sure that food scientist just really liked the level 3 chef.

  • Iqra Sajid
    Iqra Sajid Day ago

    Leronzo wins

  • Adiel Garcia Tavarez

    Lorenzo's cookies look the best

  • Rip Kevin
    Rip Kevin Day ago

    When watching this all I can think about is buzz feeds “perfect cookie” and how much better it looked 😍

  • chupagoat69
    chupagoat69 Day ago

    Am I the only one wondering why they don't give us the actual amounts for the recipes that they used.

  • DankPlayz
    DankPlayz Day ago

    I need that smoker for... reasons.

  • Amy Wise
    Amy Wise Day ago

    More videos like this would be awesome. Like baked bread for sandwiches or toast.

  • Daithí
    Daithí Day ago

    girls out here smoking salt yo

  • Coza Roznica
    Coza Roznica Day ago

    This Lorenzo is so annoying. You are not a pro, stop behave like one.

  • Olifax
    Olifax Day ago

    Lenzos looked the best and pennys was more a store cookie

  • Cheshire Cat
    Cheshire Cat Day ago

    They all made like crispy cookies... i prefer soft cookies tbh

  • VeryFeralChild
    VeryFeralChild Day ago

    Where’s grandma level?

  • Miss Lady
    Miss Lady Day ago

    Does anyone else like chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate?

  • Tamás Simon
    Tamás Simon Day ago +8

    "as a professional chef we use weight instead of volume for measurements"
    *adds a tsp of salt to the mixture*

    • Anna Recasens
      Anna Recasens 3 hours ago

      Tamás Simon Europeans have been using weight (even me, who is the most unprofessional chef you can think of 😂)

  • _M_U_D_A_
    _M_U_D_A_ Day ago

    Regardless of the level of their expertise they all still had fun making the cookies & put passion into it and that's all that matters

  • Marat Pahars
    Marat Pahars Day ago

    4:39 oh my that's what i like to hear

  • Elementsage
    Elementsage Day ago

    That level 3 chefs cookie isnt a cookie to me. Its so thick and cakey. A chocolate chip cookie is crispy on the outside and warm and soft on the outside. But there neededs to be a balance between crispy and soft. That why they should be thin.

  • LA2047
    LA2047 Day ago

    Where do I get Penny's recipe!?!?!

  • Alexis Garcia
    Alexis Garcia Day ago

    why does the food scientist have the stick though?

  • Nut On My Face Daddy

    Lorenzo laughs like a mad scientist I love it.

  • N. Willy48
    N. Willy48 Day ago

    Chocolate chip cookies should never be crunchy, change my mind

    • N. Willy48
      N. Willy48 5 hours ago

      inquisitor I feel you, I don’t think anyone likes raw unless it’s cold, but those cookies that you can barley pick up because they’ll fall apart are the best ones

    • inquisitor
      inquisitor 5 hours ago

      I like chewy, but not raw on the inside. But crunchy and cakey are two other textures that one may prefer.

  • Cinis
    Cinis Day ago

    The home cooks always act like they know everything lmao

  • OG Pumuckl
    OG Pumuckl Day ago

    Penny killed it 🔥🔥

  • Toasty Volvo
    Toasty Volvo Day ago

    Smokes her butter so she can stop the video, go for a quick poop, and pop off for a cigarette

  • san •
    san • Day ago +1

    level 1 was for sure the toll house recipe

  • Danie M
    Danie M Day ago

    could we get those recipes?!

  • waranghira
    waranghira Day ago +1

    PLEAAASSSE HAVE SOMEONE BLIND-TASTE ALL THE FOOD!!!! Especially here with cookies that don't need to be served fresh to be enjoyed

  • Wgstormer XD
    Wgstormer XD Day ago

    NexT We SMOkE ThE ChIlDreN

  • Vic Wat
    Vic Wat Day ago

    Oof, I'm surprised. I don't like smoked flavor. Most delicious way to replace this would be to brown the butter before adding it to the recipe. Much faster as well.

  • Craig
    Craig Day ago

    Who tf uses high butter in there cookie

  • LucasWerewolf
    LucasWerewolf Day ago

    Smoke the butter with Weed :)

  • Nick Feness
    Nick Feness Day ago

    Hahaaahaaaa my cookies look like the experts! And i melt my butter as well😎

  • Tanner
    Tanner Day ago

    Summary: *yolk is from chicken*
    Who knew...

  • glory joy legaspi

    Pls give us the full recipe of chef penny.. I want to it at home.. Pls..

  • Redskull
    Redskull Day ago

    She hitlered the butter

  • Seth Blanco
    Seth Blanco Day ago

    I aspire to be Penny, with Lorenzo's smile and Elina's Humbleness ❤

  • Keanu Villanueva

    Adding smoke adds a layer of pretentiousness.

  • Joseph Bishop
    Joseph Bishop Day ago

    5:05 she thicc

  • JeremyJJMill5
    JeremyJJMill5 Day ago +1

    It's 12:43 am and I'm still hungry. Thanks Epicurious.

  • iPlayClashRoyale

    She is a thick cookie

  • large baguette
    large baguette Day ago

    Level 2 is always the best one

  • mom a
    mom a Day ago +5

    the best ones are like the thin-ish chewy pale kinda tan cookies, if u know u know

  • Hayleigh Vuong
    Hayleigh Vuong Day ago

    Where is she pointing at there rly isnt anything on the board